Scientists should not be poor……

Scientists also need money to let their wives and children live a good life……
Scientists should have the best scientific research conditions and scientific research facilities……
Scientists create value,But for what reason I can only watch the leaders eat and drink、Cars in and out、Live in a big house……
This situation is unreasonable,Must be corrected。
Chen Geng’s words,Let Lu Kairen listen to tears in his eyes!
before this,Do not,Don’t say before this,Even now,The mainstream idea of propaganda in the whole society is still peaceful and happy、It’s the difficult working conditions of a certain scientific researcherDAnd the country has created so much value,And he himself still has a salary of dozens of dollars,And a family of six or seven people in the tube building……
No one has spoken for those researchers who work hard under difficult conditions,Say they deserve more,That they are worthy of better working and living conditions,From the perspective of the overall social environment,It seems that scientific researchers must equate hardship,It doesn’t seem to be a high-quality scientific researcher anymore。
But the scientific researcher is also a flesh and blood、People who have their own ideas,A living person,I also hope that the living conditions of myself and my family are better,There is a big house with three bedrooms and one living room,Old man、Both the child and the couple have their own room;
Children want to eat cookies、If you want to eat a big white rabbit, eat a big white rabbit、If you want to eat braised pork, eat braised pork;
Wife wants to buy a dress, buy a dress,If you want to buy the latest down jacket, buy the latest down jacket;
As for myself,There is a microcomputer of my own in the office、There is a small motorcycle that can smoke suddenly,Let yourself no longer have to ride a bicycle to get off work after a hard day,Every month can get back a salary and bonus for the whole family to live happily……
Such thoughts、Such a luxury,Is it too much??
But before Mr. Chen Geng,No one has ever thought so much for people who are engaged in scientific research.、Considered……
A kind“The confidant dies”The feeling spread in Master Lu Kairen’s chest。
“I……I……”Master Lu Kairen violently wiped out tears,Said heavily:“Chairman,I can’t control other project teams,But weY12Project Team,Full support for your reform。”

“Brother Joe,The café in this Hilton six-star hotel is very nice,Their Blue Mountain Coffee is definitely the best in the world!go,Let’s go and taste together!”

“Hahaha,Buddy parley,Are you Jinwu Cangjiao today?,Why don’t you let me in?I just want to drink the coffee in your room!”
After speaking, Qiao Tianyu gave Michelle a wink,Michelle knows that she will act immediately,Stare at the door before it closes,Qiao Tianyu took Palizovsky to the presidential suite with a smile on his face.。
Although Palizovsky was from a fighting nation,But persevering Qiao Tianyu is born with supernatural power,Can’t pull Qiao Tianyu at all,So I had to be dragged towards the room by Qiao Tianyu。
“Hey.”Palizovsky saw Qiao Tianyu was determined to go in,I had no choice but to smile and shook his head,Walked in with Qiao Tianyu。
After seeing the presidential suite,Palizovsky is busy making coffee for Qiao Tianyu,Qiao Tianyu has been staring at Palizovsky with a smirk.,Finally stared at Comrade Lao Pa uncomfortably,The whole body is like thousands of bugs crawling。
“Damn,Brother Joe,Just talk if you have something,Why are you staring at me?,feels awful!”Palizovsky is really uncomfortable being stared at,Finally can’t help it。
“Haha,Buddy parley,Don’t you have anything to tell me?”Qiao Tianyu asked with a smile。
“I.What can i have?”Palizovsky said hesitantly。
“Haha,Looks like Palley has a bad memory recently,Then let me remind man?”Qiao Tianyu said with a smile,“Talking about Palli,What’s the matter in the British Virgin Islands this time??”
“Of course it is here to help you, brother Joe, dominate the offshore financial market in the world!”Palizovsky patted his chest and said。
“Oh?is it?How about you think again?In addition to helping me dominate the world’s offshore financial market,Does your man have any other purpose?”Qiao Tianyu stared at Palizovsky with interrogating eyes and asked。
“No.No more。”
Although Palizovsky denies,But his forehead is already sweating,Obviously lying,But he is still trying to stay calm。
“Brother Joe,Have you heard any rumors?Brother Joe,do not worry,Although Palizovsky has done a lot of bad things in my life,But for you,I am worthy of my conscience,I swear my Palizovsky has never done anything against your brother Joe!”
Palizovsky is about to put his fingers up and swear.。
“Haha,Buddy parley,I didn’t say that you did something against me,Don’t get excited!”Qiao Tianyu reached out and pressed Palizovsky’s outstretched right hand。
“Buddy parley,I am Qiao Tianyu,You should know best,I will never sorry brother,So I can’t figure out why you are hiding from me this time?Is there something we brothers work together to overcome,Isn’t it bad?”Qiao Tianyu said emotionally。
“Not bad,We are afraid that you are too embarrassed,That’s why we.”
Palizovsky was infected by Qiao Tianyu’s emotions,Just said,I suddenly realized that I missed my mouth,“Slap”I covered my mouth with my hand。

