Chengdu Construction International Craft Commerce Environment 1 | Yin Hong, deputy director of Chengdu Planning and Natural Resources Bureau: Dedicated to the construction business environment

  Xinhuanet Chengdu February 14 Electric Chengdu is identified as an international camp environment for the construction of the international camp environment, and creates a first-class business environment as a "number one project". On February 11, Chengdu held an international camp environmental construction annual mobilization meeting, launched the "1 + 10" action plan, clearly creating the specific objectives and practical paths of international creature environmental advanced cities. The meeting is clear. By the end of 2019, all the online-related matters online can increase to more than 95%, and the time limit is compressed by more than 30%; to the end of 2020, it strives to have 100% on the network of enterprises, and the time limit is more than 50%. .

  "Let information multi-run road, let the people run less legs, let enterprises run less legs, our information is followed." Yin Hong, deputy director Yin Hong, deputy director of Chengdu Planning and Natural Resources, said, will be accepted by a window , More points, information sharing, "Internet +" and other measures, focus on continuously improve the quality of real estate registration services, and effectively create a good environment for private economic development.

Promote "one window acceptance, integrated service" "multi-point certificate, all-city" "Internet + real estate registration", strengthen information sharing, reduce the martyrics, streamline application materials, compress the time limit. (Interview / photographing Wu Xiao hierarchy / Cai Yingshui).

Carrying AIGO mobile solid state drive S7 Pro high speed transmission does not fall

What is the first impression of a hard disk? Is it a square box of the four four square? Or is it a thick and heavy brick? It is undeniable that everyone’s impression of the hard disk is the case, but for the demand for work, everyone has to accept it silently. The space occupied by computer files and electronic data is in geometric facts. It is a geometric multiplication. It relies on the storage of the computer. It is not enough to reduce the traditional hard disk of the computer storage burden. choose. If there is a mini easy to carry, the mobile solid-state drive of the small business card appears in front of you, will you choose it? Don’t be shocked, don’t question, it is our protagonist in this period: AIGO mobile solid state hard drive S7PRO (1TB). Maybe you still don’t know this mobile solid-state hard drive, then, the next detailed introduction, everyone must browse, because Aigo National Goods will bring you a product that meets you all fantasy for mobile solid state hard drives.

Mini portable small business card AIGO Mobile Solid State Drive S7PRO Highlights The highlights of S7PRO is mini easy to carry, its size is smaller than a normal business card, ** product size makes it easy to put into pockets, only slap size Move the solid state drive, thoroughly interpret what is easy to carry. At the same time, 1TB’s large capacity allows the AIGO to move SSD S7PRO to install all kinds of large, small games, and can be carried at any time, no matter where you have fun.

Of course, the size of the size and large capacity can also help everyone’s mobile phone realize slimming, easy to complete the mutual task of the file, not only saving the space of the mobile phone, but occasionally chasing a drama is also a good choice.

High-speed transmission 2 seconds 1GB is small, will it affect the performance of moving solid state drives? At this point, everyone does not have to worry, and the AIGO national good thing is dare to do so small, naturally there is a secret recipe.

AIGO Mobile Solid State Drive S7PRO uses a high-speed interface, its read speed can be as high as 560Mb / s, the write speed has reached 500MB / s, which means that the 1GB file can be completed in 2 seconds, really doing Pressure transmission, backup large files. You can meet the storage needs of Vlogger and photographer material, save transmission time, and improve work efficiency.

Stable transmission does not fall across a lot of other mobile solid state hard disks, there will be problems in the transmission process, far from failing to efficient, high-speed transmission, and often have a painful lesson of lost files.

In response to this problem, AIGO mobile solid-state hard drive S7Pro reopeically reopened the TLC write algorithm. It can guarantee the full high-speed copy, reaching the smooth transmission of the speed, the purpose of not being lost, will never affect the work efficiency, can meet the designer The storage needs of large office software users such as engineers, illustrator, prevent file loss and save a lot of space for the computer. In view, AIGO mobile solid-state hard drive S7PRO is not only small and convenient, but also the read and write speed is also surprisingly fast. The high-efficiency transmission of 2 seconds 1GB can also guarantee that the whole process does not fall, does not lose files, and there is no place to pick up Start. If your work makes you inseparable from moving a solid-state drive, if you want to move a solid-state hard drive to alleviate your storage pressure, choose Aigo Mobile Solid State Drive S7Pro, which will be a choice that makes you love. For details, please click:.

