Lixun Precision (002475) Quarterly Report Comments: Third-Quarter Performance Exceeds Expectations to Maintain High Long-Term Growth

Lixun Precision (002475) Quarterly Report Comments: Third-Quarter Performance Exceeds Expectations to Maintain High Long-Term Growth
Event: The company released the third quarter report of 19, and the first three quarters achieved revenue of 378.3.6 billion +70 per year.96%, net profit is 28.880,000 yuan, +74.26%, operating net cash flow yoy + 194.59%, ROE17.04%, a year-on-year increase of + 5%; the return of 19 is expected to return to the mother’s net profit of 39.48-42.400,000 yuan, + 45-55% year-on-year. Opinion: We continue to recommend the company, optimistic about the value of the company’s platform, the company’s third-quarter performance exceeded expectations, the expected indicators maintained high growth, AirPods / motor / acoustics / wireless charging projects continued to contribute continuously, and communication / automotive products gradually became a performance increasepoint.The company’s convertible bonds + value-added capital has invested heavily in the wearable sector and is expected to enter the Apple Watch assembly business next year with high growth and sustainability. The 成都桑拿网 company’s components continue to contribute to the machine, the profitability continues to improve, and the two allocation incentives highlight the company’s confidence in the development of the medium and long-term development, optimistic about the company’s subsequent growth space, and strongly recommend! The third quarter performance exceeded expectations and maintained high growth for a long time.The company’s Q3 revenue was 163.950,000 yuan, +62.24%, net profit attributable to mother 13.RMB 860,000, a year-on-year increase of +66.74%, far exceeding the upper limit of semi-annual report performance indicators (38.32%).Specifically, the increase in motor share + expansion, wireless charging maintains a high share, the increase in acoustic material numbers, AirPods continued to optimize the profitability of the volume, and the volume of the communications sector is the driving force behind growth.In terms of profit, the company’s automation and internal management efficiency continued to improve, with Q3 gross profit margin of 22.07% quarterly +2.58%, +0 year-on-year.13%, net interest rate 8.98%, quarter +1.58%, +0 year-on-year.38%. If the effect of equity incentive expenses is eliminated, the actual net interest rate will increase by the size of the margin.In addition, the company’s operating / funding efficiency continued to improve, and its operating net cash flow in the third quarter was yoy + 194.59%, weekly revenue rate +0.69%, inventory turnover yoy + 0.39%, 3.5 billion of the existing company’s book inventory is stocking new products for customers, which indicates that the heavy delivery in the fourth quarter will continue to be heavy, and it is expected that 19 will gradually return to the mother’s net profit of 39.48-42.400,000 yuan, + 45-55% year-on-year. With many bright spots in consumer electronics next year, the Apple Watch is expected to contribute to the performance, and it is optimistic about the expansion of horizontal components in the medium and long term, and vertical devices will contribute to the whole machine.In the short term, the company’s motor project is expected to expand in 19 years. It is expected to become a new product research and development supplier next year. The introduction of acoustic material numbers will accelerate the acceleration and it is expected to enter watches / notebooks / tablets. Wireless charging will maintain a high supply share in 2020.The new machine is expected to be equipped with reverse charging function, optimistic about the increase in value, and gradually promote the wireless charging module of tablet / notebook products; antenna: Apple will launch a 5G mobile phone (below 6G + mmwave) with a high probability next year, and the antenna design difficulty will increase + newmmwave antenna module, the company is expected to benefit first.In addition, the company’s convertible bonds of 600 million were raised to invest in “new projects with an annual output of 4 million smart wearable devices” + 600 million capital increase. Lixun Zhizhu vigorously expanded wearable assembly and promoted the introduction of Apple Watch assembly projects to contribute performance next year.In the medium and long term, the company replicates the Taiwanese business model. It has strong grounding and engineering capabilities, horizontal component expansion, forward device development to the whole machine. The logic of smooth growth, sustainable profitability improvement, and continued optimism about the company’s medium and long-term growth. Investment suggestion: According to the company’s guidance and equity incentive performance outlook, the company’s 19-20 year net profit will be from 40.05/55.80 trillion is raised to 42.43/57.24 ppm, maintain “Buy” rating, and continue to recommend. Risk warning: Airpods sales fall short of expectations, R & D progress is less than expected, Sino-US trade war worsens

Tonghua Dongbao (600867) Important Matters Comment-Insulin Glargine Approved to Market and Try to Open New Development Opportunities