Hu’s live broadcast,It’s one of the few male anchors they can keep watching,And the first recharge was also given to Brother Hu。

Compared to others,There are no ancestral treasures at home,Artisan,It’s easier to invite Brother Hu,They have no advantage,I didn’t expect Brother Hu to respond to them。
For a time,So excited。Nowadays,Some people call them to go to Internet cafes,They are not bird people,The other party said he would break up。
When you want to play games,One bite one brother,When I don’t want to play now,Shout silly.force。
Oh shit!Making friends carelessly。Unlucky,I met you two scams,Drop the chain at a critical moment,Knowing that today is the promotion match,It seems to be cool again。
“Afu,I don’t have much money,Do you bring enough?”Luo Bufan asked。
After all, Brother Hu is here,Why should I invite Brother Hu to eat??
Blessing glared:“Brother Hu will arrive,Little Luozi, call me Ah Fu again,I’m never ending with you。”
Afu is called,It sounds like the name of a dog。There are so many people in the Hu Ge live room,Do you want him to lose face??
“Fucking!So many requests,Call me little Luozi to try again,See if i won’t kill you。”Luo Bufan does not show weakness。
Little Luozi is called,He can’t remember who got it from him,It sounds like a eunuch。From studying,He dislikes this title。
but,Blessing and friendship with him for more than 20 years,Didn’t turn his face。
There are so many people in the Hu Ge live room,You still have a little Luozi,Are you looking for death??
Blessing to change the subject subconsciously:“Enough!Who is Hu?,You don’t know,You watched him live first。People who don’t care about material conditions。Didn’t Wumachuan also take him to eat breakfast at a street shop??
I have found everything,It’s also our specialty food shop,Not expensive。It’s okay to ask Brother Hu to eat them for these two or three days,diet、Leave the accommodation to me。
But you,Did you find the antique market??That’s where Brother Hu wants to go。”

The three forces move towards the center from three directions,If there is no problem, they have no meaning to guard against。

but……Just when they came to the center of the river,A huge force suddenly appeared in the water,Shot before they are ready。
Above the water and disappearing is only between seconds,Therefore, the large troops on the shore or watching from a distance are in a state of daze.。
Able to avoid detection by professionals,The existence that can swallow these warriors in one bite,That is……
unimaginable,There is actually a sixth-level spirit beast here!
While everyone is watching,Their prediction has become a reality。
Because the guy in the river has emerged,Terrible existence that is rarely seen on weekdays appears in three directions at the same time。
this is……Kuihe Green Python!
He is smaller than the guy Xia Chenglong saw in the fight with the big octopus,But now that this is also the existence of the fifth level peak。
The fifth level peak is equivalent to the peak of human beings entering the holy realm,As a beast,Their combat power is even stronger than humans。
“The first one is exposed!”Xia Chenglong couldn’t help but said。
“What should we do now?”
“Keep up with the big forces!”

Zhejiang Pharmaceutical (600216): Capacity integration is expected to land in VE industry is expected to usher in a long upward cycle

Zhejiang Pharmaceutical (600216): Capacity integration is expected to land in VE industry is expected to usher in a long upward cycle

Investment summary: On May 25, 2019, the distribution of Nantec (the main part of Zhejiang Pharmaceuticals VE business) was officially announced. We expect that the delivery of the distribution will be completed by the end of June. After that, Nantec will stop production and maintenance to reach DSMProduction standards, we expect Nantex will need?
After 8 months of maintenance, the production capacity of the VE industry tends to be integrated.

In 2018, Zhejiang Medicine, Xinhecheng, DSM, BASF, Nent, and Beisha’s top six VE productions were 16,000 tons, 15,500 tons, 14,000 tons, 7,000 tons, 20,000 tons, and 4500 tons, respectively.

