Centennial Party is youth (People’s Forum)

In the past few days, the "Nineteen Chinese Plenary Session" appeared in the world’s major media websites, became the hot discussion focus of the international community; "the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party’s 100-year struggle resolution" in China Set off a learning boom.

Why can the Chinese Communist Party can, "China Miracle" secret? In this important meeting of this major history, in this glorious Marxist programming literature, people got a clearer and rich answer, and more read the world’s first largest ruling party "100 years is just the wind of Zhengmao". Youth password.

Youth is a kind of vitality, is a kind of vigorous temperament, is a future growth, a call for hope and dream.

It is very long for a hundred years, but the Chinese Communist Party that is far ambiguous, not afraid of risk challenges, keeping up with the Times, although the party is still like a young dream, a goal with a goal, a victory is a victory, Cut the defense, the wind and rain, do not discourse due to setbacks, not discouraged by hardship, not because of success, not proud of victory, always move forward, struggle.

In the past few years, the Chinese Communist Party has led the Chinese people to write the Chinese nation’s history in the history of the Chinese nation in the history of "river out of the rose, the grandeur" of the "River Dreams, Yi Liang Yang". epic. The vitality of political parties is its ideological soul. The Communist Party of China adheres to the basic principles of Marxism and China, combined with China’s excellent traditional culture, with Marxism’s position, opinion, method to observe the times, grasp the era, lead the era, and always glow in China. young and energetic.

In the past few years, the party leads the people’s blood and fights, and the great achievements of the new democratic revolution have created the great achievements of the new democratic revolution; they have created the great achievements of the socialist revolution and the construction of the socialist revolution; The great achievements of the modernization of modernization; self-confidence, self-improvement, and innovation, created the great achievements of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Because the Chinese Communist Party is not only the ideal belief, but also adheres to the guidance of scientific theory, from road selection, development direction, and comparable planning and objectives, policies and strategies, all have repeatedly compared, earnestly think, and make correct choices.

The vitality of the party is from the initial mission.

Since ancient times, entrepreneurship and guard must face a history: "Who is, who, who I am.

At all times in the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party did not forget that the war is the war of the people. Victory is the victory of the people. The regime is the political power of the people. The cause is the cause of the people. The interest is the interests of the people – from wholeheartedly serve the people The fundamental purpose, to the people-centered development thoughts, "people" two words deeply integrated into the party’s blood, and become a spiritual gene of the Chinese Communists to pass the fire and never abuse.

Always remembering Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, always print with the people, and work hard with the people, and fight with the people, we will definitely defend all difficulties. Youth maintains the self-revolutionary spirit of the party.

The Communist Party of China adheres to the self-revolution, dare to blade, and scrape the bones.

From the beginning of the establishment of the party, the Communist Party of China is always tailoring, and the discipline is strict, regardless of how high the party members and cadres are high, the power is more powerful, and the power is too powerful, and even degenerate, it is never allowed. The party has been more energetic, and its mystery is to always adhere to the truth and correct mistakes. However, it is from not embarrassing doctors, actively carrying out criticism and self-criticism, daring to face the problem, and courageous to self-revolution. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Youth always accompanied by dreams. The Chinese Communist Party has gone through a hundred years of struggle, but our initial heart and dreams have long been taking a long time. It is a hundred years of Feng Hua Mao." Hundred years struggled, change the world; Cheng, and Yongyi travel. Recently, Fully won the Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, and was deeply shocked by the large mural "Sunrise Oriental" "Sunrise Oriental" "Sunrise Oriental". The broad scene, the unopeous artistic conception, the style of the styles, interprets my party’s magnificent hundred years of history and great achievements, there is a kind of youthful breath, motivating people’s sense of enthusiasm to the future. The Chinese Communist Party is this kind of youth, the heart is in the future, every day is a big step in "the sun" in the morning ", every year is open, every business is It is a young career, such a message, such a determination, such a strength, who can do it.

