But it’s normal to think about it,Young people,Always a little ambitious,They want to participate in the hegemony contest,Test one’s own strength at once,Also easy to understand。

“So!Do you know the rules of the seed contest?Registration fee ten yuan,Participate as a team,In principle, at least four people,Three occupations plus a substitute。Your manpower is enough,Is Yuyuan Enough??”The younger official asked with a serious face。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“some,We brought Yuyuan!”
Talk about it,Liu Wenzhang who was standing behind him quickly stepped forward,I found a handful of jade yuan from the portable space,no more, no less,Exactly ten。
“Give your team’s name。”The older official saw that they took out the jade yuan,Knowing that these are the teams that really want to participate,I won’t say anything anymore,Business,Remind according to the process。
The four of them were all startled,Team name?Everyone hasn’t discussed it yet。
Lu Menglin said with a smile:“Let’s call the Bairimen team!”
When he wants to come,This time is to represent Bai Rimen,To start the name of Bairimen,Use this name as the team name,Couldn’t be more suitable。
“No way!Change one!The name is repeated!Among the participating teams this year,There are already six or seven such similar names!Too hard to remember。”The young official frowned。
“impossible!”The four of Lu Menglin were taken aback,There is such a thing?Do so many people use such a rare name as Bairimen??
The young official snarled,Raised his team roster,An angry and funny face,Tao:“Don’t believe me!”
Four of you will take a look,really,There are actually more than a dozen team names related to Bai Rimen on the team roster。
Day Gate Team、White Sun Gate Elite Team、White Sun Gate Terrorist Team,Day Gate Storm Team.All are prefixed with Bairimen。
What’s the situation??Tu Shanming saw this battle,I’m crazy!