In the short term, if the production can be stopped for maintenance, it will affect the energy released by itself2, and because the interruption of intermediate supply affects downstream manufacturers, it is conservatively estimated that the capacity gap is at least 2, and the VE supply will be turned from loose to relatively tight.

In terms of prices, in 2017, due to environmental inspections and other reasons, VE experienced a cyclical market, but due to the ability to expand production to a low point, the price of VE is still hovering at a low level. There is currently no additional capacity.

With reference to the stable supply pattern from 2008 to 2013, we believe that VE is expected to usher in a new cycle of high prosperity, and the price is expected to return to 100 yuan / kg and coexist for a long time. It is still in the initial stage of price increase and there is huge room for price increase in the later period.
Zhejiang Medicine is the world’s second domestic leader in the VE field. It will significantly benefit from the profit elasticity brought by the long-term tightening of product prices by VE suppliers. According to calculations, the company’s VE (50% VE powder) production capacity is 30,000 tons., Every 10 yuan increase in VE price will increase net profit2.

5.6 billion.

As the current cooperation between Nent and DSM is still in the announcement stage, specific capacity integration will take time, so we will not consider the long-term impact of changes in the industry’s supply structure on VE prices.

At the current point in time, we expect the company to achieve operating income of 71 in 2019-2021.

3.7 billion, 75.

390,000 yuan, 79.

7.7 billion yuan; net profit attributable to mothers is 4.

5.9 billion, 5.

3.9 billion yuan and 7.

20 ppm; EPS is 0.

48 yuan, 0.

56 yuan and 0.

75 yuan, what is the current expected PE?
1重庆耍耍网9X and?
14X, maintaining “Highly Recommended” rating.

Investment strategy: Grasp the investment opportunities for the orderly contraction of VE’s global production capacity.

Risk warning: industry capacity integration fails to meet expectations, VE price increase fails to meet expectations

Shao Neng (000601): Persistent High Growth Performance Dividend Ratio Exceeds Expectations

Shao Neng (000601): Persistent High Growth Performance Dividend Ratio Exceeds Expectations
Investment Highlights Event: The company released three quarterly reports and achieved revenue of 32 in the first three quarters.68ppm, an increase of 29 per year.99%; net profit attributable to mothers4.78 ppm, an increase of 77 in ten years.98%; net profit after deduction is 4.470,000 yuan, an annual increase of 142.78%. Third-quarter results continued to grow at a high rate, with gross and net profit margins increasing: According to the company’s announcement, revenue for the first three quarters was 32.68 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.99%; net profit attributable to mothers4.7.8 billion, an annual increase of 77.98%; net profit after deduction is 4.470,000 yuan, an increase of 142 in ten years.78%.In the third quarter, it achieved revenue of 10 in a single quarter.740,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.10%; net profit attributable to mother 1.24 ppm, an increase of 92 in ten years.23%; net profit after deduction is 1.110,000 yuan, an annual increase of 102.95%.In terms of profitability, the gross profit margin in the third quarter was 25.90%, increase by 1 every year.75 averages; net margin is 11.93%, an increase of 3 per year.93 grades, while expanding the scale of revenue, significantly improved profitability. Significantly increase the proportion of cash dividends, and the distribution rate is expected to exceed 5%: From 2016 to 2018, the upper limit of the proportion of cash dividends of shareholders in the parent company’s net profit for the current year specified by the company’s original shareholder income plan is 35%, and the actual dividend ratioFor 49.05%, 53.33%, 53.51%, the average annual dividend ratio is 51.96%, which is higher than the company’s original shareholders’ income plan stipulated a higher proportion of cash dividends.In August 2019, the company released a new shareholder return plan (2019-2021), promising that the company’s cash dividend amount in the year of 2019-2021 accounted for about 60% of the net profit 无锡桑拿网 attributable to the parent company, and according to the company’s three quarterly reportAccording to the disclosure, the proportion of cash dividends in the company’s 2019 dividend plan to the net profit attributable to the parent company is proposed to be 65% to 70%, which is equivalent to the current expected dividend rate of more than 5%, and the value attribute is highlighted. The centralized construction of biomass power generation and environmental protection paper tableware projects will continue to help the company’s growth: The company also announced: 1) Investment in the construction of the third and fourth phases of the Xinfeng Biomass Power Generation Expansion Project with a construction scale of 60,000 kilowattsThe total investment yield of the project is 14.24%; 2) Invested in the construction of Wengyuan Biomass Power Generation Phase III and Phase IV projects, with a construction scale of 60,000 kilowatts, and the total investment income of the project is expected to be 9.18%; 3) Invested in the construction of the first phase project of ecological plant fiber paper tableware in Nanxiong Second Park, with a designed annual production capacity of 3.885 Initially, it is expected to achieve operating income after commissioning6.55 ppm / year, total profit is 0.8.6 billion yuan / year. Earnings forecast and investment rating: The company’s EPS for 19-21 is expected to be 0.55, 0.68, 0.76 yuan, corresponding PE is 12, 10, and 9 times respectively. The company also has: 1) Dividends for value stocks: The company promises to increase the cash dividend ratio from 35% to 60% in the year 2019-2021.More than 5%, it is the first among all companies in the hydropower industry; 2) Valuation of cyclical stocks: corresponding to 12 times PE in 2019; 3) Growth rates of growth stocks: 97% in 2019 and 2020 respectively.2%, 23.1%, therefore, we maintain the company’s “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downturn affects power demand, and there is a risk of downward price adjustments for hydropower and biomass compensation electricity prices, etc.

