Zong Xueqin cheers on,It seems to be fun to make things bigger。

Tu Cancan doesn’t understand,She knows nothing,I just can feel the two people in front of me seem to be discussing her。
“Take her down,After all, they are descendants of my butcher family!”The black-robed man frowned and said。
Zong Xueqin came over in an enchanting posture step by step,Bend over,I don’t care if my spring is seen by the black robe,Raise your hand to pinch Tu Cancan’s chin,Smile at the corner of the mouth。
“Your body is very attractive,But your family owner doesn’t seem interested,If so, keep it,We still have something to do,I won’t play with you。”
Tu Cancan did not speak,Or she doesn’t know what to say!
I thought I saw a real backer,But this respected family owner has the same attitude towards her and strangers。
Even with a lot of hatred。
She is alone,Or die here next moment,This is the question she is thinking now,I can’t face those eyes,As if to be sucked in。
This is a dim stone room,Tu Cancan doesn’t know how to choose,She can only wait here,Because I can feel the gap between myself and them。
There is no possibility of crossing。
“Xia Chenglong,where are you?”
Chapter seven hundred and forty one Goodbye acquaintance
The channel here is not much different from before,Xia Chenglong groped forward carefully,After all in this kind of place,Be careful at first。
Zong Xueqin is probably the one who took the woman away,What does the other party want?
Tu Cancan is still in the dim stone room,Nothing here,Everything is constantly passing by in ignorance and fear。
Door open,In a dizziness, Tu Cancan brought it to the hall where the sarcophagus was hanging.,I don’t know why I have no strength,Open your eyes in the faint,See the black robe man。
Tu Cancan still calls it cautiously,Not to make the other person sympathize,It’s just a natural respect for the superb position of Tujia。

“roll!”Chen Geng said nothing,Just kick over:“do you know,Throughout Silicon Valley,How many people envy you‘Happy troubles’,How many company bosses hate you for gritting their teeth?”

Chevat·Egarford hides flexibly,Hehe smiled:“Ok,No joke,I am really happy now……butboss,I found that recently,Everyone’s work efficiency seems to be getting lower。”
“Normal,There are a group of twenty-somethings in the company、Hormonal lad,I didn’t have so many beauties by my side before,Now suddenly there are so many beauties,I will definitely not put all my mind on work。”Chen Geng nodded,He also discovered this problem,But he didn’t say,After all, although I am the big boss,But according to myself before with Chevat·Agreement reached by Egarford and others,They are responsible for the daily management of the company。
Chevat·Egarford looked at Chen Geng sadly:“boss,Then what should I do?This will definitely not work,but I……”
Looking at Chevat·The look of Egarford,Chen Geng is sure,Chevat·Egarford is really not a suitable material for managers,Maybe before,Garrett2000It’s okay when it’s essentially a studio,But when the size of the company continues to grow,Need to be normalized、Rigorous,Chevat·Egarford is using the previous one“we are brothers”Studio style to manage the company,It won’t work,He is more suitable as a department head。
Chen Geng thought about it,Just said slowly:“The way is actually very simple,You can divide everyone into several groups,Assign tasks to each group,Only those who have completed the task can go to massage、Relax、surf,As long as they complete the task,It is their freedom to do anything the rest of the time,But if they delay work because of these things,Then be punished,caveat、Deduction of wages or even expulsion,All of these。
But Chevat,As the boss,It’s not nice,But I still have to say:I find that you are really not suitable as a manager of a company,You are more suitable as a working groupboss,You will work hard to fight for the benefits of your group,But if you are the manager of the company,In addition to breaking the company,I don’t think there is a second possibility。”
Beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Chevat·Egarford did not refute his words,in contrast,He smiled wryly and nodded:“Do you think so too?”
Chen Geng shrugged,Spread hands,Did not speak,The meaning is obvious:Otherwise what do you think?
Now that it’s all about it,Chevat·Egarford no longer hesitated:“I noticed that too,I’m really not suitable for managing a larger company,If only a few people、Small company of a dozen people,Maybe not a problem,But for these brothers who started a business with me,Even if they do something excessive,I can’t do it……Maybe I’m really not suitable to be a manager。”
“In this case,Then I think we need to talk seriously,”Chen Geng’s expression also became serious:“Chevat,If you wish Garrett2000Bigger and bigger、The future is bright,Your brothers will become millionaires one by one、Multimillionaire,Never worry about money anymore,Either you learn to be a manager,Either I hire a professional manager to help me manage the company,And you are in charge of the technical aspects……You should understand,I will not let this situation continue to develop。”
“I know,I know……”
Chevat·Egaford kept nodding,Of course he understands this,Ok for two days a day,One month or two months may be okay,But for longer,Mr. Fernandez will definitely not do it:The one who suffers the most is him。
“I have no interest in management at all,”After a while,Chevat·Egarford finally spoke:“And I’m not cruel to everyone,and so……I am willing to quit Garrett2000General manager’s position,I suggest Mr. Fernandez that you hire a real professional manager to better manage and run the company。”

