Construction Bank Hebei Branch Commission for Discipline Inspection "three-dimensional line"

A few days ago, CCB Hebei Branch Commission for Discipline Inspection has issued the "Hebei Province Branch of the 2021 Party Scriptures and Color Education Work Plan", and the classification of hierarchical nodes promote the integrity education of party documents, and strive to create a multi-level, all-round "stereo line". It is reported that the "plan" covers Party regulations such as Party Regulations such as Party Regulations such as Party Regulations, "The Administrative Division" "Criminal Law" and other laws and regulations, "Administrative Measures for the Administration" and various types The educational content of seven aspects such as the case notification.

Compacting education responsibilities of different institutions, constantly establishing and improving normalization, full coverage, and effectively integrating education resources and forming education.

"Program" pays attention to the layering classification.

For the "key minority", strengthen political theory and warning case education, and urge the "head geese" effect; the person in charge of the grassroots institution, the publication of "the person in charge of the grassroots organization", carry out special case education, urge integrity and clean compliance Autonomous; to the new party members to carry out the party’s congregation education, urge the party members’ pioneering model; carry out the regulations, legal education, and urge the new units, and supervise the "first button"; "classify the teaching, Because of the education to teach, education precisely touched the target population and effectively enhance the effectiveness of education. "Plan" is actually close to cadres’ employee ideology, actively adopting educational activities, happy education activities, organizing party history education, practicing the history of history, the history of history, learning history, and learning the history of history, motivate employees to participate actively New financial action; combined with collective education and self-education, positive education and anti-container education combined with innovative education The political ecology of the purity provides a solid thinking guarantee.

(Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Long Super).

Copper beam: After the winter, I will be busy "Little Pueraria" to support the rich dream of growing grown.

Hualong Network – New Chongqing Client November 18th (Special Correspondent Zhao Wuqiang) On November 17th, in the Qinghai Village, Chongqing Tongliang Baoyyang Town, Chongqing, the villagers picked the Pueraria Pueraria in the morning to the side of the road, sold to before Tong Liang Tianxing Village Food Company, acquired.

"Half a month, my home has to dig more than 4,000 pounds of Ge Gen, and the income is 67,000 yuan.

"Zhang Xinggui, who has several banknotes, said," Mo Xiao looks like this ugly, I don’t have a few, I added a income for my family.

"After the winter, the peasants took the hillside in the towns of Tongliang District, white sheep, second ping, and hillside, and the scene of the guee shore shore was visible everywhere.

Gegen helps farmers get rich.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photos are one of the original origins of Gegen, my country, and has been a hundred years. Since the 1990s, the towns, Erping and other towns put Powage as the specialty industry of farmers’ income, and further enhanced production and quality by introducing excellent varieties, scale plants, and scientific management, and the copper lunar powder was rated as geography Identify the product.

At the same time, the processing industry has also developed very well. Tong Liang Tianxingzhai powder created a modern processing workshop, developed more than 10 varieties of Pueraria, Geka Surface series, and is listed as tourism products in the district. Developed Puerade products.

According to Zhao Wuqiang, Pueraria is introduced that Pueraria is a seed plant, and the Ministry of Health is named medicated. In addition, there is no addition to the ecological environmental protection, which is a natural pollution-free food, which has also become the main product of the processing of copper-tier specialty agricultural products, which is favored by consumers.

In the Tongliang Tianxingzhai Food Company Processing Factory Dam, full of new Gegen, which is returned from the field, more than 10 workers sorted Gegen, after cleaning, then enter the processing of pulverization, degeneration, grinding, drying, etc. Become a snow white pase. Daligen dug in farmers. Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photo "Last year ‘double" activity, the district leader has highly introduced Tianxingzhai powder, expanded the popularity and influence of copper-bearing special agricultural products, and the company’s borrowed efforts expanded the need to meet the needs of the market.

Qin Diping, the person in charge of Tianxingzhai Food Company, said that the number of purchases in this season is more than a thousand tons.

In order to help farmers increasing, the company opens the vehicle to the entrance of the village community and the farmer, so that the farmers are sold at home.

In the waterport town of powder, powder, powder, pink, to the peasant, including 3,000 yuan of farmers, and more than 10,000 yuan of income tens of thousands of dollars.