Mingyang Intelligence (601615): High-performance growth of wind turbine delivery accelerated

Mingyang Intelligence (601615): High-performance growth of wind turbine delivery accelerated

The company released the third quarter report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 72 in the first three quarters.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 58 in ten years.

87%, net profit attributable to mothers5.

140,000 yuan, an increase of 98 in ten years.

59%, net profit after deduction is 4

470,000 yuan, an increase of 107 in ten years.


Revenue in the third quarter was 31.

95 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.

11%, an increase of 40 from the previous month.

81%, net profit attributable to mothers1.

80 ppm, a 59-year increase of 59.

04%, down 38% from the previous month.

98%, mainly due to the transfer income of more than 200 million power plants in the second quarter.

  The delivery of wind turbines is accelerated and the cost is well controlled: the company achieved a wind turbine revenue of 33 ppm and a gross profit margin of 18 in the first half of the year.

5%, the third quarter revenue increased by 40.

81%, the company’s fan delivery accelerated.

  The company’s overall gross margin in the third quarter was 22.

29%, a decrease of 0 from the second quarter.

32 averages. Due to the increase in the percentage of wind turbine revenue in the third quarter, the gross profit margin of wind turbines is expected to increase sequentially.

In the first three quarters, the company’s sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratios were 8 respectively.




09, for a total of 18.

68%, which decreases by 1 each year.




01 averages, a total decrease of 5.

24 units.

Expenses for the third quarter 15.

19%, down 6 from the previous month.

27 units.

  Too many orders in hand, leading offshore wind turbines: In the 深圳桑拿网 first half of the year, the company replenished 6 GW of bids and 12 GW of orders in hand, of which 2 was replenished at sea.

16GW, gradually ordering 4GW, the company has significant advantages in Guangdong offshore wind power location, the development of transfer offshore projects is accelerated, and order delivery will also be accelerated.

At the end of the third quarter, the company’s inventory was 24.

300 million, an increase of 68 at the end of the previous 18 years.45%, advance payment 30.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 64 over the end of 18 years.

01%, an increase of 26 over the previous 19 years.

53%, advance payment 5.

530,000 yuan, an increase of 137 over the end of 18 years.

21%, an increase of 138 over 19 years.


From the leading indicators of the balance sheet, it can be judged that the company’s 杭州夜网论坛 delivery is about to usher in high growth, and there is a sufficient response in the upstream supply chain.

  Relying on its own regional advantages and product advantages, the company’s market share has continued to increase in the upward cycle of the industry boom.

  Profit forecast: The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

52, 0.

79 and 1.

00 yuan, given an overweight rating.