Facing the suspicion of everyone,The wooden knife doesn’t explain,Dragging a big knife,Walked slowly towards the depths of the canyon。

“A hundred steps east from here,Have a hiding spot,You go over,May survive。”The wooden knife said without looking back。
“Wait a minute!”at this time,A clear voice came from behind。
Everyone is shocked,Qi Shu Shu looked back。
I saw that the person who spoke was not someone else,It’s the one that even the wooden knife handles,Alu who thinks he is a wise man。
Lu Menglin smiled and strode forward,Smiled at the wooden knife handle,Said:“Boss,You want to attack them yourself,Disrupt their plan,Forcing them to retreat early??”
This remark,The shoulder of the wooden knife shook slightly,Obviously it was said。
“This won’t work!They are crowded,Strong,I can’t be defenseless against you。You go sneak attack like this,I can only force them to join forces to kill you。After you die,Us people,Even if I can get out of the jungle,To Bairimen,And only those who have been liquidated。”Lu Menglin said loudly。
When everyone heard this,Subconsciously nodded。
The wooden knife also turned around,Looking at Lu Menglin with a surprised look。
He knows this man is smart,But I didn’t expect him to be so smart,Can actually see through my thoughts。
“Maybe you still have something to do,But at most it is nothing more than a dead fish and a broken net,Very unwise!”Lu Menglin chuckled。
The wooden knife stared at this little guy,Trying to see the reality of this person,But no matter how carefully he observes,I don’t think this person has hidden power,There can be a way to reverse things。
A little guy less than level 40,Whether it is as deep as the sea,Still have magic weapon,Is not enough to change the current passive situation。

Xiao Fan heard what Wang Mingyang said,Nodded with satisfaction。

The Lin Group needs such a powerful helper too much。
at this time,Wang Mingyang couldn’t help but praise his IQ,Since Xiao Fan’s surname is Xiao,But what he allowed himself to protect was the Lin Group,It seems that this sister-in-law is from the Lin Group。
The restaurant manager and the front desk lady looked at the scene in front of them,I can’t believe it all turned out to be true。
Although they don’t know the real identity and strength behind their boss,But only with this Mingzhu Western Restaurant,It is no longer comparable to ordinary enterprises。
What’s more, this restaurant is only one of their owners’ properties。
Now the two people are more curious about the identities of Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner。
What a distinguished identity these two people are,Turns out all the properties that their boss gave up。
right now,These two people regretted their ignorance even more。
but,In addition to regret,These two people are more worried。
Because they don’t know that Wang Mingyang will deal with them next。
Although Wang Mingyang has said before,Make them unable to gain a foothold in the cloud market,But that was before Wang Mingyang learned all the truth。
But now he has clearly understood what the two of them did,And it seems to be more angry。
really do not know,How far will Wang Mingyang’s anger be?。
Two people are like two lambs to be slaughtered right now,Trembling,But powerless。
Xiao Fan pointed at two people on the ground,To Wang Mingyang:“Two of them,What do you plan to do?”
Wang Mingyang’s face changed immediately,Just said:“Of course it was processed directly!”
The restaurant manager and the front desk lady heard that Wang Mingyang wanted to deal with them directly,Just dumbfounded,I can’t even cry for mercy。
Xiao Fan shook his head,To Wang Mingyang:“Although the two of them made a lot of mistakes today,But fortunately, the person I met today is me,If it’s other more powerful people,I believe you can’t hold it。”

Everyone’s fate is written by himself。Worried about Tian Jin’s future,Family conditions are not rich,I resigned and don’t know what to rely on,Are you going to chew the old??

