Acupoint massage to lose weight

Acupoint massage to lose weight

Acupoint massage can lose 12 pounds a month – 26 pounds of weight, there will be no rebound phenomenon that some people worry about, fat people do not eat, they are hungry, eat to increase weight, acupoint massage to lose weight, do not eat or hungry, eatIt is not fat. After acupuncture and massage, the human body is absorbed inside after being decomposed.

After people get absorbed with these high-protein nutrients, there is no feeling. Why do you say that you are not fat?

Because the package is slightly digested and absorbed between the organs, the function of the organs is strengthened. The things you eat don’t have time to store them, and the organs are absorbed. So it is not fat, and after acupuncture and massage, people’sLong-term adjustment, not as big as the previous capacity.

You can’t afford it if you eat it any more. After acupuncture, the acute nerve is more sensitive than before. When you eat more, it makes you feel painful, uncomfortable, and notices that the situation is happening, causing you not to overdo it.Eat more, because the internal absorption capacity of fat people is poor, the nutrients that are eaten are less absorbed, and the body will store these excess nutrients and convert them into sputum, which is the reason for fat people to gain weight.


hzh {display: none; }  正常人所吃的食物经过脏腑的吸收,转变成气血和营养物质,供给体内正常的需要,肥胖人与之相反,所以说正常人越吃越有动力,肥胖人The more you eat, the more you add to the burden of the viscera, which contributes to the thickening of the blood.

  I hope that through the conditioning of the meridians, the dirty and strong, improve the quality of life, acupuncture and massage can help you trim off the ideal body shape: 1, such as endocrine disorders, poor metabolism, resulting in skin sputum and red spots, facial skinRough.

  2, the lower jaw bone is wide, narrowed by massage, fat face, round face, shrinking beautiful face of melon.

  3, the excess excess meat under the face, after the work disappears, the neck is short and thick, can be done through work to become normal, the shoulder width is wide and narrow.

Black thighs are too thick, and the massage is thinner.