Biotech (688177) New Shares Research Report: Biopharmaceutical Innovative Enterprise Approved for the First Domestic Adalimumab

Biotech (688177) New Shares Research Report: Biopharmaceutical Innovative Enterprise Approved for the First Domestic Adalimumab
Biopharmaceutical innovation companies have no profit during the R & D promotion period.Biotech was established in 2003. It is an innovative biopharmaceutical company focusing on drug research and development in the fields of tumors, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases.The actual controllers of the company are Mr. Yi Xianzhong, Ms. Guan Yuzheng and Mr. Yi Liangyu, and the three are immediate family members, who together control the company through indirect shareholding.3111% equity. One of the company’s existing adalimumab biosimilars, BAT1406, was approved for marketing. Of the remaining major products in the pipeline for clinical research, three are biosimilars and six are innovative drugs.Biosimilars in the middle and late clinical stages: (1) Adalimumab BAT1406: the first domestically approved product with the brand name Glebli and is expected to be officially commercialized in early 2020.(2) Bevacizumab BAT1706: NSCLC indication, clinical phase III, is expected to be declared for marketing in 2020.(3) Tocilizumab BAT1806: Wind-like indications, clinical stage III, is expected to be declared for listing in 2021.Innovative drugs in the middle and late clinical stages: (1) Batifaban BAT2094: PCI perioperative antithrombotic, has been declared for production, and is expected to be approved for marketing in 2020.(2) BAT8001: ADC of HER2 target, advanced breast cancer indication, clinical stage III, single drug is expected to be listed in 2021.(3) BAT1306: PD-1 monoclonal antibody, combined with XELOX first-line treatment of EBV-related gastric cancer indications, clinical phase II, single-agent clinical phase II trial is expected to be completed in 2022. Deeply cultivated the autoimmune disease market and won the first domestic adalimumab biosimilar.The three major diseases of rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and psoriasis have approximately 15 million patients and have not been effectively treated.For the first time in RA, the Chinese Medical Association Rheumatology Branch published research results on effective relieving alternatives for Chinese RA patients8.6%, a long way from the expected remission rate of more than 50%.In the past, due to low domestic awareness of rheumatoid disease, unsupported payment systems, and alternative pricing of competitors, the sales of TNFα biopharmaceuticals including adalimumab in China were not satisfactory. The overall market size in 2018Only about 2-30 billion.In the future, the quality of life will gradually increase, and the ability to pay will increase. With reference to the penetration rate of half of the United States (10%) and considering price reduction factors, we expect that the market is expected to achieve more than 10 times growth in the future, reaching 25 billion.The company’s BAT1406 (Geleb), the first domestically produced adalimumab biosimilar drug, was priced at 1,160 yuan / 40mg / branch, reducing the original research by about 10%, extrapolating all domestic indications for adalimumabAnkylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis), trying to share a broad market for internal autoimmune diseases.In addition, the company’s BT1806, which is a similar biotoxin of tocilizumab, has entered clinical phase III and is expected to report production in 2021, forming a product echelon in the field of autoimmune diseases. Except for the field of self-immunity, the other three major late-clinical products are located in tumors and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular fields.(1) Bevacizumab biosimilar BAT1706: clinical phase III, trying to report production in 2020.(2) BAT8001: The first domestically-produced HER2-ADC in clinical phase III is expected to be reported in 2021.(3) Batifaban BAT2094: For PCI perioperative antithrombotic, it has been declared for production, and it is expected to be approved for listing in 2020. Fundraising 天津夜网 projects: The company intends to publicly issue no more than 60 million shares (without considering the over-allotment portion). The raised funds will be used for drug research and development, marketing network construction, and supplementary working capital after paying the issuance expenses. Profit forecast: We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 0.7, 50 and 200 million yuan, the growth rate was NA, 7042.86% and 300.00%; net profit attributable to mothers is -10.5, -9.05 and -11.2.6 billion, not yet profitable. Risk Warning: Adalimumab biosimilar drug Glelyx sells less than expected, risks of products under development failing to meet expectations, risks of failure to develop new drugs, interactions, risk of loss of core technical staff, failure to issue or delisting after listing(Long-term unprofitable) risks.