Tonghua Dongbao (600867) Important Matters Comment-Insulin Glargine Approved to Market and Try to Open New Development Opportunities
The company is a pioneer in domestic insulin leadership and chronic disease management layout. Insulin glargine was approved for listing and gradually became the company’s market promotion and channel sinking advantage for many years. It quickly entered the market and has a long-term development prospect. It maintains the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to be 0.48/0.59/0.72 yuan, corresponding to PE 25/20/17 times, 南宁桑拿 maintaining the “overweight” level. Insulin glargine was approved for marketing.The company’s announcement has obtained the insulin glargine registration approval issued by the State Food and Drug Administration on December 6, 2019. The heavy product was successfully approved, and then gradually replaced the company’s years of market promotion and channel sinking advantages to enter the market quickly.The product was clinically approved in June 2014. The production site inspection and field sampling were completed in May and June 2019, and the three-in-one review was completed in September 2019. The company has invested about 71.81 million yuan in research and development costs.Insulin glargine is a new type of insulin analogue with long-lasting effect, no gradient in blood concentration, and stable reduction of blood glucose in patients. The original manufacturer is Sanofi-Aventis, France. The global value of this product was 49 in 2018.$ 9.5 billion, is the star product of the global diabetes market.Sanofi-Aventis’ insulin glargine was listed in China in 2004. Since then, domestic companies Gan Li Pharmaceutical and Zhuhai Federation have been approved to list related products in 2005 and 2017, respectively. The second-generation insulin has initially recovered, and the long-term R & D layout is worth looking forward to.In the first three quarters of 2019, the parent company realized operating income19.5.1 billion yuan (+12.37%), net profit 6.6.3 billion (+5.34%). At present, the second-generation insulin business has gradually stabilized and rebounded, and is expected to gradually achieve double-digit growth.In addition, the company has a wealth of product reserves. Currently, the asparagus rapid-effect ratio has been reported in April 2019. Aspart 50 has completed clinical research and is expected to enter the production phase in the first half of 2020. Aspart 30 is expected to be available around the end of 2019.Complete the enrollment of all cases, it is expected to enter the stage of reporting labor by the end of 2020 or the first half of 2021; liraglutide is expected to complete the phase III clinical trials by the end of 2020 and enter the stage of reporting labor by 2021.The company has been cultivating the diabetes market for many years. The overall product planning and layout is perfect, and there is good room for long-term development. The operation level has been gradually improved, and the repurchase has shown development confidence.In the first three quarters of 2019, the company made corresponding market preparations for the insulin glargine listing. Current sales expenses increased significantly and the company’s operating level continued to improve. The company’s net operating cycle in the first three quarters of 2019 was 430.In 06 days, the year fell 52.88 days, of which inventory and accounts receivable turnover days decreased by 29.69 days and 0.66 days, payable turnover days increased by 22 over decades.53 days, the improvement of inventory turnover level contributed significantly to the improvement of the overall operation level.In addition, the company has recently announced a repurchase program, the total amount of shares to be repurchased is not less than 2 trillion, not more than 2.The repurchase price is not more than RMB 23 yuan / share (inclusive). The repurchased shares will be used to distribute incentives. This repurchase will enhance investor confidence and further improve the company’s long-term incentive mechanism. Risk factors.The progress of research and development is expected to reduce the price of insulin tenders and prolong the management of chronic diseases. Investment Advice.The company is a pioneer in domestic insulin leadership and chronic disease management layout. Insulin glargine was approved for listing and gradually became 杭州桑拿网 the company’s market promotion and channel sinking advantage for many years. It quickly entered the market and has a long-term development prospect. It maintains the EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 0.48/0.59/0.72 yuan, corresponding to PE 25/20/17 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

N Huaxi (688363): Global Hyaluronic Acid Production Leader Expands Downstream Growth Industry to Cast Full Industry Chain Business Matrix

N Huaxi (688363): Global Hyaluronic Acid Production Leader Expands Downstream Growth Industry to Cast Full Industry Chain Business Matrix

Company profile: The predecessor of the global hyaluronic acid production company, Shandong Furuida, was founded in 2000. It started from the production of hyaluronic acid raw materials. In 2012 and 2014, it launched independent brands to enter domestic medical terminal products and functional skin care products.

In 2018, raw materials, medical terminals, skin care and other business revenues accounted for 52%, 25%, and 23%, respectively.

The company’s industry division is prominent, being the world’s largest hyaluronic acid production and sales company, accounting for 36% of global output in 2018; domestic market shares of dermatology and orthopedic medical end products are 12% and 9%, respectively; functional skin care productsBusiness revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, and the scale is rapidly increasing.

In 2018, revenue and compound annual average net profit increased by 31.

26%, 25.

43%, and has accelerated in recent years.