Tian Lu didn’t want to think about these troublesome things。
After all, she works personally、I can’t finish my heart in life,Let Tian Jin choose。
When Tian Lu received the notice from the industrial park studio,It’s already four days。Tian Lu under the leadership of Xu Chang,Meet with employees in the workplace,Said hello。
Came to the original editing room,The furnishings are completely new,Even the previous pots of green plants have been replaced with new ones,Clean and tidy everywhere。
Tian Lu thought,Seems to have taken care of it,This passion is worthy of her choosing this job。
I often laugh at others and don’t eat grass,This time it’s my turn to eat the grass,Only shrugged and smirked for a while。
Xu Chang walked over by himself,There was a smiling face as soon as he entered,Said to Tian Lu with a smile:“Welcome you,We decorate a new,Are you satisfied?”
Tian Lu replied with a smile:“Where did you say,How can you be dissatisfied,Thank you,Mr. Xu。”
Xuchang smiled:“Like this arrangement。correct,The personnel here are basically unchanged,Xu Fenxue, director of the writing department, is on this personnel change,Officially below,She has been admitted to a state agency in Yihai City,Served the iron rice bowl。The director of the writing department is Wu Xiaolan,She has worked in the writing department for a long time,It would be nice to take over from her,Where’s Sun Zhengyong?,Was poached by a media recently。”
It turns out that the change is great,Iron-fighted barracks。
“The writing department can recruit people,You can recommend it if you have something suitable,Headquarters filing。”Xuchang half joked。
Tian Lu thought,It’s the same about whoever takes over,As long as it can do things,Willing officer。Two at once,The writing department is very weak。
Tian Lu smiled:“You have to hire a leader,I have very little information on finding personnel。”
Recruit new people,Tian Lu can’t be the master,It’s a vain move。
Xu Chang shook his head slightly,Left with his hands behind,Inconclusive question,Said nothing。Haowang

China’s Boulder (600176): Glass fiber prices lead to increased profits

China’s Boulder (600176): Glass fiber prices lead to increased profits

3Q2019 performance is lower than our expected China Boulder announced 1?
3Q2019 results: Revenue 77.

4 ppm, an increase of ten years.

43%; net profit attributable to mother 15.

5 ‰, a year-on-year decrease of 19%, corresponding to a profit of 0.

44 yuan, lower than our expectations, preliminary is the glass fiber sales expectations and 3Q19 glass fiber prices fell faster than the previous month.

The company’s revenue in the third quarter of 19 was 26.

7.6 billion yuan, an increase of 2% / 4% from the same period last month, and net profit attributable to mothers4.

950,000 yuan, down 23% / 11% from the same period last month.

Development trend The decline in glass fiber prices has led to a significant reduction in profits.

In the first three quarters of 19, the company’s roving product sales volume was 126 tons, an annual increase of about 5%, of which high-end product sales increased by 15%. At the end of the third quarter, the company’s rovings basically achieved a balance of production and sales; electronic cloth sales increased by 114%,Basically achieve production and sales balance.

The company’s highest profit is mainly due to the decline in the price of glass fiber products. As of 2018, the glass fiber industry has increased production capacity, and the glass industry has a glut of supplies, which has led to a significant decline in the price of glass fiber this year. Among them, the price of rovings has fallen by more than 7%?
8% in the third quarter of 19, compared with the previous two quarters. The company expects that the price of rovings will still decline slightly. The price of electronic cloth has gradually dropped to nearly 50%. The price in the third quarter is at a historical low.Prices started to pick up.
Continue to strengthen cost advantages, leading the global profitability of fiberglass.

Although labor costs increased and raw material and natural gas prices rose in the first three quarters, the company achieved a reduction in manufacturing costs of approximately 2% through continuous technological improvements and management innovation.

In the third quarter of 19, the company achieved a gross profit margin of 38.

4%, same / cyclic ratio oxide 5.


7ppt, 1?
3Q19 achieved a gross profit margin of 39.

3%, ten years ago 4.

8ppt, although the price of 3Q19 fiberglass increased by a larger margin than the previous month, leading to a significant reduction in gross profit margin, the company’s profitability is still far beyond other aspects of the world.

Internationalization and intelligent development go hand in hand.

Boulder America Project 9.

6 The baseline glass fiber production capacity was ignited in May this year. At present, the production and operation are steadily advancing. At the same time, the Indian project is progressing steadily. The construction will soon begin.

Cost control is one of the company’s core competitiveness, which is transformed into the construction of the intelligent manufacturing base of the Tongxiang headquarters. We expect to help the company’s efficiency 合肥夜网 to a new level, thereby increasing the gap between the company and the relative.