Supor (002032): Surpassing industry performance and maintaining good growth

Supor (002032): Surpassing industry performance and maintaining good growth
Core point of view: The company announced the 2019 performance report, and achieved good growth.Realized operating income of 198 in 2019.500 million (+11.2%) and a total profit of 22.700 million (+14 compared to the same period last year).7%), net profit attributable to mother 19.200 million (+15 compared with the same period last year).0%), gross margin 31.2% (+0 year-on-year.3pct), net interest rate 9.7% (+0 year-on-year.3pct).Q4 single-quarter operating income of 49.600 million (+11 year-on-year.2%) and a total profit of 6.600 million (+ 9% year-on-year.7%), net profit attributable to mother 6.700 million (+18.8%), gross profit margin 32.6% (0% YoY.2pct), net interest rate 13.5% (+0 year-on-year.9pct).Q4’s revenue has achieved steady growth. We expect that domestic and foreign sales will maintain a good growth; Q4’s net profit attributable to mothers will grow faster than profit growth. As a result: the subsidiary completed the improvement of the company’s identification and part of the restructuring was returned. The epidemic only affects short-term operations and does not change long-term growth.In the short term, due to the impact of the epidemic, domestic offline consumption is weakening, and the company’s production capacity in Wuhan is also under pressure.In the medium and long term, the epidemic situation will lead to an increase in home time, it will also generate more demand for small appliances, and accelerate consumption upgrades. As an industry leader, Supor has a clear competitive advantage and will benefit from consumption upgrades.At the same time, the company will continue to contribute to the company’s growth momentum in terms of category expansion and high-end brand layout. Profit forecast: We expect that the concentration of small kitchen appliances industry will continue to increase, while overseas markets are recovering, and overseas OEM orders will increase.Based on the above 杭州桑拿 assumptions, we expect the company’s net profit attributable to the parent to be 19 in 2019-21.2, 21.0, 24.800 million, an increase of 15 each year.0%, 9.4%, 17.9%. Considering that the company is the leader of small household appliance companies, it has benefited most from consumption upgrades. In the past six years, revenue and profits have maintained steady growth, and the performance stability is higher than other small household appliance companies. In the future, the performance is expected to continue to grow steadily and maintain a reasonableWorth 78.The judgment of RMB 4 per share remains unchanged, corresponding to 30 in 2020.6xPE, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: rising raw material prices; lower-than-expected consumption upgrades; weak overseas markets; high-end business development not smooth; multi-category business development not smooth.

Enjie (002812): Lithium battery crosses global restructuring volume and profits increase

Enjie (002812): Lithium battery crosses global restructuring volume and profits increase

In the first half of 19, net profit attributable to mothers increased rapidly.

On August 24, Enjie released its 19-year interim report with operating income of 13.

78 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.

44%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

89 ppm, an increase of 140 in ten years.

98%; deduct non-net profit 3.

23 ppm, an increase of 852 in ten years.


Of which the second quarter of 19 operating income7.

2.2 billion, an increase of 10 from the previous month.

06%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

77 trillion, molecular weight of 16.


Breakthrough production capacity ranks first in the world.

The company’s wet lithium battery expansion production scale is currently in a global leading position, and has the world’s largest lithium battery subdivision supply capacity.

The company’s lithium battery volume expansion in the first 都市夜网 half of 19 was three.

5 billion square meters, the world’s largest lithium battery replacement supplier, the market share is also the world’s largest.

The company has entered the supply chain system of mainstream mainstream lithium battery manufacturers in the world, including Ningde Times and BYD.

Breakthrough profitability and rapid profit growth.

In the first half of the year, the company and LG Chem exceeded the total contract amount by no more than 6.

The 1.7 billion-dollar “purchase and sale contract” with a five-year cooperation period further increased global market share.

In the first half of 19, Shanghai Enjie’s operating income8.

33 ppm, an 80-year increase.

02%, net profit 4.

08 million yuan, an increase of 84 in ten years.

25%, corresponding to 3.

The average price of 5 billion wet decompositions is 2.

38 yuan / square, net profit per square meter is 1.

17 yuan.

Wet contraction capacity continues to expand.