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1 to April 500 million yuan ice and snow goods fast customs clearance

Original title: 1 to April 500 million yuan ice and snow goods fast customs clearance Shijiazhuang customs solid service Winter Olympics, 1 to April 5 million yuan ice and snow goods fast customs clearance learned from Shijiazhuang Customs, this is actively promoting the development of ice and snow industry, serving Beijing Winter Olympics In this year from January to April, the ice and snow cargo declaration form is 10 votes, and the value of 10,000 yuan.

"We combined with the real development of local ice and snow industries, establish a work mechanism and one-on-one help measures, tailored to the ice and snow industry’s operating units to do diversified customs clearance programs." Shijiazhuang Customs belongs to Zhangjiakou Customs Lihua Lihua .

According to reports, Zhangjiakou Customs actively encourages the ice and snow enterprises to use tariff guarantee insurance model customs clearance, relieve funding pressure; direct the business bank, guide enterprise application summary taxation model customs clearance, reduce tax payment; promote two steps, two paragraphs Customs clearance business reform, improve the efficiency of ice and snow goods, and help the development of the ice and snow industry. On March 24th, Amland (Zhangjiakou) Mountain Development Co., Ltd. adopted a pressure sensor imported in advance, and successfully cleared it in Zhangjiakou Customs.

Shijiazhuang Customs also took the initiative to docking with Beijing Customs, Tianjin Customs, solving the problem of ice and snow goods in the customs clearance process; implementing the "5 + 2" appointment customs clearance system, the ice and snow goods tried in the destination customs of holidays, follow the inspection, Guarantee ice and snow goods in time.

Since 2018, the accumulated supervision of the import and export of ice and snow goods is 10,000 yuan, mainly related to the assembly equipment and structural framework of imported snowfall, cableway, etc., providing strong support and protection for the Winter Olympics.

(The correspondent Liu Guowei reporter Wang Weihong) (Editor: Fang Tong, Yuan Zigong).

Academician experts praise Chongqing Technology Innovation

July 24th, China Academy of Sciences, on July 24th, in 2021, "Science China" Academician experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute of the Basic Medical Research Institute of the Chinese Medical Sciences, how to strengthen Technological innovation and other issues have accepted exclusive interview with Chongqing Daily reporters.

  Shen Yan said that technology innovation contains three completely different meanings: science, technology and innovation.

Science is to find that it is an objective existence of nature.

For scientific research, more important than "new" is the importance of scientific discovery. The important research results are before, there is no ancient people, and there are people, important scientific findings can promote the scientific research in this field. He said that technology is the invention of invention, the invention of technology is not for sale, but in order to overcome the defects of the original technologies, solve the problem that the original technology can not be solved. Technical is practical and applicable, emphasizing the value it produces. For example, developing a new drug, not only in the new medicine, but also in this new drug can not replace the existing medicine, the new drug will not occupy a sufficient market share in the market. Shen Yan said that science and technology are related.

The technology emphasizes its application value, scientific research emphasizes the research results to promote scientific development or social and economic development. New science finds that there is a possibility to promote new technologies, industries, or promote existing industrial upgrading. But science and technology are different, science is to understand nature, technology is something that creating nature. In his opinion, innovation recombines production factors to make it biggest.

Innovation is not the purpose, innovation is a way of way, the purpose is to promote development, not a decline. Shen Yan is very concerned about the development of Chongqing scientific innovation.

He said that the planning layout of the West (Chongqing) Science City is very good, the future development of the Science City depends on the construction of its talent team.

For talents, not only provide a good living environment, but also provide an environment that is suitable for its production of talents.

  As a scholar engaged in basic scientific research, Shen Yan also puts forward recommendations on how to encourage young people: on the one hand, from social orientation, social value, only society form a social atmosphere of respect for science, can Give young people correctly guide; on the other hand, the teacher’s role is also very important. Good teachers should inspire young people to explore unknown people and cultivate their love for scientific research.

(Our reporter said, Wang Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Contributing to the public health career in Chongqing.

Pingdingshan City, 80, the young man returned home to start a business, the nursery, the ecological

Twig, fertilization, watering … The new year, Pingdingshan City Zhanhe District, Cao Zhen Township, Yinwang Village, Yibai, Base, a busy scene in the Base of Planting Professional Cooperatives.

"Boss Wang Jinyuan dares, dare to do, everyone will help him work, earn more than 2,000 pieces in a month, do not delay their housework activities and crops, can also take care of the elderly and children." Village Tao Rong face Smile. The kingjin circle born in 1980 is the Silver King Village of the earth, and he returned to the hometown. Wang Jinyuan is a small family, and it has been working in a nursery in the field after dropping out of school.