Chengdu Qingbaijiang: 17 major projects in total investment over 5.2 billion yuan started

The first batch of key projects in 2021, Chengdu City, 2021. Qingbaijiang District Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by Jiangdu, January 29 (Wang Jun) Today, Chengdu Qingbaijiang District 2021 first key project centralized starting ceremony was held at Chengdu International Railway Port Metal Cloud Business Headquarters and Regional Center Project Construction Site The 17 projects of the total investment of over 5.2 billion yuan have been concentrated, marking the Qingbaijiang District to achieve a good start in "145", set off a new round of the project to promote development, and take a modern internationalization of Chengdu North Center. A solid step. 17 major projects centralized the construction of the modern internationalization of the centralized journey of Chengdu North Center, currently, the global supply chain system accelerates reconstruction, and the global resource allocation function of Luport is more prominent. Chengdu Municipal Party Committee will position Jin Qingxin Dadang District as an important economic growth in Chengdu, a large-scale development area of ??Yuruto’s land portal, and the high-quality development of production and trade, the "North Reform" region has been renovated by the old city. Transition to the main battlefield for urban function reconstruction. The continuous empowerment of major strategies such as the National Economic Development Zone, the Trade Zone, China Maintenance Zone, Dagang District and the land-type national logistics hub, let the Qingbaijiang enter the development of expressway. In order to implement the spirit of Chengdu’s "North Reform" Work Conference, in the Plenary Session of the District Committee held not long ago, Qingbaijiang proposed to create a modern internationalization of Chengdu North Center.

It is understood that in 2021, the Qingbaijiang District plans to implement 304 projects and total investment billions.

The project in this concentrated work covers modern logistics, scientific and technological innovation, headquarters economy, literary tourism, international trade, basic construction, people’s livefare and other fields, including 11 major industrialization projects, including Chengdu Metal Cloud Business Headquarters and Regional Center, Chengdu · Spring Breeze Tenges complex project, total investment billion yuan; 6 major infrastructure projects such as Phoenix Avenue upgrades.

"After the completion of these projects, the urban comprehensive bearing capacity, the construction of industrial ecotries, and continuously improve urban functional quality.

Next, our district will give full play to the radiation driving role of the landing main hub, and promote Chengdu to build a western international portal hub with a high level of open, to create a modern international, Chengdu, the center of Chengdu.

Liu Yue, director of the Qingbaijiang District Development and Reform Bureau, said. Building a modern internationalization of Chengdu, the transportation is critical. After the Mianle passengers have to enter the Qingbaijiang District, the district once again enlisted in the public transportation. "Real Recruitment" – Qingbaijiang East Railway Station and Passenger Terminal District Public Parking Retrieval improvement project started, the internal green space of the passenger hub will be rebuilt as an ecological parking lot, and the synchronization has been changed to the public parking lot of Qingbaijiang East Station. The area is approximately 10,200 square meters, which can provide approximately 340 parking spaces to further meet the needs of the masses. It is clear that the advantage of the hub will become the establishment of Yingbaijiang accelerated construction into the open industry aggregation area. The important competitiveness is the international resource allocation. Open industries such as capabilities, modern logistics, international trade, advanced materials and intelligent manufacturing are always its leading industries, must continue to expand industrial agglomeration effects and accelerate the core aggregation area of ??the open industry.

In the industrialization project started, it belongs to an open industry. Most of them have settled in Chengdu International Railway Port. The largest volume is the ceremony. The project is invested by the construction of 100 million yuan. It will build an e-commerce platform, a multimedia service platform, an electronic logistics distribution platform, a large data center and other headquarters and logistics warehousing projects, and build Chengdu as headquarters and business covers the whole country. Metal Cloud Business Platform, strive to build the largest steel trade platform in the western part. The project was completed in two constructions, and the first phase was completed and put into use in September this year.

"The Qingbaijiang, which has China-European class is the frontier of the national inland area. We have confidence will be the core, create a modern smart logistics benchmark, based on the development goals of the company, based on Chengdu, multi-point copy, radiation in the West, service The country! "Wang Liang, one of the Tianjin Youfa Group Strategic Development Center, one of the project investors.