The company has set up four large-scale production bases in Shanghai, Zhuhai, Jiangxi and Wuxi in the country. In the first half of 19th, the company launched the second phase of Zhuhai Enjie, invested 4 base film production lines, the project filing has been completed; Jiangxi Tongrui Investment Construction 8 Base film production line project with a capacity of 400 million square meters, 4 production lines have been put into operation in the first half of the year; civil construction of the first phase project of Wuxi Enjie has been completed, 2 production lines have been officially put into operation, and 2 production lines are being installed, It is expected to be put into production in September of 19th. In addition, the company started the second phase of Wuxi Enjie New Material Industrial Base project in July of 19th, and put into operation 8 units with a capacity of 5.

The 200 million square meters of base film production line is expected to have a total investment of 2.8 billion.

Revenue from flat film rose, while smoke film declined.

In terms of other businesses, the flat film market was fiercely competitive in the first half of the year. The company continued to expand market development efforts and continued to optimize production process management to reduce production costs. The company’s flat film operating income was 1 in the first half of the year.

91 ppm, an increase of 22 per year.

22%; tobacco film operating income is 0.

9.3 billion, an annual decrease of 18.

59%, mainly due to the reduction in prices of cigarette film packaging materials by cigarette manufacturers, but the company reduced costs through effective measures such as reasonable production scheduling, which reduced costs by 20%.09%, the gross profit margin of tobacco film increased by 1.


Investment strategies and levels.

Enjie is a global leader in wet battery replacement for power batteries. Benefiting from the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the company’s revenue and profits have achieved steady growth.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 19-21.

00 yuan, 1.

36 yuan, 1.

61 yuan, according to a comparable company’s assessment, according to 19 times 30-35 times PE, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 30.


00 yuan, given the “preliminary market” rating.

Risk reminder: New energy vehicle policy changes, market promotion is less than expected.

Enjie (002812) Announcement Comments: The proportion of overseas contracts with LG’s five-year and five-year supply continued to increase

Enjie (002812) Announcement Comments: The proportion of overseas contracts with LG’s five-year and five-year supply continued to increase

The report reads the company announcement and the LG Wet Decomposition “Purchase and Sale Contract”, size 6.

$ 1.7 billion with a contract term of 5 years (2019.





Key points of investment for LG landed, and a large number of overseas supplies broke through. The company recently subdivided the “purchase and sales contract” with LG in a large wet process, with a scale of 6.

$ 1.7 billion, according to 6.

The exchange rate of 7 (the exchange rate on April 4) is 41.

3.4 billion yuan, corresponding to the power wet subdivision supply of more than 1 billion square meters, and the contract performance period of 5 武汉夜生活 years will have a positive impact on the company’s 2019-2024 performance.

In 2018, the company’s operating income for similar products of LG Chem and its subsidiaries totaled 1.

53 ppm, accounting for 11 of the company’s similar businesses.

50%, and most of the products provided are consumer segments.

The contract of this contract is a major breakthrough for the company’s overseas power battery replacement supply, which indicates that the company’s product quality has reached the international advanced level, and together with Toray has become the main supplier of LG power wet replacement.

In the future, the company will start cooperation with LG on implant membranes to further increase the value of unit products.

The customer structure is high-quality, and the proportion of overseas companies continues to increase to hedge against domestic price pressures. Company 杭州桑拿网 customers are replacing large battery plants.

Several major domestic customers include: Ningde Times, BYD, Guoxuan, Funeng, Lishen. Five companies account for more than 80% of the domestic lithium battery market.

Major overseas customers are: Panasonic, Samsung, LG Chem, which replace 80% of the overseas lithium battery market.

The company’s overseas supply decreased last year, and the proportion of overseas supply will increase greatly this year. The proportion of reorganization is expected to reach 20-25%. It will cut into the global supply system to hedge the pressure of domestic customers to replace the slump, and will get moreHigh sales prices and better sales rebates.

The leader is solid overall, and a large amount of production is waiting to release the company’s expansion in 20184.

6.8 billion square meters, with a domestic market share of 45% and a global share of 14%.

The quantified amount from January to April 2018 was 2.

7.7 billion square meters, an increase of 198 in ten years.


The company still has a large amount of production capacity waiting to be released: by the end of 2018, the company had a total production capacity of 1.3 billion flats (Shanghai 300 million + Zhuhai 1 billion).

The production capacity under construction in 2019 is 1.5 billion square meters (4 production lines in Zhuhai Phase II + 8 production lines invested by Jiangxi Tongrui, of which 2 production lines have been put into operation + 8 production lines in Wuxi Enjie trial production in August).

