7 medical institutions in Dongcheng suspend business

Original title: Dongcheng 7 medical institutions suspend business news (Reporter Sun Leqi correspondent Lu Jing Ting) Dongcheng Endo Preservation Office completed the full coverage supervision and inspection of 286 social office small medical institutions in the whole district, and found that there was an epidemic prevention and control problem in the inspection. The medical institutions are disclosed, and the administrative punishment and order to suspend business.

  In order to urge the medical institution to prevent the prevention and control of the epidemic, consolidate the subject of the medical institution’s epidemic prevention and control, the Dongcheng District Wei Prefare Department urgently mobilizes 40 working groups and 3 professional departments, and the 286 social school small medical institutions in the whole district Cover supervision check.

The main problems found in the inspection include: 11-type symptoms such as high-risk areas are not updated in time; 10 types of symptoms such as fever and dry cough are not filled out as required; the staff is not perfectly healthy; disinfection records; Medical beauty institutions have unwaped masks.

  Dongcheng District East Guide is concentrated on the responsible person of 17 medical institutions in the existence of epidemic prevention and control, and 8 medical institutions prominent, the East 50 medical institutions have administrative penalties, and the Beijing Pingxin Turki Interpretation Department, Beijing Yong’an Medical Chain 7 medical institutions such as the East 48 Chinese Medicine Clinic were launched according to law, ordered to suspend business.

During the suspension of business, the medical institution needs to rectify the exemption of the epidemic prevention and control. After the supervisor is reviewed, it can be opened after the supervisor is reviewed. It is not allowed to open the diagnosis without review.

Next, Dongcheng District East Guide Station will "look back" supervision inspection for medical institutions found in the previous inspections, and the medical institutions that refuse to rectify will be dealt with, and there is a serious vulnerability for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Get it. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Celebrate the opening ceremony of the Chinese Communist Party to set up a hundredth anniversary

Original title: Celebrating the Chinese Communist Party to set up a hundred years of excellent stage art work show opened this newspaper Beijing April 20 (Reporter Zheng Seagull) On April 20, the Ministry of Central Committee, Culture and Tourism Department, China Literature Art The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China will be held, and the National Opera "Yimeng Mountain" was staged at the National Grand Theater. This exhibition activity surrounded the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively built a well-off society and realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, and carefully studied the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference, focusing on Excellent works of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, and socialist development history. Among them, there are both revolutionary subjects such as the Beijing Opera "Li Dazhao", the "Red Boat", the drama "never disappeared radio waves", and the actual works such as the opera "road", drama "deep sea", symphonic concert "Pudong symphony" "Wait.

There are only national opera "poverty alleviation road", "poverty alleviation road", the color stadium "New Liu San Sister", the flowers, "peach blossoms", etc., have also focused on the national opera "Angel Diary" of the Nagano Pneumonia epidemic.

In addition, the "Red Latin", Opera "White Hair", Yu Opera "Chaoyang Ditch", ballet "Red Niangjun" and other audiences will also appear again.

These works exhibit the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party of China from different perspectives, great achievements and valuable experience, and vividly tell the historic leap of the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people from standing, rich and strong.

  This exhibition work covers the Beijing opera, Kunqu, local opera, drama, children’s drama, opera, dance drama, musical, symphony, national concert, etc., there are 140 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Excellent repertoires, have a wide range of representative, 50 of which will be concentrated in Beijing major theater. The exhibition activities will meet with the vast audience in the style of the theater performance and online student. Online development is based on cultural and tourism websites. "Carry out the play interaction.

The exhibition will last until July, adhere to the principle of public welfare benefits, the fare of the aater is more than 50%, and the online student is free to watch.

  "People’s Daily" (April 21, 2021) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang).