On January 28, the Chengdu International Railway Port Comprehensive Bonded Area was officially sealed. In the development project, the United States home appliances southwestern export center, Shenzhen OK, China Zone Export Trade Project, Zhengye Yuxiang Qingbaijiang Parallel imported car modification and bonded display projects will settle in this four-main zone. Among them, the United States’s home appliances Southwest Export Center project will enter the designated plant in the standardization plant of the Formation Zone to carry out the beautiful refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and small household appliance storage distribution business, and establish a beautiful home appliance Southwest Export Center. The "Friends Circle" of the National Pavilion continued to expand the struggle to create a "all the way" to the center of the country, "I can’t travel to Chengdu," is located in the city of Yuru National (commodity) in Chengdu International Railway Port ("National Pavilion") is the Direction of Qingbaijiang District The "One Belt Road" in the north of Chengdu has a foreign exchange center, the country commerce headquarters base, the cultural tourism shopping experience, the internationalization of the Qingbaijiang show platform, thereby promoting the construction of the Qingbaijiang foreign exchange area.

In November last year, the museum cluster won the title of "New Trendy of Chengyu", and is becoming a new choice and street shooting of people.

Since the opening of the trial operation in May 2020, 10 field museums such as Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Belarus, initially forming a country’s special international trade show transaction gathering. Relying on the advantages of "class + port", Qingbaijiang continues to expand the "Friends Circle" of the National Pavilion, so that the railway port is truly become Chengdu, Sichuan, and even the highland of open from the southwest.

In this concentrated project, several new members have joined the "Friends Circle" of the National Pavilion – ASEAN Six countries (commodities), Malaysia National Pavilion, Kazakhstan National Pavilion, Belgian National Pavilion.

(Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).

Deeply grasp the major achievements of the party’s 100-year struggle

  The hundred years of journey is magnificent, and it is brilliant in a hundred years. The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session starts through the strategy of the development of the party and national business, and the party leading the people’s revolutionary, construction, reform, and summing up the great historical process of victory to victory, for the country and the nation. The great historical achievements were established, and considered adopted the "resolutions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China".

This is an important historical contribution to the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session. It is more closely united to unite the party’s central party, and further enhance the "four consciousness", and firmly "four confidence". "Two maintenance", unity lead the people of all nationalities to seize new era of socialism with new era, with significant practical significance and profound history. The "resolution" is a gli-Marxist programming literature. It is a political declaration of the Chinese Communists in the New Era, in mind, adhered to and develops Chinese characteristic socialism. The first two historical resolutions of the party will advance in the first two historical resolutions, and they will encourage the whole party to strive for greater glory on the new era. Currently, the most important political tasks in front of us is to seriously study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party, further unify thinking, unifying will, unified action, better insist on and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

  Since its inception in 1921, the Chinese Communist Party has always made a happiness in the Chinese people. It is the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as its own initial mission. It has always adhered to the ideals of communism and socialist beliefs. Unity leads the people of all ethnic groups to fight for national independence. And realize the country’s prosperity, the people’s happiness, and have already gone through a hundred years of glory. For more than a hundred years, the party leaders the people’s blood and fights, and has created the great achievements of the new democratic revolution; self-reliance, indignation, and created the great achievements of socialist revolution and construction; liberate thoughts, forge ahead, created reform and opening up The great achievements of socialist modernization; self-confidence, self-improvement, and innovation, created great achievements in socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The party and the people have struggled for a hundred years of people, written the most magnificent epic in the history of the Chinese nation.

History is fully proven: There is no Chinese Communist Party, there is no new China, there is no great revival of the Chinese nation; the leadership of the Communist Party of China is the fundamental place of the party and the country, and the life pulse is the interests of all ethnic groups, the destiny.