Company business: Based on raw material advantage business, expand downstream medical terminal, skin care and other business areas 1) Hyaluronic acid raw material production business: The 21st 北京夜网 century downstream application field of hyaluronic acid is gradually expanded, driving the rapid development of upstream raw material production, and the company’s technological breakthroughs cover costsAdvantages, grasp the potential of the global industry and grow into the world’s largest production base. The products include three major categories of medicine, cosmetics and food grade, with customers all over the world. 16?
The revenue of raw materials over the past 18 years has increased by 19%.

2) Independent brand business of medical terminal products: including dermatology, orthopedics, and other (such as ophthalmology) products. The 18-year revenue accounted for 78%, 19%, and 3% of the business, respectively. The independent brands include Hilda, and HTV.Jian, Runbaiyan, etc., mainly distribution.

Population aging (civilized, cataracts and other elderly diseases), the rise of micro-surgery in a beautiful economy, and the promotion of the industry boom, the company’s business 16?
The average annual growth rate of 18 revenues was 28%.

3) Functional skincare private label business: existing brands such as Runbaiyan, Silky, etc. The products have been developed with original liquids, facial masks, lipsticks, etc., and developed online and in all channels; consumption upgrades the cosmetic industry, and the company is leveraging the industryAnd online channel dividends to achieve rapid development, 16?
The average annual revenue in 18 years has increased by 113%, and the online and offline ratios in 18 years have been 60% and 40%, respectively.

Company advantages: Leading technology in the world, launching its own brand to enter the downstream, successfully building the entire industry chain. The company has the world’s leading hyaluronic acid production technology (high conversion, low impurities) and molecular weight control technology (enzymatic cutting, gradient 3D crosslinking, etc.), Terminal moist heat sterilization technology, etc., so that the company’s raw materials business covers three major application areas of medicine, cosmetics, food, etc., with a wide range, consolidating the leading position; successfully launched its own brand to enter downstream growth industries, leading the technology to create product barriers, and expand overseasNew technologies and new products increase profit growth points, helping to improve overall performance and broad prospects.

Earnings forecast 31.

540,000 yuan is mainly used to enhance research and development and production.

It is expected that the raw material business will grow steadily, downstream independent brands will continue to grow rapidly, the gross profit margin will decrease, and the proportion of downstream business will increase and increase. Marketing expenses will still need to be spent.
The 21-year EPS is 1.



04 yuan.

Risk warning: R & D failure / substitution of new technology or products; marketing supplements are less effective than expected.

CITIC Bank (601998) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Profit Growth Segment Assets Asset Quality Improves

CITIC Bank (601998) 2018 Annual Report Comment: Profit Growth Segment Assets Asset Quality Improves

This report reads: CITIC Bank’s 2018 performance basically meets expectations, with rapid revenue growth, interest margins rebounding 重庆耍耍网 sequentially, and asset quality improving.

Target price 8.

88 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

Investment points: Investment advice: Considering the 19-year macroeconomic uncertainty, lower the forecast for net profit growth in 19/20/21 to 6.

74% / 6.

71% / 6.

28%, EPS0.

97 (-0.

07) / 1.

04 (-0.

14) / 1.

10 yuan, BVPS 8.



46 yuan, the current price corresponds to 6.



54 times PE, 0.



58 times PB.

Reduce the target price to 8 in compliance with the market environment.

88 yuan, corresponding to 1 in 19 years.

0 times PB, maintaining the overweight rating.

New understanding: The performance is basically in line with expectations, and the quality of assets generally improves the profit growth rate.

The growth rate of 18A net profit decreased by 1 from 18Q1-3 earlier.

6 to 5 pieces.

8%, attributable to the weak growth rate of non-interest income and the expected decrease in contribution, mainly due to the high base effect of 17Q4.

18Q1-2 is the peak of non-interest net income in a single quarter, and the base effect is expected to continue for 1-2 quarters.

The interest rate differential rebounded month-on-month.

The 18A gradual net interest margin (daily average) + 2bps compared to the previous month was attributable to: ① The retail transformation at the asset end drove up the loan yield.

82% of new loans in 18H2 went to retail, the number of 18A mobile banking customers, and the number of credit card reissues increased by 32% and 35%, respectively. ② The cost of interbank debt on the debt side decreased.Judging that the cost of interbank debt still has room to fall.

Asset quality is improving.
The performance is as follows: the 18Q4 bad rate and increasing bad bad rate are down 1bp and 14bp, respectively, the attention rate and overdue rate are 18bp and 4bp lower than 18H1, and the change degree is 2pc to 92% lower than 18H1.

Due to the weak revenue end, the provision for 18Q4 provision weakened, the provision coverage ratio still fell 3pc to 158%, and the provision loan fell 8bp to 2 from the previous quarter.