China Agricultural Development Bank Innovation Implementing Party Leden Punten Assessment System

Originele titel: Innovation Implementation Party Points Assessment System ["Two Leren One Do" Learning Education] "Twee leren One doen" Leren Onderwijs, China Agricultural Development Bank Party Committee Houdt zich aan het versterken van de onderwijs van de partijen als een belangrijke manier om de constructie van de partij te versterken In de hele Bank wordt het Partij-lid Points Management Assessment-systeem ge?mplementeerd en wordt de beoordeling van partijleden de "harde indicator" van de "zachte beperking" en de partijleden zullen de documentatie uitvoeren en de score, en Gebruik dit voor de handen. Bevorder de constructie van grassroots partijorganisaties en behaalde opmerkelijke resultaten. Het is duidelijk dat het Assortiment Distribution Party-lidmaatschapsbeheersysteem houdt aan de deelname van alle leden, vooral vereist de leiders van de partijleden om deel te nemen aan de beoordeling met gewone feestleden. Houd u aan het beginsel van openbare billijkheid, de deelname van de participatie van de partijen beschermen en aandringen, alle identificatie van alle evaluatieresultaten worden uitgevoerd door de takconferentie en open in de tak, waardoor de ware geloofwaardigheid wordt gewaarborgd.

Houd u aan het beginsel van kwantitatieve beoordeling, plaats de situatie van het PIONEER-modellering van de Partijleden, kwantificeer de kwantitatieve indicatoren, om te meten, te evalueren en kan worden beoordeeld.

  De beoordeling houdt zich aan het principe van reguliere punten, neemt de combinatie van kwartaalevaluatie en jaarlijkse opmerkingen aan en let op het dagelijkse gedrag van party-leden.

Het is duidelijk dat de beoordeling verdeeld is in de dagelijkse gedragsbeoordeling van de partijleden, jaarlijkse democratische beoordelingsbeoordeling, jaarlijkse awardbeoordeling drie categorie?n.

De dagelijkse gedragsbeoordeling wordt verfijnd als het concept van de partij, zich houden aan discipline, deelnemen aan de levensvoorwaarden van de organisatie, werk Due Diligence, 5 belangrijkste indicatoren, 15 opmerkingen en 15 evaluaties, die handig zijn voor grassroots-feestorganisaties.

Tegelijkertijd beoordeelt het duidelijk het proces. Aan het begin van het jaar kondigden Party-leden de beoordeling van Party-leden aan. Partij-leden maakten publieke toezeggingen aan partijkorganisaties; de partijorganisaties in het kwartaal in het kwartaal in het kwartaal in het kwartaal in de kwartaal Beoordeling van partijleden; jaar oud, organiseerde de partijleden en bepaal de Party-lidmaatschapsbeoordelingsscore, bereken de jaarlijkse beoordelingsscore van de Partij-leden. Op dit moment heeft de landbouwuitgifte de zelfevaluatie van de Partij-leden, de Secretary Assessment van de Branche, de wederzijdse evaluatie van Branch Party-leden, en het assortimentbeoordelingssysteem van Superior Party Organization. De beoordeling weerspiegelt de geavanceerde begeleiding en de landbouwuitgifte van de resultaten van de Partij-leden van de Partij-leden als belangrijke basis voor de beoordeling van de prestaties, evaluatie-evaluatie, cultivatie en partijleden van de beoordeling van "slecht", mag de prestatiebeheersing niet worden ge?valueerd Zo uitstekend, niet deelnemen aan de evaluatie van de opmerking mag niet worden vermeld als de bevordering van het gebruik van het jaar.

  (De temperatuur van de verslaggever) (Editor: Huang Wei, Yan Yan).

2021 National Square Dance Cape, Referee Network Training Course

People’s Network Beijing December 11 (Reporter Hu Xuerong) reporter learned from the Chinese Seniors Sports Association, from December 10th to 11th, China’s elderly human body is in the form of online broadcasting in the form of 2021 National Square Square Dance Tagist , Referee network training course, this is a beneficial attempt to promote Square dance items under the prevention and control of the Chinese Elderly Human Gong and Square Dance Council. The vice chairman of the China Elderly, the director of the Square Dance Council Director, and Qin Jihong attended the opening ceremony on the 10th. The training was attached great importance to the Chinese Elderly Human Human Square Dance Council. It specially invited the Today’s Runjing, Xiao Xiaohong and Cheng Danxi.

