Looked at this situation,It seems that Yu Shan is very angry?

She is unwell,I feel more comfortable!
Regardless of her murderous eyes,I asked the servant to get the tableware for myself,Sit up。
Jerked his chopsticks on the dining table。
Yu Shan’s face is very ugly,Xiaoxue this thing,Incompetent bungler!
“Mother what’s wrong?”
Warm and warm naturally know what’s wrong with her, Just something that can stimulate her,I am happy to do it myself!
“what happened?How do you have the face to eat?Frightened mother not to say,You still don’t apologize?”Wen Yunyun, who was watching the show, had heard about it a long time ago。
Hear words,Warm and innocent blinking eyes,Said:“I don’t know?I don’t know my mother cares about me so much,I knew I would eat less。”
Looks so good。
Even Wen Guohao doesn’t like her daughter very much,But look at her so pitiful,Still playing round。
“It’s okay!Next time you are warm, pay attention,Don’t worry about your mother anymore!”
Nodded obediently。
See here,Yu Shanqi’s face flushed,I can’t say,I want to harm this daughter,I didn’t succeed, right??
Mute eats coptis,Can’t tell。

Chen Geng said:“I have read a report,Seems to be from12Start at the end of the month,Iran began to stop supplying oil to the international crude oil market,As a result, the daily shortage of crude oil in the international crude oil market is as high as500Kaleidoscope。The amount of crude oil consumed every day in the world is now5000Up and down,Suddenly one-tenth of the supply is missing,The price of a barrel of crude oil has begun to approach10USD,You can see how far the current oil price in the U.S. is。

If it’s just a price increase, that’s okay,The terrible thing is that even if the price rises, it can’t be fueled.,Which gas station in the U.S. do you see,The outside is not full of long convoys waiting to refuel?”
Comrade Ding nodded silently,indeed,Outside many gas stations in the United States,Not long lines、The convoy waiting to refuel is hanging“sold out”Brand,This kind of sight,Especially shocking:Who can think of America as one of the poles of the earth,There are so many people who can’t even add gasoline?
Chen Geng continued:“Modern warfare is all about logistics,Oil is the blood and driving force of modern warfare,Once there is a problem with oil,Then there is no need to fight the war。But I am a businessman,Not much research on the military,Only from the perspective of business and part of politics,As for the inaccurate,Don’t take it seriously,Let’s just play with our teeth……”
This is what Comrade Ding wants to hear!
The outbreak of the Iranian oil crisis gave a huge shock to the country,Let him find a chance to chat with Chen Geng,Listen to what Chen Geng thinks about this……Since Chen Geng can do business so successfully,At least there is a vision,His views should still be of reference value。
As for Chen Geng saying he doesn’t understand military,Ding Haijun did not expect Chen Geng to describe the Iranian revolution as ugly from a military perspective.,Said quickly:“to make,Let’s grind our teeth……Qiao Qiao,Go get some peanuts and seeds,To make two more cups of tea。”
Gossip,There must be a little chat,How can you lose peanuts and melon seeds?
Peanuts and seeds are here,Chen Geng is also welcome,He also hopes that the Republic can seize the opportunity to make a fortune:“The Iranian Revolution has caused a huge gap in international crude oil supply,Many countries and organizations panic,Many organizations predict the development of the current situation,International crude oil prices may break through12USD or even13A barrel of dollars,That’s right,But in my opinion,Actually all this means the trouble has just begun。”
“The trouble has just begun?”Ding Haijun was taken aback:“How to say?”
“simple,If you zoom in a little bit,Don’t just confine to the country,Zoom in on the entire Middle East,You will find,Middle East now,It’s completely a powder keg,A little spark will explode,It happened at this time that something happened in Iran,Perfectly played the role of this little Mars。”
Zoom in to the entire Middle East?
Although Ding Haijun is a rare diplomatic talent in this era,But unfortunately,He has been working on North America for several years,Basically not paying attention to the Middle East,Blushing for a while。
I still have to save some face for my future husband,Chen Geng didn’t think he saw Comrade Ding’s embarrassed expression,Then said:“The revolutionary movement in Iran is now in full swing,King Pahlavi is losing ground,Even has lost part of the army’s support,Combined with the current situation,My bold prediction,February、No later than March,The situation in Iran will be completely clear。”
Actually, why wait till so late?,1month19day,Iranian King Pahlavi will bring his wife and children“Visit abroad”,Pahlavi dynasty also officially ended……Fucking!
Chen Geng suddenly reacted:It seems that today is already1month20Day?!
“what happened?”Seeing Chen Geng’s face is a bit wrong,Ding Haijun asked quickly:“Is there anything wrong?”