"Resolution" puts the focus on summing up the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle. For the intelligence of the whole party growth, improve solidarity, increase confidence, and enhance the fighters will play an important role, and have a significant impact.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core of the party, the global and the world’s great rejuvenation strategy, the world’s 100 years, unrequited changes, united the great struggle, great project, great career, great dream, unity lead the whole party The people of all ethnic groups in the country have created a great achievement of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, it provides a more comprehensive system guarantee, a more solid material foundation, and more active spiritual power, the Chinese nation ushered in Stand up, great leaps that are rich and strong. The reason why the party and national undertakures can achieve historical achievements, and historical changes have, which are fundamentally in the party central leadership of the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping. The party established the core of Xi Jinping’s Central Committee, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, reflecting the people of all ethnic groups in the whole country, and the development of the new era of the party and national business, It has decisive significance to the process of promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation.

From adhering to the comprehensive leadership of the party, the "resolution" is comprehensive from stricting party, economic construction, comprehensive deepening reform and opening up, political construction, and comprehensive legal construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction, defense and military construction, and maintain national security. Adhering to 13 aspects such as "one country and two systems" and promoting the unity of the motherland, the field summarizes the huge achievements of the new era of the party leaders, focusing on the original idea, transformative practice, breakthrough progress, landmark results in nine years.

The "resolution" highlights this key point of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, summarizes the historic achievements of the new era of party and national undertakings, and the historical change and accumulation of fresh experience will greatly encourage and motivate the whole party to further firm confidence. , Inspiring the spirit, focus on what we are doing, take the new journey with a more high gesture, and serve in the new era. In the past few hundred years, the party has an excellent answer to the people to the people.

Now, the party group leads the Chinese people to embark on the road to achieve the new test of the second hundred years of struggle.

The times are the venisher, we are the answer person, the people are the warehouse. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, Xi Xi Ping, ICLING Ping’s new era of socialist thinking, vigorously promoted the spirit of the great borders, and not forgetting the brilliance of the suffering yesterday, and the mission of today’s mission, not will be the great dream of tomorrow, In order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, we must continue to take good results, cast a new era of glory, create new historical greatness in the new journey.

2020 Excellent Jin Yunxiao Media Studio Awards Awards

Wang Jida, a media center representative of Baodi District, speaking, 2020 Excellent Tianjin Media Studio Selection Activities has received 122 works from 69 studios since January 2021.

After first review and scope, 26 pieces were achieved in three awards for the annual excellent vast work prize annual network IP awards.

Observing the studio, Haihe Tusen Studio, Memory Tianjin Studio, Radio Studio, Laughing Rock Video Studio, Pilot Creation Studio, etc. 6 studios have received an annual excellent studio award.

Mirror View Nankai Studio, Binhai Fusion Product Creation Studio has received the annual Best District Rongdang Studio Award. Xu Xi Cheng Studio, Vi Li Tank Studio, Southern Opening Studio, See the South Opening Studio, Meeting Studio, Baoyu Fusion Studio, Xiqing Fusion Studio, Yun Shangjin Nancheng Media Studio, etc. 8 studios Excellent Zone Media Studio Award. 4 district committees such as Binhai New District, Heping District, South Open Area, Beichen District have received the Best Organization Award of the annual area. 6 district committees such as Hebei District, Xiqing District, Jinnan District, Wuqing District, Baodi District, Jinghai District were received by the annual area of ??the Media Excellent Organization.

Spring weight loss is busy, not blindly taking diet pills

Height is 1 m 58, weighs 92 pounds, even if there is such a petite figure, Xiao Yan still worried that he is too fat, because she is a dry network anchor, the image presented on the camera is more than the actual number. She has a "secret weapon", which is a diet pillion from foreign generations. How can I eat the sea after eating?

It has been more than four or five years, and she is easily managed by this magical diet pill.

  But recently, Xiaozu is ball because of this "secret weapon". In her urination, the doctor has inspected the illegal drug ingredients and rest, suspected that this induced her epilepsy, and the source is likely to lose weight.

  The little clay is 25 years old. It is a local small online anchor, and the independent girl has made the whole family have lived better.

Because most live in the evening, you should choose the goods, prepare, and then you have to reap. She is not enough to sleep every day, and occasionally have to gather together with my friends, and there is very little time with my parents.

  Just half a month, dragging a tired little is hard to go home, my mother is busy giving her a good job in the kitchen, Dad is accompanying her daughter to chat with a tea in the living room.