Risk Tips: Economic Downturn Leads to Increased Credit Risk, Retail Conversions Cause Bad and Rapid Exposure

Datang Power (601991): 1H19 performance missed expectations; downgrade H shares to neutral

Datang Power (601991): 1H19 performance missed expectations; downgrade H shares to neutral

We recommend that we lower Datang Power Generation-H to Neutral rating, maintain Datang Power Generation-A neutral rating, and lower our target prices by 20% to 1.

90 creations, RMB 2.

50 RMB.

Reason 1H19 performance was not as expected, one-off losses and increased management expenses dragged down earnings performance.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers decreased by 37% year-on-year to 8.

6 trillion, of which only contributed 4 in the second quarter.

300 million US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 56%, subject to (1) Gansu Liancheng, Hebei Baodian Company filed for bankruptcy, or caused a net loss of 300 million US dollars.

Although the previous budget return or investment income increased by 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, the company also recognized 8 trillion impairment losses and 500 million U.S. dollars in guarantee liabilities (included in non-operating expenses);

8 ppm (1% of revenue from the same period last year.

8% rose to 2.

5%), which is mainly related to the depreciation caused by the suspension of production of subsidiary equipment.

Power growth is weak and the single-flame downturn is weaker than its peers. Profit recovery will take time.

The company’s installed capacity is mainly located in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Guangdong and other places, and the power growth has been severely weak.

In the first half of the year, the company increased its installed capacity by 2.

In the case of 1%, the utilization interval is extended by 6%, which results in at least 5 times longer power generation.


In addition, the unit fuel cost of the company in 1H19 only decreased by 3%.

3%, which is weaker than its peers, reflecting the regional coal price elasticity or inadequacy.

The Anhui company that the company bought last year continued in the first half of the year, and the Heilongjiang company was subject to the local coal price’s upward trend, which caused some losses.

In the second half of the year, we expect the company’s asset operation to continue to increase severely, and earnings recovery will take time.

What makes us different from the market?

We are cautious about the profitability of all employees of the company, the subsequent impairment losses and the stalemate of the premises and the expectations.

Potential catalysts: fluctuations in coal prices and changes in electricity consumption growth rates.

Earnings forecast and estimation Considering that the company’s first-half performance is lower than expected, and the asset operation in the second half of the year, the performance growth or excessive weakness, we also cut the company’s A / H shares’ 2019/20 profit forecast to 32% / 21% to RMB 0.


13 yuan.

Company A / H shares are currently being traded in 2019.

0 times / 0.

5x P / B.

According to the profit forecast adjustment, we cut the company’s H-share target price by 20% to 1.

90杭州桑拿 burning, corresponding to 0.

6 times the 2019 P / B ratio, which has 15% upside compared to the previous one, and is lowered to neutral; we cut the company’s A-share target price by 20% to RMB 2.

50 yuan, corresponding to 0.

9x 2019 P / B ratio, 9% downside compared to the same period last year, maintaining a neutral level

Risk coal prices fell less than expected; electricity demand fell short of expectations; asset impairment exceeded expectations.

5 secret recipes for health with water to share

5 secret recipes for health with water to share

I have adhered to the five-water regimen for many years and have benefited a lot. Now I can eat, sleep, and circulate quickly (blood).

This “five-water regimen” refers to: the first secret decision: wash my face with hot water and soak my feet. I pour a pot of hot water every night. The water temperature is generally around 50 ° C. Sometimes I put some vinegar or salt in the hot water.
Salt can disinfect and sterilize, vinegar can remove dark spots on the bladder, skin care and beauty.

I soaked the towel in hot water, took it out and wrung it, and quickly covered it with the length. I drew the hot air with my nose, and then added it to the hot water for ironing. After repeated ironing, I could iron my eyes and iron my face.Nose ironing.

Breathing hot air in the nostrils can prevent colds, rhinitis, nosebleeds, ironing can cure eye diseases, ironing can cure age spots, and make the skin more elastic.

  After washing your face, soak your feet in hot water.

You can rub your feet with your hands when rubbing your feet or rub your feet with each other. After about 10 minutes, dry your feet with a towel and massage your feet. When massaging, point your right hand Lao Gong acupoint to your left foot Yongquan acupoint and rub 50 times.Grab your toes and shake them 50 times; then, with your left hand Laogong acupoint, aim at your right foot Yongquan and rub them 50 times, and grab your toes and shake them 50 times.

  According to Chinese medicine, there are 66 acupoints below the toe joint, which correspond to various organs of the human body. When some parts of the human body occur, the corresponding acupoint reflection area will appear various abnormal phenomena.

Yongquan Point is also called “Jianshen Point”.