In the two days, they interpresed the "Elderly Square Dance Competition Rules (Trial)" 2021 version, analyzing the elderly square dance evaluation, teaching the elderly square dance migration, and professors specialize for this training Two square dance sets.

The Wen Wen said that this training course is the first training event held after the establishment of the Chinese Elderly Human Square Square Dance Council, which is designed to conscientiously implement the "National Fitness Program (2021-2025)" and "About Strengthening the Age of New Era. Opinions, Strengthening the Construction of Square Dance Team, Improve Square Dance Activity Organization Management and Teaching Service, Meets the elderly to participate in the multiculturalism of mass sports activities, so that the square dance has become an important force and strong support for developing national fitness motion.

This training course is guided by the Chinese Older Human Body Association, hosted by the Chinese Elderly Human Square Square Dance Council. The training class has been accepted from the positive response and support of the Organization of Elderly Human Cooperation Square Dance Society in the Municipal Senior Human Body Square Dance Square in various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities.

A large wave suspense drama is new, who can become a "hidden corner"?

  Source: Video screenshot.

  Explosion, on the road, listening to last year, the "hidden corner" "secret corner" of the fog theater "" The truth "of the silence has been divided into points, and the Douban high score, plus a few years ago" "unbending sin" Circle play, the performance of domestic suspended dramas causes attention to the audience and market. In addition to the fog theater, other platforms have also launched suspended dramas in the near future, such as the "truth" of the procuratorate technicians, and then the "twelfth second" of Wanxi.

  Compared with last year, this year’s suspended drama is more diverse in the theme and angle, and there is expansion in "suspense +". For example, in the four dramas launched by the fog theater, "the octagonal mystery" mainly "family suspense", showing the impact of the family on the growth; "Who is the murderer" analysis "human doubt", showing the persistence of several generations; "Gold" is "Adventure Hearing", crack the identity secret of the "Owl" in the crisis of the five-rushing gold; "deadly wishes" is a series of desires from a mobile phone software.

  In addition, the main lineup of the suspense drama is gradually upgraded. For example, the first electric shock network drama director Wang Xiaoshuai, and Qin Wei, Duan Yihong, Zu Feng, Hao Lei, and Liao Fan and other strength actors, but in "movie texture "Frequency is highly promoted, the subjects and lineups are constantly refreshed, and the requirements of the audience must have become more and more high, and whether the drama that will be responsible for playing, is still the key to the key. Who can become the explosive model of this year’s suspense drama, the audience is still waiting. (中 新网 报人 任 思) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing more people see.

Promote cold chain transport urban and rural integration to crack the "first km" and "last kilometer" problem

On December 13th, Yangguang.com, on 13th, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference and introduced the "14th Five-Year Plan" cold chain logistics development plan. Deputy Director of the General Administration of Ministry of Transport, Zhang Da, a first-class inspector Zhang Dadai, said transportation is the basic link and important carrier of cold chain logistics, which is an important position and role in the development of cold chain logistics.

The Ministry of Transport attaches great importance to cold chain transportation. In recent years, from infrastructure, transportation equipment, standard norms, the Ministry of Communications has made a positive results: "13th Five-Year Plan" period, refrigerant ownership 10,000 have increased to 10%, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, of which 2020 new refrigerated vehicles have increased, the increase of%, and the growth rate is new. Transport equipment such as railway refrigerated compartments, air refrigeration, refrigerated container and incubator, etc., effectively meet diversified cold chain transportation needs. The cold chain transportation infrastructure is gradually improved, and the regulatory standards are constantly sound and create a good development environment for cold chain transportation. Pushing the cooling transport integration operation is not only conducive to promoting cold chain logistics, but also supports the cold chain logistics "constant chain", ensuring food safety, and enhancing people’s livelihood well-being. At present, there is still a cross-transportation method, and the urban and rural transportation is unbalanced, the urban and rural transportation is unbalanced. It is urgent to strengthen the synergy of the department, form a working force, and continuously improve the integrated level of transportation. "The 14th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), by 2025, the initial formation of the joint production site, covering the city country, China Unicom domestic international cold chain logistics network, the layout construction is about 100 National backbone cold chain logistics base.