Changle Town to carry out "Farming and Schooling for the revitalization of rural empowerment" Farmers Reading Festival and the "party forever" mass propaganda theme educational activities online

This afternoon, the National Reading do Haimen, Civilization organized Changle Town cultural center, a new era of civilized practice, official public Kawamura Integrated Cultural Center hosted "Farming and Schooling for rural revitalization of forming" 2021 Reading Festival farmer-cum "party forever" mass propaganda theme educational online activities held in Changle town official public Kawamura.

The event to take the line to observe the way, the village Farm House ranking administrators to actively organize people to watch through the active participation of small micro-channel program, good results. The event demonstrated civilized rural wind reading of video in a "civilized country blowing wind" in the prelude.

Video vivid display with the construction of a rural farm house, culture hall, stage and other people’s positions, upgrade, spiritual and cultural life of the people are also increasingly rich thriving scene.

This year is also the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, Changle Town since early began to actively promote the party history study and education within the scope of the town. Town retired veteran Hong Jian troupe composed of a positive response to the call, at the same time strengthen their own learning, based on years of working life seen and heard, combined with rural revitalization beautiful style, created a group mouth Allegro "learning Party, the party of a century gift birthday "and San Juban work" more study, the more light Party heart ", with warm accent to express love for my party Sincere, Imagination rural revitalization beautiful blueprint. Farm House building, in reading the farmers to build positions while focusing on the quality of training Farm House administrator of culture. Activities, ranking the village administrator have to show their presence, some antiquity brought melodious songs to sing for us, some are a team brings a magnificent poetry readings, in its own way is a tribute to founding a century, demonstrated outstanding achievements of rural cultural construction in the new era. Activities also set up the National Party and reading knowledge quiz, not only enhances the fun activities, but also to transfer knowledge more effectively. The last event, the Changle Town folk groups – May light dance team, for everyone to bring a waist drum performance "gathered." Festive music, fire clothing, neat drum sound and stage actors from the heart smile, people instantly feel like being in the harvest of rice fields, farmers feel the people are gathered together, Qi Qingfeng received joy, to show a new era , the new face of rural thriving.

Rural revitalization, Xing not only economic, physical, and more people are farmers who Manner! The event by the distinctive song and dance performances, poetry readings and other programs, praised the great achievements of founding a century, to express the real people the I think and feel, highlights the reading for rural revitalization enabling true meaning.

BAOTOU Public Security: "Zero Afstand" Service "Heart"

Goede dingen doen het goed, praktisch is het doen.Aangezien de medewerking van de partijgeschiedenis, onderwijs en politieke en juridische teams zijn gelanceerd, hebben de openbare veiligheidsorganen van Baotou City actief de praktijkactiviteiten van "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s", en de meerderheid van het personeel van de huishoudens Implementeer het "Online Office, onmiddellijk en run" op basis van het verzoek, de mensen, Huimin, handige, vrijgelegen maatregelen en neem het initiatief om het "dringende dure" probleem van de massa’s met hun eigen inspanningen op te lossen, echt te doen dingen om dingen te doen.Uw bedrijf is ons bedrijf, rust verzekerd!Op 25 juli, is de provincie Shanxi tijdelijk verblijft in de North Sand Beam van Kunk District. Op de manier waarop thuisrijden elektrische auto’s is, ontmoet zich helaas een auto-ongeluk, waardoor intracraniale schade, bewusteloos, vanwege het verlies van alle documenten zoals identiteitskaart, Nodig om goed te maken.

Na het personeel van de openbare veiligheidsbrigade van het Public Security Bureau van de Kunk District heeft dat na dit nieuws het initiatief nam om de oude man te bezoeken, en de grootvader maakte zich geen zorgen.