Earnings Forecast and Estimates Due to the weaker-than-expected sales of glass fiber and rising prices, we lower our 2019/20 net profit forecast by 14% / 15% to 20.


9.6 billion.

The previous company previously corresponded to a 2019/20 P / E ratio of 14.


4x, lowering the target price by 4.

3% to 11 yuan, corresponding to 29.

3% growth space and 18/2019/20.


1x price-earnings ratio, maintain outperform industry rating.

Risk roving sales growth exceeded expectations, and glass fiber prices increased significantly.

To increase pension income should give more policy enablement to pension investment

To increase pension income should give more policy enablement to pension investment

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  Original title: The right to give more policy enablement to pension investment Source: Daily Economic News Special commentator Tan Haojun 2020 Global Wealth Management Forum first quarter summit was held in Beijing a few days ago, supervision by the Ministry of Finance, subsidies, bancasThe person in charge of the department said that the three-tier pension insurance system reform will be further improved and the pension management institutions will promote the promotion of the proportion of high-yield assets such as equity.

  There is no doubt that pensions are a topic of temporary discussion and one of the issues that has attracted 杭州桑拿网 much attention.

A very important reason is that the contradiction between the income and expenditure of pensions is constantly expanding, the pressure on expenditure is increasing, and the phenomenon of non-payment is already occurring in some places.

  It is appropriate to say that in order to increase the source of income for pensions and better meet the needs of pension expenditures.

In the end, by expanding the area collection, improving the collection efficiency, and expanding the coverage of pension collection, etc., the pension has been better protected from an income perspective.

In particular, the state-owned capital allocation of pensions has achieved a relatively large breakthrough. A series of allocation measures have been introduced in various places, which have laid a feasible foundation for ensuring the reliability and stability of pension income.

  Fundamentally, as the demand for pensions is increasing, the requirements are also becoming higher and higher. In addition to the means of extended levy and current capital allocation, how to increase pension investment income and ensure that the value of pensions are preserved and increasedAspect.

After all, the scale of pensions is very large. If the return on investment is high, it can effectively increase pension income, insufficient pensions, and reduce the pension gap.

At the very least, it will ensure that pensions do not depreciate.

  At present, how to ensure the preservation and appreciation of pensions has always been relatively weak.

Until the future, the investment function of pensions will come into play, and the work of maintaining and increasing value will be improved.

Even so, from the perspective of pension investment, it is still obviously inadequate. It does not play a good role in maintaining and increasing value, and the investment income of pensions is still at a level.

Therefore, how to make better use of the investment function of pensions and improve the investment benefits of pensions is very important.

  There is no doubt that the statement of the regulators this time is indeed a positive signal for pension investment, and a signal that pension investment will be relaxed to a certain extent and supported to a certain extent.

If the three sectors can provide more lenient and convenient policies for pension investment, the door to investment can be opened little by little, the field of investment can be made wider, and the door to investment may be made one by one.This point will have a positive impact on improving the efficiency of pension investment.

  Following the gradual regulations, for pension investment, “the principle of long-term investment should be adhered to, appropriate risk exposure should be tolerated, the level of pension investment should be further increased, and equity assets and alternative assets should be allocated more.

Under normal circumstances, risks are often used to restrict pension investment. The method of expanding pension investment will likely change to some extent.

Risks still need to be controlled, but risk will no longer be used as an excuse for pension investment, but will be based on the actual situation, to moderately increase the risk tolerance of pensions, give more choices to pension investments, and better increase pension investments.Gains.

  On the whole, under the situation where the contradiction between pension income and expenditure is becoming increasingly prominent, it is very important how to give more investment to pension policy.

Without sufficient policy empowerment and a certain degree of risk tolerance, it is difficult to obtain higher returns on pension investment.

Keming Noodle Industry (002661) In-depth report: High-end + low-end two-wheel drive growth in the stage of strategic transformation

Keming Noodle Industry (002661) In-depth report: High-end + low-end two-wheel drive growth in the stage of strategic transformation

Ping An Viewpoint: Summary: The company is a nationwide leader in noodles that is undergoing rapid growth. The new spindle has great vision and aggressively promotes strategic transformation. The company’s performance has been slightly ups and downs due to business adjustments, but the prospects for new business are increasingly bright.

Looking to the future, the long-term high-end noodle business is still growing, and it is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of more than 10%, and the self-supply of flour will increase and the profit will increase.In the end market, after nearly two years of gradual completion of the company’s products, channels, and production capacity adjustment, the low-end noodles entered a rapid sprint period in 19 years.

