Chen Geng,He thinks too simple。

“Why not do?”Chen Geng asked back:“Did we spend such a big price,Just to put on the shelf the things I learned hard from Lao Maozi、Did you brag with others when the brothers came to visit??”
Wang Dazhi was speechless:Although this situation is very common,But are you funny??
Wang Dazhi on the other end of the phone doesn’t speak,Chen Geng didn’t stop either,He went on to say:“Pharaoh,Look back and figure out how to do this,Discuss with the big guy tomorrow,I also find out about the situation,Let’s meet……Ok,So be it,Bye。”
“Boss, wait……”
Wang Dazhi’s words just reached his throat,Chen Geng hung up,Looking at the beeping phone,Wang Dazhi shook his head:What do you think this is?。
Nothing more!
Wang Dazhi has made up his mind,The first call I made was from Meng Haibo:The boss didn’t let me sleep well,You old guys don’t want to sleep well……
be honest,Regarding Chen Geng’s participation in next year’s Detroit mayor election,Many guys who intend to participate in next year’s election are desperate:Bastard!You are so rich,And haha with us to grab this seat,Is this interesting?
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Finished complaining,Little MacDonald asked:“What do i need to do?”
Chen Geng was not polite to him,Speak directly:“This order,Who has the final say?”