"Uw bedrijf is ons bedrijf, wees voorzichtig!" De politie beloofde de deur-tot-deur-service-service te bieden in het geval van de fysieke conditie van NI DAI. Op de ochtend van 7 augustus nam de politie van het Public Security Bureau van Kunk District de mobiele licentie-apparatuur. Neem contact op met Ni Dafe’s broer ging naar het Baoding Steel Derde Ziekenhuis en voltooide de ID-kaart voor Ni Dafa.

"Opa, wees verzekerd, we moeten je een goede ID-kaart maken, neem alsjeblieft gemoedsrust. Nadat de documenten naar beneden komen, sturen we je naar het ziekenhuis." Aan de zijkant zul je naar de broeder van de grootvader nemen om hier naar toe te gaan opwinding. Ga uit. Waar is je huis? Ga morgen vroeg! Om 17.00 uur op 29 juni kwam een ??jonge vrouw naar Baotou City Public Security Bureau Guanghui Community Police Station Household Registration Business Acceptance Point, "Ik hoef niet naar bed te komen, ik wil haar een woning geven, maar ik weet niet Ik weet wat te doen? "De vrouw schaamt zich heel erg.

"U zegt eerst de details." Na de huishoudelijke politieagent single rood en wit, leerde ik dat de moeder Kong van de vrouw een leukemie-pati?nt is, omdat de vergoeding van de medische verzekeringen het woningcertificaat moet verwerken, maar het gat kan niet in staat zijn om in te lopen het bed.. "Waar is je thuis? We zijn klaar om morgenochtend naar je huis te gaan." Op de 30e ochtend gingen de Single Red and Guanghui Community Police Station Accommodatie Axiliary Police du Peng naar Kong’s Home, verzameld voor Kong Kong Residence License-foto’s en -informatie en stel in de eerste keer een verblijfsvergunning op. Chen Moumou, het dorp Natai Village, Shi Village, is 21 jaar oud, maar vanwege congenitale spieratrofie is het lichaam ernstig vervormd, omdat hij thuis geen dokter is, dus de familie lette niet op de identiteit kaart. Nu moet ik een laag beleid aanvragen, maar vanwege het onverwachte vertrouwen. Op 3 juni, Liu Yunxia, ??die bekend staat als de situatie, Liu Yixia en het politiebureau van de politie, Zunyi, naar Chen-familie, om naar Chen te gaan om de identiteitskaart te verwerken. Na de ID-kaart stuurde de Huishoudelijke registratiepolitie Liu Yanye een kaart naar het huis. Chen was verheugd te zeggen: "Ik heb ook mijn eigen ID-kaart." "Deze lijn, ondanks de kleine dingen, maar een klein ding om te chen Ik heb echt de dringende dringende de harten van onze politie uitgelegd, zijn ook warm.

"De politie herinnerde zich dit incident ook, maak je geen zorgen, we moeten je helpen de Lu Moumou in de natte Tun-steden in Guyang County op te lossen. 56 jaar oud Dit jaar, in juni 1995, van Shaanxi County, Wet Moumou, getrouwd naar het dorp Sibi Village.

Omdat ik niet het hele jaar door uit ga, weet ik de ID-kaart helemaal niet, het account moet worden vervangen, dit migreren. Met de groei van nieuwe landelijke co?peraties en pensioenverzekering moeten ze het kunnen aangaan omdat ze geen regelmatig hebben, en er is geen rekening om het meest te worden "".

"Niet bang, maak je geen zorgen, we moeten je helpen oplossen." Na de politie, het politiebureau de politie-officieren, twee keer en herhaaldelijk een oproep naar hun oorspronkelijke oproep gestuurd. Onder de niet-aflatende inspanningen van verschillende politieagenten vond de politie van Luogou eindelijk het meest primaire registratieformulier voor huishoudelijke registratie, uitgegeven Roumou is bewezen aan de lokale omzet.