Leaders smoothly transferred, and a new strategic idea was gradually formed: the company is a leading company in the noodle industry in China. Its production capacity, scale and market share are among the best in the industry. The founder Chen Keming 杭州桑拿 is the actual controller of the company.

In 2016, the company’s core leadership took over from the old to the new. Chen Hong, the son of the founder, served as the general manager, and the corresponding senior management team also made major adjustments.

With the main trend changing, 16-17 years can be described as the transition period of the company’s strategy. Since 18 years, the company’s overall development thinking has gradually become clear. It proposes that the industrial chain should be extended upstream to reduce costs, and strive for low-end markets with cost-effective strategies, supplemented by wetNew development strategy for noodle and noodle seed business cultivation.

Under the new strategy exploration and transformation, the company’s performance has slightly changed due to business adjustments, but the prospects for new business are becoming brighter.

The growth potential of high-end noodles is still sufficient. Use the leading partition to enjoy the upgrade bonus: Although the noodle industry demand is relatively saturated, the high-end noodles have a small base and large space, and continue to maintain a rapid expansion rate for a long time.A healthy competitive environment.

As an absolute leader of high-end noodles, the company has a strong brand recognition, shelf monopoly, and scale advantages to build a broad moat, and has effective functionalization, subdivided product innovation and standardized marketing system. At the same time, refinement continues to strengthen the company’s competitiveness and low-end noodles.The heavy volume is also expected to help accelerate the introduction of high-end noodles to the county and township market channels.

Therefore, the company is expected to benefit from the consumption upgrade dividend, high-end products are expected to maintain a compound growth rate of more than 10%, and the increase in the proportion of self-supply of flour will promote high-end gross profit margins in the next 3 years or 3.

5 pieces, significantly increasing the profit contribution of high-end suspension surfaces.

The low-end noodles entered the era of large integration, and quickly entered the market to harvest the share of miscellaneous cards. The low-end noodles market has a large stock space and the market distribution is scattered and enters the rapid reshuffle period.

Although Jinsha River is the first to take the lead, its scale is far ahead of its peers, but its market share is still replaceable relative to the low-end total scale of 500 inches, and the rising stars still have opportunities for growth.

The company is seizing the potential of the industry, is cutting into the low-end market, learning the successful experience of competing products, adopting measures such as base reconstruction and wheat storage & self-supply to fully integrate the supply chain to reduce production costs, and promotes channels to the county and township markets, as well as grain, oil, and agricultural trade., Wholesale and other distribution channels sink.

With the steady advancement of production capacity and channel adjustment, the company officially launched a new cost-effective new product “Wide Thin Circle” in early 19th, cutting into the low-end mainstream price band.

At present, the new products of “Wide and Fine Circles” are selling well, and they have tried hard to make a big splash.

We estimate that under the rapid volume of low-end noodles, the company’s sales of Ru Pasta are expected to exceed 50% in 21 years, which will lead to a compound growth of more than 20% of Ru Pasta’s revenue. In the future, the capacity of new plants will be fully released and flour mills will be put into production.The gross profit margin is expected to be on a par with the leading low-end noodles leading companies, recovering to about 15%.

Wugu Dojo stopped bleeding successfully, and wheat prices dropped to reduce costs: After the company completed the acquisition of Wugu Dojo in June of 2017, it made in-depth adjustments from cost, channel, and management in multiple dimensions, and has achieved better results.

In 18 years, Wugu Dojo was still offset by about 2,000 trillion due to the relocation of production bases and environmental protection factors, but 1H19 has successfully turned losses into profits. Under the operating strategy of “full cost reduction and widening the country ‘s channels”, it is expected to have 19 years of revenue.Total profit has improved significantly.

Thanks to the high grain output and the reduction in the minimum purchase price, wheat prices have fallen slightly in 19 years, and under the background of the continuous advancement of agricultural supply-side structural reforms and high policy wheat stocks, wheat prices may continue to decline for 20 years.Conducive to the company’s cost pressure gradually eased.

Investment suggestion: The company’s high-end business still has growth potential, and the low-end business is becoming a new growth point under the thick accumulation of growth. The growth momentum is increasingly strengthened, and the success of grain dojo hemostasis and the continued decline in wheat prices are favorable. The company’s performance is expected to cross the initial investmentAfter the period back to the fast track of growth.

We maintain the company’s 19-21 EPS to 0.

62, 0.

80, 0.