In 2020, the company’s production capacity will reach 2.8 billion square meters.

In addition, the company also plans to build factories overseas, with the leading additions solid.

Earnings forecasts and estimates We expect the company’s revenue to be 31 in 2019-2021.



950,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

30% / 26.

02% / 25.

14%; net profit attributable to mother is 8.



26 ppm, an increase of 57 in ten years.78% / 28.

20% / 16.

89%; EPS is 1.



59 yuan / share, the corresponding PE is 31.



29 times, give “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that budget prices have fallen more than expected, and demand for new energy vehicles has fallen short of expectations

Gu Yue Longshan (600059): Excessive demand for rice wine weakens company’s brand value to be released

Gu Yue Longshan (600059): Excessive demand for rice wine weakens company’s brand value to be released

Company dynamics maintains recent status of neutral companies We recently conducted a survey of the company and the company stated: 1.

The company has been vigorously implementing high-end strategies since 2019, and has significantly improved low-end products.

At present, the company mainly promotes the 5/8/10 year series with a retail price of 20-100 yuan / bottle. In 2019, it launched the national brew 1959 with a price of 1,000 yuan, which caused a high-end impact.


The expansion of markets outside the province will consider cooperation with non-alcoholic or other alcohol distributors.

However, the mature market still retains its own production and sales model, and the company controls its own deep distribution.


At present, the consumption scenarios of the company’s products are mainly concentrated in the catering channels; the 10-year series with a retail price of about 100 yuan / bottle has certain visibility only in Zhejiang wedding and business banquets.

  Comments The overall demand for rice wine is severely weak, and squeezed by other wine varieties, the rice wine consumer group still needs to be cultivated.

We estimate that the revenue scale of the rice wine industry can only achieve low single-digit growth, mainly due to the expansion of the marketing scale of white wine in East China, coupled with the use of the “shoucheng” strategy by rice wine companies, and channel profits are still increasing.Rebate from about 10% on average), which caused liquor to grab some market share in rice wine.

  We believe that the current increase in the company’s selling expenses cannot substantially boost demand, and its brand marketing expenditures and channel cost allocations need to be increased in order to increase the popularity of rice wine, boost dealers’ motivation, and expand the consumer base.

  We think the improvement of the company’s profitability is mainly due to the structural upgrade.

Through the company’s active structural upgrade, we expect the company’s mid-to-high-end (more than 3 years series) rice wine revenue to increase at a faster growth rate in 2019/20.

4%, revenue accounted for 71/73% respectively, which is the main driving force for the company’s revenue growth, but also promote the company’s gross profit margin.

  We believe that “Guyue Longshan” itself has only a certain brand foundation and national popularity, and also has mastered the core core consumer groups. As an industry leader, we believe it has the potential of nationalization, but the brand value needs to be further explored.

  Estimates suggest that we keep our 2019 earnings forecast basically unchanged, but because of slow sales growth, we lower 深圳桑拿网 our 2020 earnings forecast3.

4% to 1.

8.3 billion, with a profit forecast for 2021 at the same time1.

9.4 billion.

We maintain our target price of 7.

75 yuan is unchanged, corresponding to 36 in 2019/20/21.



3x P / E, currently expected to correspond to 2019/20/21 40.



The price-earnings ratio is 6 times, which is currently sustainable at 9.

3% downside, maintain neutral rating.

  Risks If other wine types continue to increase market share, the overall scale of rice wine may further shrink

Where does your false evidence come from?

Where does your “false evidence” come from?

Where does the false evidence come from?
This is an issue that must be clarified first when talking about false evidence.

