The latest situation of new coronary virus pneumonia in Jiangsu, November 16

At 0-24 November, 14 cases in Jiangsu newly entered a diagnosis case (all of the Philippines input, the same entry ship crew, in Lianyungang City designated hospital isolation treatment). At present, there were 18 cases of diagnosis of treatment of fixed-point hospital (3 cases, 15 cases of overseas), and 4 cases (all overseas input) were received by medical observations. Since January 22, 2020, the province has reported 1617 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed patients (including 162 cases of overseas). The epidemic risk level reminded as of 24:00 on November 16th, there were 8 high-risk areas, 95 medium-risk areas: high-risk areas (8): Heilongjiang Province Heilongjiang Province (3): Aihui District Luyuanchun Community Hongzhi Community, Zhang Yingzi Township Bubble along the village, thermal community Sunshine Home Community. Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province (1): Hezhuang Village, Dawei County. Xinji City, Hebei Province (1): Xiaoxinzhuang Township Xiaodong District. Chengdu, Sichuan Province (1): Chenghua District, Chenghua District, Dongyuan West District. Dalian, Liaoning Province (2): Zhang Tun Community in Xinhua Street, Zhuanghe City, Changsheng Street Zhang Tun Community. Medium-risk areas (95): Ningxia Yinchuan City (2): Jinfeng District Forest Peninsula Community, Xingqing District Sun City Garden Community.

Beijing Changping District (1): Tiantong Beiyuan Second Community. Haidian District, Beijing (1): Fu Li Taoyuan C District, West 3rd Flag Street, Haidian District.

Heilongjiang Province Heihe City (17): Aihui District Bowen Community Changhui Athens City Community, Bowen Community Shangpin Jiayuan Community, Changhai Community Zhongfang Building 76 Building Community, Changhai Community Shengtai Community, Human Bao Financial Insurance Community Forestry Capital Building Community , Jinlan Community Forestry Capital Community, Warm Community North Country Pearl Community, Warm Community Oya Riverside Community, Bowen Community Academic House Community, Fulong Community Yimin 2nd District, Changhai Community Pengrui New Starting Community, Changhai Community Anju Community, Changhai Community Longbin Road Traffic A, Financial Community Huahe Community, Unicom Community, Jinlong Community, Middle School, No. 90, House, Town, Town, Town. Harbin, Heilongjiang Province (1): The Phase II of the Golden Jiayuan Community (No. 7, No. 8, 9).

Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province (3): Ge Xiangshan Town, Leadshan County, Xinzhou District Hyde Wenjingyuan Community, Iron San Community Jinfeng Garden.

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province (1): Xihe Village, Shenze County.

Chengdu, Sichuan Province (9): Blu-ray Carey Lights Jinjiang district; Chenghua Xing Yuan Huasheng two; all area Pi Xipu days Jing Hui district, West County Lanting B cell area; High-tech Zone Poly Lily Garden District Champs international three cell; eastern New grass pond street Chengdu Golden Rooster village community Anshun 1 to Yumin Street 354 14th Street; New Town area triple Greenville area; Guangming Street Dujiangyan City, No. 27, No. 29 Guangming Street, bright Street 65.

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province (7): Fuyang City Jiayu Town Binhu Community, Wenze Community, Guo Gang Village, Chu Village, Lu Village, Jinshui District Future Road Office Yinji Dynasty Fourth, Xinmi City Xinhua Road Xinhui Street Community. Zhoukou City, Henan Province (1): Dugou County Nanguan Community. Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of Dehong (4): Mao Meng sister town of Ruili City, East Village, etc. He large groups of villagers, and other get-island town such as Sau Sau village group of villagers, Wanding Town Defense Street Area (East to Peace Street, south Street and democracy Ring Road, west Zhengyang Road, north to the defense Street); Yingjiang that state town village streets. Yubei District, Chongqing (2): No. 398, Shijiaohe Community, Baosheng Lake Street, Chongqing Xingqi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Changshou District, Chongqing (1): A group of Central Park Community, No. 88, West Second Road, Gu Town Community, Bodhi Street.