“Every disease is inseparable from the five internal organs, and the kidney is the foundation of the internal organs.

It can be seen that sticking to hot feet can indeed cure many diseases. No wonder some people say, “The rich take medicine, and the poor soak their feet.” This makes sense.

  The second secret: rinsing with warm water and brushing your teeth is an important organ that guarantees nutritional supply. Brushing your teeth with warm water is to protect your teeth from being overheated and irritated.

I ‘m 70 years old and I have n’t lost any of my teeth. It ‘s really “good teeth, good appetite.

“The third secret: Drink a glass of warm water in the morning. I drink a glass of warm water in the morning. The water will quickly enter the blood, restore the viscosity of the blood, and promote normal blood circulation. This can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Occurrence, is beneficial to improve blood circulation and blood supply, but also beneficial to kidney metabolism, can sterilize and clean the stomach, can not be gastrointestinal diseases, soften stools, not constipation, and promote an orderly metabolism.

  The fourth secret: washing your face with cold water and washing your face with cold water is easy to do in summer, but in the cold winter months, you ca n’t do it without strong perseverance.

I used to stick to a cold water bath and wipe my body with cold water, but a cold water bath can only be adapted to it from the beginning of summer.

Wash your face with cold water and rub it while washing your face. Hold your hand with cold water and suck it with your nostrils several times to prevent colds. After washing with cold water, rub your head vigorously with a towel to wipe your face until the skin has a slight heat.

  Chinese medicine claims that there are 14 acupoints such as Baihui and Fengchi on the head. Washing your hair and rubbing your face are massages to enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and reduce diseases such as colds. It can really achieve beauty, clear head, and bright eyes.

  Fifth secret: Drink a few glasses of water every day. In order to maintain sufficient moisture in the body, I need to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. I should not be afraid of drinking at night.

Drink water regularly and quantitatively. For example, get 1 drink on an empty stomach in the morning, drink between meals, drink before going to bed at night, drink at 1-2 o’clock in the evening, each cup of water is about 200 grams, you can drink more gruel in winter.

Overall, water is essential for older people.

The nutritional value and medicine of coriander

The nutritional value and medicine of coriander

[Introduction]Coriander, also known as coriander, salt coriander, coriander coriander, Mantianxing and so on.

Coriander is commonly known as coriander because its stems and leaves contain a special aroma.

  Coriander is a cultivar with stems and leaves as an alternative seasoning. It is an annual herb. The place of origin is the Mediterranean coast and Central Asia. China was released by Zhang Jian in the Han Dynasty in 119 BC. It has been cultivated in Qi Min Yao Shu.Documentation of techniques and marinating methods.

  Coriander is commonly grown, but the quality is better in autumn and winter.

It is rich in nutrients, and the main nutrients are protein, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on.

After scientific analysis, the content of carotene in coriander is more than 10 times that of tomato, cucumber, eggplant and kidney beans, and the content of calcium and iron is also higher than many other leafy vegetables.

In addition, coriander tender stems and leaves also contain volatile oil substances such as mannitol, n-aldehyde, nonanal and linalool. This is the essence of its special flavor, which has the functions of stimulating appetite and improving digestion.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that coriander is fragrant with warmth and spleen inside, reaching the spleen inwardly, reaching out to the extremities, all unhealthy air, and food for Wenzhong Jianwei.

For daily consumption, it has the effects of digestion and refreshing the qi, replenishing the spleen, and strengthening the aphrodisiac. It can be used to swallow cold constitution, weak stomach constitution, and intestinal stagnation. It can treat cold stomach pain, indigestion, and impervious measles.
  Coriander is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is often consumed in small amounts, which is good for the body.

Xianglaixinwen, contains emu oil, has the effect of detoxifying wind and detoxifying, fragrant and stomach-strengthening. Human lungs and stomachs can detoxify and rash, evacuate wind chills, and promote blood circulation around the body. Therefore, rash drugs are often used.

Infants with rashes can be made into rubbing and rubbing, or frying with water. Smoke the nose while hot, or dip the noodles in the soup or above to speed up the outbreak of acne. If you have rash, stop using it.

  Coriander and digestive orange peel, warm stomach and cold ginger together with rice porridge, add coriander to make coriander porridge, can enhance cold and pain relief, Jianweixiaoshi effect, commonly used to treat cold headache, weak stomachEmphysema.

However, it is not suitable to eat colds caused by wind and cold.

Adding cloves, orange peel, Coptis chinensis and other decoctions can cure weak stomach and indigestion.

  Coriander can also lower blood pressure.

According to reports, 10 g of fresh lotus root and 10 g of decoction of Pueraria root are taken once in the morning and evening each time, taking 50 m1 each time, taking 10 days as a course of treatment, which has a curative effect on the treatment of hypertension.

