5 teas that are best for spring drink and health

5 teas that are best for spring drink and health

At the time of recovery of all things, you should choose the appropriate tonic method to nurse your body. It does not hinder the choice of tea, because the tea contains catechol, which has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and can also remove free radicals.

  Is it better to drink some tea in the spring?

  1, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing liver and eyesight and liver and liver, especially suitable for spring attacks, but also has the effect of detoxification fitness and evacuation of wind and heat, can promote blood circulation, beauty and moisturize the skin, butTry not to drink chrysanthemum tea for people with cold hands and feet.

  2, rose tea rose has the effect of dispersing liver and qi and promoting blood circulation, but also balance endocrine, effectively regulate the liver and insulin tract, and eliminate the fatigue of the body in time.

In addition, it can relieve vascular diseases, have beauty and beauty, and improve the symptoms of dry skin and dark spots.

  3, jasmine tea can eliminate the cold in the body, but also can refresh the spirit, calm the mood, eliminate the stomach upset.

Auxiliary treatment of female reproductive function and physiological functions, and beauty and beauty, relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

  4, Lily tea when there is memory loss, insomnia and more dreams, dizziness, headache can choose lily tea, has the effect of nourishing the body, Chinese medicine believes that lily tea can calm the nerves, as long as it can relieve the anxiety of anxiety.

  5, honeysuckle tea spring wind is relatively large, easy to be exogenous wind evil, this time choose honeysuckle tea can prevent spring upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis and gonococcal flu, as well as adjuvant treatment of periodontitis and enteritis.

  Things to pay attention to when drinking tea in the spring 1. Pay attention to the time of drinking tea. There is also a certain emphasis on drinking tea. You should choose the time to drink tea correctly. Try not to drink too much tea at night, which is not conducive to sleep, and even makes the liver fire becomeexuberant.
Pay attention to diet when drinking tea. Some people eat greasy food and then drink tea. This is wrong, and it is easy to cause gallstones or kidney stones.

  2, according to the physical quality of the choice of tea, each person’s physique is not the same, according to their own physical fitness to choose the right tea, do not blindly, only drink the tea can achieve health effects, if the body is sunnyChoose white tea or green tea. If the body is cold, you should choose flower tea or black tea.

  Warm reminder that the spring tea that has just been listed must not be in a hurry. Because the tea leaves are not harvested for one month, the substances inside have not been completely oxidized, which may cause abdominal distension and diarrhea, and the stomach is not full of active alkaloids.Caffeine is easy to cause nerve excitement.

In the midsummer, there are some tricks

In the midsummer, there are some tricks

The entire northern hemisphere seems to be hot all recently, so the citizens of the world are using their brains to find cool ways: wonderful, interesting, weird, amazing, no matter how different, as long as it can be cool, then try it.


hzh {display: none; }  1.Once meditation “heart and nature cool”, popular in the middle of white-collar workers to replace the Lili repair has been staying, unpacking, looking for inner peace, self-cultivation. The ultimate goal is not to believe in things other than life, but to know usYourself.


The “dive” into the hot summer of the sea is the most active time for the diving fans. The reset is because the obsession with the underwater world is replaced by the summer.

From 40 ° C on the water surface to 20 ° C under the water, there are many tropical fish companionships, that feeling, cool to the bottom of my heart.


There is no doubt that there is a wilderness in the water park. Wet body is the best way to cool down in a hot day, so find a water park to sprinkle wild.


Is it extremely hot to cool the home with physical cooling?

If it is, then your family needs to cool down physically.

I put the warm, warm colors and furs that I like in winter, and try to put on the summer light, blue, green, and see how?

Black and white is also very cool.


Have you seen the refreshing short hair, and the female stars in the fashion circle have boldly cut off their long hair?

Short hair has become a trending hairstyle for women around the world. Another advantage of short hair cuts is that it is cool. As for men, bald head is also an option.


The reason for the temperature of the cool SPA in summer is that the subcutaneous cells are vigorous, the oil secretion is increased, and the time when the pores are in the open state is also significantly increased. The skin care ingredients in the SPA are most likely to exert their effects.

It also consumes a lot of speed and promotes the decomposition and transformation of temporary cells.


The “horror” method of watching the cold in the hot summer is the wisdom of life in Japan since ancient times.