Hui Gang。

For Hui。
But in Chen Wenjin’s memory,This is the third time watching her sitting on a bench。
I haven’t waited for Hui to move,Chen Wenjin moved the position first,Thirty centimeters away from Hui。
A trace of astonishment flashed in Hui’s eyes。
Chen Wenjin looked at her and said:“Actually I have something to tell you today,I thought about it recently,We must concentrate all our attention on learning next semester,You must go to Pengzhong with your own strength,I also have to get the most worthy of my score,and so,We need to let go of our relationship,Let’s meet again when we are in Pengzhong。”
Same words,This is what Hui wants to say,Now Chen Wenjin is talking about。
Hui’s mood,A little messy。
Chapter Forty Two You don’t believe me but let me believe
That shouldn’t be Chen Wenjin’s lines……
Hui thought for a long time before figuring out how to communicate with Chen Wenjin,but,Chen Wenjin first said what she wanted to say!
and、And when I sat down just now,Chen Wenjin seems to move away with disgust,What does it mean to stay away from her intentionally??what does it mean?
“……what do you mean?Want to break up?”Hye is holding a complicated mood,I asked this sentence,Chen Wenjin asked her before。
Chen Wenjin almost laughed……Oh my god,Originally translocated,He said Hui’s lines first,Hye’s first reaction also thinks it means breaking up!Then what could she say vowedly,I should believe that their feelings can hold on for half a year!
Chen Wenjin took a sigh of relief……His mood is really bad。
He is disgusted‘Strictly discipline people,Be forgiving’the behavior of。
When people get along‘What you don’t want,Do not do to others’Isn’t it basic respect??
especially——He and Hui are lovers!
The results of it?

They are best friends who grew up together,Talk about anything,Almost no secrets,You can tell that she has something on her mind at a glance,Dodge and refuse to say,What the hell happened?

Based on her knowledge of Lu Xin,Although this eldest lady has a bit of temper,but,Far from being unreasonable,If it’s because the skirt is dirty,A bit far-fetched。
No accident happened overnight,What is the reason for her unhappy?
Smile and say hello to your friends,Coming to Lu Xin,Take a close look at her look,Asked confidently:“Xinxin,Say something unhappy,I can help you。”
Take a look at holding a tray,The waiter who shuttles between guests,The meaning is clear,Just say,Definitely vent her anger。
Of course Lu Xin wanted to make Lu Yao embarrassed,but,The skirt has been changed,If you hold on,Looks petty,and,She soiled the skirt herself,It has nothing to do with Lu Yao,Confrontation,It’s not reasonable。
Shook his head,I just wanted to say something to cross this topic,Suddenly saw Duan Xiuying’s ears empty,“Where are your earrings?Why didn’t you wear it?”
Duan Xiuying touched her ears,No earrings,Thought for a while,I took it off when I changed clothes just now,Seems to be on the table,Then go back to get。
but,When they opened the locker room door,But found that the table was empty,Nothing at all。
After confirming the relationship,Lu Liang gave her a gift,Significance,This is the second time to wear,Just lost,It’s a pity。
When I adjusted the surveillance, I found that after they went out,Only one waiter came in,When going out,The hand seems to be sliding across the pocket。
And the waiter,The woman who had an upset with Lu Xin just now。
This is just great,No need to find fault with Lu Xin,Duan Xiuying won’t let her go。
But when I see guests inside and outside the villa,The angry brain gradually calmed down,Take a deep breath,Changed my mind。
Under the lamp post on the lawn,They stopped the waiter,Duan Xiuying considers herself noble,Don’t want to make a big deal,As long as she returns her earrings,Apologize and get out,After all, this is my own banquet,It’s not good to cause a scandal。
but,The waiter seemed to see her intention,Not only did he deny that he stole the earrings,Bite back,Said they spit their mouths,Let them apologize。
Lu Xin is not angry,A woman like Lu Yao,Same as her mother,I just like what Xiao thinks doesn’t belong to them,Nowadays,Finally caught her handle,Must clean her up,Vent mother!
“We have checked the monitor,Only you have been in that locker room,You didn’t take it,Could we frame you?”