Suddenly, her limbs were strong and twitching. The teeth were closed, laid in 3 minutes, the lips bite blood, scared their parents, and she didn’t seem to have happened. In addition to it before. Targer is more tired. "Let’s hurry to visit, is it because you work too hard, you still have less dry point …" Parents’ worry and concerns like even the beads, and Xiao was said to hide 2 years. Secret.

  Similar symptoms have passed several times in the last 2 years, every situation is almost, because it is in the unit, and she is not serious, so my parents have been in the drum.

In fact, after the second episode, she had to check the local hospital for inspection, head core magnetic resonance, eEge, etc., there is no obvious lesion, and the consultation doctor is suspected of epilepsy according to clinical symptoms, and it is recommended to treat anti-epileptic treatment. But she took a while, I was stopped.

If this time is not a parents who persist, she still puts office.

  In order to further confirm the diagnosis and find the cause, Xiao Yan to the Department of Neurology, the Department of Neurology, the Seventh People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, comprehensive related examination results and some medical history, the consultation doctor Zhang Xiaoying feels that the diagnosis of epilepsy is not wrong, the problem is what is induced.

  "Under normal circumstances, the primary epilepsy is in the childhood. She has sent it after adulthood, the biggest possible secondary epilepsy, like the intracranial abnormal lesions, viruses or other special types of infections, alcohol drug abuse, etc. It may also be induced. "Zhang Xiaoying said that these all involved privacy, they took a big force to let the little 暧. Once again, talking again in Zhang Xiaoying’s office, you can only talk to your own pressure every time, occasionally go to the bar to drink, you will drink more wine, usually have smoking, more information, more information I don’t want to say it.

Until the special inspection of blood and urine came out, urine in the urine, in the urine, the positive of the illegal drug, Xiao Xiao had to say "secret weapon". Further compared to the time of seizures of seizures, it happened to happen after she was intermittently eating diet pills. Zhang Xiaoying said that this kind of violating drug ingredients make people excitement through the role of the brain nervous system, and the demand for sleep is less, enhance the metabolism of the body, thus achieving more effects that can be reduced even if you eat more. In the whole process, the neurons will discharge abnormally, it is possible to induce epilepsy.

  In two days, Xiao Xiao took a pack of colorful medicine pots into Zhang Xiaoying office, this is her "secret weapon". "Different in size and color, eat twice a day, really useful, I am having a lot of lady around me.

"Although it has been" poisoned "to get sick, you can think of the" secret weapon "to help manage your body, Xiao Yu has a regret.

  Zhang Xiaoying took a closer look, put it with ordinary plastic bags, there is no qualified drug packaging, no manufacturers, no production date, no ingredient table, absolute "three products". "I have already eaten, you will never touch it later. Good friends around you also told them to eat again." She finally warned Xiao.

Reporter He Lina correspondent Li Bin).

The doorway area relying on "first line of four mines" to create a "mobile home"

People’s Network Beijing November 27th (Pool Dream) On November 27th, the 2020 Beijing Boutique Homestay, which was jointly hosted by the Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau, Tunitou District People’s Government, and "Doomou House" promotion activities second Season, held in Zhongliang Academy in Mentougou District. The reporter learned from the event site that the doorway area will rely on the resource of the idle mining area and the gate line railway industrial site, leverage the city’s blue network ecological restoration opportunity to create a "flowing home" in the green water in the "first-line four mine". It is understood that Jingxi "first-line four mine" refers to the "gate line" railway, and the Wang Ping village mining area, Taiwan mining area, Muli Mining area, and thousands of mines along the line.

The big line of the door, also known as the Beijing-door branch, the Jingmen Railway, is the auxiliary railway of Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway. In 1906, Zhan Tianyou was built.

Located in the Beijing-Sili District, the line is full of 12 stations in the whole line, and the line is connected to the head of the doorway and the suburban railway Jingmen line. It is an important means of transportation of local residents in the early 1990s. The larger wire is used for the first steel and power plant, and the coal of the doorgou is transported to the Beijing. With the shuttle of Taitun Coal Mine, the doorgou is thoroughly bifpeared, and the idle mining area and railway have also become a industrial site. According to the initial planning, the gate line will first send the first double theme train line – the green water green sight and the Jingxi carbon danger. The green water Qingshan is the capital of the Beijing-West Natural Folk and ancient Culture Theme train. It has a natural theater car. With the landscape change, the car sounds naturally sound effects, and the natural viewing experience of the passengers open the full sense.