Compared with the horror film in Europe and America, the Japanese horror film pays attention to psychological horror. The change of the plot falls and the ups and downs, the viewers are scared out of a cold sweat. This method of cooling is somewhat “perverted”, but it is also a small remedy.


It’s very hot with heat and heat, do you still drink hot tea?

Yes, the so-called negative and negative, it is a good idea to use heat to attack heat.

Hot tea is in the hot word, it can dilate blood vessels, promote sweat glands, make perspiration more smooth and reduce body temperature.


If you don’t buy anything, going to the mall is a great way to spend the summer.

Because there are few rest areas in the department store, only the shopping area can be visited, so it is recommended to go to the shopping center.

In addition to a brand-name store, there are restaurants, cinemas, ice rinks, beauty salons and other projects, not to be bored all day long.


The Museum of Forgetfulness has a different kind of cool world in the museum.

In addition to the help of air-conditioning, the museum’s exhibits can be amazingly intriguing, look at the changes of the history of the past 5,000 years, or appreciate the beautiful art, the museum can sublimate the boring life, let you forget the heat for a while.


Quickly solve a summer popsicle, a cold drink, a bottle of iced beverages, a bite down, instantly cool, even the gas is white and cool.


Cold jokes If you are born with timidity and a sense of humor, a joke will be a cool post for summer.

Master the health and longevity of the four health regimens

Master the health and longevity of the four health regimens

Guide: Chinese people’s health care, in addition to the existing health care knowledge and health practices, mainly Chinese medicine health.

TCM health is the life experience of the Chinese people for thousands of years. It is an important part of human life science and a profound and profound study.

It is now an era in which TCM health education shines.

  The rise of health care in recent years has a certain social and historical background.

  First, in the process of running a well-off society, the aging of the population will soon come, and health and longevity will become a huge social demand, spending money to buy health and form fashion.

This phenomenon is impossible until the problem of food and clothing is not solved.

  Second, the whole society’s health concept, health concept, medical model has not yet undergone a new transformation, and the disease medical model still dominates. Although “main prevention” is the focus of health work, it has not achieved the “main” actual part.Health care has been in a spontaneous state for a long time, and it has been quite passive in the face of huge social needs.

  The third is that a small number of people are sensational, and the speculation of speculation is rampant, and some tricks have emerged.

  What is the true essence of TCM health education?

I want the experts to do a comprehensive overtaking.

I am here to talk about a few related opinions: First, TCM health science needs to solve its basic principles and core content, and it must be related to the spirit of the times, environmental changes, and real life.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” pointed out from the height of “the teachings of the ancient saints”, “virtual evil thief wind, avoiding sometimes, faint nothingness, sincere qi, spirit instinct, sickness and never.”

This health-care thought, from natural environmental factors to mental and physical psychology, has made clear requirements and is extremely targeted to the excessive tension and fatigue syndrome that occurs in contemporary social life.

The relaxation, relaxation, and relaxation that are now said are part of the “darkness and emptiness”.

But to say that, to do it, it is actually very difficult to practice.

It is very difficult to achieve complete relaxation, radical relaxation from the mind, and no certain ideological foundation.

In addition to the fierce competition in real life, the Chinese people’s traditional morality pays attention to introversion, modesty, ignorance, and cautiousness are being played down and lost. Now advocated is Zhang Yang, brilliant, rising, “a soldier who does not want to be a marshal.Not a good soldier, the pursuit of blockbuster, fame, so it is difficult to do “hidden and less desire, peace of mind and not fear, work and tireless.”

  Second, TCM health education suggests the general rules of human health care, health and longevity, and improving the quality of life and quality of life, but the general rules must be closely integrated with the individual’s age, physical fitness, health status, and customs, so that they can be personalized and personalized.The way to keep in good health, not to be generalized in a dogmatic manner, across the board.

It is best to find the basic and major factors that affect your health and win in the most effective way and with the greatest perseverance.

In history, Zhuge Liang is the most well-known “dark and vain”. He can’t do it without being tired, only to live to 54 years old.

Zeng Guofan has a deep health theory. He puts forward that “health is less irritating” is very reasonable. He advocates using “hot water to wash feet” before going to bed. It is also effective and easy, but only lived 62 years old.