Implement the "backbone cold chain logistics enterprise cultivation project" and cultivate a batch of cold chain logistics enterprises with international competitiveness. Zhang Da is said that the next step will implement the "planning" deployment requirements, adhere to the problem-oriented, target orientation, and the results of the focus, focus on strengthening the cold chain transportation integrated operation: First, promote the cold chain infrastructure integration.

Support for integrated freight hub construction, strengthen railway, road, water transport, aviation, postal facilities, etc., further improve the integrated integrated development level. The second is to promote the integrated cold chain transportation tissue. Continue to implement a group of multimodal transport demonstration projects, actively promote the development of multimodal transport of cold chain logistics, encourage the development of "sea + cold chain" sea rail transport mode.

Guide the conditions of the crockesting transportation shuttle, class, and route, and improve the scale of the main transportation shuttle and route.

The third is to promote cold chain transport urban and rural integration.

Vigorously promote urban green freight distribution demonstration project, actively promote the "time-free delivery" "Night Delivery" in the "Dimetable Distribution" "Demonstration". Further improve the rural cold chain transportation conditions, expand the cold-chain logistics service function of township transportation service station, strengthen the promotion of rural logistics service brand in the cold chain, and crack the "first km" and "last kilometer" difficulties.

The fourth is to promote the integration of cold chain transportation management. The research established an electronic operations of imported cold chain food road transportation and transportation, promoting the interconnection and information sharing of the national cold chain food traceability and formation, forming a total chain traceability system.

Encourage enterprises to establish a dynamic collection of cold chain transportation vehicles, drivers, temperature, waybills, and flowing information, and strengthening cold-chain transport full process tracking monitoring.

The financing of SME SMEs is no longer difficult, and Shanghai has issued "16" policy of knowledge finance "policy.

New People’s Evening News (Reporter Guo Jianfu) On the afternoon of the 29th, the reporter learned from the news venture meeting held by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office that the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office recently closed with the Shanghai Bank of China, Shanghai Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau. Jointly issued the "Guidance Opinions on Further Strengthening the Municipal Intellectual Property Financial Work" (16 "" Intellectual Property Finance 16 "), and effectively solve the problem of financing of science and technology innovation SMEs. According to reports, "16 intellectual property finance 16" has a total of improving the construction of intellectual property financial work mechanisms (5), promoting the improvement of intellectual property financial services (5), and increases intellectual property financial publicity training (2), Strengthening the four aspects of the Work Guarantee (4) of the Intellectual Property Rights Financial Business, mainly from strengthening the support of government support and play financial institutions. In terms of strengthening intellectual property financial work support, "Intellectual Property Finance 16" has put forward a series of measures, including: It consists of 5 departments to promote the Shanghai Intellectual Property Financial Work Promotion Group, jointly promote the support of the city’s intellectual property finance work related support policies Formulate implementation, and clarify the importance of intellectual property financial work into the performance assessment of the party and government leadership team; encourage all district people’s governments to improve the financial support of intellectual property rights, the relevant policies in the city have been introduced successively; accelerate the promotion of the city’s intellectual property operations Construction of service system, organize intellectual property financial services "Entering Hui Enterprises", "Silver Enterprise Docking" and Forum, Tour, etc., fundamentally improved intellectual property investment financing atmosphere.