After all, their main goal is to guard the border with Siam.,Prevent members from being attacked by poison。In fact, as Cen Wen said,If you have time,It’s best to gather all the troops around,It’s better not to let any private armed forces have a chance。

In this way, their power can be considered solid in the true sense.。
It’s a pity they don’t have so much time,And the country may not agree。Now they are the vanguard weapon against poisonous generals,That’s why the government of Myanmar can only swallow。
Otherwise, Qin Feng’s change of the situation and even replacing the government has caused them to break out.。
After returning to the barracks,Qin Feng got in touch with Cen Wen directly。
After all he wants to take the initiative,Instead of passive defense。but
Because the air force cannot be used,So in fact, Qin Feng doesn’t have much advantage。
“Cen Wen,Did your newspaper organization find their camp??seriously,We should attack as soon as possible,This reduces the time for the other party to prepare。I can also hit them by surprise!”Qin Feng said。
“It’s useless if you are in a hurry。I have a good newspaper staff,But it’s not easy to penetrate。After all, they have to protect themselves,Besides, I didn’t pay much attention to Southeast Asia at the beginning,So I didn’t put too many dark moves here at the beginning,So the news is also a bit difficult for me。”
Cen Wen paused after speaking,“But I heard an interesting news recently。”
“what news?Chu Xiao is tracking and attacking Zhang Qiang。The latter can only run away without stopping,Even forced to enter a barracks where the Eighth War General is located。At that time, Zhang Qiang’s idea was to unite the Eighth World War to kill Chu Xiaokeng in the barracks.。Unexpectedly, Chu Xiao actually came to a wave of anti-killing,I took the military camp directly,Then even the eight generals could only escape。Zhang Qiang didn’t even have a chance to join forces with that one。”
“what?real or fake?Why I never heard of such a thing?”Qin Feng looked suspicious。
After all, Qin Fengke also trained a group of scouts,Also sent them into Siam,But they haven’t returned any useful information so far,Why can Cen Wen know so much?There seems to be details!

The new and changed registration system is the prelude to a new movement in the capital market

The new and changed registration system is the prelude to a new movement in the capital market

The recent big news of the Ma Fangye capital market is the non-Science and Technology Innovation Board and the registration system with the same frame. This big news also frequently sparked topics with representatives of the two members.

On March 3, Xiao Gang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, stated at the CPPCC resident site that the Science and Technology Innovation Board is a fundamental institutional reform of the capital market and a major strategic layout to promote the development of the capital market.Implementation will be very important for the development of the market.

  So, what new and changes will the registration system “important for market development” bring?

  First, under the registration system, the capital market will gradually become a “booster” for China’s economic structural transformation and industrial upgrading, as well as an “incubator” for entrepreneurial innovation.

At the same time, with the development of the “two devices”, the old economy and the traditional economy will present a pleasing market-oriented clearing of superiority and inferiority.

