Luyin Ecology (002887): The value of the first three quarters increased by 28.88% Small but Beautiful is getting bigger and stronger

Luyin Ecology (002887): The value of the first three quarters increased by 28.88% “Small but Beautiful” is getting bigger and stronger
Event company released the third quarter of 2019 report The first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved operating income5.16 ppm, an increase of 25 per year.37%; net profit attributable to mother 1.460,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.88%; EPS 0.70 yuan; ROE 8.11%.  After years of accumulation, the “small but beautiful” is growing bigger and stronger. The company has formed a “wide network layout” in key regions across the country. In 19 years, the company ushered in a turning point in performance.In the first three quarters, the revenue increased by 10 in ten years.37%, net profit attributable to mother increased by 28 in ten years.88%, net profit after deducting non-attribution increased by 61.85%, outstanding performance; in the third quarter alone, the company achieved revenue1.3.3 billion (+18.62%), net profit attributable to mother 0.3.8 billion (+22.15%), deducting non-attributed net profit of 0.3.8 billion (+74.12%), performance growth in line with expectations.At the same time, the company has successively won Jinan (Jiyang), Beijing (Tongzhou Zhangjiawan) and Henan (Weihui) projects totaling over 800 million in the past three months, and currently has a maximum of 34 orders in hand.1.3 billion is the total amount of orders announced in 18 years.5.1 billion of 7.57 times, which lays a solid foundation for the company’s rapid development and stable growth in the next two to three years. The 19-year performance turning point has been transformed.In addition, the company prudently took orders during the rapid expansion process to ensure the project quality based on the expected repayment account period. At the same time, the old account was fully reorganized. While the performance increased, the company’s net operating cash flow in the first three quarters was basically unchanged from last year, Finishing gross margin of 40.78%, also 40 from the same period last year.91% was basically flat; net interest rate was 28.25%, ranking increased by 0 last year.47 units are commendable.  Continuously consolidate the technical strength and gradually improve the management team. The core competitiveness highlights that the company has successfully created a complete industrial chain of “planning design-ecological restoration and landscaping technology research and development-engineering construction-operation and maintenance” as one.Strong driving force for the company’s development.In the first three quarters, the company invested 1771 in research and development.910,000 yuan, an increase of 47 per year.47%; more than 75% of the company has a bachelor’s degree or higher, and the number of technical teams accounts for nearly 20%; in 2019, the company obtained 1 national invention patent and 34 utility model patents; the company has obtained 6 national invention patents,There are 124 national patents granted.The technical advantage lies in that the company has strong core competitiveness in ecological restoration projects with difficult construction and high technical requirements. The company’s rich project experience and good accompanying reputation have an absolute advantage in the competition of high quality projects.In addition, Zhang Gongxin (Executive Vice 北京夜生活网 President), who has supplementary familiarity with water transport engineering operation technology and deep financial and financial knowledge, has served as Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager, Purchasing Management Manager, Cost Manager of Engineering Management Center of Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd.After joining Fan Yan (Vice President) of the manager of the management department and Guo Xiaoqiang (Vice President), the former chairman of Tianjin University Municipal Landscape Construction and Development Co., Ltd. who has qualified as a senior engineer, the company has recently joined a new vice president, senior engineer, registeredConsulting engineer (investment), cost engineer, investment and construction project manager Zhang Huazhang, a team of strong executives to help the company go ocean, bringing unlimited possibilities for the company’s future development.  8.Maintain “overweight” rating and maintain the company’s current cash in hand.1.5 billion, potential ammunition for the rapid landing of orders, steadily advancing escort.At the same time, the comprehensive credit line of the company’s bank is about 3 billion and convertible bonds have been issued7.12 ppm, the actual controller’s equity is not pledged, the high-quality asset status and the ability to overcome capital expansion provide a good guarantee for the company’s future capital operation and order landing, and also release the foundation for the company’s development and performance.As an ecological restoration, high-quality enterprise in landscaping, the development of endogenous development is clear. We expect the company to achieve operating income of 10 in 2019-2021.01, 15.41, 20.07 billion, net profit attributable to mothers was 2.13, 3.10, 4.11 trillion, EPS is 1.02, 1.49, 1.98 yuan, optimistic about the company’s long-term development, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Zhongju Hi-tech (600872) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Steady Growth of Condiment Targets Five Years of Double Hundred

Zhongju Hi-tech (600872) 2018 Annual Report Commentary: Steady Growth of Condiment Targets Five Years of “Double Hundred”

Performance review: FY18 performance was in line with expectations.

FY 2018 achieved total revenue of 41.

66 trillion, +15 for ten years.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 6.

070000 yuan, +34 for ten years.

0%, deducting non-南京桑拿网net profit 5.

72 ppm, +37 for ten years.

