China National Art Museum launches the construction of a beautiful Chinese subject exhibition

  This newspaper Beijing November 3 (Reporter Wang Wei) Recently, the "Non-negative Mountain – China Art Collection Construction, which is hosted by China Art Museum".

  This exhibition is a cultural and tourism department of the National Art Museum Youth Cecrection, and is included in the "Collection Activation" exhibition of China Art Museum. Works.

  These works covers art categories such as Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, watercolors, reflecting the establishment of New China since the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and the broad masses of the people have carried out saline, planting saline, planting trees, and treats sand, Construction of the vivid picture of water conservancy projects, divided into "Reclamation: Green Motherland" "" "" "" "" "" "

  The vice chairman of the Chinese American Association, the Chinese Art Museum Hall, Wu Xi Mountain, showing the new generation of artists to root a real life with excellent artwork with excellent artwork. Practice. In these classic works, you can see the hard work of the builders, self-reliance, hard work, and they will build a wasteland, plant trees, and build water, and strive to build a beautiful home.

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Adhere to system thinking construction big safety patterns provide strong guarantee for building socialist modernization countries

■ National security work is a very important task of party rules in the country, and it is also a very important task to protect the National Taimin An.Do a good job in national security work in the new era, to adhere to the overall national security concept, seize and use the important strategic opportunity of my country’s development, and put national security throughout the process of all aspects of the party and national work, planning with economic and social development. Deployment, adhere to system thinking, build a large security pattern, promote international security and world peace, to provide strong security for building socialist modern countries ■ Party’s 19th National Plenary Session "Suggestions" first put coordinating development and safety into the 14th Five-Year Plan "The guiding ideology of my country’s economic and social development, the special chapter made a strategic deployment, highlighting the important position of national security in the party and national work.

This is determined by the historical orientation of my country’s development, the situation of national security is determined. Since the establishment of New China, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to development and security, and always control national security work closely in the hands.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , Strengthen the top design of national security work, improve national security policies, improve national security laws and regulations, effectively should have a series of major risk challenges, maintain my country’s national security overall situation, Xinhua News Agency Beijing, December 12, China, China Communist Party On December 11th, he did a good job in the second sixteen collective learning in national security work. The Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping emphasized that the national security work is a very important task of the party’s country’s spirit, and it is also a very important task for the protection of the National Taimin An. Do a good job in national security work in the new era, to adhere to the overall national security concept, seize and use the important strategic opportunity of my country’s development, and put national security throughout the process of all aspects of the party and national work, planning with economic and social development. Deployment, adhere to system thinking, build a big safety pattern, promote international security and world peace, and provide strong protection for building socialist modern countries.

Yuan Peng, Dean of China Modern International Relations Research Institute, explained this issue, proposed a work recommendation.

Comrades of the Central Political Bureau listened carefully to his explanation and discussed. Xi Jinping delivered a speech when he hosted his studies.

He pointed out that the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session "Recommendation" first puts the guiding ideology of overall development and safety in my country’s economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan, and a strategic deployment is made by the specialist, highlighting national security in the party and the country. An important position in the overall situation.

This is determined by the historical orientation of my country’s development, the situation of national security is determined.

Xi Jinping emphasized that our party was born in the national internal affair, and the importance of national security was unforgettable. Since the establishment of New China, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to development and security, and always control national security work closely in the hands. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Strengthen the top design of national security work, improve national security policies, improve national security laws and regulations, and effectively have a series of major risk challenges, maintaining my country’s national security overall situation. Xi Jinping put forward 10 requirements on the implementation of overall national security concepts. First, adhere to the absolute leadership of the party’s safety work, and adhere to the central government’s centralized unified leadership leadership, strengthen overall coordination, and put the party’s leaders throughout the national security work, promote the party committees (Party group) at all levels (Party Group) National security responsibility system is implemented.

The second is to adhere to the national security road of Chinese characteristics, implement the overall national security concept, adhere to political security, people’s security, national interests, and the purpose of people’s safety, the purpose of political security, economic security, and defend national sovereignty and The territorial integrity, preventing the resolution of major safety risks, providing strong security in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The third is to adhere to the tenet of people’s safety, and the national security is for the people, all rely on the people, give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative, creativity of the broad masses of the people, and always maintain the safety rights of the broad masses of the people, and always use the people as the basic power of national security. Convergency to maintain the power of national security.