What has broken through is the major progress of the new economic and financial supply-side structural reforms that we look forward to.

  Looking at the successful experience of the global Nasdaq market, especially in the United States, we have discovered that it is only for the new economy and new economy companies that we have just seized the high-energy innovation capital that was formed under the Nasdaq registration system to “get on and get off.”Only after completing the incubation and boosting, did Apple, Google and other companies turn from small carrots to technology giants.

On the contrary, because the existing Chinese capital market has not implemented a registration system, BATJ, the peacocks representing the new economy, have no choice but to fly overseas.

Without the support of the new economy and the capital that the new economy enterprises deserve, the path of China’s economic structural transformation and industrial upgrading will go very hard and hard.

Therefore, the trial of the registration system on the science and technology board will accelerate the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises, and will be more conducive to the accelerated formation of new economic industry leaders.

  In fact, under the registration system, participants in the market will undergo significant new changes, and the rules of the market will also change dramatically.

  The innovative capital represented by VC, PE, etc. will enjoy the important development period brought by the era of equity investment.

At the same time there will be more smooth exit channels, more flexible exit deadlines and even imaginative returns.

  For the securities firms, it will form a significant repulsion mechanism, that is, the securities firms in China must 南宁桑拿 become real investment banks, they must become professional and create value, and they must improve their ability and level of resource integration.

  For law firms and accounting firms, more awe, more responsibilities and responsibilities must be achieved in signing the prospectus and conducting important audits on the accounting and auditing of the enterprise.

After all, the authenticity and preliminaryity of proprietary information disclosure is an important part of the registration system.

Therefore, while the supervisory agencies are clearly distinguished from the market boundaries, the responsibilities of the intermediary agencies will naturally increase.

  For companies, IPOs will become easier and more efficient, and the sunshine and rain of receiving capital will be smoother. Of course, delisting will also become the norm.

At the same time, the process of eliminating the superiors and disadvantages of enterprises will also accelerate, and industry leaders such as unicorns will also accelerate their growth and expansion.

  For investors, institutional investors led by funds will gradually expand the entire market, and their long-term investment and value investment concepts will gradually prevail.

At the same time, it will force institutional investors to transform into truly excellent asset management companies.

The investment path of a single retail investor will become increasingly severe, and its wealth will gradually have to be changed to be managed by professional funds or other wealth management companies.

  In short, the pilot of the registration system will be a major event with predictive significance in China’s capital market.

As a new thing, the reform of the registration system will definitely have a gradual process, which requires more tolerance and understanding from the market.

However, all kinds of evidence show that the fundamental institutional reform of China’s capital market, represented by the registration system, must be “stable and steady.”

It can be imagined that the new and changed brought by the registration system is a prelude to a new movement of the Chinese capital market that is standardized, transparent, open, energetic and valuable.

Bank of Beijing (601169) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Provision coverage ratio picks up

Bank of Beijing (601169) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Provision coverage ratio picks up

Bank of Beijing disclosed its third quarter report for 2019. Bank of Beijing achieved net profit of 18.1 billion US dollars in the first three quarters of 2019, a further increase of 8%.


Profitability stabilized in the first three quarters of 2019. The average ROE is expected to decrease by 0 year-on-year.

1 average, where ROA0.

92%, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.

01 averages.

From DuPont’s analysis, there are two changes, but the directions are opposite and they are basically transformed: one is that the net interest margin has improved, and the other is that the asset impairment loss / average asset 深圳spa会所 has increased.

The repricing of interbank financing has ended. The net interest margin (reverting FVPL investment income to interest income) calculated from the average balance at the beginning and end of the first three quarters of use has increased by 24bps to 2.

08%, mainly due to the improvement in debt costs, that is, benefit from the decline in interbank financing rates.

However, in the third quarter, the net interest margin in the third quarter increased by only 4bps compared with the second quarter, with little change. Among them, the interest rate on interest-bearing debts remained flat, which meant that the repricing of interbank financing had ended.