In terms of playing financial institutions, "16 Intellectual Property Finance 16" also put forward a series of requirements, including: strengthening the construction of intellectual property financial management system, designated specialist responsible for promoting intellectual property financial work; strengthen cooperation with intellectual property assets assessment agencies Admission and continuous management, providing intellectual property inspection value-added services for technology innovation SMEs; Property rights financial business special talents, enhance the level of intellectual property financial business, and actively explore the establishment of a diversified intellectual property investment and financing service mechanism to help science and technology innovation SMEs effectively broaden financing channels. In recent years, the Party Central Committee, the State Council has always attached great importance to the financial work of intellectual property rights, in the "Opinions on Building a Surprising Elements Marketing Configuration System" and "National Economic and Social Development of the 14th Five – year Planning and 2035 Route Target In the Outline, deployment requirements were made on intellectual property finance.

The People’s Bank of China, the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission, the National Intellectual Property Office, etc. have introduced a series of documents, which clearly determines the specific requirements of the intellectual property financial services.

This city actively implements the deployment of central decision-making, multi-sectoral, integrating intellectual property financial services into this city to promote the development of small and medium – sized enterprises, optimize business environment, deepen service trade innovation, improve listed company quality, support students’ entrepreneurship, etc. Regulations and policies Measures, support banks, insurance institutions innovate in the introduction of intellectual property financial products, and promote Pudong Science Intellectual Property Asset Support Securities to listen to the listing in the Shanghai Stock Exchange to help innovate SMEs.

Next, the Municipal Intellectual Property Office will jointly implement and guide all districts and financial institutions to strengthen intellectual property financial services, and better use intellectual property financial instruments to solve innovative SMEs financing bottlenecks and help corporate innovation.

(Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

Pingdingshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group focuses on the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party

On the afternoon of November 16, the Pingdingshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Party Committee Theoretical Center Group concentrated on the spirit of the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party.

Zhao Hongyu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, made a preaching report, deputy mayor, director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, presided over the meeting. Zhao Hongyu explained in depth the significance of the plenary, spiritual essence, core orientation and practice requirements.

He pointed out that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a global, historian important meeting, which is held in the historical intercourse period of two and one hundred years, has milestone. To implement the spirit of learning and propaganda as the current and future major political tasks, combined with the spirit of the province and the city, the spirit of the party, closely combined with the coordinating work, and do a good job in preventing risk, safe, and protects Stable, promoting the development of various work, faithfully fulfilling the sacred mission given by the party and the people. We must conscientiously implement the overall national security concept, strengthen national security system and capacity building, and comprehensively improve public safety capacity.

It is necessary to closely build the public security construction goal, strictly follow the legal rights, time limit and procedures to perform their duties, exercise power, and further highlight social fairness.

It is necessary to implement the risk of innovation of risk-hidden dangers, effectively prevent all kinds of risks to ensure that the society has continued to stabilize.

It is necessary to continue to consolidate the results of the special struggle for black and black, and actively improve the social security prevention and control system, and strive to protect the safety of people and constantly improve the safety satisfaction of the masses. Be deeply promoted the "Optimized Business Environment and Wanlarm to help 10,000" activities, and help the business environment continuously optimize and inspire all kinds of market subjectivity.

Zhao Hongyu emphasized that the city’s public security organs should combine the consolidation of political and legal team education rectification results, strengthen organizational leadership, arrange deployment, create a strong atmosphere, quickly set off the spirit of learning and promoting the spirit of spirituality, ensuring the real results, and strive to work in new rhuries Exchange the excellent answer to promote the promotion of the high quality development of Pingdingshan.

Liu Jiang made a request for how to do a good job in learning and promoting the spirit of the Plenary. The Municipal Public Security Bureau leadership team members have made exchanges in combination with learning. (Pingdingshan Municipal Party Committee Network Office Wang Minfeng) (Editor: Since Salm, Xu Chi) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

PetroChina Jilin Changchun Sales Branch held a service skill competition

The skill competition includes on-site service, front desk service, non-oil sales, refueling card stored value, team performance, customer satisfaction survey, emergency emergency disposal, key work written test, and on-site seating.