The fourth is to persist in coordinating development and safety, adhere to development and safety, and achieve high quality development and high-level safety, and through development and improve national security, in-depth promotion of national security ideas, system innovation, and create economically The safety environment of social development, more of the safety factors in development, striving to achieve development and safety dynamic balance, comprehensively improve national security work ability and level.

The fifth is to persist in political security in the primary location, safeguarding the safety of political security and system security, and more actively doing well.

Sixth, insist on the promotion of safety, coordinating traditional security and non-traditional security, playing national security work coordination mechanisms, using national security policy toolboxes.

Seven is to persist in preventing national security risks in highlighted positions, improving risk foresee, pre-judging capabilities, and striving to discover and dispose of hidden dangers that may bring significant risks.

Eight is to persist in promoting international common security, high cooperation, innovation, rule of law, win-win, promoting the establishment of common, comprehensive, cooperative, sustainable global safety concept, strengthening international security cooperation, improve the global safety governance system, and construct universal safety Human fate community. Nine is to adhere to the national security system and capacity modernization, adhere to the power of reform and innovation, strengthen the rule of law thinking, build system complete, scientific norms, effective national security system, and improve the ability to use science and technology to maintain national security, continuously enhanced shaping The ability of national security trends.

Ten is to strengthen the construction of national security cadres, strengthen the construction of the national security front party, and adhere to the construction of political construction as a leadership, to create an indestructible national security cadres.

City public resource trading center standardization pilot passed national acceptance

  People’s Network Chongqing December 10 (Hu Hong, Chen Wei) On December 10, he was entrusted by the National Standardization Management Committee, Chongqing Market Supervision Administration organized Shaanxi, Hunan, Anhui and Chongqing local expert group to Chongqing public resources The National Social Management and Public Service Comprehensive Standardization Pilot Project of the Trading Center for acceptance.

  At the acceptance site, the pilot project construction of the Chongqing City Public Resource Trading Center has been highly recognized by experts, and the high scores passed the pilot acceptance.

  It is reported that in order to promote social management and public service scientific, standardization, the standardization of strengthening and innovating social management, promoting public service levels, and the national standard will implement social management and public service comprehensive standardization pilot assessment. As a project successfully obtained the sixth batch of social management and public service standardization pilot pilot, Chongqing City Public Resource Trading Center learns to learn from the advanced experience of standardized construction across the country, through active exploration and practice, basically realize transaction standardization, Safeguard standardization and management standardization. According to reports, the Chongqing Public Resource Trading Center is a five municipal platform such as the Chongqing Joint Property Exchange, Integrated Engineering Construction Bidding, Government Procurement, Electromechanical Equipment Bidding, Land and Mining Rights, State-owned Property Transactions, etc. The country’s first provincial public resource trading platform in the "government strong supervision, marketing operation, and enterprise management". The center is based on "Western Lead, National First-class" as the principle of "simplifying, unity, coordination, optimization", with "optimizing business environment, upgrading service quality" as the main line, linkage, business implementation, business coverage , Specialty highlights the path, started, prepared, implemented, implemented in four stages, scientifically settled standard systems, formulates and implemented standards 122.

Among them, there are 20 general basic standards, 40 service guarantee standards, 53 service providers, 9 service evaluation and improvement standards, and the transaction service standard coverage is 100%, and the standard effective implementation rate is more than 95%.

  Since the creation of the pilot project, various types of business have more efficient and efficient. The transaction data is streamlined by 20%, and the time limit of various services is 30%. The on-site processing is reduced by 83%. The transaction cost is reduced by 80%. The satisfaction of the market main body is greatly improved, and the performance rate of the trading hall window service is continuous, and the third party satisfaction survey is high.

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau said that public resource transaction standardization pilots are an important part of implementing the National Standardization Regulations in Chongqing. The pilot project will be accepted by the national standard committee, which will lead to the city’s public resource transactions, and set the benchmark.