Dalian City, Liaoning Province (45): in the mountains Kwai Ying Street community Wuchang Wuchang Street, Building 184; Ganjingzi Spring Street Long Long River Park Community Building 26, Nanguanling street Yao Xing community five K3 District Gimcheon Yao Road Building 32, Golden spring street Riverside community Tanxi cell D3, Building 8, spring street Plaza Riverside community Auchan cell P5, Building 9, spring street Yijia community sunshine Station City area P1, Building 51, Nanguanling street Green Park community Yue Ling Street, Building 1, spring Street Springs Hyatt community N3, Building 18, Nanguanling street Yao Yao Xing Road 36 apartment communities, the Chinese way streets run foreign community CRL Arc de Triomphe three WINSUN Street, Building 39 ; Zhuanghe City Chengguan street ocean village sand hill village, Chengguan street ocean village Shao Liang village, prosperous streets generals Lake community Ming Yun Fu Di district, prosperous streets generals Lake community Xin Xing Cheshire area, Chengguan street ocean village Liu Liang village, Chengguan streets of gold community Xinhua district, Chengguan street for some emerging community Xinhua Road, Building 22, Chengguan street narcissus community in the future new home district, riverside village under community Xingda street gangou, General prosperous communities like Lake street show district Court, in Chengguan street narcissus community Jin Yuefu district, long Xinhua Street community Building, Xinhua Road, Sec 64, Chengguan Street financial community prosperity Sec Street, Building 91, long Zhen Hong-Chang village temple at village, town and small rooms Wu furnace body Murayama Tsui, Tuen, black island town of Shannan Tun Village house, black Isle town district want two homes, community Chengguan street Nisshin century lily district, street markets under the prosperous community eight jiatun, paragraph 4 Xinhua street Park community Lake Xishan district, Xinhua street race village community Xinhua Road Building 5, Chengguan street Pearl rivers and mountains of a British community district, west of Xingda street community four groups, three groups of Chengguan streets of the majority community, Chengguan street Nisshin community Yellow Pearl five quarters, prosperous community of Lake Albert street General Yu Jing City II of the district, community recovery Xingda street, Building Yan’an Road, Sec 2, Xinhua street Xu Ridge community Ring Road No. 333, chestnuts town phoenix Baocun Harrier Ridge village, Lan Bao code Dianxiang village three teams, Portland Township gold field Tuen village six p.m., black Isle village town house Shannan East village, black Isle town of Palace Estate, Tuen large Chung Jin Ge furnace furnace Tuen village dongge; Wafangdian City, Xinhua Road, spring street 95 spring community building. Overseas (except for Macao low-risk) is still all high-risk areas.

Experts advise: the recent emergence of indigenous confirmed cases of domestic regions, the epidemic situation is still severe and complicated. Delta mutant strain has spread fast, fast replication in vivo, a long clearance time, etc., presented an even greater challenge for epidemic prevention and control. Everyone is responsible for their own health first, health protection should continue to do, pay close attention to the official release of authoritative information on the epidemic, the epidemic dynamic changes in the domestic and in high-risk areas, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, constant vigilance, strict precautions, support with prevention and control measures.

First, take the initiative and prepare Times, with the prevention and control of management. We must not adhere to the non-exit, not in high-risk areas and there are indigenous cases affected areas.

Recent history of indigenous cases lived in epidemic areas, especially been newly discovered cases of overlap areas or to track (back) Soviet personnel should be arrived at after the Soviet Union (recommendation should not be more than two hours) initiative as soon as possible to the unit, community ( village) or stay at the hotel report, actively cooperate with the implementation of the registration information, such as nucleic acid detection and quarantine control measures.

Second, the new crown positive vaccination virus vaccine.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent new crown pneumonia, helps to establish herd immunity barrier, slowing and eventually block the epidemic, protect the health of individuals and families. Follow the community or unit arrangement, in strict accordance with the immunization program, vaccination schedule followed. Focus groups in a timely manner to strengthen immunization.

Third, adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control measures.

Autumn and winter are respiratory disease, high season, gathering places in personnel, in a confined space must adhere to wear a mask.

In public places, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, theaters, stadiums and so on, actively cooperate wearing masks, temperature test code, one meter line and other measures.

Public transport, elevators, in the hospital, patients suffering from fever or respiratory infections, as well as health care, transportation and other industries with high risk of exposure to personnel, should be properly wear a mask. Fourth, to enhance awareness of personal protection.

Adhere to wash their hands, wearing masks, often ventilation, less aggregation, good personal hygiene habits with chopsticks, Dining System and so on. Once the fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, smell taste loss, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, muscle pain and other symptoms, should be timely treatment according to standard procedures, and take the initiative to inform the activities of the trajectory and history of exposure to 14 days.

