So it’s useless Lin Yoona to ask,Xiao Fan simply told Lin Yun’er what happened in Xia Qing’s house in a few words。

Lin Yuner,I’m so happy,She didn’t expect Xiao Fan to take the initiative to explain something to her,Does this represent him……
Damn,What are you thinking?
Recently, this kind of messy thoughts have really increased。
As if to hide something,Lin Yoona poked her head out of the quilt,Stared at Xiao Fan,Said:“I told you about the car, so you can drive,Why would you explain this to me?,I didn’t ask you again!”
Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,My wife,More and more cute。
“I am sleepy,Sleep!”Lin Yuna finished,Put the book in your hand aside,Turn over,He went to bed with his back to Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan on the floor looked at Lin Yuner’s eagerness,Also shook his head helplessly,Then lay on the ground sweetly。
Early next morning,Xiao Fan drove Lin Yoona to the company first,Then drove directly to Xia Qing’s downstairs。
Because it’s nine o’clock,Xiao Fan looked at the time,Ten minutes away,So I parked the sports car downstairs and waited for the summer。
I thought I would have to wait ten minutes,Who knew that soon after Xiao Fan parked the car,I saw summer walking out of the corridor。
Today’s summer is different from yesterday’s summer at home,Exquisite makeup,Appropriate but lovely and sweet clothes,No wonder that male colleague in the jade shop would be salivating in summer。
I guess I didn’t see Xiao Fan in summer,So when I got downstairs,After looking around to no avail,I looked down at the time,Then I stood upright and waited。
Xiao Fan sweats,Is this sports car of my wife so unobtrusive?,So that I didn’t see myself downstairs in summer。
Helpless Xiao Fan had to honked the car horn,Xia Tian looked at her side,After confirming that it is me,I walked quickly in my direction immediately。
Open the passenger’s door,I just sat in in summer。

Gao Yu’s face is even blushing,He has to admit,It seems that he really doesn’t have any desperate thoughts,Has always been relying on these relationships。

After those teachers saw these things,Whether you like it or not,Won’t give him a low score。
this moment,Qin Feng felt it too,I understand the man in front of me a bit。
This is also a hard man。
Just even so,It’s impossible for Qin Feng to let Gao Yu in。
Please God is easy to send God is difficult,Once some things are not handled properly,It might be a tragedy of my own company。
“I know wrong。”Gao Yu also lowered his head and dare not say anything。
“Mary next door,I remind you one last word,You will be boss Qin Feng’s driver from now on,If within these four years,You don’t listen to him,How did he hit you,That’s his business。”
I said a nasty sentence,If he kills you,I’m not a son like you。
Gao Hao’s words are naturally meant to be heard,If anyone is serious,That’s the brain damage。
Tiger poison does not eat seeds。
Gao Hao loves his son so much,This is just for Qin Feng to accept people。
“Cough,High leadership,seriously,My company has some common locations,No salary or benefits
low,You don’t need to make him work hard like this?”

But it’s normal to think about it,Young people,Always a little ambitious,They want to participate in the hegemony contest,Test one’s own strength at once,Also easy to understand。

“So!Do you know the rules of the seed contest?Registration fee ten yuan,Participate as a team,In principle, at least four people,Three occupations plus a substitute。Your manpower is enough,Is Yuyuan Enough??”The younger official asked with a serious face。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“some,We brought Yuyuan!”
Talk about it,Liu Wenzhang who was standing behind him quickly stepped forward,I found a handful of jade yuan from the portable space,no more, no less,Exactly ten。
“Give your team’s name。”The older official saw that they took out the jade yuan,Knowing that these are the teams that really want to participate,I won’t say anything anymore,Business,Remind according to the process。
The four of them were all startled,Team name?Everyone hasn’t discussed it yet。
Lu Menglin said with a smile:“Let’s call the Bairimen team!”
When he wants to come,This time is to represent Bai Rimen,To start the name of Bairimen,Use this name as the team name,Couldn’t be more suitable。
“No way!Change one!The name is repeated!Among the participating teams this year,There are already six or seven such similar names!Too hard to remember。”The young official frowned。
“impossible!”The four of Lu Menglin were taken aback,There is such a thing?Do so many people use such a rare name as Bairimen??
The young official snarled,Raised his team roster,An angry and funny face,Tao:“Don’t believe me!”
Four of you will take a look,really,There are actually more than a dozen team names related to Bai Rimen on the team roster。
Day Gate Team、White Sun Gate Elite Team、White Sun Gate Terrorist Team,Day Gate Storm Team.All are prefixed with Bairimen。
What’s the situation??Tu Shanming saw this battle,I’m crazy!