The Jingxi carbon dangerous train is positioned as the theme of railways and mining cultures, and the coal industry cultural carriages are set up.

From the transition of coal railway transition, take the passengers to enjoy the new strange "carbon" insurance trip. "The project will fully consider the combination of the advantageous resources along each mine along the line, design around the regional characteristics of the door trench area, design around the natural ecology, industrial civilization, traditional culture, red education, rural revitalization, etc., fully demonstrate the functional positioning of the ecological cultural area, Diretrial and railway sightseeing lines combined with the suburban tourism, thereby accelerating the cultivation of characteristic literature health and leisure resort industries.

"Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the door-to-door area. At the event site, the Mentougou District People’s Government has signed the Tourism Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Tongrentang Group and Beijing Performing Arts Group, and the collective economic organization of 5 villages and the B & B investment enterprises have signed an agreement on cooperation projects; The group introduced the "first-line four mine" project planning in the doorway area, interpretation of "Fang Zi in the White" theme I. The design of the I. "The court" Comment on the star, the winning unit, awarded a medal, held a award-winning ceremony for the "Mentou Gou Yam" Design Competition; in the event exhibition area, the Beijing Film Academy was created, "Walking Doorou Cloth · Time to stay in the field of view "The theme of the topic. 2020 Beijing Boutique Homestay Development Forum and" Doomou Cloth "promoted the success of the second season of the event I recognized the unit and individuals who have achieved excellent results in the development of the B & B development, firmly develop the confidence and determination to develop the housing industry, and invest in the social capital to the doorway area, open the green channel. "Chasing two shots wide, wind "Hang". The door trench area will make full use of rich tourism cultural resources, integrate tourism development of various production factors, comprehensive layout, carefully planning the whole country tourism and boutique homestay industrial development project, will complete 100 "Doorgou Clothing +" pastoral synthesis in the next five years Body construction, comprehensively promote the implementation of rural resolution strategy and beautiful rural construction models, adding color to the "green water Qingshan Doorougou" city tourism brands.

(Editor: Pi Denui, Gao Xing).

The sixth lecture of "Party School Open Class": Why is China’s road with powerful vitality?

The primary lecturer Shen Chiang Liang, Professor of the Communist Party of China (National Institute of Administration), doctoral tutor.

Mainly engaged in the theory and practice of party building and party’s decision-making theory and practice.

Wonderful opinion 1. History shows that the revolution is good, it is good to engage in construction, copying the copy, only from our own actual situation, opposing thisism, anti-copying, can develop a policy suitable for our own business .

2, whether it is the establishment of New China, or the early reform and opening up, or the early 1990s, in the late 1990s, even before and after entering the new era, because the contradictions, the situation is different, it is urgent to break the inertia of history. Get rid of traditional thinking, through ideological liberation, continuously promote the change of our side institutional mechanism. 3. The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the key and fundamental of China’s success, because her strong leaders can maintain the China’s huge wheel, sail, and arrive at the target.

The speaker sent a strong vitality in China’s path? I think it is mainly four aspects: first, it is the choice; second, it is the idea of ??liberation, promoting changes; third, breaking closed, open arms, opening; fourth, the leadership of the Communist Party of China is a strong vitality in China Key to achieve success and fundamental.

I often talk about it, choose a key to persist. Since we have chosen this road, practice prove is right, then you should stick to it, insist that it is victory. This form of public classes in the party school is a very novel way. In this way, the theory presents may be relatively high in acceptance and recognition.

At the same time, it is also conducive to spreading a lot of ideas in the form of interaction, communication, which is conducive to everyone to consequent.

Previous review.

The four measures of the Liaoning Provincial Fire Rescue Corps highlight the four measures to promote the party history education

The party committee of the Liaoning Provincial Fire Rescue Corps highlights the four measures of "learning to be evaluated", do "regulating action", do "self-selected action", be excellent "innovation action", ensuring that the team moves, learn, hot, advanceParty history learning education is deep.Highlight the traction of "learning".Focus on the party committee.