Wear masks on the medical road to avoid riding a public transport. Source: Healthy Jiangsu Recommended.

I can’t sleep anymore,Wang Youcai sat up from the bed。He thought about it,Still can’t help getting out of bed。Opened the door and walked out gently。

In the sky at this time,A bright moon hangs high,Bright as day。The whole compound,Very quiet。Workers who have been busy for a day,I fell asleep long ago。
suddenly,Wang Youcai found a light on in the room where Mei Zi lived,A little excitement was inevitable in him。This woman pestered him to enter the mountain,When was she,I feel like she can do anything,But when you enter the mountain, you feel like you have changed。No way,What kind of stuff is she,He has to figure it out。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai tiptoed and walked straight to the room where Meizi was lit。What Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Meizi’s room door was hidden,Leave a thin gap。Of course not to look carefully,Can’t tell at all。It may be a little hot to sleep at night,She deliberately left it out for air。
The problem is that since the door is not closed,You shouldn’t have to turn on the lights,In this case,Most people can’t find it。But it’s hard to tell if you meet someone like Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai held his breath,Lie on the door and look inside。Gosh!This dead woman actually fell asleep。She wore a thin floral pajamas,Sleeping on the wooden bed。With her breath,The two peaks on her chest also moved up and down。
Mei Zi’s thin waist was exposed,Under the light,Her exposed skin looks white and translucent。Wang Youcai’s little heart jumped wildly。He can’t help it anymore,Gently opened the door and walked in。
He turned around,Close the door very lightly,Then I put a bolt from the inside。When he looks back,But unexpectedly found that Meizi was already sitting on the bed。
“What do you want to do?”Meizi lowered her voice,Asked coldly。
Wang Youcai smiled,Walked over,Sat down next to Meizi。He smiled and said:“What am i doing,Don’t you know?”Wang Youcai said,He put his arm around Meizi’s shoulder as soon as he reached out。
“Don’t fool around!Be careful i will yell”When Meizi said this,Cute little drum。
Wang Youcai looked at Meizi’s expression,His other hand is already on Meizi’s thigh,Keep touching upwards。His hands are moving,The big mouth is also posted。
“The louder you call,I’m getting more excited”Wang Youcai was panting,He pressed the plum on the bed。
This woman has no symbolic resistance at all,She wrapped Wang Youcai with both hands instead。Wang Youcai smiled triumphantly,Reach out and press on the wall,The room suddenly became dark。
Two as dry wood hit the fire,It burned in a short while。moment,The whole house is the gasp of mixed men and women,There are women who are seductive*sound。
This night is a restless night,Wang Youcai is too tired,Didn’t get up at dawn,Until the workers went to work,He sneaked out of Meizi’s room。
Although he is very careful,But I was still seen by Liu Ying。Liu Ying angrily dropped the kitchen knife in her hand,Caught up in two strides。
“Hey!Rice noodles are almost gone,I told you two days ago,Don’t take it seriously,Don’t blame me”Liu Ying shouted angrily Chao Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai stopped,Glancing at Liu Ying and said:“Took gunpowder in the morning,Can’t speak well?”Liu Yingbai glanced at Wang Youcai,Ran back to the kitchen。
Wang Youcai went back to the house and got dressed,Then go wash it up again,Then I walked towards the jeep parked on the edge of the yard。at this time,Plum rushed out of the kitchen,She yelled deliberately:“Boss Wang,Bring me on,I’m going to the city to do something?”

She watched Gu An’an’s circle of friends,Because of work needs,Before you go to work, are in a group,Circle,Her Jiusi Game,Are luxury in her hats。