Because the parents are getting bigger and bigger, they are unable to make a few acres of land. In the Spring Festival in 2004, Wang Jinyuan returned to the rural hometown, decided to play special, using a few acres of contract, planting green seedlings. Because he did not understand the market investigation, he blindly planted a batch of popmar seedlings, the result was not sold, and finally she had to eradicate.

When you eat a long, he learned to turn around the market. After adequate investigation, it began planting Japanese cherry blossoms, red leaf heather and other hot-selling varieties.

In 2014, he established a professional cooperative for Pingdingshan City, Zhanhe District, Zhanhe District, and 85 acres.

He hired professional and technical personnel to plant colorful trees such as American Red Maple, Chicken Plut, Japanese Red Dance Ji Hongfeng, provided 45 jobs for this village and surrounding villagers, and achieved continuous income of villagers. Today, nursery has more than 10 varieties such as chicken claw maple, US Hongfeng, and the seedlings are sold to many provinces. Precious trees US Red Maple single price is around 8,000 yuan, more than 200 people can be sold each year.

Nursery has more than 600 million yuan per year. After the success of Wang Jinyuan, many people came to seek their work, he always helped.

Under the help of Wang Jinwei, six peasant seedlings cooperatives were established around, and more than 100 people embarked on ecological way. "Wang Jinyuan drives the farmers in a village, helps farmers to get rich, is the model of rural revitalization. Cao Zhan Township will take the peasant work to return home business platform, attract more migrant workers to return home, lead villagers Rich, the country is beautiful. "Cao Zhen Township Party Committee Secretary Chu Hui Feng said. (Pingdingshan City Zhanhe District Committee Propaganda Department News Group Li Yongping) (Editor: Chang Liyuan, Xu Chi).

Central Propaganda Department and other deployment key construction college thinking

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing on May 27, for the promotion of new media platforms to the promotion of ideological and political work in colleges and universities, promoting college public numbers to become the effective carrier of thinking education, focusing on the characteristics of colleges and colleges and universities, the characteristics of colleges and universities and the characteristics of colleges and universities and the real needs of teachers and students in colleges and universities. Department, CCM Office, Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, recently arranged a batch of high-quality universities to study a batch of high-quality universities.

The "first list of key constructions of the first batch of colleges and universities", including the Qinghua University, Peking University Youth, China University Students Online, Capital Education, etc. A total of 12 types, 200 public accounts. The construction of the university’s intentional public account must adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary of China on Strengthening and Improved Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities, Increases Supply, Enhances the Quality of Content. The propagation matrix, play a demonstration role, promoting the traditional advantages of college ideological and political work and the high integration of information technology, enhances the intensiveness of thinking and political work, and cultivates the socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of morality, cultivate Newcomers of the ethnic rejuvenation. The public number of key construction should carry out in-depth development of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, in-depth development of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, organic integration into ideological and political theory Teaching, promotion promotes the useful experiences and practices of ideological and political education in various departments in all regions, reaching the results of exhibition results, exchange experience, and improve the level. To accurately grasp the political direction of college thinkteral public account issued content, promote the standardization of information collection, review the issuance process, to strengthen the department collaboration, do well coordination, refine the coordination, and strive to build a batch of guidance, teacher and students Focus on the public account, build a batch of new forms of form, and participate in a wide range of online thinking brands, launch a group of popular, easy-to-understand, popular new media products, and promote the ideological and political work of colleges and universities Go on.

The sound of the inspection, the girl is long! Unfamiliar vehicles

In the morning and evening peak hours, the windmill or carpool has become a selection of people attendance, especially from the subway station, bus stop to residential quarters, company, shopping malls last few kilometers. A smooth windmill is smooth, comfortable and convenient, but the passenger flow such as the subway station, bus stop is also a golden section of the wrong "black car".

  This is not, Xiao Liu’s ride can be described as "10,000 thrilling". Today, I checked the "Little Liu Tikou Rolling Recruitment", while pinched her sweat, it is more important to remind everyone to be alert to the "Wolf Ambition" of the criminals.