Only in this way can we know both of them and why.
  The simplest cause of false evidence is caused by hunger.
Is it true that nothing fills your body?
I remember that during the three-year famine in the 1960s, many people suffered from swelling due to insufficiency. Although their legs were swollen less than buckets, they were no different from the hockey goalie.
Western medicine said that it was called “dystrophic edema”, and of course Chinese medicine was classified as a deficiency syndrome.
The treatment is very simple. It only takes a few meals and the swelling disappears.
However, this very simple treatment was very difficult at that time.
  This kind of false evidence is the patent of the ordinary people, and the big people are indifferent.
The most basic false evidence comes from innate.
  This “innate” has two meanings, one is genetic determination, and the other is development during pregnancy.
Let’s start with “genetic decisions.”
In one of the most famous words today, it is “gene”. It was received from the parents, and then it accepted the deficiency constitution: Qi deficiency constitution, Yang deficiency constitution, Yin deficiency constitution, and Blood deficiency constitution.constitution.
Although these constitutions are not necessarily sick in weekdays, there are also related “symptoms”, such as the Yang deficiency type is particularly afraid of cold, the Yin deficiency type is particularly afraid of heat, the Qi deficiency type is especially easy to get tired, and the blood deficiency type is especially pale.
Once the illness occurs, the above various constitutions will be associated with various deficiency syndromes.
Besides, “development during pregnancy” is due to the lack of certain nutrients and normal development of the fetus, which leads to false syndromes. The “five lates” and “five softness” referred to by Chinese medicine belong to this category.
Comparing the two types of congenital deficiency syndromes, “genetic decisions” are deeply entrenched. Although their deficiency syndromes can be treated, it is quite difficult to change their constitution.
  There is another important reason for the deficiency card: overwork and injury are positive, that is, excessive heavy physical work damages people’s righteousness, leading to qi deficiency and yin deficiency.
This, of course, is still the patent of the ordinary people.
“On the day of He Wo, the sweat dripped into the soil.”
At this moment, the first thing you consume is Qi. When you are exhausted to breathe out of breath, your Qi is being consumed most intuitively and vividly. At the same time, Yin is consumed, and you cannot avoid sweating.Sweat is the body’s body fluid, which consumes fluid in injury, and further damages the yin, while Qi is attached to the body fluid. With the sweat pouring, Qi is injured again.
Overwork is thus detrimental to one’s righteousness.
  In addition to “labour”, there is “labor”.
“Labor” is the same as “labor”, if too much will lead to false evidence.
  So to say another reason for false evidence is that it hurts the heart.
  Excessive use of the brain is the most energy-intensive (the “use of the brain” is written as “use of the heart” is more correct). The usual words “very carefully” and “take a lot of effort” refer to this.
Over time, your heart will fail.
And this kind of false evidence should be the patent of Chinese intellectuals. They worry about the country and the people, and take care of it, exhausting their efforts, racking their brains, bowing, and dying.
This kind of “use of fine” is fortunate for the country and the people, but for himself, it is a kind of dedication, a kind of giving, paying for health and even life.
  In addition to hurting the “heart”, some bad emotions also hurt related organs, and the injuries caused by the “seven emotions” can also lead to false evidence.
Therefore, a good mood is very important.
There are many storms in life since ancient times. Why worry about turning a teenager’s head white, the more adversity, the more comfortable, bold and open-minded, and the heart is broad and strong. Let the wind and waves rise and sit firmly on the fishing boat.
  There is also a kind of deficiency syndrome, which is caused by improper treatment, which can be divided into several cases: incurable, mistreated, and overtreated.
  Incurable disease, that is, a long-term illness without treatment, can best turn the disease into a disease, which of course belongs to the poor.
This sentence repeated ten thousand times will not fade: eat first, then take medicine.
Why can’t I take medicine if I can’t eat enough food?
So he became ill and had no money to deal with, dragging until a false card came out.There is another kind of “incurable disease”, that is, failure to adjust immediately after a serious illness, which will also make the illness debilitating.

In that great illness, one’s righteousness was severely damaged, and conditioning was to make up for that big hole.

If the conditioning can’t keep up, the disease will always be in a “tail state”, bit by bit, lingering, forever, never ending, this has turned into a false card.

And this trick is often dominated by the poor, as long as you keep your life, what will you spend that money for?

In fact, the false evidence caused by “failure” is ultimately a “poor evidence”.

  Because this is a fundamentally wrong treatment, commonly known as “reversed”: it is a cold syndrome. When using warm medicine, cold medicine is used to make cold and cold, and to hurt yang.Originally, it was a heat syndrome. When using cold and cold medicine, warm medicine was used to make the heat warmer and to hurt the yin and jin. Over time, the yin deficiency . this kind of list is endless.

  Governance, in a broad sense, is also a form of mistreatment.

The so-called “over-treatment” is that although your treatment is correct, it does not stop there.

Too much harm.

For example, after taking Qi medicine, Qi is consumed, and Qi is depleted over time; cold medicine is used, cold and yang are injured, and Yang is deficient over time . There are many such examples.