Volgens de relevante vereisten van de nederzetting nam de mensen van het natte politiebureau de hulpspolitie het initiatief om de opkomst van Luogua te vervangen en bezocht de dorpskaders, de oude partijleden en dezelfde leeftijd in het land, en uiteindelijk uitgegeven Een reeks certificaten voor Roumou. Na het perfectioneren van de relevante materialen van het huishouden, gaat Luou naar het huishouden.

Op 13 mei stuurde de politie van het politiebureau van Shigui een gloednieuw huishoudboek naar de hand van Luou, en de "愁" van haar familie is succesvol opgelost.

Na een paar dagen, de banner "voor de mensen om te zorgen voor de mensen om diep bang te zijn voor de mensen" is diep naar de natte verzending gestuurd. U bent druk, dan betreden we de onderneming om tussen mei te gaan, het BAOTOU Public Security Bureau Harringer Police Station heeft geleerd dat het Jiubai Industrial Park residentarbeiders heeft die wonen in de Enterprise-slaapzaal heeft de behoefte aan verblijfsvergunning, maar de tijd Werk is bezig. Niet in staat om uit te gaan, ik hoop dat het lokale politiebureau de hulp kan oplossen. Het politiebureau Harringer nam het initiatief om contact op te nemen met de hoofdkop, het onderhandelen over het personeel van het personeel dat nodig is om de verblijfsvergunning af te handelen en de informatiegegevens op te maken volgens de regelgeving en vervolgens de politie van het huishoudelijke registratie te regelen in overeenstemming met de rusttijd van het personeel om zich te concentreren op verblijfsvergunning.

Op 20 mei leidde de Huishoudelijke Registratie Police Du Juan het personeel en het park was geconcentreerd voor 76 werknemers om de verblijfsvergunning te verwerken en bijgedragen aan de stad om de zakelijke omgeving in de stad te optimaliseren. De politie van het huishoudelijke registratie bevindt zich aan het einde van de dienst, en het belangrijkste, het BAOTOU CITY Public Security Bureau heeft altijd de missie, toewijding in de positie herinnerd en een ander feit voor de massa’s behandeld.

De "MA STREET" in de stad Dacaoqi Bairong is een van de typische vertegenwoordigers. De Politieagent van het huishoudelijke registratie van het politiebureau Bairi Temple Town was al meer dan 20 jaar bezig met huishoudelijk registratiebeheer.

Al meer dan 20 jaar heeft ze zwijgend betaald, met betrekking tot de dingen van de mensen als hun eigen bedrijf, en de situatie van de mensen binnen de jurisdictie.

Hierdoor gaven de mensen haar een luid buitendienummer – "MA Street". Sinds het geval van "Ik doe een praktisch ding voor de massa’s", heeft Baotou Public Security zich gericht op het ‘urgent dure’ van de mensen. Ik nam het initiatief om een ??oudere, gewonde, schoolstudenten, buitenlandse migrerende werknemers, enz. Met meer dan 30.000 verblijfsvergunning.

"Ik heb een praktisch ding voor de massa’s", het zoete en gelukkige fruit, dat gedaan is, is zoet in de harten van de massa. (DU YONGQiang, Wang Wenshan) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu ZE) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Beijing 1500 volunteers service service will provide full process services in 74 posts

  The Shougang volunteer site is the next day, the reporter Liu Wei. Many volunteers who are in uniform costume are active in 74 posts and serve participants.

  The recruitment, organizational and management of the volunteers of this service trade will take the lead by the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee, and specialize in establishment of the World Executive Committee volunteer service group.