Chen Geng,He thinks too simple。

“Why not do?”Chen Geng asked back:“Did we spend such a big price,Just to put on the shelf the things I learned hard from Lao Maozi、Did you brag with others when the brothers came to visit??”
Wang Dazhi was speechless:Although this situation is very common,But are you funny??
Wang Dazhi on the other end of the phone doesn’t speak,Chen Geng didn’t stop either,He went on to say:“Pharaoh,Look back and figure out how to do this,Discuss with the big guy tomorrow,I also find out about the situation,Let’s meet……Ok,So be it,Bye。”
“Boss, wait……”
Wang Dazhi’s words just reached his throat,Chen Geng hung up,Looking at the beeping phone,Wang Dazhi shook his head:What do you think this is?。
Nothing more!
Wang Dazhi has made up his mind,The first call I made was from Meng Haibo:The boss didn’t let me sleep well,You old guys don’t want to sleep well……
be honest,Regarding Chen Geng’s participation in next year’s Detroit mayor election,Many guys who intend to participate in next year’s election are desperate:Bastard!You are so rich,And haha with us to grab this seat,Is this interesting?
First1086chapter Group
Finished complaining,Little MacDonald asked:“What do i need to do?”
Chen Geng was not polite to him,Speak directly:“This order,Who has the final say?”

Manuscript of comic book,Has created an auction record of tens of millions,A sensation。

Move forward,Is a small stall selling stones,Various colors“cobblestone”,Like a gem,Put on a cloth,There is a card standing beside it,It says:Ten yuan a piece,Pick up!
Xiaoli stopped,perhaps,Girls will look more at this shiny thing。
“girl,You are holding this piece of Yuhua Stone,pretty good。”Recommended by the stall owner。
Xiaoli don’t understand,Look at Populus。
Populus had to speak:“It’s Yuhuashi,But such an ordinary Yuhua Stone is worthless,Other people’s is ten dollars。To you boss,Can only be sold by grain??”
Yuhua stone is made of quartz、A precious gemstone formed by mixing chalcedony and flint or opal,Yuhua Agate。
Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties,Literati,Xiaoao Haze,Reached its peak during the Tang and Song Dynasties,There are countless stories about stone appreciation in Ya History,The magical Yuhua Stone has become a treasure in the stone。
After all,This is also an ornamental stone,But usually not very valuable,Only a very few boutiques will be collected。
Brothers from Nanjing spoke in the live broadcast room,It means that Brother Hu is right!In the neighborhood near them,Regardless of big or small hands,You can take one for ten or twenty dollars。
In their Nanjing,Yuhua Stone is a specialty,Blow hard,But few boutiques。
in fact,Appreciation of Yuhua Stone,Pursuing“artistic conception”,The so-called outside scene,Picture outside the picture,implication,Regardless of poetry、Pictorial、look、The rhyme is contained in the artistic conception,This requires collectors to have a relatively high cultural taste。

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (600808) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Production Decreases, Profits Increase Significantly

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (600808) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Production Decreases, Profits Increase Significantly
Investment highlights: The company achieved operating income of 177 in the first quarter of 2019.170,000 yuan, the average ten years 3.23%, down 5 from the previous month.93%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.84 trillion, down 94 a year.09%, down 76 from the previous month.73%, lower than our expectation, which is about the basic EPS 0.01 yuan. De-capacity replenishment of blast furnace overhaul until output replenishment decreases.In 2019Q1, the company produced iron 416 insertion, crude steel 453 endpoints, and steel 421 lengths, which were reduced by 11 respectively.49%, 10.47% and 11.92%.Most of the decrease in output was mainly due to the company’s permanent shutdown of two 420 cubic meters of blast furnaces in April 2018, and the permanent shutdown of two 40-ton converters in October 2018, and the company’s 2500m blast furnace No. 1 in October 2018Overhaul started on the 10th and completed overhaul on February 24, 2019. In Q1 2019, the steel price is the highest, the cost of iron ore has risen, and the industry’s overall profit has been replaced.In Q1 2019, the absolute steel price indices of threads, wires, hot coils, cold plates, and medium and heavy plates moved by -8 from the previous month.64%, -8.76%, -3.66%, -4.90%, -3.46%.At the same time, due to the impact of mining disasters in Brazil, the absolute price index of iron ore increased by 15 sequentially.32%.The earnings of the industry were obviously longer than the previous month.The company’s ton steel revenue was 3% higher than the previous month.At the same time, the cost per ton of steel rose by 5% from the previous month.40%.The company realized a gross profit of 232 yuan per ton of steel, a drop of 55 per year.59%, compared to 59 epoxy.84%; a net profit of 20 yuan per ton of steel was realized, alternating with 93.42% compared to epoxy 76.06%.The company’s first quarter profit increased significantly. Financial expenses decreased, research and development expenses increased, and the expense ratio was generally stable during the period.R & D costs increase by 78 per year.20%, mainly due to the company’s increased investment in scientific research, expansion of product development, related equipment depreciation costs and material costs increased compared to the same period last year.Finance costs are reduced by 45 per year.91%, mainly because the company’s interest income increased in the current period compared with the same period of the previous year, and at the same time the interest income accrued by the company’s medium-term notes and short-term financing bonds in the same period last year.The company’s overall period expense ratio is 4.91%, a year-on-year increase of 0.31 averages, overall stable overall.In addition, the company’s Q1 effective tax rate is 31.04%, up 22 per year.6 units. Maintain profit forecast and maintain “overweight” rating.The company’s products cover three major series of strips, long products, and axles. The automotive plate and axle business has developed rapidly.The company’s short-to-interim results are expected to weaken the overall profitability of the industry.It is expected that the net profit attributable to the mother will be 31 in 2019-2021.20/29.29/29.250,000 yuan,苏州夜网论坛 corresponding to EPS0.41/0.38/0.38 yuan, currently corresponding to PE9 / 10/10 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Alcoholic drink (000799): 18-year performance is in line with expectations Nationalized alcoholics try to make a comeback