  For these three kinds of “treatment-causing deficiencies”, the former responsibility lies with the society, and the latter two responsibilities lies with the doctors. Commonly known as “quack doctor kills without a knife”, all the above-mentioned deficiencies must be said.
But there is another kind of false evidence.

The “gentlemen” of China often blush on the desktop, righteously deny it, and righteousness rejects it, and the most popular in private-that is, excessive sexual intercourse and excessive indulgence.

Three wives and four concubines. This is unimaginable abroad, but in the old China it was reasonable, legal, and more reasonable, and it was a sign of society.

Today, although it seems illegal, “characters” are still three wives and four widows in their backs.

However, it is very regrettable that the damage to the human body caused by such a living way is particularly valued in Chinese medicine. The sperm ejected is congenital essence, which must inevitably hurt yin and sperm.Such high intensity consumption, if not controlled, all kinds of kidney deficiency will follow.

The alternative to the treatment of this type of deficiency syndrome is moderation. However, this is something that “characters” are both unwilling to do and difficult to do. Therefore, the treatment is very difficult. This is no longer a medical difficulty and even belongs to society.Science and Medicine.

  Such false evidence belongs to “characters”, and ordinary people cannot touch much “light”.

  In short, the rich have false evidence for the rich, the poor have false evidence for the poor, the rich have “rich reasons” for getting ill, and the poor have “poor reasons.”

  But it is not the rich or the poor. False evidence is a kind of “poverty” rather than “rich.” Knowing the cause of it, it is also good to prevent “everything is wrong.” If you can prevent it, you will know it.With the ins and outs of it, I can understand it.

Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent abnormal liver

Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent abnormal liver

There is no doubt that people who rarely participate in aerobic exercise are prone to obesity and can subsequently cause heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

But scientists have not been able to understand why. A new study published in The Journal of Physiology shows that aerobic metabolism is related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is responsible for obesity-related diseases.The key is that aerobic exercise can repel NAFLD.

  NAFLD can accumulate abnormally in the liver of patients, and the trace concentrations in patients’ blood vessels are also high, which can increase the risk of obesity.

Researcher John Missouri State University?

Ford noted that a small number of liver diseases will be another symptom of metabolic disorders related to obesity and inactivity, and it will also cause type 2 diabetes.

  In order to test the relationship between oxidative metabolism and harmful livers, the Sford team selectively replaced recombinant mice, which resulted in different aerobic metabolism within the mice.

After breeding for 17 generations, mice with “poor aerobic metabolism” can run an average of 200 meters, while mice with “good aerobic metabolism” can run an average of 1500 meters.

  After 25 weeks of birth, these “poor aerobic capacity” mice showed obvious NAFLD symptoms: their mitochondria continued to degenerate, their ability to slightly consume was poor, and their aunts accumulated.

By its natural death, the rat’s liver had been fibrotic (a precursor to cirrhosis).

  In contrast, “good aerobic metabolism” mice have very healthy livers throughout their lives.

In fact, no actual exercise was performed on the mice.

  This discovery provides for the first time a biochemical relationship between aerobic capacity and unfortunate liver.

Researchers therefore suggest that developing a suitable exercise plan and combining it with implementation may prevent NAFLD.

Training method for proper use of home treadmill

Training method for proper use of home treadmill

Treadmills are common equipment in homes and gyms, and are the simplest of today’s home fitness equipment.

  Eat something before training. Fasting exercises can easily lead to exercise-induced anemia. Drinking a glass of juice or eating a banana before exercise can help you to exercise vigorously, but do n’t eat junk food and try to donuts.

  Alternative to the quick start mode: a good running opportunity presets a program. When you run, you only need to enter data as prompted to choose different exercise methods, such as “fat loss mode”, “cardio-pulmonary function mode”, “mountain climbing mode”, “Random mode”, etc.

Among them, the quick start mode can adjust the exercise intensity at any time.

  Pay attention to your body position: You should stand in the middle of the walking belt. You can step on the base too far forward or throw it out too far. Of course, don’t run away.

  Starting from walking: It is recommended to start from a walking speed of 4-6 km / h and gradually transition to running.

In addition, brisk walking can make more use of misfortune for energy supply, and the fat reduction effect is relatively better.