There are more than 1,500 volunteers who will serve in this session. There are more than 1,100 people from Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Central University for Nationalities, Beijing Foreign Language University, etc., some volunteers from Shijingshan Group Meeting and Shougang Group. Volunteers mainly serve the National Convention Center Exhibition Zone and Shougang Exhibition Area, including about 600 national conference centers, about 900 Shougang, and the centralized service time is September 2 to 7. Northern Youth Daily learned that during the service meeting, volunteer positions were divided into five major categories: guidance services, consulting services, conference services, document management and news promotion. The two exhibition areas set a special guide service post, digital zone Guide the service post, the order of the Winter Expo The service will be included in the general arrangement of Shijing Mountain City Volunteer Service into the Work Association volunteer, and set up 7 urban volunteer service stations in the subway station, popular commercial area, and surroundings, and organized more than 200 volunteers. Provide volunteer services such as route guidance, information consultation, emergency rescue, special people. In order to do a good job in the relevant volunteer service guarantee of the service, the volunteers are put into volunteers in volunteers in the best state, fully demonstrate the new era of the capital volunteer style, the volunteer service group is the volunteer unified fundament and supporting equipment. The volunteer clothing of this event is used along part of the party’s 100-year volunteer apparel design element, fully demonstrating and continuing young volunteers. The design will use volunteer blue as the main tone, placed the service trade fair in the left chest, and design the Chinese Youth Volunteer Sign to the Print Pattern to make a stitching, highlighting the contemporary youth volunteers as a good style of the new era of youth responsibility.

  At the same time, consider the actual needs such as volunteer epidemic prevention, rain, sunscreen, energy supplements, and feature masks, raincoats, pockets, ice sleeves, drinking water, emergency foods, etc. for volunteers.

In terms of volunteer management, the Volunteer Service Group forms an epidemic prevention and control and medical support group. It is responsible for coordinating the coordinated volunteer activity, and implements "point-to-point" closed-loop management in the event to the event site. During volunteer service, daily organization volunteers Perform nucleic acid detection and perform health monitoring in real time.

  The map / group municipal party committee pays attention to volunteer service polishing the "Golden Business Card", whether in the national conference center exhibition area or the Shougang exhibition area, this year’s service is always encountered, they have a vigorous face, belt I am answering every audience, they are the brightest landscape of the exhibition area, and their name is called volunteers. The 16-day 120,000 documents were opened on September 2, but the earliest arrival of volunteers began assisting staff participating in the early stage of production since August 17. They were students from the Capital Normal University.

  Among the first teacher’s volunteers, 30 students use 16 days to assist in the Shougang Automatic Production Center to complete the production of more than 120,000 documents. Tight time, task, volunteers are divided into 6 groups, assisting the units for decorgenation, packaging plastic, related chip information, secondary verification, label storage, etc.

At work, each volunteer has mastered the "skills" of at least three working groups to respond to the situation of post vacancy or insufficient personnel at any time. The first teacher Tao Bohan told the North Youth Daily, put the printing documents into the plastic card set and did not imagine it as simple. It is easy to cause skew to be skew and even unused.

In addition, volunteers need to carefully check the information, otherwise they cannot be associated with the system. From time from time, the chip in the document will also have a small problem, causing person information unrecognizable, which requires a plastic class to cut the documents, re-put into the chip, and plastic in the plastic jacket again, this process can be described as "It’s hard to be difficult."

  Shijingshan City Volunteers do "surrounding" service "you have been going forward, take a 10-minute walk, you can find the entrance of Shougangyuan.

"At 8 o’clock yesterday, volunteers from Shijingshan Group Committee came to Huaxia Bank P4 parking lot. Due to temporary traffic control, many viewers need more ways. At this time, the guidance of volunteers becomes particularly important. It is reported, During the service meeting, there were more than 200 volunteers in Shijingshan District, 7 "urban volunteer service sites" along the Shougang Park, the popular commercial area, and surroundings, providing route guidance, information consultation, emergency assistance, special people helping Waiting for volunteer service, forming a volunteer service circle, and fully protecting the service will go smoothly. "The Work Association volunteer service is an important training in the volunteer service of Shijingshan, 2022 Winter Olympics.

"The head of Shijingshan volunteer service told the North Youth Daily reporter, and volunteers conducted pre-job training and conducted on-site teaching by professional teachers.