but,Gu Anan high consumption,Gu family is also raising,After all, Gu Jia,As long as you operate,Not lack of money。
but,in other words,Luxurious life,It means inferiority,Gu Anan has never confident。
Luxury senior life,Put up the face and vanity。
Blue Xin,Move forward,For Gu Ai’an appeared in Gu Jia,In fact, there is no idea.,If she is kind,I don’t want to have a sister.。
pity“Blue,Do you not go to the designer exchange today today??”
Lu Haicheng asked。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,Say:“Aunt,Today she is very busy,I don’t recommend that I know other designers.,Everyone is very busy today.,Hurriedly see the side,Who can’t remember?,She said that after waiting for a long time.,Go to eat together,I will introduce it to me again.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Teacher Li thinks about thought。
Blue,I have a meeting in the evening.,That morning, we can go back.。”
Blue Xin nodded slightly,“Just,Kiki should also go to the hospital to remove the plaster.,They also have to start school.,I have to go back to prepare for the children.。”
Her heart has been remembering her daughter。
Kiki’s hands and feet can’t move,She is not around Kiki,The little girl is still sad.,But the girl is sensible.,Know what she wants to work,Not wrapped with her。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Laugh:“Blue,That day,Let’s send Qi Qi to the hospital.。
As for the four children to go to school, you don’t have to worry,I have already arranged.,you do not need to worry。”
Blue Xin looked back at him.,Essentials have been grateful,Have her help,She is really labor-saving。
Lu Hao is deeply awkward,“Blue,You have seen it with me.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“Human feelings!”
“But I am really。”
Lu Hao’s eyes look deep deeply。
Blue Xin is quite speechless,Just want to talk,I heard someone called her.。
Lin Dami stands at the corner of the other side,Looking at Blue Xin, loving。
Blue Xin micro slide,Not cold, not hot, called。
Lu Haocheng also looked at Lin Deman slightly,Lin Dami came over with two people,said laughingly:“Ah Cheng,You will go first.,I have some words and blue blue。”
“it is good!”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,That’s the most perfect masterpiece,A pair of blacks deeply looked at Blue Xin,Elegant pace。
Blue Xin looked at the mother and loving mother,Know,I am afraid that I have said Jiaqi’s things.。
NS623chapter:I have not considered this matter.
Anyway, this thing will face sooner or later.,It’s better to talk to your mother.。
Children can’t have fathers,She is a single mother,Experience this kind of thing,Kids can have Dad best,Dad has a lot of influence on children.。
Lin Deman laughed:“Blue,We went to the coffee shop next door,Mom gives you ice cream and coffee。”

Qin Ning glanced at him,“In this way,It’s better to live in the villa.,Be like a thief。”

Lu Haokai has some pan red,“I want to let the Anan come to home.,But the people of Gu Jia disagree.。”
Qin Ning Road:“There is no time to make you a wedding banquet now.,The old grandmother is also at home.,To make Gu Anan come over, it is indeed difficult,However, Gu Ai’an is now your legal wife.,You bring your own wife home,They have no reason to say anything。
Now our home has made this situation.,But you have to die.,How does Gu Aian are also a raising a child?,Once we do something,Their home is not possible to stand by。”
Her people,Even under hell,Also pull a pad back,Gu Anan is one of them.。
Lu Haokai:“Mother,I see,She has something to go out,This will be almost returned to Gu Jia.。”
Gu Yimei is back.,He also doesn’t like the past。
Qin Ning should have a sound,“Let me see your sister.,work on your businesses。”
Qin Ning said,Go to the second floor。
Lu Haokai stands in place,Slightly lip。
Lift,I saw the family hanging on the wall.,No Lu Hao and Lu Si,Only their family。
In his life,Lu Hao Cheng,I have become a stumbling block in his life.。
They are like people in two worlds,Strong comparison,Lu Haicheng is so unique。
Lu Haozheng all the sign,reason、Stabilize、Toughness、Attach、It is even more understanding。
In the heart of Dad,It is a person who won’t fail.。
He reborn in adversity,Whether you walk how much bend before,How much setbacks and humiliation,There is no tragedy,But let him get better and better,Successful career,reputation、status、And reputation is better than a year。
His double boxing,Tight thin lips slightly open,If you are angry, you will be out of his teeth.:“Lu Hao Cheng,I don’t believe that my life is more than you.。
There will always win you one day.,I will let you feel that the gap between us is not measuring with money.。”
He said,Turn to the lower floor,Every time I think of Lu Hao Cheng,He slowly,He will play your own advantage,Get yourself outstanding。
Gu An’an,I heard the cheerful laughter of the grandmother.,She changed her shoes in Xuanzong,I have seen Shen Jiaqi sitting on the sofa yet.。
Gu Xiandai is pulling her hand,Be happy to say。
Gu An’an’s gaze,I caught the stomach of Shen Jiaqi,That look of stomach,Let her scorpion slightly shrink,This child,Actually。
This woman,When she says her face, I want to take my child.,Finally, I secretly left the child.,Become her boss,This woman is like this,How can my mother can’t see it??
“Anan,You’re back。”
When Gu Xili came downstairs,I saw Gu Anan, standing.。
Gu Xihong,Cang Yi Lin and Gu Yi sitting on the other side,Lin Deman’s eyes look at Gu Ai’an。
Gu Anan contacts their eyes,I feel myself in my instant.,She is like an isolated child,I have no courage in an instant.。
NS875chapter:But I haven’t forgive you yet.
She toughly pulled out a smile,“dad,I am back。”
Gu An’an。
Gu Xiaoyamai is not polite:“Are you a restaurant in this home??
I want to come back.,I don’t want to come back.,If it is seen by the reporter,Our houses have been lost by you.。”
Gu Anan walked down with a slightly,if it is possible,She really wants to move out of this home.,But her now plan has not been completed,Can’t leave。
Shen Jiaqi saw Gu Anan,It is also a changing,Slightly,Some inexplicable uneasiness,Didn’t see Gu Anan。
Atmosphere with Gu’s milk,Get a bit stiff。
Gu An’an’s eyes of the emotions,She can’t be angry now,Anger,For many years, I will give up.。
She laughed:“grandmother,I have something last night.,Busy arrival,No home,I am afraid to bother everyone’s rest。”