  Risk warning: wind power replenishment installed exceeds expectations, gross margin improvement exceeds expectations

Honglu Steel Structure (002541): The expectation of obtaining orders is capacity

Honglu Steel Structure (002541): The expectation of obtaining orders is capacity
Event: The company announced the status of the first-level sales contracts signed in 19 years.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of +26.6%, the growth rate gradually changed from 18 years -4.4.Among them, the newly signed project order 11.4 billion, -62.6%; Newly signed material order 138.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of +57.6%.  The company’s strategy focuses on materials processing, and orders for capacity expansion progress orders. The company’s new breakthrough unit in 19 years continued to increase the proportion of material processing orders, which increased by +18.2 pieces to 92.4%, further verifying that the company’s development strategy focuses on the steel structure manufacturing business.The material processing business has stable returns, better cash flow, and rapid expansion of production capacity.19 new material orders: +57.6%, a growth rate of +14 per second.2pcts, continued high growth.In 2H19, the company’s newly signed contract amount was 79.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of +10.5%, a growth rate of ten years-19.9 pieces; of which, material orders increased by 36.4%, a growth rate of ten years -13.0pcts.  We think the overall scale of the company’s order acquisition lies in its capacity expansion progress.Material processing order turnover is fast, usually within one year or less.A rough estimate is that if the material processing order price is 5,000 yuan / ton, the 19-year raw material order amount is 138.100 million, corresponding to the output of steel structure is about 276 tons.According to the plan of the combined company, it is estimated that the production capacity will reach 300 tons at the end of 19 (budget capacity concept), and the effective combined capacity will be about 240.Existing orders correspond to excess capacity.  The increase in steel structure penetration has driven demand, and the rapid deployment of production capacity has led to deterministic growth in performance.+ Residential “, and 天津夜网 in 19 years the province introduced a pilot program of steel structure housing, policies are frequently used, and the residential area of steel structure layout will speed up the industry, and downstream demand is expected to remain strong.The company has excellent cost management and control capabilities, which has advantages over previous ones. The cost advantages are derived from the advantages of site selection, production capacity and a comprehensive waste management system.At present, the company is in the period of capacity expansion, which is expected to reach 400 tons by the end of 20 years. The rapid deployment of capacity will bring a deterministic increase in performance.  Maintain “Buy” rating: We maintain our previous profit forecast and expect to return to net profit for the mother in 19-214.5/5.3/6.2 billion, 3 淡水桑拿网 after cancelling government subsidies.8/4.7/5.800 million (corresponding to YoY is 51.8% / 21.5% / 24.3%), the current price corresponds to PE (supplementary subsidy) 15x / 12x / 10x, maintaining the “Buy” rating.  Risk warning: policy promotion / capacity expansion / government subsidy exceeds expectations, steel prices change sharply

Left-behind children on campus long for parental care

Left-behind children on campus long for parental care

Miao Miao’s mother has not been to school to see her for more than two months because of her busy business.

She still remembers the last time her mother came to visit her in a hurry and gave more than 2,000 yuan. She confessed that she should be eaten, eaten, and not enough to tell her that she would take the time to deliver it.

However, the company’s business was too busy, and the mother had too many things. It was impossible to see her daughter often like other mothers. After speaking, the mother left in less than 5 minutes.

  Several students in the lonely Miao Miao and dormitory on the campus were taken home by their parents for the weekend. What they held in their hands was not cold money, but warm affection. This feeling is what Miao Miao desires most.

From kindergarten to high school now, in the memory of Miao Miao, parents are always busy, they can not take care of themselves at all, so the kindergarten, primary school, and middle school that Miao Miao attended are boarding.

After more than 10 years of hard work, the more and more the market is doing, the more the business is getting more and more prosperous, but the two are parting ways, going their separate ways, and becoming more and more alienated from their daughter.

  After receiving the money handed over by the mother, Miao Miao felt a lonely attack. I don’t know when to send the money this time, but when I can look at the mother, let alone the father.

In the past year, she and her father have met twice, both in the car. The father just urged himself to get out of the car just after looking at himself, and he was in a hurry to meet important customers.

Miao Miao, like other children, would like to pounce into her parents’ arms and feel the feeling of being a good daughter. But before all this was done, the father’s car was gone.

  It felt like going to the teacher’s house for a weekend, and Miao Miao returned to the dormitory, and the life teacher was waiting at the door.

“Miaomiao, come home with me, how about I make pizza and pasta for you?

“These Miao Miao all like to eat very much. The key is that she likes the taste of home, the feeling of home, and the happiness of sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Somehow, the life teacher didn’t have time to respond, Miao Miao even caught her in her arms, called her mother, and looked at Miao Miao’s eyes, and she was in tears.

  Sitting in the living room of the teacher’s house, although it is not as large and spacious as the living room of his own home, there is no luxurious and comfortable sofa and rich and delicious fruits and food, but the feeling is different.

The teacher made pizza and pasta in the kitchen, watched TV outside, listened to music, and smashed sunflower seeds. Such a Sunday, she dreamed that way.