Provisions increased, and provision coverage ratio rebounded. From the perspective of NPL indicators: NPL ratio at the end of the third quarter 1.

41%, a decrease of 4bps month-on-month; provision coverage ratio at the end of the third quarter rose by 16% to 229%, and asset impairment losses increased by 39%, affecting ROA, mainly due to the company’s active increase in provisioning in the case of a significant increase in PPOPIncreased strength leads.

In terms of asset growth, the balance sheet dropped slightly. In the first three quarters, total assets increased.

8%, slightly down.

In the third quarter, the supplementary interest-generating assets in the third quarter were 106 million U.S. dollars, of which the loan increased by 39.1 billion U.S. dollars, which was much higher than the same period of the previous year;The US dollar shows that deposit pressure remains.

Investment recommendation The overall performance of the company is basically in line with expectations, and we maintain the company’s “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that 深圳桑拿网 the continued weakening of macroeconomic expectations may adversely affect the quality of bank assets.

Fund ranking battle: 1 person wins the top three top earners and earns 12

0% more than other army operations

Fund ranking battle: 1 person wins the top three top earners and earns 120% more than other army operations

The fund rankings exploded to a blast, earning a maximum of 120%. One person won the top three, and even fought in a different army!

  Jimin K ‘s bull market advocates the end of the extension. The public fundraising industry is most worthy of the attention of the old K is the year-end ranking battle. This year ‘s championship is not unexpected, it is basically locked in advance.By December 10, the fund had earned 119 this year.

93%, far ahead of other equity funds.

  The second and third places are also two funds under the control of Liu Gezhen. They are Guangfa Innovation and Upgrade Hybrid and Guangfa Diversified Emerging Stocks.

  Regarding whether these funds should be chased, Old K has comprehensively analyzed in previous related articles. Liu Gezhen can be said to have suddenly risen this year, and it remains to be seen.

And technology stocks have completely overdrawn expectations. Old K feels that he should wait and see, or don’t chase.

  In addition to the highlights of Liu Gezhen and Guangfa Bullet, this year’s ranking battle seems to have unexpected changes, because before the top 10 list, the growth of Noon suddenly mixed to fourth place.

This surprised Old K a little bit, and deliberately studied this fund.

  From the perspective of net worth trend, this fund has been rising all the way since November 25, basically there is nothing, and it has continued to grow for two weeks.

  This wave of strong rise directly brought Nuo An’s earnings to 16 in the past month.

94%, ranking first in performance.

  And if you look closely at the quartile rankings of this fund, all except for the past three years’ earnings are all excellent.

So is this fund a fund worth pursuing?

Let’s take a look together.

  Judging from the annual ranking of this fund, the performance has been very poor. Even if it only looks at the performance of recent quarters, it is not good. Only in the first quarter and the third quarter of this year 南宁桑拿 did the performance top, especially in the third quarter it entered the same category.The top ten, of course, will certainly be excellent in the fourth quarter.

This has a lot to do with the fund’s holding style.

  Data source: Tiantian Fund Network, as of 2019.

From the perspective of the top ten heavy positions of this fund in the past year, although it has been said that it has been adjusting positions, it focuses on the layout of the computer and electronics industries, and this just hits the point of this year’s technology bull market.The fund has bet on Chinese software, Zhuo Shengwei, Great Wall of China and other big stocks.

  From the perspective of the fund manager, since the fund was established, the changes in the fund manager have been relatively alternating. Among the current fund managers, Wang Chuanglian took office on June 20, 2018, while another fund manager, Cai Songsong, took office on February 20, 2019.
  Data ends 2019.

10 Both fund managers are PhDs. Mr. Wang Chuanglian is currently the director and chief strategist of the Research Department of Nuoan Fund. Cai Songsong has worked in the Computer Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He should have a deep understanding of the computer and electronics industries.