Poor parents in the world,It seems that Sun Yuejuan has been watching them。She is afraid that Zhou Li and Xia Jian will stay together for a long time,Something will happen。

Zhou Li is away,Xia Jian quickly turned off the light and went to bed。But lying on the bed,He is not sleepy at all。Tossing and rolling on the bed,It’s probably midnight when you fall asleep。
Xia Jian, who was awakened by the knock on the door, stood up,He looked at the phone beside the bed,Found it was seven o’clock,He finished washing as fast as possible。Then rushed into the living room,Grabbed two buns and ran away。
At this moment Heiwa walked in,He moved Xia Jian’s luggage into the car。Sun Yuejuan stood at the gate,I’ve been watching Xia Jian’s car go far before returning to the house。
The Heiwa who drove the car suddenly asked Xia Jian:“President Xia!When i just came,I saw a Bentley driving away at the gate,That is your friend’s car?Too rich”
“You may have heard of this person,She is Zhou Li, the original sales director of Venture Group。Come back this time,Really rich,Shocking”When Xia Jian said this,,Eyes floating out of the car window。
Winter morning,Unusually cold。Xia Jian looked at the thin ice on the glass,Can’t help but say to Heiwa:“Turn on the heating and air conditioning!”
“Bear with me for a few minutes,Fire temperature comes up,I will turn on the heating”Heiwa said,Ha ha smile。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore。These people who followed them,Really good,Think about the company’s interests everywhere。
Heiwa is an old driver,The car drove fast and smoothly,Unknowingly, the car has stopped in front of the terminal。Heiwa smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You wait for me here,I’ll come up to see you off after I parked the car”
“Hurry back!I have to send my luggage?I don’t even think about it”Xia Jian declined the black baby,Dragged the luggage and walked in quickly。This is winter,If it’s summer,He didn’t want to bring a piece of clothing。
Xia Jian dragging the suitcase,When going through security,I accidentally saw a familiar figure,Haven’t waited for her to react,That person was also startled,So he rushed to him in two steps。
“President Xia!Really you!also goGZ?”It’s not someone else,It’s the little witch Lu Wanting。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“You goGZplay?Still have something?”Xia Jian looked at this woman,Found she has matured a lot。
Lu Wanting glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I have to deal with a little thing,Really didn’t expect,Can meet you here,It seems we are still destined”
The two talked and laughed and entered the waiting room together,Then I found a seat and sat down。Lu Wanting is the same as Xia Jian,Also dragged a small suitcase,The two smiled at each other,Their personalities are indeed too similar。
Lu Wanting sat next to Xia Jian like a child。She asked with a smile:“Are you still an official in your Pingdu city??”It seems his thing,Lu Wanting has no idea。
Xia Jian sighed,So he told Lu Wanting briefly about his affairs。I didn’t expect Lu Wanting to listen,Hehe smiled and said:“It’s ok,We can’t do it。Back to Bucheon,You are so capable,It’s not difficult to do one thing well”
“Tell me about your situation?Haven’t seen you for a long time”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Lu Wanting sighed and said:“Our company andGZA company here did a business,It’s a bit of money,But what I didn’t expect was that the boss of this company was a rogue,He’s playing lazy and won’t give us money,I’m asking him for money this time”
“how many?Will it be difficult。Use the law if it doesn’t work。If you need help,Despite opening。I am now in Bucheon,It’s more convenient to do these things”Xia Jian said solemnly。