Therefore, there is a distance between having health knowledge and sustainable practice.

What we advocate is the combination of knowledge and action. The health of a person is appropriate.

It’s too late to ignore the health, deliberate health, and excessive health.

The true health life is to naturally melt the concept of health in daily life, without revealing the traces, and become part of the rhythm of life without pretending to be a gesture.

Lu Guanglu, a master of Chinese medicine, told me that Mr. Yu Youren has several deputy pairs (calligraphy), “not living in health, but also in the world.”

I think it’s wonderful!

Mr. Yu Youren was an old man of the Revolution of 1911. He died in Taiwan in November 1964. At the age of 85, he was considered a high life.

Is it true that Mr. You Ren is not healthy?

Does he really not advocate health?


He just did not specialize in devoting to health, actually lived a healthy life in accordance with the laws of life, and only lived in the country or lived in the downtown area, and lived in the same place as the gods.

This is the highest level of health.

  Fourth, people’s health life should start from improving the lifestyle, starting from the simplest and most subtle, starting from the youth age and starting from the health of daily life.

The most important one is to have self-control ability.

The so-called “persistence” is a matter of perseverance!

People often say, take your legs and hold your mouth.

I think it is not easy for a person to control his mouth.

Ho’s unable to swing hands,Sandably he leaves,Can’t see an angry。

Gao http://www.shuanka.cn Bao,Gao Yang looks at the slow water,Muttering:“It’s just a young lang in the end.,If you know that you know private enmity,Said you a lesson。”
Back home,Gao Boyi has been thinking about a problem。
How do you know that he is monitoring Gao Zhan??
Is it a solitary life??
It is a high ocean surveillance.,Still Gao Zhan is monitored in a high ocean?
If it is the former,So high-quality emphasis on the construction of intelligence,Why did I be played for two years before??
if the latter one,Then you can only show that the high ocean has been very impressed by the two younger brothers.。Those people are monitoring Gao Zhan,Discovering another person in investigating the Skills in Gao Zhanfu,So causing the attention of the ocean。
“And that person is not a solitary life!”
Gao Bao,It seems to be outside http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn the tiger,There is also an internal security organization in the high ocean hand.!Intelligence ability is not even more than tiger!
These things can only be said to be fine。
On the evening of the three sites from the three sites,Solitary life, one person visits,Quiet like a thief。
“Unfielder,Long Wang(Gao Zhan)Volume is here,You first take a look。”
The solo lonely industry put a delicate wooden box in front of Gao Biyi。
“You are this……”Gao Bo Yi doesn’t understand which life is playing.。
“Chang Guang Wang training in the government,It seems that I want to ask for myself.。People who have this idea you must not think of who。”
The solitary life is unique to continue:“Since you help me handle big trouble,I solve the lonely industry is not a person who is ungrateful.,Naturally, I understand。
Chang Guang Wang did not want to pack you one day.,He http://www.lfxajt.cn has been waiting for opportunities。He wrote your name on the grass.,Every day, it will take a tie。”
Someone in the lonely industry can not help,Gao Zhan is deeply,But some are really like a child。
Does he have a disease?!
Gao Baoyi nose is ignorant。He didn’t expect himself to have this treatment.,It was actually remembered in Gao Zhan.。
“Who is the person who gave Gao Zhan??”
“Changzhou Wangfu,Clerk!”
The military is a businessman who belongs to a palace.,Wang House owner appoints,Big moisture than participating in the military。
simply put,It is the dog’s legs around Wang.。
“Tiger Wei and another inner security forces,Both, there is a chess piece,You investigate Chang Guang Wang’s things,Not that I leaked to my Majesty。”
Sincerely said。
This has exposed a lot of problems。
For example, what did you say that the goyout is telling the high ocean?,For example, the solitary life knows that the high ocean is still ambushing another person.。
For example, Silairo’s Ash is almost unity.,Why is the Changshan King Gaozhi arrived in time?。
“Boish brother,I already have the plan to leave the city to Jinyang.,There is a saying that there is a saying that。The water of the city,Although you are intelligent,But double boxing difficulties,Someone, I suggest you accept him.。”
“who is it?”
“We have seen it that day.,Ancestral。He is I have seen the worst,Have him help with you around you,Any bad man is can’t hurt you.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS65chapter Attack and defense

Wang Dong’s awareness,Strong pain,“Summer,I am thinking this time.,Can you go now??”