9%, budget benefit 0.

76 yuan, the performance is in line with expectations.

Of which 18Q4 income was 10.

20,000 yuan, +13 for ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

22 trillion, +23 a year.


FY18 gross profit margin 39.

1%, ten years -0.

2 points; net margin 14.

6%, +2 per year.

0pcts, ROE is 18.

1%, ten years +2.

9pcts, profitability continued to improve.

FY18 budget proposed dividend.

23 yuan (tax included), dividends implanted 30.


Revenue from condiments grew steadily, and the goal was better fulfilled.

The company achieved 10 in 4Q18.

0 ppm, +13 a year.

8%, the growth rate rebounded from the previous quarter, due to the decline in the base and the real estate business Q4 revenue recognition increase.

1) Steady 杭州夜网论坛 growth in condiment income: FY18 delicious fresh income38.

52 trillion, ten years +10.

3%, 18Q4 delicious fresh income9.

32 trillion, ten years +10.

6%; by product, soy sauce earns 25% per year.

90 trillion, ten years +9.

1%, mainly due to sales of ten years +7.

8% reached 40 ounces, the price per ton was 2590 yuan / ton, multiple +1.

2%; chicken essence income is 4.

43 trillion, ten years +7.2%, sales of ten years +7.

Due to 3%, the income ratio of edible oil / other condiments was 8 respectively.

4% / 12.

In terms of channels, the company’s development and integration of prefecture-level cities nationwide is 77%. During the year, 178 new dealers were opened, and the cumulative number of dealers reached 864. At present, about 75% is for household consumption.At the same time, restart the layout of export channels; 2) Increase in land revenue: increase in land revenue1.

27 trillion, +155 a year.

6%, which is a significant increase in sales of commercial housing in this period.

Caused by 74 trillion.

In terms of subregions, the average income of the northern / southern / central-western regions achieved a two-digit increase, each +17.

6% / 16.

6% / 12.


Expenses were well controlled, and net interest rate increased the most.

The company’s highest gross margin is 39.

1%, ten years -0.

2pct, mainly due to the drag on the rising cost of 3Q18 packaging materials, 4Q18 gross margin rose to 39.


The initial selling and management expenses have well-controlled net margin up, of which the selling expense ratio is 10.

4% a year -1.

4 cases, due to the decline in employee compensation, freight and advertising costs; the management expense ratio (including research and development expenses) 9.

5% per year -0.

1pc, of which the proportion of employee wages, research and development and depreciation expenses decreased; financial expenses 1.

3% a year -0.

4pct, mainly due to the decrease in loan interest expenses and the increase in deposit interest income.

Taken together, the company has a higher net profit margin14.

6%, +2 per year.

0pcts, 4Q18 net profit 12.

1%, ten years +0.

9pct, of which the highest net profit of delicious fresh is 16.

5% each time +0.

3pct, 4Q18 net profit is 19.

3% a year -1.


The fairness mechanism is straightened out, and the target is “double hundred” in five years.

In 2018, the company completed the re-election of the board of directors and the change of the substantial controller. The new board clearly stated that the company will focus on the main business of healthy food and move towards the domestic first-class condiment group. It plans to achieve annual revenue of over 10 billion and annual production and sales by 2023.Large millions of tons, after the company’s equity truly goes smoothly, it is expected that the mechanism will be changed to take advantage of the private sector.

The quality of the company’s condiment business is excellent, and there will be more efforts in the future: 1) Channels: Accelerate the development of blank prefecture-level cities and tertiary market districts and counties. It is estimated that up to 1,000 dealers will be reached in 2019, and online channels will be actively tried, Gradually expanding overseas, and promoting the internationalization of the kitchen brand, 2) products: continue to expand the production of edible oil, oyster sauce, sauces, vinegar, etc., and develop towards a diversified healthy food; at the same time, the capacity release and product structure in YangxiWith the promotion, the net interest rate is expected to continue to increase in the future.

In addition, the company’s acquisition of the minority shareholders’ equity of the Chubang subsidiary is expected to further advance. It is expected that the condiment business will achieve transformation and growth after the follow-up mechanism is improved and the management is rationalized.

Profit forecast, estimation and investment recommendations: We believe that the company will gradually improve its mechanism to take advantage of its private capital, and its condiment business is in good condition. It will invest more room for growth in the development of a national market, the development of catering channels, and category expansion.With the gradual release of Yangxi’s production capacity and the improvement of product structure, coupled with better cost control, the net profit rate will continue to increase in the future. The acquisition of minority shareholders’ interests in subsidiaries is expected to increase their performance.

Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2020: 0.


24 yuan, the date EPS forecast for 2021 is 1.51 yuan, after considering the improvement of the mechanism, the performance is expected to continue to grow well, giving 20 times 35 times PE, raising the target price to 43.