  Another fund managed by Cai Songsong, Nuo An and Xin Flexible Configuration Mix is also a heavy storage computer and electronics industry stock, which also performed very well.

  So the question is, do you want to chase this fund? Old K still keeps a wait-and-see attitude. Just like the three funds of GF’s Liu Gezhen, Nuo’s growth and mixing style is still too concentrated. Once the technology stocks decrease, the retracement should beIt will also be very large, do not chase high.

Correction: Take eye drops, remove stealth

Correction: Take eye drops, remove stealth

For the sake of beauty and convenience, many people choose to wear contact lenses.

However, if you are using eye drops due to eye diseases, it is recommended not to wear contact lenses first.

  Contact lenses come in direct contact with eye drops and may absorb preservatives.

Most of the contact lenses on the market today are hydrogel components, whose skeleton structure absorbs water molecules, and the drug and preservative components of eye drops can be absorbed into the lens, changing the physical properties of the lens such as transmittance and ionicity.Affects the correction effect of the lens.

In addition, preservatives accumulate in the lenses, which can irritate the eyes for a long time and easily cause allergic reactions.

  The soft contact lens of hydrogel material has low oxygen permeability, and long-term wear can easily cause corneal epithelial edema.

Eye drops are often used when there is a disease in the eye. At this time, wearing contact lenses with hydrogel materials will increase the burden on the ocular surface, especially when suffering from epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (commonly known as “red eye disease”).Stop wearing contact lenses.

  Some eye drops, such as rifampicin eye drops, are brownish red in themselves, and the color of the transmission lens after use will affect the transmittance and refractive power.

  At present, there are well-matched special eye drops for contact lenses on the market, whose components have taken into account the physical properties of the lens material, the amount of flakes, etc., and can be used while wearing contact lenses.

People who are accustomed to wearing contact lenses, it is best to control the time of wearing hydrogel lens within 6-8 hours.

If you need to drop eye drops while using contact lenses due to special needs, it is recommended to order eye drops first, and then wear contact lenses after 15-20 minutes when the ocular surface drugs are basically absorbed, and you should not wear them for too long.