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Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) lanceerde een openbare klasse voor de Communistische Partij van China

Om het belang van algemene secretaris te bestuderen die xi jinping bij de partijgeschiedenis van mobilisatie, de "Kennisgeving van het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China inzake het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij", volgens de Centrale Organisatie, Central Party School (National Administration) "Kennisgeving over de rol van partijscholen (administratieve scholen), kaders en feestonderwijsbases in feestscholen (administratieve scholen), kader en partij, april 19-23, centrale organisatie Afdeling Cadial Education Bureau en Central Party School (National Administration) Het ministerie van Onderwijs, de National Party School (Administratief College) Docols Institute, Information Technology Department, organiseerde gezamenlijk de "CCP’s Party History Open Class" Network Live Courses, met uitzicht op de Nationale provincie, City, County Three-level Feestscholen (Administration College) en de centrale feestschool (het National Institute of Administration) leefde door de hoofdverschuivingen van elke divisie.

Bijna 3000 partijscholen in het hele land, meer dan 500.000 mensen kijken online, hebben betere resultaten behaald.

Om meer kwaliteit en systematische partijgeschiedenis te bieden aan de meerderheid van de partijleden en de hele samenleving, betere service en bevordering van de ontwikkeling van de Party History Education, de Central Party School (National Administrative College) op de 5 sprekende LIVE-les 5 spraken De organisatie van leraren heeft 3 lezingen opgenomen en gevormd met 8 "CCP’s party geschiedenis open klasse" respectievelijk online cursussen, van Xie Chun Tao, Wang Yi, Luo Pinghan, Zhang Xudong, Li Qinggang, Cao Pei, en Zhang Chuanliang, Zhang Taizhen en andere acht hoogleraren. De open klas gelanceerd is: Xi Jinping respecteert de historische discussie van de partij, de oproep van de nationale verjonging en de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China, de strijd van de Chinese Communistische Partij in de nieuwe Democratische revolutie, de overgang van nieuwe democratie naar het socialisme, De strijd en openbaring van de Chinese communistische partij in de socialistische revolutie en bouwperiode, de Chinese communistische partij in de nieuwe tijden van de hervorming en opening en opening en socialistische modernisering, en de historische prestaties en historische verandering sinds het 18e nationale congres van de partij. Het unieke voordeel. De "CPC Party History Open Class" -netwerkcursussen worden uitgezonden op de centrale partijschool (National Institute of Administration), "Online Party School" en Chinese Cadres & Network Academy, People’s Network, "Learning Country Country" Learning Platform, Dongfang. COM, BAIDU en andere media voor de partijleden en kaders en de massa’s van de mensen.

Basic public services have national standards (authoritative release)

  Enjoy basic public services is the basic right of each citizen, ensuring that everyone’s basic public services is an important responsibility of the government.

A few days ago, the National Basic Public Service Standard (2021 Edition) "(hereinafter referred to as" standard ") is announced, which clarifies the basic standards for providing basic public service projects at present.

  "Develop national basic public service standards is my country’s guarantee and improvement of people’s livelihood innovation." At 21, China New Office Press Conference, Zhao Chen, Secretary General of the National Development and Reform Commission, said: "Standard" has become a basic government The important basis for public service responsibilities and people enjoy the rights of corresponding rights is an important initiative to promote basic public services.

"9 aspects, 22 major categories, 80 service items, clear the basic public service standard system based on national basic public service standards", based on the "13th Five-Year Plan".

  The bed number of every thousand health care institutions in my country reached Zhang, and the national radio and television comprehensive coverage rate is more than 99%. Most regions realize the basic balanced development of compulsory education within the county.

A series of major institutional arrangements such as the basic living guarantee of the people’s basic living guarantees of the large disease insurance system, social assistance system, and pension management services are gradually established. my country has also built the largest social security system in the world. As of the end of 2020, the minimum living guarantee of my country’s urban and rural residents reached 678 yuan / month and 5962 yuan / year, basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance and work injury insurance reached 100 million, 100 million people respectively , Billion people and billions.