  Miao Miao’s parents, who lived in an unfortunate single-parent family, divorced while she was in high school, and Miao Miao was sentenced to her father.

My father was busy with business, first letting Miao Miao go to boarding school, and then turned her into a grandfather in Heilongjiang.

Grandpa immediately found a wife. Sensitive Miao Miao felt that the two elderly people were not cold or warm to her. After 3 months of patience, she returned to Zhengzhou from the remote Heilongjiang and found her biological mother, hoping to follow her mother to finish junior high school.

  The mother was also doing business, but also had no time to take care of her daughter, so she enrolled in a boarding class at school.

Come and visit the child when you have time, and leave enough money when you don’t have time to prevent the daughter from wearing and aggrieved. This has done her mother’s responsibility.

One weekend, her mother introduced her new boyfriend to her.

In this home, she always felt that she was superfluous. She couldn’t accept her mother’s sharing of the only weekend time with others, so she didn’t want to return to that strange home.

  Every weekend, Miao Miao always feels lonely. The library and stadium are her must-go places. In the library, many inspirational books cheer her up. She hopes that she will grow up quickly and become independent.

In guidance, she can vent her emotions and overcome the fear and loss caused by loneliness.

Finally, one day, Miao Miao suggested to the teacher that she didn’t want to read the book anymore, and she didn’t want to be a left-behind boy on campus.

  The most fearful thing is that loneliness does not want to go to school. Miao Miao said that mainly because of loneliness.

If everyone is like her, the key is that many classmates and families are sound. They will find a happy feeling by the end of the week. The parents pick up and go home. The family of three talks and laughs.beautiful.

“As soon as I saw other classmates talking with my parents, I felt sad when I laughed. I felt very lonely. I always felt pitiful. I would rather not talk to others. I would rather close myself.

Miao Miao told reporters her feelings.

She always feels that she is different from others, her family is not harmonious, and she has low self-esteem. She missed her parents ‘days. At that time, she had hallucinations, mistakenly regarded her teacher as her mother, and was unwilling to let go.Leaving yourself is like the little girl who sells matches in fairy tales, dare not let the matches go out.

  Reporter’s notes After interviewing Miao Miao, the reporter’s mood was heavy.

It is undeniable that the left-behind teenagers on campus generally show loneliness, strong inferiority, weak emotional self-control, depression, psychological problems such as weariness, and intense psychological pressure.

No matter how busy you are, take care of your children and guide them.

Parents must use more love to dissolve the loneliness of children left behind on campus.

This love does not mean material satisfaction, or care for children as a father or mother.

  If we strive to create a tolerant and caring life and learning environment for some children, some children will still be able to get along well with teachers and classmates.

Moreover, these children tend to be more self-reliant, more sensible and hardworking.

Emotional support from society and school is very beneficial to left-behind children.  Therefore, the parents of left-behind school children themselves must first introduce an idea.

That is, as long as you overcome difficulties and educate yourself, you can also create happiness.

Only by passing confidence and happiness, love and affection to your children, can you give your children a healthy mentality.

Conversely, depression and indifferent family diseases can lead children to be lonely, introverted, sensitive and suspicious, and increasingly dispersed.

Note: Don’t overdo your baby!

Note: Don’t overdo your baby!

Today, many parents have many misunderstandings about supplementing their children’s calcium, such as excessive calcium supplementation, repeated calcium supplementation, and large amounts of vitamin D.

These practices completely affect the appetite of children, and even babies only a few months old will suffer from constipation.

Pediatric experts point out that the baby must be appropriate amount of calcium, it is best not to easily give children special calcium.

  Some parents know that vitamin D can help calcium absorption, so they often supplement their children with vitamin D.

In fact, vitamin D is not a nutritional product. After overdose, it accumulates in children for a long time, which can cause symptoms such as decreased appetite, nausea and weight loss, and the possibility of developing blood calcium and urine calcium may also increase. Kidney, brain, heart, and lungOther organs may also be abnormally calcified.

  Experts point out that anorexia and constipation occur in a large number of babies today, which are related to excessive calcium supplementation.

Other parents mistakenly believe that calcium supplementation will accelerate bone healing.

In fact, in addition to menopausal women and the elderly, under normal circumstances, children with fractures are not deficient in calcium, so no additional calcium is needed.

If necessary, parents can scientifically choose products such as gold hoop L calcium lactate.