“Don’t transfer topics。”
http://www.sandcat.cn Summer a pair of dark eyes deeply stares each other,“Just now I said name,Your pupil changes。”
This can be perceived。
Wang Dongxie Ping Fu sentiment,But his inner heart is set off a huge waves.。
Without him,Because these days,Zhang Pingan let him collect all information and information about summer。
As Zhang Pingan’s heart,He knows a lot。
Classifying the boss is about to deal with this guy,But I didn’t expect it to meet in advance.。
This guy,Have an inexplicable association with the owner of 堡,It is also a hand in the 堡.。
Youth Junjie in the top circle of Qinghai,Did http://www.yxwed.cn you dare to put one。
Wang Dong is secretly called,The intestines have repented,I know that the other party is,He will not do it at all。
And not to say that this guy has a stronger combat power,Only the relationship between the other party and 堡,Just。
“I……Hear your name。”
I have been forced now,Wang Dong quickly found a reason,“Many people know,You have a lot of trouble in 堡。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Slightly thinking,This excuse can also be said。
Think here,He touched the phone,Go out,I dialed the number of the Thunder.。
“What is Zhang Pingan?……”
After a moment,Summer returning,I can’t see my face on my face.,Tangle,Take out a bin,Handed a king manager that has been standing in the box。
“I am sorry to break your wall.,This is compensation。”
“what?Do not,no need……”Wang Manager http://www.lpfamily.cnshook his head。
“Take you。”
Summer put cash into his hand,Turned to Yunno,“let’s go。”
Yun Ino nodded,Step along,And Luo Qianjin also bite his lips,Fast keep up。
“Tell your master。”
When walking to the door,Summer stop,The sound is cold and cold,“Want to retaliate,East Lake in Waterstown in the middle of the night,Laozi is always waiting!”
After that,Take a big step。
Yunno and Luo Qianjin followed。
Until their figure completely disappears,The whole box is instant,Scream,Rules。
And Wang Dong is directly dialed a call.。
“Boss,Zhang Shao was hit……”
A luxurious villa room,Zhang Ping An, a woman who pushed away,Stood up,“What did you say!”
“Zhang Shao was hit。”

“Hello,I am a drunken manager Lin Weiwei,Excuse me,Today, the cucumber is you given to us??”

In the phone,Lin Weiwei’s voice is very nice,I quickly asked。
“Correct,I am sending!”
Shen Xuan admitted,Ask:“If you want to buy a cucumber,Please come to my home tomorrow morning.!”
“Before you,Flying Fish Building and September willow managers have already contacted,And all already,Come over tomorrow morning!”
This time!
Lin Weiwei, the phone is directly silent.!
“Hahaha,Xuan Ge really cattle!”
“People come to cooperate,As a result, Xuan Ge said to death.!”
“How do you talk about how people talk??”
“Absolutely,Really burdens!”
People in live broadcasts all http://www.yxage.cn smiles,No one wants,Xuan Ge is so straightforward,I have so many information all expose so many information.,The people who are silent.。
It’s hard, it is really that I said too much.?
Shen Xuan himself is a bit suspicious!
“Their speed……Are you so fast??”
Lin Weiwei’s voice is a bit unacified.,I am busy:“Mr. Shen,Please send me your address now.,tomorrow morning,I must go,Never absent!”
“it is good,no problem,Give you now!”
Shen Xuan loose a sigh of relief,Send the address to each other,This is excited.。
Flying fish building、September、Drunken building!
Three hotels,One is not lost!
All have to come to find some cooperation!
What does this explain??
Explain that the taste of cucumber is no problem.,Quality is no problem!
Three old-fashioned hotels come to buy!
“Xuan brown,It’s awesome tomorrow.!”
“The plan of Naxin brother is really successful.!”
“Let us wait to see it.,The http://www.njjinbang.cn manager of three hotels tomorrow is coming.!”
“Xuan Ge,How much do you plan to sell a pound??”
“A catty ten,I haven’t seen it.!”