The party committee held six party committees and theoretical center groups; the party committee took the lead to the Lei Feng Memorial Hall and the Lei Fenghao visited the "Promotion of the New Times Lei Feng" symposium, in-depth anti-US aid Martyrs Cemetery Remember the revolutionary martyrs, with ordinary party membership Entering the branch to participate in the "reading class" and played a projecting role. Focus on special research. Coordinate Party history learning education and "Crack four topics" learning discussion month activities, 738 party organizations in the province, more than 5,200 party members, around five topics, "speak political, walking new road, cursor, grasp", 5 special discussion.

The team concentrated on political training, grading, studied reading classes, conducting a study review, selection of 100 excellent detachment leading cadres, 100 outstanding party organization secretary went to Guotian, Yan’an Cadres College to concentrate on training, deepen understanding. Focus on all workers. The province has distributed more than 6,800 sets of 4 this designated learning book, ensuring a set of cadre people, at least one of the class, and distinguishing between the education level "four lists". To all the warfare, contract firefighters, fire clerks and fire clerks were allocated, "the Chinese Communist Party History", "Party History of Learning Education Basic Points" "Party History Knowledge 500 Question" "Party History Learning Education Record". Use the smart party to build a cloud platform, carry out the party history knowledge "Daily", weekly test, monthly test through the computer end and mobile phone, ensure that there is content, learn standards, and test. Highlight "Speaking" resonance. Use a good political faculty.

Established an expert tester, open the party history of the Party, and hired the teaching of the Party School of the Provincial Party School to "round a century course", and the establishment of the Secretary’s propaganda group, and more than 700 Party Organization Secretary participated in the "100 Secretary", "" Keep in mind the leader training words, " Yongqing Loyal Guards "Theme Education Grade Teaching; Establishing Party History Troupe, extensively carry out the" 100 stories, exhibitions "activities, guiding the fighters to keep in mind the history of party history. Use a good red resource.

Invite anti-US aid to the old warrior, the national moral model Guo Mingyi tells the advanced deeds.

Using the resident spiritual rich mine, 33 provincial, 29 city-level learning education bases, organized to visit the experience, learn joint construction, carry out the "promotion of red spirit, excitation blue flame energy", excavation in Liaoning’s "no Forget the initiative, the spirit of anti-liais, the "Liberation War, pay tribute to the most lovely people, Lei Feng foot", the touching story of the new China, in the inheritance of the red gene, the mission is taken.

Use a better side.

Select the "National Learning Learning Activity Demonstration Point", "National Top Ten Fire Defense" Rescue battle, anti-vlorative line, new training process touching story, use the body to educate people, and earnestly strictly "flame blue heart to the party" ideological roots. Highlight the effect of "evaluation". The organization online exhibition.

Relying on the smart party building cloud platform, concentrate on the "party class opening" 100 boutique party classes, "Party history story around me" 100 micro video and "百年 建 建 业 业 业 业 做 应 应 应 先 先 先 先 先 作 作 作 作The story of the story, "The" The Party History of Art "is the" Youth Heart to the Party, the Fire Flame Blue "education activities to mobilize the top and bottom enthusiasm and participation. Organize typical counseling. The lattice station was named the sixth batch of "National Learning Lei Feng Event" demonstration points by the Central Propaganda Department. After the provincial party committee research, the recommendation target of "National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization", the provincial party propaganda department recommended "Liaoning Good Times Times." Two tricks were awarded Liaoning’s "Youth Fourth Medal Group", "patriotic support model unit", 2 people won the "Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal", forming a diversity, grouping.

Organize media commentary.

Establish internal and external interoperability, report, the first release of publicity and construction mechanism, jointly "People’s Network" (Liaoning Channel) sign strategic agreement, opening party history learning education fire column, coordinating the "Liaoning Daily", publishing a typical Tree Propaganda special edition, Give full play to the role of all media centers, plan to carry out the "Building 100 Days Countdown for 100 Days", "Today’s Today’s Today" series, created an open and interactive publicity pattern.

Highlight "Do" the orientation.

Focus on the development of the new bureau.

Organize 123 teams, detachment two-level party committee members, carry out the guidance of "entering station station, love people," For a party history, organize a conversation to talk, carry out a visiting condolence, accept a red education, solve a group of practical problems, and promote the integration of party construction, solve historical legacy, and strive to crack "four topics." Focus on the grassroots solution.