In addition, coriander also has a cosmetic effect. “Compendium of Materia Medica” has a record of “washing sunspots with sautéed soup every day”.

芫荽 can also be seasoned in fish and meat, which has a detoxifying effect.

  Coriander can be combined with other foods to improve the efficacy.

For example, if you add cooked cold sauce, vinegar and other cold sauce to the cut section, you can eat healthy stomach. Patients with gastrointestinal disorder, less vomiting or loss of appetite; 芫荽 6g plus perilla 10g, light white lOg, decoction with sugar and seasoning, can be preparedChengzhi Perilla and Scallion White Decoction is a Xinwen divergent, which can help the measles to pass through; 100g of pig’s large intestine stewed with seasonings and seasonings to make the fat intestine, which can cure large and small intestinal bleeding, blood in the stool and other symptoms.

  Today, Xiang Lai is widely used in the field of cooking. Because it contains a special aroma, it has the effects of flavoring, deodorization and appetite enhancement.

Adding cilantro to the soup can increase the fragrance of the soup. Adding cilantro to the meat seasoning can make the fishy and delicious.

Coriander can be both cold and fried. It is also commonly used for decoration and is an indispensable vegetable for families and banquets.

  Coriander is generally used as a seasoning, but it should not be eaten too much.

China’s famous doctor Hua Yan believes that people suffering from bad breath, body odor, dental caries, and sores should not eat crickets, but they will worsen the disease.

芳香 Although fragrant, eating more can be more forgetful, with soft feet and qi deficiency.

White-collar women must add 8 nutrition to get more done

White-collar women must add 8 nutrition to get more done

White-collar women have always been the focus of attention.

They are young and beautiful, and have a successful career, many people envy.

However, behind these auras, the huge work pressure has forced them to bid farewell to the regular life-three meals are not on time, and eating out of poor nutrition has become a hidden health hazard.

  Food and work are the same, “targeted” can “do more with less.”

It is necessary for white-collar women to solve the 8 major nutrition needs.

  Vitamin b6 Vitamin b6 is an essential substance for the human body’s trace and sugar metabolism. Women’s estrogen metabolism also requires vitamin b6, so it has a high incidence of certain gynecological diseases.

Many women will be pessimistic, irritable, and feel weak due to taking contraceptive pills. Supplementing 60 mg daily can relieve symptoms.

There are also some women with premenstrual tension syndrome, manifested as premenstrual eyelids, edema of hands and feet, insomnia, forgetfulness, and symptoms can be completely relieved after eating 50-100 mg of vitamin b6 daily.

The food in front end b6 includes tuna, lean steak, chicken breast, banana, peanut and so on.

  Folic acidFolic acid is a B vitamin widely found in green leafy vegetables. Because it was originally extracted from leaves, it is called “folic acid”.

Studies have found that folic acid is particularly important for pregnant women. If the lack of folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy can cause retinal neural tube developmental defects and cause deformities.

Therefore, white-collar women who are planning to become pregnant can start taking 400 micrograms of folic acid daily before pregnancy.

In addition to leafy green vegetables, there are carrots, egg yolks, apricots, pumpkins, beans, and whole wheat flour.

  Vitamin C Vitamin C’s main role is to improve immunity, prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, protect teeth and gums, etc.

In addition, insisting on taking vitamin C on time can also reduce melanin deposits in the skin, thereby reducing dark spots and freckles, and whitening the skin.

Foods rich in vitamin C include cauliflower, green pepper, orange, grape juice, tomatoes, etc. It can be said that in all vegetables and fruits, vitamin C content is excessive.

American experts believe that the optimal amount of vitamin C per person per day should be 200-300 mg, with a minimum excess of 60 mg. Half a cup of fresh orange juice can meet this minimum amount.

  Calcium-magnesium tablets Calcium-magnesium tablets claim to be the “element of life”, especially for women after 20 years of age.

This is because, since the age of 20, bone density has slowly decreased, and gradually accelerated after the age of 30, thus laying the root of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

In addition, calcium deficiency is also a major factor in women’s aging, so calcium supplementation is even more important for women.

Experts recommend that adult women take at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily.

If during pregnancy, lactation or menopause, it should be added to 1500 mg. The best sources are dairy products, beans, green vegetables, etc.

  Iron iron is the blood-forming element of the human body, and women have one more channel for iron discharge-menstruation, so the amount of iron supplementation should be greater than that of men.

The daily intake of iron is 15 mg, which can keep the complexion rosy.

The richest iron, and the best to absorb are pig liver, pig blood, duck blood, soy products, sesame, mushrooms, fungus, kelp, laver, longan, etc. also contain a lot of iron.