It is reported that in order to do a good job of servicing, Shijingshan District integrates the volunteer service spirit of "Old Street" into the design of volunteer service, with professional and meticulous, warm and thoughtful, civilized volunteer service, rang "old neighborhood, New generation, no volunteer, not beautiful "slogan. The national conference center volunteers "security check" did not relax yesterday at 7:30, volunteers from Beijing Youth Political Academy Jiang Ziqi came to the National Convention Center early, his position was the gate of Daxie intersection.

Entering the National Conference Center Exhibition area, exhibitors need to scan their ID card and present the exhibitor or online booking tickets to enter.

At the time of 8 points, the exhibitors have arrived in succession, Jiang Ziqi assists security personnel, check out the exhibitor’s ID card and participation certificate, see the exhibitor to carry "big bag" exhibits, the general will "hand" to help Put, or help to scan your ID card, always remind everyone to rank in the "one-meter line", don’t get it, don’t gather. After the end of the morning, Jiang Ziqi’s scorpion already has a bit hoarse, the original white face is full of red scars, neck, and there are also black and white boundary lines, sweat wet clothes and back The skin is sticky together, and it is brought to the supe of the stars after drying.

Despite this, he is still very happy. Although he can feel the smile of exhibitors, "this is our volunteer service." Wen / Our reporter Liu Wei photography / reporter Cui Jun (Editor: Menheng, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

CIVIL Aviation professors and universities in Tianjin team won the Distinguished Teacher, Teaching Team Award

Recently, Tianjin Tianjin Education Commission announced the 2021 level teaching team and fifteenth Tianjin Universities Distinguished Teacher assessment results.

Civil Aviation University of China Law School professor CIVIL won the fifteenth session of the Tianjin Teacher Award colleges and universities, special courses Aviation group teaching team was named 2021 Tianjin grade teaching team. Since July 1998 to enter the China Civil Aviation University to work on the job CIVIL hard, won the commentary outstanding teachers in Tianjin, China Civil Aviation University of the Year 2018 "excellent teacher", Civil Aviation University of China 2019 annual "Distinguished Teacher" awards, hosted education the first batch of new liberal research and practice reform projects and China Education Research will focus on transportation projects and other reform projects 3, Aviation Law published monographs and textbooks 10 published academic and teaching of air law nearly 50 papers, provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement reward 6, guide innovation and entrepreneurship training programs and postgraduate research students a total of 20 innovative projects, published journal articles and other CSSCI 12, editor of the publication "Aviation review" 3, obtain scientific research achievement awards prize a university. As a professional person in charge, CIVIL organization to complete the audit of the 2016 law professional assessment; organization declared and approved 2020 annual Tianjin grade class undergraduate specialized construction, presided over the provincial reform project in a research completed in Tianjin "Thirteen five "comprehensive investment and major construction projects knot a university-level education reform project two lateral one; organized and completed a professional online tutorials recording and on-line legal to run five courses, edited and supervised the publication of textbooks 4, published in" Law and annual public management Education "volume 2. At the same time, the publication Aviation Law Case Teaching Planning Series 3 and the first batch of Tianjin in 2021 with an average annual course of ideological and political outstanding teaching award, won the university teaching achievement award 1, university teaching seminars Outstanding Paper 1.

She has for the Civil Aviation Authority of the North China Bureau and the Xinjiang Bureau of the Ombudsman, Tianjin Bar Association and the leasing industry associations, Tianjin Civil Aviation University of China Law Society and the central groups, and other units of the first phase of Party School class to explain the "Civil Code" 12 sessions, actively "Civil Code" Publicizing.

Now appointed as the China Air Transport Association instructor, China Mining Association instructors. Aviation group of special courses teaching team won as outstanding teaching team title in 2019, 2021 approved Tianjin teaching team.

Team based law major, professional aviation service school, strengthen top-level design courses through group training program for the development of different levels and types of air law special courses, courses continue to strengthen connotation construction so far has formed 15 high stability, wide coverage Aviation special courses system.