  Drop it lightly, mistaken into the "Tigerkou" one night, Xiao Liu suddenly waited with his boyfriend to hurry to the bus stop, but there is no vehicle to enter the station for a long time. Then, a "black car" stopped before, the man sitting in the cabling room, said that the small Liu sent Xiao Liu to the destination. After some bargain, Xiao Liu got on the bus. On the way, Xiao Liu, who has been playing mobile phones, unintentionally looked up at the outside of the car, feeling wrong, the vehicle is not driving according to the regular route. A burst of coolness, the little Liu said that there is a time to get off, and ask the boyfriend to help and send location information, but Xiao Liu has undergone a few steps to be inherited by two men. The witty, the thrilling is the driver who is driving the "Beauty", wants to have sex with Xiao Liu, sitting in the police man to help control Xiao Liu, while in the car "look". Xiao Liu is desperately resistant, plus the car is cold, there is no feeling, etc.

  After entering the room, the male driver is even more unscrupulously "hands-on".

During the period, Xiao Liu and the gangsters were handled around, so that the male driver went out to buy smoke and escaped from the next to the next door to hide, while sending a location, license plate number and other information to his boyfriend.

In the end, Xiao Liu was rescued by the police brought by her boyfriend, and the two men will be severely punished by the laws that constitute rape. "Black Car" is like a tiger, robbery, and we are in danger of Xiao Liu, reminding everyone to choose a regular operation taxi, do not make a picture, and take a "black car". What risks and hidden dangers are there? (1) Road traffic safety hazards. "Black Car" driver has not been qualified training, often disregarding traffic laws, safe awareness, red light, reverse driving, casual changes, etc.

In addition, the safety of the operating vehicle is not guaranteed, and the second-handed car, the tranquable car is operated, the car is not good, the braking effect is poor, and the incident is buried. (2) It is easy to trigger criminal crime. "Black Car" driver’s identity is complicated, the quality is uneven, the "slaughter" of malicious increase, there is a "unloader" that is refused to carry, and some "black cars" gather points even have the tendency to gang.

In the case of the inspection, "Black Car" driver is strong, and it is quite horizontally, and the phenomenon of bumping peers is more popular, and it is easy to rape, extorted, obstruct official, traffic accidents. Case. Case.

  (3) There is no guarantee for the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. "Black Car" often does not purchase operational vehicle accident insurance, and does not assume accidental injury protection. The inspection is called for the general public to travel civilized, cherish life, and refuse to take "black car". Especially the simple women should be vigilant, find out the bottom of the same person, and pay attention to the relatives and relatives "report" on the way, do not give the criminals! (Yang Qiong) [Editor: Chen Chang].

The 2nd Guangdong Provincial Committee’s ninth round inspection work mobilization will be held in Guangzhou

Original title: Accurately grasp the high quality of the inspection of the provincial straight units to complete the inspection task October 10, the ninth round of the 12th Guangdong Provincial Party Committee will be held in Guangzhou.

The conference conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Important Speech of Patrol Work, announced that this round of inspection team directed the job and task division of labor decisions. The meeting emphasized that the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee’s inspection agency should continue to learn about the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, regarding the important discussion of inspection work, grasp the inspection work from politics, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation , Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, stick to political inspection positioning, discover problems, promote solving problems, and give full play to the role of patrolling swords, promote the construction of the provincial line to become political, guard Discipline, responsible, efficient modeling agencies. To enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", to achieve "two maintenance" as the fundamental political task, focus on "four implementations" to find political deviation, focus on party group (party committee) functional responsibilities supervision, enhance The scientific precision of the patrol, ensuring that the party’s central decision-making is not worthwhile to fall. To continue to consolidate the results of deepening inspection and guidance, play the role of the integrated oversight platform and contact the masses, insisting on seeking truth from facts, according to law, depending on the law, depends on the work of the patrol party, and integrate the inspection into "three do not" integrate, strictly Tour discipline rules to ensure high quality completion of this round of patrol tasks.

  By approved by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, this round of inspection on the Provincial Party Office, Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, Provincial Government Office, Provincial Political Consultative Bureau, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Party Political and Legal Committee, Provincial Committee , The Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Party Office, the Provincial Party School of the Provincial Party Committee (Guangdong Administration), Provincial Court, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Natural Resource Office, Provincial Culture and Tourism, Provincial Health and Health Committee, Provincial Registration Military Affairs Office, Provincial Emergency Management Office, Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Medical Assurance Bureau, Provincial Hong Kong and Macao Office, Provincial General Trade Union, Provincial Social Science Federation, Provincial Industry and Commerce, Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Provincial Disabled Persons, Provincial Red Cross Society, etc. Organize routine inspections, conduct special inspections on the party group of the Provincial Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, the Provincial Reserve Food Management Corporation.