Alcoholic drink (000799): 18-year performance is in line with expectations Nationalized alcoholics try to make a comeback
Company Performance The company released its 18-year annual report and achieved annual revenue of 11.8.7 billion, net profit attributable to mother 2.23 trillion, each year +35.13% / 26.45%, equivalent to EPS0.69 yuan.Single Q4 achieved revenue 4.2.7 billion, net profit attributable to mother 0.62 trillion, each year +30.57% / 3.25%.1 out of 10.5 yuan (including tax). Performance review 18Q4 revenue growth maintained 30% +, basically in line with expectations.From the perspective of income, quarterly and quarterly revenue growth rates were +46.1%, +36.6%, + 308% and +30.6%, the growth rate continues to increase quarter by quarter. Although Q4 is still in a continuous trend, it is basically flat and stable.The company’s Q4 expense ratio increased by 6 from the previous month.1 point to 33.4%, the highest level in the past two years.Due to the increase in the expense ratio, and from our tracking, we can see that the 天津夜网 inventory from 18Q4 is slightly more obvious. Therefore, it is expected that the company will gradually take the goal of gradual transition under the trend of macroeconomic trends, and impulse in accordance with the expected target, which also provides better inventory in the first quarterelasticity. However, due to the high base in the previous quarter (+46.1%), so we expect that the growth rate in the first quarter will be pressured, but with the gradual efforts of the internal senator sales company, it is also expected to achieve faster-than-expected growth in the first quarter. The company’s high-level product structure has steadily increased, and the profit growth rate in 18Q4 increased significantly due to the increase in expenses.Internal reference wine with the highest gross profit in 18 years (94.45%) with a revenue share of 20.59% for ten years +0.49pct, the proportion of alcoholic series is basically the same, and the overall product structure has increased steadily.At the same time, the revenue of the new red altar of the strategic single product in the alcoholic series increased by 82.9%, to promote the gross margin of alcoholic series by 2.10pct to 81.45%.However, the Q4 expense ratio increased by 15.3pct, offsetting the annual increase in gross profit margin (+1.4 pct) and the decline in overhead costs (-4.3pct), you can use Q4 net margin to fall to 14.4% (-3.8 pct), the profit growth rate is only 3.3% (year-35.3pct).In view of the 19-year national plan, we believe that the company’s 18Q4 increase in expense ratio was not accidental, but started the prelude to a national journey. In 19 years, the company will make full efforts and look forward to the return of the former drunkard.After accepting the COFCO platform for 16 years, Jiujiu Jiu continued to make adjustments, including reorganization of various institutional mechanisms and sales channel systems and product systems. Whether from the positive signal conveyed by the sugar and liquor company or the continued efforts of the newly established internal reference liquor company, the increase in COFCO’s requirements for alcoholic liquor is behind it.At present, the company’s chief is stable, and its strategic goals and directions are clear. Backed by COFCO, it is expected to use the nationalized gene of the year while increasing brand promotion, rebuilding the high-end image with internal reference as the business card, and the long sword will go to the country.We believe that the fundamental changes of the company’s system and mechanism have begun from now. In 19 years, the internal reference force will be changed to accelerate. Earnings forecast is expected to be 15 in 2019-2021.4.9 billion / 19.92 ppm / 25.25 trillion, +30 a year.5% / 28.6% / 26.7%, net profit attributable to mothers respectively 2.91 ppm / 3.77 ‰ / 4.84 trillion, ten years +30.8% / 29.5% / 28.4%, the corresponding EPS is 0.90 yuan / 1.16 yuan / 1.49 yuan, currently expected corresponding 19/20/21 PE is 26X / 20X / 16X, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk prompts demand growth rate / sub-premium space compression / sales within and outside the province fall short of expectations