Under the leadership of the team leader CIVIL, adhere to the law undergraduate education and teaching as the core, relying on Tianjin Aviation level experimental teaching demonstration center, Tianjin humanities and social sciences key research base – Aviation Law and Policy Research Center, China Aviation Law Law Research Council Secretariat and other provincial and ministerial level teaching and research platform, focused on aviation research superior forces of law and outside the school, to tackle tough, vigorously implement the law professional disciplines characteristic development reform project, carry out personnel training excellence in aviation law.

After 20 years of construction and development, completion of the Tianjin-class undergraduate specialized construction, the Ministry of Education first of the new liberal arts study and practice of the reform project, Tianjin universities "Thirteen Five" comprehensive application-oriented professional investment construction projects, the first professional school comprehensive reform pilot construction projects and other major teaching reform project. Development of targeted teaching team, excellent structural members, number of teachers won the "blue sky young scholars," Tianjin grade teachers teaching, outstanding teachers Lide tree people Honor. The teaching team affirmed repeatedly by the Ministry of Education, Tianjin Municipality, the Civil Aviation Authority leaders and experts for the large aircraft development and professional law course educational reform into full play the leading role, for the training and education of personnel characteristics of domestic air law serve as a model.

(Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Practical technical training of rural disabled people in Fushan Township in Nanchang County

  In order to carry out the practice of "I am doing practical things for the people", improve the ability of rural disabled people to develop production, promote the employment of disabled people, and help people with disabilities to get rich. Recently, the three CPPCC members of the Xinxishan Township in Nanchang County, four party members, volunteers, join the County Disabled Persons’ Federation, in the township of the professional and technical teacher, held a practical training activities of rural poor disabled people in the township Civilization Practice, on-site expert, the masses A total of more than 60 people participated. This training has a comprehensive explanation of a comprehensive explanation of vegetables and cultivation techniques from vegetables, anti-harm and harvest, and other aspects of planting and cultivation technologies, anti-harm and harvesting. The basic knowledge is popular, helping the scenes of the masses in the theoretical basis.

  In order to further inspect, consolidate training results, help them will translate the knowledge of knowledge into practical results, and the Township Township invites training teachers to come to some of the people’s homes, and to conduct field guidance on vegetable planting work. Solutions are encountered during planting. Problem, this training will also distribute vegetables plant seeds for all students.

  In the Township Township, through this practical technical training, rural disabled people have mastered scientific planting techniques and methods, effectively help rural disabled people to achieve self-sufficiency, to promote the growth of rural disabled people, and further enhance their difficulties Confidence, mobilize their cultural and learning technology, and cultivate more active and optimistic attitudes while improving production and living standards. (Luo Miao) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).

Steam open public security bureau held a return conference

This newspaper (Reporter Yang Honglun Zhang Xindowo correspondent Wang Haoyang) 2nd, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal public security bureau, held a return conference, returned to the masses, including BMW, transformers, auto parts, smart phones, etc.Won the position of the owner.Recently, the municipal public security bureau is fully utilized to give full play to the role of the sharp knife in accordance with the deployment requirements of the superior public security organs on the "Ping An Promotion of the Food and Promoting the Development and Protection of Ping An" to ensure the healthy development of the people’s homes and enterprises in the jurisdiction.Coordinate linkage, multi-purpose synchronization case, launching a rare offensive to multi-haired, Fengmang sexual invasion of money.As of the end of May, the municipal public security bureau has a total of more than 100 criminal cases, 37 criminal processes, captured 5 people who escaped suspects, and collecting the boom money than 20 million yuan.