The patrol time is from Octhy to December. (Reporter Wang Cong correspondent Gao Qiuguang) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu).

Strong air air brings big wind and rain, snow, this weekend, Quancheng will cool down vigorously

Original title: Strong cold air brought big wind and snow, snow, this weekend, Quancheng will welcome strenuous cooling on the 4th, a strong cold air will carry out rain (snow) affecting most parts of my country, bringing big wind and rain and dramatic cooling. .

The Municipal Meteorological Observatory released important weather forecast this morning. It is expected that strong cold air will bring a sharp temperature rise of 10 ° C ~ 12 ° C this weekend and big wind and snow.

According to the meteorological department forecast, this strong air air will start from the west to the east from tomorrow, and we will affect most of the country from the south. In the next two days, I will affect the northwestern region, 6 days, North China, 7-8, continue to affect the Huanghuai and South China.

During the sweeping process of strong cold air, most of the temperature will fall by 8 ° C ~ 10 ° C, the local decline or above 16 ° C, and many places will create new low in 7 days.

During this time, most areas are accompanied by northern winds, gusts 7 to 8. 5th to 8th, most parts of the Middle East will have a rain and snow weather process.

Specifically to Jinan, according to the important weather forecast released by the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the impact of strong cold air, the wind, rain and snow and strong cooling on weekends will be all debut.

In terms of the wind, on the 7th day, North Wind 4 ~ 5 gust is 7 ~ 8, 7 days to 8 days from the southwestern wind 4 gust 6; rain and snow, 7 days during the day, there is light rain, some parts of the mountain area Rain and sandwich; 7th night to 8 days cloudy. The most worthy of concern is the sharp cooling of strong cold air. Forecast, the highest temperature in the city in the city, about 19 ° C, on the morning of the 7th, start to affect the city, the temperature will continue to decline, and the process is lowered by 10 ° C ~ 12 ° C. After the 7th, the temperature was lowered to 5 ° C.

On the morning, the temperature is lowered to the lowest, the northern region and mountains – 5 ° C, urban and other regions – 2 ° C ~ 0 ° C, most areas in most parts of the city have frozen. The highest temperature during the 8th slowly rebounded to 7 ° C. (Liu Wenzhong) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The number of high-tech enterprises in Xinjiang established three-level linkage and cultivation mechanism rapid growth

Original title: High-tech enterprise rapid growth Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology website publicizes the list of 230 high-tech enterprises in Xinjiang’s first batch of reported reports. At this point, Xinjiang high-tech enterprises are expected to break through thousands.

In recent years, Xinjiang has vigorously implemented innovative driving development strategies, and cultivates high-tech enterprises as an important starting point for developing high-tech industries and enhancing corporate independent innovation capabilities. As of the end of 2020, there were 792 high-tech enterprises within the validity period of Xinjiang, with more than 10,000 scientific and technological personnel, and realized more than 100,000 employed, sales revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan. High-tech enterprises have become a backbone that cultivates high-end talents, promoting employment, driving high quality development.

Over the years, Xinjiang has improved the cultivation mechanism of high-tech enterprises in the district, land and county. The Science and Technology Department selection technological innovation has a strong enthusiasm, and has the initiative to cultivate the core independent intellectual property rights, incorporating high-tech enterprises in the backup cultivation library; encouraging the conditions of the provision of high-tech enterprises to give a one-time reward, incentive Actively declare high-tech enterprises; the projects of high-tech enterprises declared in the Autonomous Region-level Science and Technology Plan project are tilted. Relying on existing technological innovation service platforms such as National High-tech Zone, Characteristic Industry Base, Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, Integrated Finance and Tax, Law, Intellectual Property and other intermediaries, Xinjiang provides comprehensive services to high-tech enterprises, and combined with financial, taxation and other departments , Coordinate the implementation of relevant policies and other related policies to promote the development of high-tech enterprises. The relevant person in charge of the High-tech Department of the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region said, next, Xinjiang will screen a number of enterprises in the existing high-tech enterprises, giving tilting from the project, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprises, forming a demonstration leading role, Drive more high-tech enterprises to initiate innovation and create strength for the economic and social development of Xinjiang. (Xie Hui Change) (Editor: Chen Xinhui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.