“Um,It’s not bad to follow Li.,Future development will definitely get better and better,I still help him to take care of the winery.。”

I heard Ye Double is also followed by Li.,Ma Xiaoliang is even secretly celebrating that he has no running road.。
Day night,Ma Xiaoliang also told Zhou Qiaoqiao to say the leaves of the leaves.。
Zhou Qiaoqi also feels some unexpected,But more firm let Ma Xiao Liang follows Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui’s ability is still skeptical about Ma Xiaoliang,After all, I have done so many years.,I always feel a kind of professional and wrong, I always feel that there is a kind of professional.。
But I think it is a rushing of the leaves.,He feels that it should be a talent.。
In this way, he feels that Horse Xiaoliang will try it.,Anyway, there is a double double,What big should not have?。
After passing,Ye Shuanghuang also opened a meeting directly,Announce Ma Xiaoliang as a temporary factory。
Everything is handed over to Ma Xiaoliang。
First arrived,Ma Xiaoliang felt crowded。
Liu Dafu originally thought that Han Shanshan left,How did this factory generally turn to him?。
I didn’t think that Li Hui lived in a person.。
How can this endure?。
When you find someone to give Ma Xiaoliang。
Even those workers greeted him with him without saying hello.,See this scene,Liu Dafu is also very dark in his heart.。
Ma Xiaoliang also did not expect the first day to meet a bunch of things.。
The factory worker negative is not said,Even the financial department report has problems。
This makes him endure.。
Directly, I found a finance and workshop director.。
Facing Ma Xiaoliang’s reprimand,The accounting of the Ministry of Finance is a face, the Director of the Finance.。
They listen to Liu Dafu said.,Ma Xiaoliang is temporary。
In the end, can the factory manager or Liu Dafu。
And they do this,Just to make Liu Dafu faster.。
Once Liu Dafu went up,Then many oils in the factory will become their。
Thinking of those they also feel, you can take a risk。
After all, the risk is the most, it’s sin.,In case,That is a bicycle change motorcycle。
Failure, the old man,I won’t have any problems.。
But let them not think of it is,Ma Xiaoliang’s sentence after completion,But it is directly let the two become face.。
The first thousand five hundred and forty-three chapters
“If you don’t want to do it?,You can have a resignation report now.。”
This exit,The other two faces come without a change。

“Are you looking for me,Come,Come in。”George shouted,Eyes super foreground“Ding”Glanced。I’m probably doing it to the front desk,That she is her acquaintance,No registration。

Tian Lu successfully entered the Maggie Fashion Magazine,Follow George into his office。
George put down the papers he had been holding,Asked“Assistant Tian,Why are you free to get eyelashes today??”
“I have always wanted to come to you for a while,It’s always rare to meet the right time,Afraid to disturb you,Today is here to touch,Unexpectedly,Met you,I hope not to disturb you!”Tian Lu said with a smile。
“Did not bother,You are here to shine!”George uplifts others,Humbly back。
“how,Was it nice to work with President Lin last time??I heard Lin Xin say,You live up to their expectations,Nice job,Works well。”George narrowed his eyes and continued talking,Praise。
People,Who would not listen to good things。Listen to the language from George,Always make Tian Lu deeply impressed,Tian Lu was heartbroken after listening。
But she has to be humble“You and Mr. Lin praised it,I just did my job。”
“Xuchang should praise you well,So outstanding、So capable,Earn profits and good reputation for the company。”George continues to praise her。
“All recommended by you,It is rare to have such a good business cooperation without you。”Tian Lu never forgets to talk sweetly to George about the rhetoric on social occasions。
Hearing Tian Lu’s reminder,I think I really did a good job for her company。
George suddenly exclaimed,Like recognizing one’s own credit,He said“I admit this,I made a big contribution to match you up,Lin Xin has shown enough face,Do you know who her husband is?But nowadays movie star,It’s the evergreen tree in movie songs,Tu Yifan,but,Now I have directed a few films。”
Tian Lu was taken aback,Didn’t care much at first,Listen to his introduction,Too shocking,It turned out to be the famous acting star Tu Yifan。
I heard George continue to introduce“She didn’t even invite her husband,Her husband is very famous,Any platform,Tens of millions of income is ready。”
Tian Lu checked it on the browser,Seeing Tu Yifan got married with an outsider wife more than ten years ago,The wife outside the circle is Lin Xin,So low-key?This Lin Xin is Bi Lin Xin,the same person。
Tian Lu sighs inwardly, it’s incredible,Lin Xin obviously can let her husband promote her cake shop,Don’t worry about popularity and influence。
George seemed to see through her mind,Explained“Don’t understand?Lin Xin can rely on her husband’s reputation as a cake shop‘Platform’,Why have to use the traditional way,To promote it in a popular way?”
Tian Lu nodded repeatedly,Said“You are right,Tell the truth,I really have so many questions。”
“Lin Xin’s biggest feature,Is independence、On their own,And don’t borrow her husband’s light,Don’t block her husband,Her quality and her husband’s perspective,I really appreciate。”George looked admiring。
“Oh~,Turned out to be like this,It’s amazing,Too connotative,Is a relatively low-key strong woman,Ok,Is our role model。”Listen to his introduction,Tian Lu’s Understanding of Lin Xin、Understand unlimited appreciation,The power of an example rises in my heart。