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" is clearly proposed. To the end of "14th Five-Year Plan", "the basic public service is equivalent to improve"; "to 2035," basic public service achievement is equal. "

To this end, 20 departments of the Ministry of National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and the National Health Committee jointly studied the "standard". "Standard" covers young breeding, learning to teach, labor-owned, medical treatment, old, living, resident, weak and other "seven", and excellent service guarantee, Cultural services guarantee "two guarantees", a total of 9 aspects, 22 categories, 80 service items. "Standard" clarifies that the government’s basic public service projects and bottom line standards at all levels must be guaranteed at this stage, allowing local governments to maintain basic people’s livelihoods’ focusing? "Zhao Chenzu said that" standard "is conducive to guiding the provision of central requirements, checking deficiency, optimizing resource allocation, using limited financial resources to the most concerned areas, the most critical link in life, to take the bottom line of people’s livelihood basic life. More than 30 million elderly people enjoy the "one old" issue of "an old one".

"Standard" makes corresponding regulations in children’s care services, elderly health management.

Old, the government provides 1 lifestyle and health status assessment, physical examination, auxiliary inspection and health guidance for 65 years old and above, and has a health guide, a physical examination, auxiliary inspection and health guidance for 65 years old and above. Health guidance. In terms of young education, the government provides 13 free health checks for children aged 0-6 years old in the jurisdiction, providing 2 Chinese medicine nutrients every year in children aged 0-3.

  "Standard" is also clear that children’s care services include basic living security of special children, difficult children’s protection and rural left-behind children care protection. Among them, the object of the basic living guarantees of special children’s groups is orphans, HIV infected children and truth, no one. "At present, there are more than 60,000 people in the country, and the average security standard is per month; there are 10,000 social dissipation orphans, and the average security standard is a monthly basis for each person; there are thousands of facts unmanned children into the scope of protection. The guarantee criteria are determined by the principles connected in accordance with the basic living expenses of the orphans.

"Feng Yaping, Director of the Civil Affairs Planning and Finance Division.

The government provides endowment service subsidies for elderly people in economic difficulties; providing nursing subsidies for elderly people who are not self-careless, and have been issued for elderly ages for 80 years old.

  "Specifically, the evaluation method and subsidy standard are formulated by the local people’s government." Feng Yaping introduced that according to incomplete statistics, as of the end last year, there were more than 30 million elderly people in the country enjoyed the benefits subsidies, effectively alleviating the actual life of some elderly. The next CCD will jointly relevant departments, unify the assessment of the elderly, improve the elderly welfare subsidy system, encourage conditions for the expansion of the benefits of the elderly benefits, and strive to open friends and family in all regions before this year Under the line, solve the difficulties due to application subsidies due to intelligent technology to apply for subsidies. Chronic diseases that gradually establish rural low-income group housing safety guarantees have become a major public health issue that endangers people’s physical health. According to statistics, the top three of urban and rural residents have been in the past 10 years, the top three of the mortality rate of urban and rural residents are heart disease, malignant tumors and cerebrovascular diseases.

The serious complications of hypertension and type 2 diabetes are mainly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, while cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases account for more than 40% in urban and rural residents.

  "Standard" is clear, the health management of patients with Chinese and above is 35-year-old and above, the health management of patients with blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, is provided by the medical service system. Patients can nearby community health services or township health institutions, village health centers. Room gets the corresponding free health service.

  "For high-risk populations, free hypertension testing, fasting blood sugar testing. Once diagnosed, we provide 4 free follow-up for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes patients." Guantang, head of the National Health Committee, introduced Gao Guangming, In 2020, more than 100 million patients with high blood pressure in urban and rural communities were more than 35 million patients with type 2 diabetes. The medical staff will conduct a more comprehensive health check at the inclusive patient in the management scope after follow-up. Having living is also the expectation of the masses’ good life.

The "standard" clarifies that public rental housing security, urban shantytown housing transformation and three basic public service projects in urban shanty household renovation and rural dilapidated housing are guaranteed to ensure basic housing demand for difficult people. Pan Wei, the head of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, said that with the completion of the poverty reduction, the renovation of rural dangerous houses is adjusted to rural low-income groups, including rural vulnerable poor poor, rural low-income households, rural dispersion support special difficult personnel, and Family, which has serious difficulties in basic life due to serious or income caused by rigid expenditures such as accidents. "In order to maintain the continuation of the policy, the support of rural low-warrant margins and unavailable rural housing security policy and rely on their own strength cannot solve the problem of housing safety issues, and gradually establish a long-term root of rural low-income group housing security. Mechanism, in order to consolidate expand the poverty achievements, continue to promote rural comprehensive revitalization. "Pan Wei said.