Ferris Star: Lifetime learning is the moat of an entrepreneur

Power and endurance for waiting opportunities.At this stage, with the continuous upgrading of the consumption level and the continuous increase in business competition, entrepreneurs cannot be at the status quo, and they should continue to learn the trend of the development of the times.The platform helps enterprises to innovate and develop.

Among them, the curriculum of Ferris Star’s "Top Strategy" helps entrepreneurs to recognize the status quo, find a strategic model that stands out in the competition, solve the three core issues of companies to find people, money, and find directions, so as to make a good plan for bamboo.

It can help entrepreneurs to clarify the shareholders’ equity ideas, determine the incentive plan and system of the stock, formulate the first phase of equity incentives, how to sign a shares, the stock agreement, etc., help entrepreneurs to stabilize talents, transform capital thinking, and obtain continuous earningsBig money internal power.

“No evidence。”

Jun Yulian is shaking first,Nice,“However, according to the information survey, it can conclude,It is killed by summer.。”
Merely,Her eyes reveals a grief hate。
See her,Four people opened their mouths,I don’t dare to say more.。
They think of the closed disciples of the lotus。
Gu Yun and Jun Yulian have long http://www.manfully.cn been in the end of life.,Both parties in the secular world,It is also the door to the door。
As a result, the ancient clouds die in the summer knife.。
not only that,Lianhua Town Treasure,Therefore, it falls in a mysterious master.。
Not exaggerated,Summer has already been in the hostile parties in the summer.。
If it is not a mysterious master around the summer,I only afraid that the lotus sent.。
“Yulian division,Is that summer is so powerful??”
One of them asked,“But why should I invite him to participate in the funeral??”
Nature is to die!This is the words of Jun Yulian,Of course, I will not say it.。
She smiles,“I do not know either,But I also asked my father.,He said……”Her words have not been finished,Suddenly,A sound came outside。
“Jingcheng Jiangjia,Jiang Luo Shen!”
Sound falls,People http://www.mobi-x3.cn still stay in the hall go out。
And the original surface with a faint smile,But it turns a color。
Not only her,Two men who came together with Xuantong real people,There is also a quirky between the look.。
They got up their consciousness,Watch。
NS2411Chapter In the past
Doorway door。
A woman who is in black is going to work。
Women’s face does not apply half-silk powder,But there is a color of the country。
hair、Wrist、Nothing is not decorated,But still beautiful suffocation。
Originally, the hall is quiet.。
Everyone ‘s eyes,I can’t help but move as a woman’s footsteps.。
Although it is daytime,She is like the night star,That flawless face,Almost no volatility。
What is a gas field?。
At this moment, the woman is the perfect interpretation of the gas field.。
Her way is not slow,Not awkward。
Can,Are leading your attention,A focus center。
Jiang Luo Shen!For the family representative,These three words are not strange。
The same mystery。
Beijing has three beautiful。
A demon,Second fairy,Three gods。
They are demon women in summer,Fairy dust,God ginger。
These three women can definitely be called a legendary woman。
But relatively,Whether it is Shandu,Still dust,In some public occasions,Still can be seen。
Lee alone。

Guangdong launched 2021 primary and secondary school teachers’ title review

Original title: Failure to teach in a weak or rural school may not apply for senior professional title on April 21, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education jointly issued the "Notice on Doing the Title of Primary and Middle School Teachers’ Title of Primary and Middle School Teachers in 2021" (The "Notice" herein), it is clear that the review standards and level evaluation standards of the professional title of primary and secondary school teachers in the province in 2021 will be completed before the end of October this year.

  The implementation of a one -vote veto system for the implementation of the teacher’s ethics performance, the dissertation of the only papers at the present, the title review of the professional title of the teachers in Guangdong Province has entered a normalized stage of development. The "Notice" proposes that the evaluation of the professional titles of primary and secondary school teachers must adhere to the evaluation orientation of teaching people and educating people. This evaluation orientation is to strictly implement the first standard for evaluation of teachers’ morality and ethics, and implement a one -vote veto system for teacher ethics; take the performance of education and teaching responsibilities as the basic requirements of evaluation, highlight the evaluation of education and teaching performance, break the scores, rises to school, and only Diploma, only thesis, and hats are stubborn; strengthen the requirements of teachers’ ideological and political work, and take the construction of curriculum ideological and political construction and educating effects as an important evaluation.

  There are also many "good" policies for grass -roots teachers.