The director who hopes to find a way on the contract is speechless,A moment later,He angrily said:“I think it is necessary to revise and improve the previous contract content.。”

Ignore this unwilling director,Ralph·Robbins continued:“Gentlemen,Although for Rawls·Royce,Collins·Mr. McKenney’s departure is indeed a great loss.,But actually we don’t need to be so nervous,We might as well think about it in reverse,Fortunately, Collins·Mr. McKenney is not going to our old rival Pratt·Whitney and General Electric……”
really,Heard Ralph·Robbins’s words,The expressions on the faces of the directors look much better:From this perspective,Sir Robbins is right,Although Collins·McKenney’s departure for Rawls·A huge loss for Royce,But fortunately,Collins·McKenney didn’t go to Rawls·Royce’s competitors。
See the reaction,Ralph·Robbins knows the fire is almost there,He has a slight meal,Then he said confidently:“And gentlemen,We have to understand,Rolls·Royce is Rawls·Royce,Never rely on someone,But our deep foundation and technical accumulation,Collins·Mr. McKenney’s departure will certainly bring us some losses.,But have we resigned over the years few experts?
But Rawls·Royce or Rolls·Royce,Rolls·Royce is Rolls·Royce,We are still one of the strongest companies in the world aeroengine field,We never do anything because of someone coming or leaving。”
“Yes!That’s it!”
“Jazz,well said!”
Ralph·Robbins’ words made the faces of the gentlemen of the British Empire who look bigger than the sky look better.:Yes,You collins·McKenney is indeed a little capable,But so what?Without you Zhang Butcher,Do I want to eat piggy?
Don’t even think about it!
But this way,Fernandez·When Chen cooperated,But be careful,This guy is not a good thing……
Just when the directors gave Chen Geng a label in their hearts,Ralph·Robbins spoke again,As soon as he speaks,It attracted the attention of the directors:“And gentlemen,I think Mr. McKenney’s resignation,It’s actually a good opportunity for us to make a fortune from Mr. Fernandez。
Why do you say that?
Because everyone knows the gap between the level of Huaxia people in aviation engines and ours,Also know that a successful aero engine has multiple departments、Countless designers and engineers have worked hard for many years,If the Huaxia people think that they can dig out a technical expert to make a good aviation engine……