In addition, eating iron-fortified fortified soy sauce also has a good iron supplement effect.

  Zinc Zinc helps hair to maintain its original color, because it is the main component of hair shine, whether it is black, gold, brown or red, zinc can keep its bright and beautiful.

In addition, zinc also has irreplaceable advantages in promoting physical development, maintaining normal sexual function, and enhancing human disease resistance.

Seafood, beans, apples, seeds, sesame, root vegetables are too much.

The supplement amount is 12 mg daily.

  Magnesium Magnesium is an essential element for maintaining human life activities. It has the magical function of regulating nerve and muscle activity and enhancing endurance.

In addition, magnesium is also a “buster” for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. It also helps prevent strokes, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.

Green beans, soybeans, mung beans, corn, flour, malt, mushrooms, fennel, spinach, cucumber, persimmon and other magnesium-containing oxides are often eaten and are good for women’s health.

The daily intake is 320 mg.

  Vitamin E Vitamin E can promote human metabolism, enhance body endurance, and improve immunity.

In addition, vitamin e is a highly effective antioxidant that protects biofilms from damage caused by excessive oxides, plays a role in improving skin blood circulation, enhancing skin cell vitality, and delaying aging.

Lack of it will lead to the dry skin, rough, excessive aging and other adverse consequences.

The vitamin e supply for adults is 15 mg / day.Vitamin E is mainly nut foods such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame and lean meats, milk, eggs, malt and so on.

  If you are not a mediocre person and want to realize your dreams by your own efforts, if you have no funds, no experience, no relationship and background, no conditions, etc., then now you have a chance.An opportunity that allows you to grow and succeed, can you take hold of it!

Successful people do not give up any chance of success around them. Who are you who can grasp your destiny and seize the opportunity?

Seven men watched in the office

Seven men watched in the office

The first man is cool and deep.

They always look inexplicably painful, cynical, and sinking and venting.

Such people are untouchable, because they live in a miserable world of self-righteousness, love to die alive, but pursue an unreachable state, and if they leave, it will make women miserable.

They misled some of the girls who yearned for a thrilling love, however, this love was only a flash in the pan.

  The second type of man is a man who is overly pursuing career success.

Men with career and level are most favored by women, but if they place too much emphasis on fame and wealth, especially those who are born in poverty but want to make a difference, they will often sacrifice their feelings and choose those who can help them in terms of money, power and ability.Women.

This kind of man’s mate selection is conditional, and is not a true partner in distress.

  The third type of man is the so-called “prodigal” man.

They have broad friendships, are unruly, and never plan to face a woman all their lives.

But “men are not bad, women do not love”, and too many unbelieving girls are eager to try to impress them with true love or innocence.

  The first man was a macho.

They like to yell and drink, they don’t care how much a woman cares about, “what a big husband is without a wife” looks.

If such a person is so apparent, and you also love him, then please take care of the dignity of his big man; but if it is true in his bones, don’t love it.

  The fifth man has a smooth tone of oil. They have sweet words, a lot of social rhetoric, and falsely compliment each woman. It is shocking to get goosebumps and feel no sincerity.

However, many girls are so embarrassed and complacent.

This kind of person usually entertains and entertains, business friends can also be okay, do not take their words too seriously.

  The sixth is a man who has extra friends of the opposite sex.

They take care of every woman, just like a big brother and a good man.

Whether there is a true friendship between men and women remains to be explored, but if he doesn’t take any responsibility for each confidant or good sister and friend, he will naturally have no time to take care of you.

Don’t believe it, just try it.

  The seventh man pays too much attention to his image.

For example, you should always wear a grand and decent dress, and comb your head three times before going out for three times.

On the surface, he is trying to please a woman. In fact, it is very likely that the person he loves and cares about most is himself, and he is relatively self-conscious, and rarely cares about the woman’s feelings.

  Of course, there are many men who are not in these seven categories. Although such men are not good at speaking words, they are caring for you, give them wholeheartedly, accept all your strengths and weaknesses, and be as forgiving as the sea.Live every day.

This kind of man is the most trustworthy and entrusted for life. If you run into it, don’t look forward to the future and pursue romantic excitement. After all, we all live in reality.

Low energy exercise for middle-aged and elderly people

Low energy exercise for middle-aged and elderly people

When middle-aged and elderly people participate in physical exercise, because each person’s physique is very different, the working and living environment is different, so the movement of middle-aged and older people will also vary from person to person.

The physical fitness of the elderly has generally declined, often “there is more than enough power.”

Sports can work out, but it can also hurt.

To participate in sports, you must master scientific methods, both to understand the nature of sports and to suit your own abilities.

