Centennial Party is youth (People’s Forum)

In the past few days, the "Nineteen Chinese Plenary Session" appeared in the world’s major media websites, became the hot discussion focus of the international community; "the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party’s 100-year struggle resolution" in China Set off a learning boom.

Why can the Chinese Communist Party can, "China Miracle" secret? In this important meeting of this major history, in this glorious Marxist programming literature, people got a clearer and rich answer, and more read the world’s first largest ruling party "100 years is just the wind of Zhengmao". Youth password.

Youth is a kind of vitality, is a kind of vigorous temperament, is a future growth, a call for hope and dream.

It is very long for a hundred years, but the Chinese Communist Party that is far ambiguous, not afraid of risk challenges, keeping up with the Times, although the party is still like a young dream, a goal with a goal, a victory is a victory, Cut the defense, the wind and rain, do not discourse due to setbacks, not discouraged by hardship, not because of success, not proud of victory, always move forward, struggle.

In the past few years, the Chinese Communist Party has led the Chinese people to write the Chinese nation’s history in the history of the Chinese nation in the history of "river out of the rose, the grandeur" of the "River Dreams, Yi Liang Yang". epic. The vitality of political parties is its ideological soul. The Communist Party of China adheres to the basic principles of Marxism and China, combined with China’s excellent traditional culture, with Marxism’s position, opinion, method to observe the times, grasp the era, lead the era, and always glow in China. young and energetic.

In the past few years, the party leads the people’s blood and fights, and the great achievements of the new democratic revolution have created the great achievements of the new democratic revolution; they have created the great achievements of the socialist revolution and the construction of the socialist revolution; The great achievements of the modernization of modernization; self-confidence, self-improvement, and innovation, created the great achievements of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Because the Chinese Communist Party is not only the ideal belief, but also adheres to the guidance of scientific theory, from road selection, development direction, and comparable planning and objectives, policies and strategies, all have repeatedly compared, earnestly think, and make correct choices.

The vitality of the party is from the initial mission.

Since ancient times, entrepreneurship and guard must face a history: "Who is, who, who I am.

At all times in the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party did not forget that the war is the war of the people. Victory is the victory of the people. The regime is the political power of the people. The cause is the cause of the people. The interest is the interests of the people – from wholeheartedly serve the people The fundamental purpose, to the people-centered development thoughts, "people" two words deeply integrated into the party’s blood, and become a spiritual gene of the Chinese Communists to pass the fire and never abuse.

Always remembering Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, always print with the people, and work hard with the people, and fight with the people, we will definitely defend all difficulties. Youth maintains the self-revolutionary spirit of the party.

The Communist Party of China adheres to the self-revolution, dare to blade, and scrape the bones.

From the beginning of the establishment of the party, the Communist Party of China is always tailoring, and the discipline is strict, regardless of how high the party members and cadres are high, the power is more powerful, and the power is too powerful, and even degenerate, it is never allowed. The party has been more energetic, and its mystery is to always adhere to the truth and correct mistakes. However, it is from not embarrassing doctors, actively carrying out criticism and self-criticism, daring to face the problem, and courageous to self-revolution. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Youth always accompanied by dreams. The Chinese Communist Party has gone through a hundred years of struggle, but our initial heart and dreams have long been taking a long time. It is a hundred years of Feng Hua Mao." Hundred years struggled, change the world; Cheng, and Yongyi travel. Recently, Fully won the Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, and was deeply shocked by the large mural "Sunrise Oriental" "Sunrise Oriental" "Sunrise Oriental". The broad scene, the unopeous artistic conception, the style of the styles, interprets my party’s magnificent hundred years of history and great achievements, there is a kind of youthful breath, motivating people’s sense of enthusiasm to the future. The Chinese Communist Party is this kind of youth, the heart is in the future, every day is a big step in "the sun" in the morning ", every year is open, every business is It is a young career, such a message, such a determination, such a strength, who can do it.