Qinhuangdao Development Zone Community Day Care Station: Convenience Service Winner

In addition to the serving service, each care station also provides cleaning services to the elderly people in the community, and an older who is inconvenient for action, and actively helping the elderly to solve daily difficulties. The care station also provides you with activities, the old people can sing, dance, painted, etc. here, enrich their old age. Huo Wentao, deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Development Zone, told reporters: "In order to meet the multi-level pension needs of the elderly, in recent years, the development zone has continued to promote the construction of the community day care station, providing services for the elderly.

Up to now, 12 days have been built. This year, combined with party history learning education and ‘I have implemented practical activities for the masses, we accelerate the progress of the construction of the day care station, strive to achieve full coverage of all community day care service facilities before, truly put people’s livelihood practical things. Do good things, better serve the elderly, and constantly improve the happiness of the elderly, feel.

"(Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Reduce repeated check Guizhou 2021 all three-level medical institution inspection results

People’s Network Guiyang August 27 (Wang Xiufang) On August 27, the reporter learned from the Guizhou Provincial Health and Health Committee that the committee issued "Guizhou Province further promoted the implementation of the medical inspection of medical examination inspection." Clear, will be at the end of 2021 It realizes more than 80% of the second-level medical institution, all three-level medical institutions, all urban medical groups, county medical affairs and specialist alliance inspection results inspection results; before 2022, all secondary medical institutions fully realize The inspection results are mutually recognized. Mutual recognition project The main selection of results is relatively stable, and the cost of high medical inspection projects and medical imaging inspection items.

Among them, medical inspection items include clinical immunological testing, clinical biochemical testing, clinical blood, body-liquid testing, clinical microbiological examination tests and projects recognized by ISO15189 recognition laboratories; medical imaging inspection projects include ordinary X-ray inspections, use A, B Inspection items for large-scale medical devices, some ultrasound inspection items, conventional electrocardiogram, and 24-hour dynamic blood pressure.

Medical institutions within the scope of each other can provide specific complete inspection reports and corresponding image information, which can provide specifications and complete inspection and inspection reports and corresponding image information. Repeated inspection check.

The scope of the mutual recognition is between the secondary, three, and secondary to three-level medical institutions; urban medical groups, county medical commissions, and specialist alliances.

At the same time, with the improvement of the improvement of medical examination inspection capabilities at various levels of medical institutions at all levels and the improvement of quality control work, it will adjust the scope of mutual acrigation. It is understood that all medical institutions that are integrated into medical test results must participate in medical inspection and medical imaging quality control at all levels, and regularize the medical staff of secondary and higher medical institutions in the provincial and above medical institutions. Training and assessment, and gradually establish a qualified medical staff library. Accelerate the results of the medical examination inspection, reducing the repeated inspection and inspection, will help promote the reasonable and effective use of medical and health resources, and enhance the people’s medical satisfaction.

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He Rongsheng stood up in shock first,Then I sat back,Said with a smile:“It’s just a waste of one hand,By Chen Xiu,Don’t say it’s a hand of old Li’s son,Just scrapped Lao Li’s hand,What can he do!”
“Although we know Chen Xiu’s methods,But Lao Li doesn’t know,It is said that his eldest son is looking for Chen Xiu everywhere。”
“Does Lao Li still want to find Chen Xiu for revenge??”He Rongsheng laughed and said:“Then let Old Li touch the nail by himself,We don’t need to mix this muddy water。”
Guo Yingdong said:“Asheng,Don’t you think this is our icing on the cake?”
“What do you mean?”
He Rongsheng said puzzledly:“By Chen Xiu’s method,He can’t help us。What does this have to do with us?”
“Lao Li can’t deal with Chen Xiu。
but,Now that we know,Can’t help but show,Friendship always accumulates slowly,Otherwise it will gradually fade over time!
If we negotiate with Lao Li at this time,Let him retreat,Save Chen Xiu’s troubles,Wouldn’t it be that Chen Xiu owes us one more favor?。”
He Rongsheng pondered for a moment,Slowly nodded and said:“You make sense,I’ll take a trip to Hong Kong Island with you。”
VIP room in Victoria Hospital。