The various teams are taught by the team, and the station manager is tested, and the theoretical knowledge test and skill competition is taken one by one according to the order of lottery. In the end, after many fierce and wonderful competitions, after the comprehensive score, several service competition excellent teams and star post awards were selected, and the events were successfully completed. Changchun Branch is organized by the skill competition, with the game practice, to promote the "quality service" concept into the daily operation of the "quality service" concept to promote the "quality service" concept, and strengthen basic management, grassroots construction and Basic skills provide guidance, which also has a way of increasing ideas in the gas station.

In the future, Changchun Branch will continue to carry out the special competition of "customers in my heart, serve me" service skills. (Chen Fenghua Li Lin Yan) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long).

This time,Great wolf with open mouth,Staring at it for a long time,Li Tianchou never appeared again,Must have gone deep into it。

The aura in the cave is fierce,Comparable to the dantian furnace when Li Tianchou fully mobilized his true essence,The depth of the hole is more than a few,Li Tianchou looks focused,Adjust your body at any time to get into different convective air masses,Slow down,But soon I saw the dim light,And there was a faint buzzing noise。
Deep again for a long time,Li Tianchou finally saw the dazzling light group,Scorching hot,The light mass is spinning slowly,The buzzing sound comes from this rotating sound,Don’t know when,Li Tianchou’s heart beats suddenly,Then it fits with the sound,unnoticed,Can’t control。
Is this light ball the center of the small world?Doesn’t seem like,No lava tumbling,Li Tianchou smelled a familiar smell,Very fresh and pleasant,Gave him a cool feeling in the heat,He saw a simple earthen jar。
Yes,It’s the earthen jar containing congenital soil,Snatched by Pan Mang in the palace of Qingyang Jianzong,Fell into‘Instructor’In the hands of,Between him and‘Instructor’While talking,The other side’s great expression,Xiyang has given him back,Li Tianchou also sensed the crock in the gods,But after entering the small world,Lost the trace of the earthen jar,I didn’t expect it to appear here。
The earthen jar rotates around the light mass,Tumbling from time to time,Inadvertently peeling off the surface,There are even large pieces of the tank falling,Then fell into the light ball,What surprised Li Tianchou was,The crock turned out to be empty?Where did a pot of congenital soil go slowly??
The first thousand and sixty chapters Stargazing river
There are more magical things,The quaint earthen jar is constantly breaking and falling off in the burning fire below,But in the flip again,Recover soon,Then fall off again,It seems that this earthen jar can be repaired and resurrected repeatedly。
After each piece of can body falls,It will produce a dazzling light,Followed by big shares、Something like steam spills out,Soon with the wind up,Become transparent and void,That is extremely pure aura,After going out of the cave,Float to the whole small world。
Reiki is the essence of heaven and earth,Plays a vital role in nurturing everything,It’s also the foundation of the divine channel method,Most heavenly worlds have more or less aura,Powerful heavens often contain extremely abundant aura,Such world powerhouses emerge in endlessly,Even a mighty one who shines in the heavens,And the heavens with thin aura,It goes without saying that it means weak。
The current mortal world is an example,The aura is so thin that it is difficult to sense,So the spiritual world has fallen,It’s hard to breed powerful practitioners。
Can be seen from the background of the Qingyang Jianzong,It shows that the mortal world was originally a spiritually filled heaven,What caused it not only did not become strong,And become what it is now?The number of creatures is too large?Or the practitioners are over-extracting energy?Or some other emergency?
Whether it is the leader of Baiyun Taoist of Liuyun View,Or old man Dong,I think that Reiki is actually a kind of ecology in the world of mortals.,Or called another level,Traditional practitioners generally believe that there were many practitioners in ancient times,Unconstrained excessive extraction of aura,Destroy the ecology,This is the root cause。
But Li Tianzhen thinks it’s not that simple,Compared to the mighty heavens,Such as God Realm、Fairyland,Even the devil,The number of practitioners in the mortal world is far less than them even in the glorious period,But I haven’t heard of the diminishing aura of these heavens,Why is that?