  In general, it is advisable to exercise for 30 minutes each time.

In the four seasons of the year, the summer is hot, the exercise schedule is shorter; the winter is cold, and each exercise time should be longer.

Middle-aged and elderly people are best to go to the high-rise forests, walk in the fresh air, jog, play, do exercises, practice, dance swords, punch, dance, sing, etc.

  Middle-aged and elderly people should be gradual, not eager to seek success and blind exercise.

Before taking part in physical exercise, it is best to do a comprehensive physical examination, step on your physical condition and arrange your exercise program and exercise intensity.

The middle-aged and elderly people must be persistent, and should not be rushed to the top.

It is not advisable to choose too many projects, even if there is only one or two, as long as they persist for a long time, they will benefit endlessly.

The elderly can not be too vigorous and overworked.

Should try to avoid a large number of muscle groups in the body at the same time fast movement, to prevent breathing too fast, a lot of perspiration.

Because excessive plasma movement can lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, digestive system, and urine system, and due to excessive ventilation of the lungs, the body is not fully oxidized, causing tissue hypoxia, which is good for health and may even cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

In addition, due to frail age, muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and other elderly people often can not withstand overload exercise.

Excessive force or excessive force can cause joint, muscle damage and accidental injury.

  ”Low-energy sports” suitable for the elderly participate in low-energy sports, which can effectively improve health and prolong life.

Studies have shown that people who participate in low-energy exercise for a long time have a lower mortality rate than those who do not participate in any exercise or occasional exercise.

5 times, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced by about 35%.

  The four major benefits of low energy exercise for people: (1) can delay the decline of physiological function caused by age, which is beneficial to prevent premature aging of the body.

  (2) can accelerate the body’s metabolism, improve cardiopulmonary function, reduce additional blood circulation disorders, and effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  (3) It can stimulate the body’s immune system, so that the natural killer cells, T cells, lymphocytes and macrophages in the immune system are significantly enhanced, thus resisting the resistance to viruses, cell infection and inhibiting the function of mutant cells in vivo.

  (4) It can make people feel happy, energetic, emotionally high, relieve psychological pressure and increase the taste of life.

  Low-energy sports can be carried out anytime and anywhere, can be group activities, can also be individual activities, can be quiet activities, can also be active in music accompaniment, such as walking, jogging, ballroom dancing, mass aerobics and so on.

The heart rate of low energy exercise should be controlled at 100-130 beats / min.

  In addition, the technical content of the exercise program picked up can not be too high, once the elderly without the sports foundation, as long as there is fitness meaning, they can enter the role immediately.

It should be loose during the exercise time, either in the piecemeal time after the meal, or in the morning and evening. The time can be long and short, and flexible.

  Dancing, which is good for physical health and dance is a kind of cultural and recreational activities that combine dance and music, which is beneficial to the physical health of the elderly. It is also a convenient physical exercise.

Older people can dance ballroom dancing, age disco, dance in a cheerful, melodious music melody, transform people to feel happy and happy, especially dancing disco, graceful, relaxed, lively and unrestrained, as ifBack to the youth.

In a cheerful atmosphere, you can also eliminate the fatigue and psychological tension of the brain, making the whole body feel relaxed and coordinated.

Dancing is a kind of general exercise. It is exercised through various organ systems to enhance the body’s metabolism, speed up the heartbeat and breathing, and the heart outputs more blood to the whole body; it can increase appetite, promote recovery and peristalsis, improve digestion and absorption capacity;Increased complications, strong muscles, strong gait; there are certain possibilities for coronary heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthrosis, obesity, constipation, etc.

But the rhythm of dancing should not be too fast, such as palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc., should sit down and rest.

  Walking, adhering to the highest rate of walking helps to maintain good health.

Experts point out that walking 6 kilometers a day can not only help people lose one pound a week, but also make bones and muscles healthier and stronger.

  Walking is the highest rate of adherence in all fitness activities and the risk of injury is low.

A foreign study shows that women who started walking programs as early as 10-15 years ago have a small chance of suffering from heart disease.

  Ordinary walking and fitness walks are different, and slow walking muscles are less powerful.

Therefore, the effect is extremely small. To improve health, the walking pace must be larger than usual, fast and lasting.Experts suggest that to achieve the goal of walking fitness, you need to walk 90-120 steps per minute, walk 40-50 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week, the arm tries to swing, the length of the step is equivalent to 45% of the length -50%.

  Although there are benefits to walking, it should not be excessive, otherwise the effect will be reversed.

  In short, the elderly should exercise without any mental burden, so that the process of activities is completely a process of fitness, and it is a process of purifying the mind and eliminating mental stress.