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Shenyang Southern Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion Project

Original title: Shenyang Southern Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion Project Water On November 17 The total treatment capacity of Shenyang southern sewage treatment plants will reach 1.3 million tons / day, ranking third in the country.

The expansion project of the three sewage treatment plants in the southern Southern Shenyang implemented construction in 2020, lasted 14 months, total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, land area, design processing capacity of 500,000 tons / day, design water quality reached the national "urban sewage treatment plant pollution The highest level of the material emission standard ", the standard, the tail water, which can be treated, can be used as the reuse of urban miscellaneous, landscape hydration and some industrial water. After the completion of the project, it mainly deeds to the flood area in Hongxin City, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yukong District and the sewage transferred in the old town of Tiexi District.

The reporter learned from the Shenyang Water Affairs Bureau that the next step will accelerate the advancement of debugging work to play the utility of expansion project as soon as possible.

According to the "14th Five-Year Plan" renewable water utilization planning, the tail water of the southern sewage treatment plant will serve as a regenerative water source, providing 200,000 tons of ecological hydration per day for the Directive channel of the Weinan Irrigation District and the North Shahe Water Department, while setting up 10,000 tons along the line Add water point for urban miscellaneous water.

The project will be 2 meters along the Shenyang South Third Ring Road, from the pipeline of 6 kilometers long, to the Director of the Weinan Irrigation District, the total investment of billion yuan, and planned to be implemented in 2022. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Representative suggestion: Improve the nutritional improvement plan of rural compulsory education student

"Rural Compulsory Education Student Nutrition Improvement Plan is a people’s livelihood project, sunshine engineering, and is a national revitalization project that is good for the country’s long-term development." National People’s Congress, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yuhai County, Qi Luzhen Central Primary School Teacher Yulong Representative The implementation of the nutrition improvement plan of rural compulsory education has largely reduced the burden on poor families, and the nutritional health status of students has improved significantly, and the physical quality is significantly improved. Yulong suggested that, on the basis of the preliminary implementation, sum up experience, combined with reality, continue to expand the benefits of nutrition improvement plan for rural compulsory education students, and incorporate the school education students into the planned project; change the rural compulsory education student nutrition improvement plan to urban and rural compulsory education Students’ Nutrition Improvement Program make it possible to benefit urban poor families. In addition, in response to the rise in prices in recent years, the rural compulsory education student nutrition improvement plan subsidies increased by 1 yuan, so that students eat better and safer, let them grow up healthily.

(Reporter Zuo Chao) (Editor: Mu Jing Yu, Zhu Hongxia).

Tank 500 will pre-sell 3.0T + 9AT blessings in Guangzhou Auto Show

  A few days ago, Aika car learned from the relevant channels that Tank 500 will officially open pre-sale at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The tank 500 is positioned as a large SUV, equipped with a + 9AT gearbox. In terms of appearance, it takes a very hard and strong tank 500 with a new design language. The domineering hexagonal intake grille is used with a thick horizontal chrome-plated knitting strip and is equipped with a striking tank sign in the middle. As a model of the main, the front face of the tank 500 does not pursue exaggerated shapes, but uses more pragmatic design techniques to emphasize its tough guy attributes through the heavy front bumper.

  In the side of the body, the side of the tank 500 does not use complex lines, but this simple design technique is more likely to take out this SUV interior temperament.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with roof luggage and rear hidden glass. In terms of tail, the tank 500 still continues the family genes, equipped with a tires, and the vertical taillight group that has consistently used by the hardcore SUV has also appeared on the new car.

  In terms of interior, tank 500 shows a low-key and luxurious design style. The new car console is used in the past, and the central control panel also uses exquisite wood grain decoration, with the following quartz table, improve the quartz table below The new car’s level. In addition, the new car is equipped with a full liquid crystal meter and a large-sized suspension control screen, and is equipped with exquisite shift lever.

  In terms of power, the tank 500 is equipped with the Great Wall Automotive + 9AT new power assembly, of which the engine maximum power reached 260kW (354 hp), the maximum torque 500 nm. In addition, the engine is also equipped with a 48V light mixing system, further enhances fuel economy.