  Among them, the teaching experience of rural schools and weak schools is a necessary condition for applying for senior teachers. Teachers who have worked for more than 4 years in the old revolutionary area, the Central Soviet Area and the ethnic area for more than 4 years and qualified for the assessment.

For rural school teachers, rigid requirements such as papers, project projects, awards, and titles (including commendation honor) are not made. Teachers who have taught in rural schools (including teachers of urban schools and teachers) for more than 3 years and outstanding evaluation performance are given priority evaluation and employment under the same conditions.

For primary and secondary school teachers who have long -term work in the old districts, the long -term and rural areas, and the high -level titles are "targeted, targeted". The "Notice" also proposes that the implementation of professional title review and post employment is strictly implemented to increase the proportion of senior positions in primary and secondary school teachers. Combining the management reform of the "County Management School Employment" in primary and secondary school teachers, reasonably coordinate the positions of teachers at all levels of different levels of education segments in the county, and promote the balanced allocation of teachers in the field of basic education.

  The proportion of schools and teaching and research institutions for reviewing Zhengzheng Senior Teachers does not exceed 30%. Except for Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the evaluation of the professional titles of senior teachers in primary and secondary schools in the province in 2021 continues to be organized and implemented by the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

All localities and relevant units are organized within the proportion of job structures approved by the local and relevant units. The specific places are determined in accordance with the actual situation of the local and the unit and referring to the data review data of the senior teachers in the previous year. declare.

  In accordance with relevant national regulations, the teachers who have approved the school (except for rural primary schools, teaching points) and teaching and research institutions (including principals, deputy principals, and deputy posts of school organizations, and deputy posts of teaching and research institutions) shall not exceed 30%.

Guangzhou, Shenzhen Primary and Middle School Senior Teachers’ Title Review work is responsible for organizing and implementing by the regional senior professional title review committee approved by Guangzhou and Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Department. The Department of Education has filed.

  The "Notice" states that it is necessary to effectively improve the efficiency of job title evaluation and appointment, and timely implement the subsequent appointment and salary for the reviewers of the review.

Establish and improve the service mechanism for professional title application to provide convenient services for teachers including private primary and secondary school teachers. Teachers who are engaged in basic education and teaching research and electrification education in various regions and county -level teachers can participate in the evaluation of primary and secondary school teachers. (Reporter/Wu Shaomin) (Responsible editor: Zhang Chenmu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see it.

If you want to be famous,I have to open my own“singer”identity,The global sales of the playful tickets slowly break through millions of sheets,Light is sales division and copyright fee,Just a few million http://www.onebestone.cn dollars。