Establish "grass-up, firefighters first", surrounding the reduction of reduced pressure, special care, cultural construction, typical trees, commendation rewards, unified to be equipped with treatment of 14 professional health and life security assumptions Equipment, for the province with administrative workload equipment, promote the provincial and municipal trade universities, and establish a "House of Fighter House". Relying on the Shenyang Fire Research Institute to set up a fire survey talent training base, the bobbin training of 131 grassroots brigade is in the bobbin.

Focus on the masses to do practical things. Actively respond to the masses’ expectations, for four types of key tasks for fire protection, law enforcement supervision, mini station construction, convenience services, and formulate 28 working lists, organize more than 200 grassroots teams and micro-fire stations, township fire leaders The joint training, guidance to improve the control of the initial war.

Deepen fire grid management, clarify large and medium-sized management system, improve the three major mechanisms of notification, supervision, and evaluation, and actively promote the construction of full-time grid team.

Around 3 documents from the standardization level of the fire protection law enforcement, serve the service awareness.

(Editor: Yin Baihan, Don Long).

So in a hurry,He quickly drank a cup of tea。

“Lee brother,You can’t drink this second cup.,So as soon as possible,You have not talked about it.,I am afraid I have already squatted on the table.。”
Ye Shuangzhou opened,Everyone is also attached to it.。
“Hey-hey,Leaf big brother,My first cup of wine is a feeling of feelings.,I must have slowly drinking with you this second cup.,After all, the long night,We have many things to talk slowly to solve it.!Li Hui Feng, this way,Everyone knows the topic.。
Ye Shuangzhou knows,At this time, Li Hui said to himself.,This is, I want to let myself watch an attitude.。
But thinking about Li Hui’s cooperation,Table An attitude can still be done。
“Lee brother,What do you say?,I guarantee your support for your support you.。”
“Hey-hey,Originally, I want to find a one.,Then negotiate it,But I thought about it.,Everyone is not too familiar with each other.,And I have a cooperation with everyone.,One one is looking for it, I don’t believe everyone feels.。”
“So this time I will find everyone together.,Then discuss some things。”
“First of all,The first thing,I am ready to set up a new company.,Then put Yang Big Brother,Golden brother and the business of Feng Ge three people have made new companies.,Is this three big brothers meaningful??”
When Li Hui said this, he looked at Yang Li and Jin Xijie and Feng himself.。
Yang Li’s thing about Li Hui Feng,No half a bit of hesitation。
“I have no meaning,This is your,What do you want to do?。”
Jin Xijie saw Yang Li’s statement,Rapida is also standing:“My life is your saving,You don’t have to tell me this thing.,I don’t have a little meaning。”
Feng Youke see two states,It is also a laugh:“I also understand it.,No support for Li Boss,My industry is the life of bankruptcy.,And Li Boss also gave us R & D funds.,So I don’t make sense,However, the previous shares I hope that we will understand each other.。”
Li Hui Feng knows that Feng’s worries。
I immediately laughed:“How much is Feng Dawei’s industry??”
“Forehead,If you take the two million,I am afraid nothing money。”
For your own situation,Feng is still very self-known。
“Hey-hey,Then I can say Yang Da Ge,Golden Boss and plus your merger,This new company has a million industrial value,Do you believe it?”
“Um,I am still a letter.。”
Feng self-funded this valuation of Li Hui,He is still recognized。
“After all of your three industries merge,Yang Da Ge is the earliest with me,I give 4% shares,Feng Big Brother with the gold boss is 3% dividend,how?”
Li Hui said this time,Already prepared by Feng Bing refused。
He feels that the other party refuses to have no big deal.,After all, he has done the worst plan.。
“Lee Boss,You have given me too much this.,I”Hearing four percent shares,Yang Tie is also moving。
“Hey-hey,Yang Da Ge,These are all you deserved.,Who makes you the earliest time to my time?!”
Jin Xijie’s condition for Li Hui Feng,Naturally there is no meaning。
“I don’t want this.,After all, let’s continue to expand.,The money earned in the future will definitely be more and more,So I feel that three% will be said to be one million.,10 million even more。”
“After all, this is 3%,300,000 dividends in one year,We will continue to do bigger,Think about it。”