Xiamen Tungsten (600549): Lithium-ion materials business bottoms out

Xiamen Tungsten (600549): Lithium-ion materials business bottoms out

Lithium-ion materials business: bottoming out and picking up The company’s battery materials include lithium-ion materials and hydrogen storage alloys, of which the capacity of lithium-ion materials is 4.

6 trace amounts (including ternary, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate, etc.).

18 and 19 Q1 lithium ion materials sales were 2 respectively.

5 and 0.

The average value is 7 and the average quality is 32.

5 and 230,000 yuan / ton, 19 years of H1 battery materials realized revenue and gross profit of 3.4 billion 重庆耍耍网 and 2 respectively.

63 trillion, of which Xiamen Tungsten New Energy realized revenue and net profit of 33 trillion and -0, respectively.

25 million US dollars, the company’s downstream customers are long-term domestic large-scale companies with high customer stickiness. The company’s 19 year H1 sales continued to increase, mainly because the company’s lithium ion material main raw material prices fell to drive product prices down. Q3 cobaltPrices have rebounded, and battery materials business has achieved profitability. In the future, the supply of cobalt industry will improve and demand will increase. The price of cobalt is expected to continue to rebound. It is expected that the company’s lithium ion material prices will rise as the cobalt price rises, and the lithium ion material business is expected to bottom out and rebound.

Tungsten and molybdenum business: Tungsten prices are expected to pick up and profitability will improve. The company’s annual output of tungsten concentrates in three mines in 2018 was 1.

2 Nominal (Luoyang Yulu shares account for 60%), second only to Minmetals.

Affected by the decline in tungsten prices, the tungsten and molybdenum sector in the first three quarters of 2019 has gradually realized profit growth2.

10,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 76%.

The total demand for tungsten in 2019 is mainly due to the decrease in demand for cemented carbide rods (the downstream demand for bars is mainly automotive and consumer electronics). The current trend of automotive trends benefits from the marginal improvement in 5G consumer electronics demand.Hope to pick up.

As the leader of the domestic tungsten industry, the company’s tungsten molybdenum business has significantly improved its profitability.

The investment proposal estimates that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 0.

11 yuan, 0.

27 yuan and 0.

46 yuan, corresponding to the current sustainable PE is 114.

6 times, 49.

1x and 28.

Three times, considering the company’s industry level, the company is given a “Buy” rating with a six-month target price of 16.

97 yuan.

Monternet Group (002123) Company Review: The First Large-Scale Application Scenario Landed Fuxin’s Growth Space Worth Looking Forward

Monternet Group (002123) Company Review: The First Large-Scale Application Scenario Landed Fuxin’s Growth Space Worth Looking Forward

Event: The company issued an announcement to subdivide the “杭州桑拿strategic cooperation agreement” with Guoxin Electronic Billing Platform Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “National Ticket Information”), and jointly explore new scenarios applications (includingBut not limited to electronic invoices, advertising applications) and new business cooperation models.

The main contents of the agreement include: State Ticket Information will purchase Monternet’s rich credit in batches to send electronic tickets. It is estimated that within the three-year cooperation period, 2 billion electronic tickets will be promoted through Fuxin.

Comments: Sending electronic ticketing through Fuxin, the first large-scale application scenario has landed, Fuxin’s future space is worth looking forward Fuxin is an upgraded version of ordinary text messages, which is a collection of mobile phone contacts, audio, video, images, instant message push, file transfer, Content sharing, scene presentation, location services and other communication methods in one integrated communication service.

The company officially released Monternet Fuxintong 1 on October 19, 2018.

0 products, and upgraded to Fuxin 2 in February 2019.

0 products, the company has opened an era of creating a new information service ecological model around “Fuxin +”.