Recently, you have too hot.,Chen Linzhi felt that it might need to be low-key,Enhance the security power around you again,It is best to hide for a while。
He chooses to turn off the phone,Avoid contact with others,It is not a matter of practice.。
A few hours a few hours,Many investment institutions in investing in stock index futures,Like crazy, look for futures empty orders,Trying to rush or left the right hand to change the position,Some people are even willing to premium5about,Trading outside the field,However, Chen Linzhi has never been moved.。
Factual prove,His wait-and-see attitude is not wrong,Because continue to hold an empty warehouse,The profits of book wealth are maximized,Because of this“Be seen”Move,Naturally, it will also be sinful.,Out of prevention,I really should be careful,Since some madness http://www.longjuhotel.cn that is forced to do,After all, people are tested。
Zhao Baiwei’s ray·week,Currently, Chen Linzhi’s partner。
Two people jointly operate a senior law firm in steaming,There are also some contacts in the usual business.。
This law firm,It is barely, it is some famous in the last circle of San Francisco.,The scale is continuous expanding,Also received some litigation cases that were more concerned,There is already nearly 30 lawyers。
All day,Lucy·Zhouji will expose the identity of Chen Linzhi in the public occasion,Mainly in order to show strength,In turn attracts the attention of high-end customers groups,This thing is not in my heart.,But today happened to have been turned out.。
Nummer is about 1 o’clock in the afternoon,New York has been marketable,Single day fell further to262。
Lucy·Zhou personally boarded the door,Chen Linzhi, certainly can’t block the partner outside the door.,When he met, he smiled and asked.:“Who has such a big face,Do you invoice you??”
There are not many contacts between the two people.,Details of the specific management of law firms Chen Linzhi never intervene,She is only sent to some meeting records and management decision documents regularly.,Let Chen Linzhi bent。
Thinking of nothing to don’t seem to be a three treasure hall,Today’s situation is more special,It is also no wonder Chen Linzhi to guess,Lucy·Ms. Zhou This is coming over with other purposes.,The biggest possibility is who is going to the head,Have to go to this。
Talk to smart people,Lucy·Zhou Mouth:
“I don’t want to blend in those business things.,There are indeed two people today, I want to see you.,I only tell them that you are traveling abroad.,Can’t contact in a short time。
Later, my best friend also found me.,Her daughter is《San Francisco Chronicle》jobs,I want to ask you if you have an empty,If you are willing to accept interviews,Tomorrow’s headlines on the headlines on your photo。I think this is not a bad thing.,You really need to improve your own influence,Many people are talking about you now.,Very good for your fund business。”
“I understand your idea,But even if I don’t come out.,Those media still continue to report news about me to make money,You can also play a promotion of my fund company.。On this segment,I am worried that it is too high.,Call some unnecessary trouble,Some people are too serious this loss,And I earned a lot of money.,Some people may red me,You should understand what I mean.?”
Chen Linzhi personally got up to help her down water,Supplement:
“Contact my media today is very much,《New York Times》、《Forbes》Magazine,These magazines have been highly high before,Now the team wants to interview me.,My assistant is helping to get rid of it.,In fact, I want to be cold treatment.。
The water in the financial circle is relatively deep,And I used to be a poor little child in a slum.,The foundation is not deep enough,It’s impossible to compare with others.,I always feel that it is not a good time.,Does our Chinese don’t have a sentence?,Sulking,Most stable。”
Zhao Baiwei’s ray·week,This will help your friends.,I want to interview with Chen Linzhi.。
Just helping to ask a question.,Whatever you are willing,Still want to see Chen Linzhi’s own meaning。
Finish,Learn about Chen Linzhi,She shook his head told:“I think your idea is not right.,Take a closer look, although I am not your big businessman,But you also often deal with you.,If the world is very good、Environment and order is very healthy,So you can really low-key,Some trouble is not to hide, you can hide。
Compared to selecting Mingzhe to protect a set of practices,In fact, it is worse than high-profile.,Take the opportunity to expand your influence and people circle,I know more new friends.,It is best to let ordinary people around the world know you.,Only it is strong,Can build a most solid line,You stand in the Mingsheng, others can’t get started with you.,Because I will worry about the news、Worried about too much attention,But if you choose to leave people’s line of sight,This way, it is easy to fall into the passive situation.。”
“……It seems to be very reasonable。”
Chen Lingzhi also admitted,Lucy·Take a problem in a perspective,It seems to be more high。
Hesitated for a while,He calmly admitted that he was small before.、Not comprehensive views,So decisive conversion ideas,The opening told to say:“Row,Please contact me the daughter of your friend.,I have time at any time.,Find a restaurant to eat dinner together or,It seems that I should contact those media.,Tell them that I will change my mind.,Willing to accept interviews,But it is best to ask some questions related to business.。”
“This is right,Young people have no relationships,It’s too calm.。”
Zhao Baiwu’s mother laughed,Then I started talking about private affairs.,She also invests several stocks before,Today, the same losses are heavy,Try to ask Chen Linzhi,Can you put money into a joint private fund?。
Of course, no problem。
Finish,Send her after leaving,Chen Linzhi photo mirror,Appointment hairdresser to help you cut your hair,Public figure,Pay more attention to the image……
NS332chapter Interview(two)
Chinese people’s habits,It seems that I have already entered my bones.。
This leads to Chen Linzhi no teacher,The first thing that I thought after making a fortune, I can’t be known by too many people.。Unfortunately, it has been known now.,Then there should be low-key。
This is not what is persecuted,But it is possible to encounter problems,For example, the business of the joint private equity fund just has improved.,It is encountered with many peers to fight。
There is also the stock price today.60above,Wang An Computer Company, who was emptied by Chen Linzhi,The reason why the crash speed is so fast,In addition to internal worry,There is also a combination of combination,A yellow man is doing business in the European and American business venues,Will always be more difficult than white people。