In terms of gearbox, the 9AT gearbox is matched to the engine.

Shou County: "Long-Effective Mechanism" allows urban civilization moments "preservation"

  At present, the national historical and cultural name Shou County will create a full combination of national 5A-level tourist scenic spots in the province’s civilized city and the birth of the national 5A-level tourism scenic spot, urban and rural linkage, department linkage, joint linkage, the county creation atmosphere is increasingly rich, city "temperament" And the rural "color value" is increasing.

  In order to consolidate improvement, overcome remediation, light management, Shou County is in creation, exploring the establishment of long-term work mechanisms to ensure that civilization has created work, and the atmosphere is strong, and the effect is good. Establishing "Discovery – Issues – Administration – Solving Problems – Feedback Problem – Supervision – Accountability – Promotion – Promotional Exposure" normal long-term working mechanism and processes. Confucius, 14 working groups, and Chuangcheng Office through scheduling, field viewing, daily inspection, unicast, establish a list of traffic issues, establish a list of exchange issues, based on relevant responsible units and towns Good implementation, 14 working groups and Chuangcheng office on the inclusion of the list of instructions, and supervise, the list of questions and supervised the implementation of the county committee county government is reported every day. Establish a feedback mechanism. Timely report to create work information, give the first three units, townships and communities given the first three units, towns and towns and communities, and the last unit, the townships are on the scheduled meeting. The township resolutely exposed and accountable for the problems and units that have not been solved for a long time. Improve the fine management mechanism.

Adhere to the combination of stage sex and normalization, further improve the long-term mechanism of urban and rural sanitation cleaning, vigorously promote the digital city management, implement grid management, and improve the level of refining. At the same time, strengthen property management and explore the long-term management mechanism for residential communities and improve the overall level of property management. Further strengthen the work of the urban package insurance, implement a pack of work mechanisms, and do not conflict to implement the tasks. Improve the mass participation mechanism. Shou County pays attention to publicity "opening", all-round propaganda, and launch, and leads the masses to participate in civilized creation work, develop healthy and civilized production habits, and jointly create a good civilization environment.

Community and village grassroots organizations adhere to the party building leadership, give full play to the battlefield of grassroots party organizations and the pioneer model of party members, and promote the mobilization to everyone, enhance the knowledge, participation and satisfaction rate of the masses to create work. In the county, it has a truth-and-the-job, and the creation of the decisive battle will lead the majority of joint group to resolutely win civilized cities to create a strive.

(Correspondent Gu Haitao reporter Zhang Jing).

The van ran forward desperately,The second driver in the car can see that he is a veteran。The boss sitting on the side has been reminding her to stay steady。

Unconsciously,Whitening east,It looks like it’s almost dawn。But the van didn’t mean to stop。These two or three hours of running wildly,Should have run a long way。
Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling a little anxious,It stands to reason that the police should take action,Why hasn’t there been any movement?。His thumb may be swollen,More and more pain。
“what happened?It’s not quiet now?”
The woman sitting next to Xia Jian reached out and patted his cheek twice and said。
Xia Jian pretended to be timid and said:“Can you relax,My feet are swollen,I can’t stand the pain”
“shut up,Bear the pain,Don’t do too much”
The old fourth turned around,Said to Xia Jian fiercely。The car is dark,Xia Jian can’t see this guy’s face,But Xia Jian can feel,This guy must be very ugly。There should be knife marks on the face,Or an eye or something。
Xia Jian secretly cursed this black-hearted bastard。Who did you say he provoked,Don’t you just drive to the provincial capital??Why did you catch him?。
The third child is a woman after all,Women may be natural softhearted。She said to the fourth:“Relax him”
Although the fourth child is unhappy,,But he still turned on the flashlight,Turned around and opened the iron handcuffs on Xia Jian’s feet,And then locked it again gently。
“how about it?Can you please?You cry again,Be careful i chop off your foot”
The fourth child shouted at Xia Jian in the dark。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Ok,it’s better now。sorry to bother you,I don’t dare to cry anymore”
Xia Jian pretended to be very timid,He wants these people to know,He is a stupid, timid and useless little man。Only in this way,He can numb these guys,Looking for opportunities to escape。