“Yes,It’s you。”Rosemary showed a kind expression for the first time。

“boss,boss,Your car is repaired,”Bob ran into the office very excited,Rub your hands:“Do you want to go see?”
“Repaired?”Chen Geng stood up,Surprise Road。
Since I’m the boss,Lincolncontinental Mark 2The restoration work was handed over to Bob and Anderson,Chen Geng’s request is simple:Don’t be afraid to spend money,But what must be repaired is like a new car,All parts that need to be replaced must be original parts!
Fortunately, although production has been discontinued almost20Years old,But after all, it’s not those classic cars that have been discontinued for 30 to 40 years,The accessories for this car are not particularly hard to find,The only problem is that the price of these accessories is really not expensive,If it weren’t for Chen Geng’s money now,He really can’t repair this car。
“All right,”Bob nodded repeatedly:“I assure you,Your carcontinental Mark 2Absolutely all existing in the United Statescontinental Mark2The one with the best appearance and driving quality among them。”
I heard Bob,Where can Chen Geng stand it??Get up and go out immediately:“go,Take a look!”
Bob walked in front of the dog:“boss,please follow me。”
Lincolncontinental Mark 2The repair work is carried out in the repair shop that Bob is responsible for,Don’t need Bob to lead the way,Chen Geng came to the repair shop on his own,Looking at the car covered with custom-made jerseys,Chen Geng……
Chen Geng did not have red eyes、Hypocritical trembling hands,He could not wait to tore off the black velvet jersey,next moment,Lincoln that has been renewedcontinental Mark 2It caught Chen Geng’s eyes。
Bob gave Chen Geng an extremely dog-like explanation:“boss,according to your request,This carcontinental Mark 2on,All the places you want to renovate,Refurbished by the originals we all use,Need to be replaced,They are all replaced by new original genuine parts,In addition, we have carried out a comprehensive maintenance of the engine and gearbox according to your requirements,and……”
I didn’t wait for Bob to finish,Chen Geng raised his hand:“Give me the key。”
Bob closed his mouth cleverly,Obediently give the key。
Open the door,Sit in a large, soft and comfortable calfskin seat,Chen Geng immediately felt that he was trapped in the soft leather sofa.,Comfortable,What does that sentence say?The large and soft leather sofa and the front passenger and co-pilot seats are the essence of American luxury cars.——Let’s imagine,When you and your beloved woman are racing on the road,Suddenly interested,It’s when the love is deep and the girl is pushed down,Or two people get off the car and go to the back seat?
I really disagree and have a relationship,As a result, there is still an obstructive shift lever between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat、Handbrake and cup holder blocked,I have to go to the back seat anxiously,What is a bad view?This is called horrible scenery,In Chen Geng’s view,Hold back、Foot brake(Change the hand brake to foot)And front seat,This is the essence of American cars,unfortunately,Such a fine tradition has been abandoned,You Shu Ou Zhe is angry but not angry?
Bob looked at Chen Geng sitting in a daze in the car seat with a strange look,I don’t know what my boss is in a daze,Waited for a long time,I found that Chen Geng was still quiet,He gave a cautious cry:“boss?”
“what?Oh,”Chen Geng wakes up,listenV8Low engine running sound,Did not drive,But suddenly asked Bob:“Bob,You said,It’s better to sell this car or keep it for myself?”
“Sell off……How much can this car sell?”


It is precisely because I understand this layer,Macomb·Hughes scolded fiercely。
Chen Geng shrugged:“This way,Here comes the problem,entireMD-12The total investment needs to be similar45To50Billion dollars,McDonnell Douglas estimates that he won’t be able to make a few money,They just come up with technology,How much is Lockheed prepared to spend to participateMD-12this project?20100 million?still is25100 million?”
Macomb·Hughes pursed his mouth tightly,Ugly face。
also25Billion dollars,Macomb·Hughes didn’t tell Chen Geng,This time Lockheed is ready to take the most8100 million dollars to participateMD-12project,this one8One hundred million U.S. dollars,It is already the most money Lockheed can get,No matter how much1000Don’t even think about ten thousand dollars。
Facing the ugly face of Kom·Hughes,Chen Geng sighed,Spread your hands out:“So you see。”
“and so,you thinkMD-12No chance of success?”Macomb·Hughes took a deep breath,Confirm to Chen Geng。
“this is notMD-12Is there any possible success,Is it possible to spend so much money?。”
Macomb·Hughes became silent,Yes,Mr. Fernandez is right,this is notMD-12Can you succeed?,For McDonnell Douglas,They don’t lack the skills to build big airplanes,What they lack is funding,Even during this period of time, their life has been much better,But now the entire aviation industry still has little confidence in McDonnell Douglas,Although several companies have started to contact McDonnell Douglas about purchasingMD-12The problem,But so far,Didn’t even sign a contract of intent,But the more so,Everyone is becoming less optimisticMD-12Can be born smoothly。
And for those airlines,sinceMD-12Flight routes Boeing747Can also fly,Then why do we have to purchaseMD-12、Instead of already having20Years of history、More reliable and has developed to the second generation of Boeing747What?
Macomb·Hughes is really unwilling,After a while of silence,He finally couldn’t help saying:“Is there no other way??”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”
“any solution?”Macomb·Hughes quickly asked。
“Throw money。”
Macomb·Hughes called a speechless:I also know that spending money can solve the problem,Isn’t the problem not money?