The cooperation with Treasury Information and the sending of electronic ticketing through Fuxin is a new application scenario that the company has leveraged to make paperless invoices. In summary, we believe that it has the following super-expected highlights: (1) For individual users,In other words, there are some opinions in the market that Fuxin is only an upgraded version of SMS. It will also have limited space in the case of personal point-to-point SMS gradual decline. However, through this cooperation project between the company and the national ticket information, users will easily obtain electronic tickets through FuxinTo effectively improve office efficiency, we believe that Fuxin is breaking through the user’s limitation of traditional messages that can only send verification codes and notifications, attracting more users to return to the entrance of SMS inbox, in order to further enrich Fuxin application scenarios and formUser stickiness solidifies the foundation; (2) For business users, there are market opinions that Fuxin is only a marketing tool, and at the same time, the cost of sending is higher than the traditional text version of the information. In the era of information flooding, it may not necessarily become the mainSelect, but through the cooperation project of the national ticket information, the national ticket information is sent through Fuxin送Electronic ticketing. In the past, e-tickets were obtained through mailboxes, which greatly improved the user experience and reduced corporate costs. At the same time, Fuxin Portal provided a platform for further information interaction between corporate users and individual users, thus becoming a platform for solving corporate communication. B2C rigidityDemand entry applications greatly extend the positioning of enterprise users and users of Fuxin products.

(3) For Monternet, this cooperation project with Guopin Information is the first large-scale application of the company’s Fuxin products. This case scenario can help the development of national finance and tax information and improve social efficiency.The characteristics are of strategic significance, and it is expected to form a demonstration effect and open up a wider space for growth.

Investment suggestion: The company’s strategic development goal is to become China’s and even the world’s leading large-scale cloud communication platform. It has now become a domestic third-party enterprise’s SMS leader and its market share has increased year by year.

Facing the 5G era, the company has released rich media information products. In the future, it will build a new information service ecological model around “Fuxin +” and realize new growth space.

The cooperation between this announcement and the national ticket information will provide scenario cases for Fuxin’s scene implementation, and further prove that Fuxin is expected to become an important hub platform for linking enterprises, government units and other organizations and individual users, and is the entry-level for B2C instant messaging.Application, both broad development space, is worth looking forward to.

We are optimistic about the development space of rich media cloud communication business for a long time, and we expect the company’s net profit to be 4 in 2019-2020.

0 and 6.

0 ppm, corresponding to 28 or 19 times the PE, is continuously recommended.

Risk reminder: Fuxin’s development fails to meet expectations, corporate SMS market gross margin decreases risk, and operator policy risks

Understand woman temperament through underwear size colors

Understand woman temperament through underwear size colors


Cotton underwear you feel young because cotton underwear is usually worn by little girls.

Although you are very feminine, you still retain a few naughty instincts and are still quite passionate about sports.

You calmly face your body and sex, because you choose not to stick to the material of the body, and you choose not to entangle your lover.


Matching Underwear You consider corsets, jerseys, and tights as part of the overall outfit, so you have to match each other until no one sees your underwear, but you still feel you must maintain a sense of balance.

You want everyone to see you as a tuned character and always be able to manage things steadily.

This shows that you take an impartial attitude towards life, and you won’t be biased.


Lace underwear you buy is bright-colored tight nylon underwear, because basically you are a person who likes to be exposed, and you want your lover to look at you stupidly.

You are quite proud of your figure and free and open sexuality.

And you never doubt the words, you speak directly, candid personality, always let others know clearly, what can make you happy, what makes you unhappy.


You may have been a wife and mother for many years, but the rest has the power to inject stimulants into your marriage.

I like the dramatic effect of the soft pajamas that the cloth is too small to stick to, and I love the style that seduces the lover or husband.

You will always be charming.

Although it may seem like everyone wants to know it, you have never done it before.

You’re extremely feminine, and it’s easy to play such an attractive but traditional role.


In the beginning, white underwear is a more restrained expression of emotions, and you will probably choose white underwear.

You hide your stronger, more primitive feelings.

Your attitude towards many things is very conservative, even ending with sex, and includes many activities that bring satisfaction to your life.

You follow the credo of Puritans and regard morality as the most important thing.


Black underwear white means purity, black means the opposite.

In the bedroom, you are a full hedonist and hope your lover knows this.

Black lingerie is quite seductive and even shows that you are a positive lover.

In a world of nine to five, people might think of you as a tame kitten, but at night you are a tigress.


Do not wear underwear Basically, you really don’t like underwear, if you can, don’t wear it at all, because you are a naturalist, an environment full of artificial food and plastic makes you feel uneasy and dissatisfied.

In the yoga practice area or sightseeing ranch, you can often find your trace. You escape here and swim naked in the quiet mountain stream.