Psychological exploration: how terrible early love is

Psychological exploration: how terrible “early love” is

Liu Li is a beautiful and sweet girl. She is a senior in a famous high school.
When she came to the hospital for consultation, she was very impressed with her dress: she had short hair, a men’s casual sweatshirt, and the color of the jumpsuit and sneakers was “neutral”.You can’t see the colors and characteristics of a little girl.
 As soon as she started talking, she opened her eyes: “I want to consult an expert and want to solve a psychological problem that has puzzled me for several years.
How do you interact with the opposite sex?
Does high school student dating have a positive effect on learning, or is it as harmful and useless as teachers and parents say?
Are there any precedents for middle school students who both fall in love and are both admitted to college?
How to deal with early love can promote learning instead of affecting academic performance?
Can I take care of the boys in the class?
I listened to her can’t wait to ask questions. The specialist Ma Yan, Deputy Director of the Children’s and Children’s Ward of Wuhan Mental Health Center, guessed that her confusion was related to emotions, so she asked patiently: “Is there a boy you have with each other?”Feel good?
“I want to know, how terrible is it that I escaped the early love complex for more than two years?”
Why do you think so?
Isn’t first love beautiful?
“Isn’t it terrible?”
Liu Li said puzzledly. “When I was in the third grade, I had the same table. She was smart, beautiful, and had good grades. She fell in love with a guy in the class. As a result, their academic performance plummeted. They didn’t even have ordinary high school during the middle school entrance examinationPassed.
Later, my mother repeatedly said to me, “Don’t love early!
If you fall in love, even if you have a good learning foundation and no matter how clever your brain is, your academic performance will go downhill, let alone get into a good school!
So I listened to my mother and never interacted with boys. As a result, I was promoted to the best key high school with satisfactory results.
“Yes, it is not appropriate for middle school students to fall in love, but it is not necessary to have a correct understanding. What are you worried about now?
“Liu Liuli groaned for a long time, as if she had made up her mind, and slowly said,” I’m afraid of the boy’s gaze. ”
I didn’t dare to turn around in class, because I was worried about coming back into contact with a guy’s eyes.
In fact, I am not afraid of the eyes of the boys, but I am afraid that the boys like me, that they will pursue me, and that this may hinder their studies and ruin their future.
Therefore, in class, I didn’t even dare to turn around flexibly, for fear that the boys thought I would watch them, and then I would have trouble.
I never dress myself and always wear outdated clothes just to not attract the attention of boys.
But now, I feel like I’m too depressed and my studies have become boring.
The college entrance exam is about to start. The day before yesterday I received a dating note from the boy and asked me to go for a walk.
I really don’t know what to do.
“You want to accept the invitation and go out for a walk with him, don’t you?
“Liu Li hesitated for a while, and finally nodded:” But my mother said that dating with a boy is equal to early love equals abandonment of schoolwork, and this is also an example proved by lessons.
I dare not.
“  “早恋恐惧”比“早恋”更可怕  马筠主任介绍说,刘丽是一个单纯向上的好姑娘,妈妈的话让她一直背负着沉重的十字架,对男女同学之间的正常交往避之唯恐不及That’s why I’m so nervous.
She hadn’t been alone with any of the boys, let alone talking.
But now that the college entrance examination is imminent, she is highly anxious. Behind the anxiety is a fierce inner conflict.
The mother’s teachings made her think that the door to normal communication with the boys should be firmly closed, but the awareness of growth and development that began to awakened her desire to interact with the boys. Therefore, in this conflict, her learning efficiency declined and she became the mostFear things.
There is no doubt that Liu Li suffered from “early love phobia.”
  Director Ma emphasized that “early love phobia” is more scary than “early love”.
Liu Li was afraid of the eyes of the boys, afraid to talk to them, and received a note from the boys, which was even more disturbed. This fear has seriously affected her normal life and study.
How to desensitize her?The first should be a change of mind, and her parents play a key role in this.

  Director Ma Yan suggested that Liu Li should communicate more with her mother when she returned home, so that the mother understands that the views inculcated on her daughter have caused changing psychological pressure on the child. The mother should slowly change her wrong view of the exchange between boys and girls.Society is advancing. The exchange between boys and girls is actually quite simple and normal. Men and women can often talk about each other, but it is complicated by their parents’ imagination.

If middle school students fall in love with learning, which is more terrible than the damage to mental health caused by “early love phobia”?

In fact, the harm caused by completely prohibiting the exchange of students of the opposite sex is more harmful than the harm caused by early love!

  Peers need psychological comfort from a large number of psychological consultation cases. It can be understood that most middle school students do not want to overlap early love. The key is that boys and girls who do not want early love also need heterosexual intercourse. In the practice of heterosexual intercourse, they onlyCan know what to do to avoid early love.

These are two aspects of a problem. The important thing is to grasp the appropriateness. As long as you are “sentimental, only courteous,” normal exchanges between male and female students are beneficial to human health.

Many parents are afraid that their children will fall in love early and guard against death, but they often fail to get good results. The problem lies in the lack of openness of the mind and the lack of healthy concepts. The final victim is the child they are least willing to hurt.

  Director Ma Yi gave Liu Li a psychotherapy prescription: he chatted with the boys twice a week, more than 20 minutes at a time.

Facts have proved that the contact between boys and girls is not terrible. In addition to early love, there is also a sincere friendship between boys and girls.

Psychological comfort among peers is most effective.

After adjustment, Liu Li has overcome her worry.

She said: “It turns out that boys are not terrible. They are like my older brother and younger brother. They can see my weaknesses clearly. They have given me a lot of help and inspiration in my studies and life.Together, I feel safe and happy.

Finally I was able to let go of my burden and learn with ease.