  Stop slowly: Although you are trying to move forward, your body still stays where it is, which confuses your brain, so you may feel dizzy when you step off the treadmill, and gradually reduce the speed will not happen.

Hot yoga feels the temperature of love_1

Hot yoga feels the temperature of love

“Yoga, which is derived from love, happens to change your posture in response to your temperature difference.” This Twins’ “High-Temperature Yoga” has not been heard before.

With the popularity of this song, the high-temperature yoga that has been popular in Europe, America, and Hong Kong, with a high temperature of 42 ° C, has also become popular in Xicheng.

Many gyms have added courses, and scholars are rushing to see them.

No appointment, you can’t get the number!

  Remember the hero who rushed in “Party A and Party B”?

Spend money to experience hardship in the countryside!

It seems that urbanites are more and more enthusiastic about spending money on their crimes, lazily nesting on the sofa, having large tube of potato chips, and watching the Korean drama’s soothing pastimes in the afternoon have been cast aside.A moment of pain is followed by joy and relaxation in the mind.

During this time, Xicheng became popular with a fitness method called “high-temperature yoga”. Yuanyuan and I went to St. Ma’s Yoga not far from home to experience the charm of “high-temperature yoga”.

(I mainly heard that I can lose weight, hehe) Under the high temperature of 38-42 ℃, complete a variety of yoga movements such as bending, stacking, folding, twisting, stretching, lifting, and pressing.It’s really hard for the average person to persist.

  According to the instructor, the practice in high temperature is to restore a natural natural heat temperature in India, so that the effects of high temperature yoga will naturally erupt.

What’s more important is that yoga is easy to be injured when the body is not hot. For yoga, which is about stretching, the temperature is very important.

An indoor temperature of 42 ° C can increase body temperature, accelerate blood circulation, and soften muscles and bones that have hardened due to exercise.

The human body is soft like iron in deciduous heat in a high-temperature environment.

  The action of high-temperature yoga is not difficult, everyone can act according to their own circumstances and relax in elegant music.

Interestingly, some of the actions that are usually not performed in the normal temperature yoga class are relatively easy to complete in the high temperature yoga class. You can obviously feel that the body becomes soft and flexible under the action of high temperature.

The chronically strained cervical spine and shoulders also seem to relax a lot.

Within a few minutes of the beginning, I was already sweating, and water and towels soon became available.

As requested, I tried to drink a small amount of water many times, but after some lessons, I still drank five or six glasses of water.

The clothes on her body were already soaked, but the whole body seemed to be combed over and over again.

Can you treat constipation by getting cold water early?

Can you treat constipation by getting cold water early?

Autumn and winter are not only dry weather, dry skin, but even the stomach is dry.

Some friends who have no daily troubles with constipation, but they can’t get out of it for two or three days, their stomachs are getting bigger and bigger, their pants are getting tighter, and they are sitting unsteadily. What can you do?

Diet therapy for constipation is a good treatment, which will not affect the daily diet, but also lead to detoxification.

What is the cure for constipation?

  Diet therapy constipation cure constipation diet 1: cold water in the morning to get cold water after getting up.

Drink 2 after getting up in the morning?
3 cups of cold water can eliminate constipation.

This is because the cold water enters the stomach and causes the stomach-large intestine to reflect and begins the peristalsis of the large intestine.

  When constipation, water is absorbed by the body, causing the stool to become dry and hard. Drinking cold water has the water that is insufficient for the stool.

  Treatment of constipation diet 2: honey, honey treatment of constipation Most people understand, it is because honey contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins, can effectively supplement the body’s water needs.

More importantly, honey is very suitable for people who are recovering from a serious illness or who are weak, especially children and the elderly, who are physically weak and have a sick body.

Of course, healthy people often take honey and have great shortcomings in the body.

The best way to take honey is to gradually warm it and then take it, which will make it easier for the body to absorb nutrients.

  Treat constipation diet 3, coarse grains Nowadays people’s living standards have improved and the food is getting better and better. The most unfavorable thing for Chinese food is that the more luxurious the oil contained in the dishes, the more the toxins that are easily deposited in the body.Many, long-term consumption of these can easily lead to obesity, high blood pressure and constipation and other diseases.

And if you eat some coarse grains in your life, such as corn, rice and other coarse grains can not only supplement the fiber needed by the human body but also prevent constipation.