The forecast of 98 yuan corresponds to 21 for the current PE.

3X, 16.

5X, 13.

4 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminders: 1. Risk of intensified industry competition: overcapacity in the noodle industry, product homogeneity, and the possibility of increased competition; 2. risk of major food safety incidents: consumers are particularly sensitive to food safety issues.Food safety accidents, it takes a long time for internal consumers to change their freezing point and rebuild their confidence in the brand; 3. Risks of rising raw material prices: The cost of flour, the main raw material of the product, is relatively high, and the rise in prices may cause performance to fall short of expectations.

Chemical Leader Wanhua Chemical (600309) Series 2: Petrochemical Project Competition Analysis

Chemical Leader Wanhua Chemical (600309) Series 2: Petrochemical Project Competition Analysis

In the next two years, Wanhua’s main investment will focus on petrochemical projects, and this period will also usher in an outbreak of domestic petrochemical capacity.

With all kinds of competition, is Wanhua’s petrochemical project competitive?

Our analysis is as follows: The core point of view has a leading edge in a series of chemicals: Wanhua’s propylene and ethylene projects have adopted chemical routes, and the gradual processing volume will reach more than 300 in the future.

Initial chemicals are favored by domestic enterprises due to their readily available raw materials, good long-term economics, and better suitability for product construction.

Moreover, we believe that the long-term chemical specific gravity is in the naphtha split or reformation, the external purchase of the product has cracks, the slender ratio is more flexible, and the investment intensity is greater, which is actually more suitable for Wanhua’s current industrial development needs.

The upstream and downstream layout is the best: Although domestic production has grown rapidly in recent years, the downstream supporting facilities are relatively single, resulting in very large changes in profitability.

Wanhua’s downstream facilities are relatively scattered, which effectively reduces the impact of a single product boom on overall profitability.

The reason why it can achieve differentiated competition for downstream products depends on technological innovation (PO) and industrial chain coordination (PVC).

We expect that in the future, the prosperity of petrochemical products under the impact of large-scale refining and chemical expansion will generally change, and Wanhua’s PO and PVC will still be able to obtain substantial profits.

Industrial chain extension to enhance antioxidants: Wanhua’s positioning for petrochemical projects is to provide stable and controllable basic raw materials for the polyurethane and new materials sectors. Therefore, most of the complementary products are matched with downstream business units.

With the development of Wanhua’s downstream business unit in the future, these petrochemical products are expected to be converted into differentiated products for export in the system.

Based on the indicators of R & D expenditure, patents, and other indicators, we believe that Wanhua is expected to continue to grow and strengthen in downstream areas such as new materials, so as to compete with domestic bulk companies.

Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We forecast the company’s total EPS to be 3 in 19-21.

80, 3.

60 and 4.

24 yuan, according to the company’s 19 times 19 武汉夜网论坛 times price-earnings ratio raised to 49.

2 yuan (the original target price of 45.

6 yuan) Maintain BUY rating.

The risks indicate macroeconomic risks, risks of fluctuations in crude oil prices, risks of new project progress, and breakthroughs in MDI industry barriers.

5 all-natural skin care products that have swept Taiwan


5 all-natural skin care products that have swept Taiwan

Most skin care products contain a lot of chemical elements. Although they are very effective, if they are used for a long time, they will cause damage to the skin.

In order to seek safer natural skin care products, the following editors will introduce a few natural health skin care products.

Women who care about health and beauty must not miss it.

  If you can only choose one natural make-up, the first thing to consider is lipstick.

Burt Bee Series products are your best choice.

Beautiful bright yellow plastic box made of 50% recyclable material, 95.

29% natural lipstick that keeps your lips feeling hydrated all day long.

  Pure natural skin care products become colder and colder, and their hands will become drier.

Some hands will be greasy, while others will be too refreshing.

Aveda’s hand cream is a must-see among natural products this winter.

  Gargo’s lipstick, a pure natural skincare product, is a pure natural product derived from the essence of flowers.

Many celebrities in Hollywood, such as EvangelineLily, LindsayLohan, MariaMenounos, etc. all like it very much.

  If the eyes are the window of the soul, then we must carefully protect this window.

The mascara nourishes the lashes and has excellent stretch effect.

At the same time, there are three options: black, brown and blue.

  Natural Kiehn is a New York company that specializes in alternative products with little or no preservatives.

This sunscreen protects your skin from water damage for up to 80 minutes.

Whether in winter or summer, it is a must-have product for sun protection.