4 yuan, maintaining the “strong push” level.

Risk Warning: The growth of condiments is not as expected, and the effect of improving the mechanism exceeds expectations.

Vast special materials: Leaders in high-end special alloy materials raise investment to increase production capacity and research and development capabilities

Vast special materials: Leaders in high-end special alloy materials raise investment to increase production capacity and research and development capabilities

The company is a manufacturer of high-quality specialty alloy materials and alloy products.

The company mainly produces high-quality gear steel, mold steel, special stainless steel, high-temperature alloy and other special alloy materials, as well as various precision mechanical parts based on alloy materials. Among them, special alloy materials accounted for about 90% of operating income in 2018.Alloy products account for about 10%.

The company’s core product is high-quality gear steel, which is widely used in gear boxes for new energy wind power, rail transportation and mechanical equipment. Its revenues in 2016-2018 accounted for more than 65%.

The actual controller of the company is Xu Weiming, the chairman and general manager, and Xu Xiaohui, the director, who together hold shares before the issuance.

65%, of which Xu Weiming directly holds 9 shares.

80%, Xu Weiming and Xu Xiaohui and his father held 36 shares through majority holdings.

42%, Xu Xiaohui indirectly holds shares through Wanding Business and Ruishuo Partnership2.

20% and 0.

twenty three%.

High-end manufacturing is in the ascendant, and new products are put into production to help the company continue to grow.

High-end manufacturing is in the ascendant: From 2016 to 2018, benefiting from the demand for alloy materials in wind power, rail transit, high-end equipment and other industries, the company’s main products rose in volume and price, with output from 14.

11 up to 22.

84 samples, main business income from 8.

6.5 billion to 14.

8.9 billion, net profit attributable to mother from 4773.

520,000 yuan to 1.

34 billion.

From 2016 to 2018, the CAGR of main product output, main business income and net profit attributable to mothers were 27%, 32% and 67%, respectively.

New products put into production: The company built a special aluminum alloy production line in 2016. It went into production in 2017 and successively passed quality certifications in the fields of weapons and equipment, aviation and energy. The product began to volume.

170,000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 355%, the contract amount in the first quarter of 2019 has exceeded 40 million, becoming an important profit growth point for the company in the future.

There is ample space for import and replacement of special alloys, and domestic demand is increasing day by day. Raising investment will increase production capacity and technology research and development capabilities, reduce resistance levels, and support the company’s continued growth.

Domestic high-end alloy materials have ample import substitution space, and domestic demand is increasing day by day: the output of conventional special alloy materials was 3,315 in 2017, accounting for only 4% of crude steel, and currently accounts for 15% -20% of the output of special alloys, compared with 55 in Sweden.%.

Domestic high-end special alloy materials are inadequately self-sufficient. Many key alloy materials rely on imports. According to the prospectus, 50% of high-end mold steel, 55% of high-end stainless steel, 50% of high-temperature alloys and 60% of marine steel are dependent on imports.There is ample space for import substitution of alloy materials.

At the same time, high-end equipment industries such as aerospace, nuclear power, oil and gas, and petrochemical industry have great development potential every year, and the demand for high-end special alloy materials is increasing day by day.

Raising investment to increase production capacity and technology research and development capabilities and reduce interest rates: The funds raised this time are mainly used for the expansion of special alloy materials (3 billion) and the construction of new materials research and development centers (60 million), and the remaining is used to repay bank loans (2.

300 million) and supplementary working 深圳桑拿网 capital (1 billion), we believe that the fundraising project will help improve the company’s production capacity, optimize the product structure, consolidate its technological leadership, reduce the company’s loss level, and further enhance the company’s growth ability and competitive advantage.

The company chooses to apply the expected market value of not less than RMB 10 million, and the net profit of the last two years replaces the listing standard of progressive and progressive net profit of not less than RMB 5000 million, which can use the PE valuation method of comparable companies.

The company’s main business is concentrated in the field of special alloy materials, the industry is still in its growth stage, and the competitive landscape is relatively stable. If there have been listed targets of the same business type 青岛夜网 previously, we believe that the company’s estimation should apply the comparable company PE valuation method.

Risk Warning: Downstream Market Fluctuation Risk; Raw Material Price Fluctuation Risk; Export Market and Policy Change Risk

Yongxing Special Steel (002756) Annual Report and First Quarterly Report Comment: Stainless Steel Explodes Potential, Lithium Battery Will Contribute New Profit Points

Yongxing Special Steel (002756) Annual Report and First Quarterly Report Comment: Stainless Steel Explodes Potential, Lithium Battery Will Contribute New Profit Points

Event: The company released its financial report and achieved revenue of 47 in 2018.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

93%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

8.7 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Revenue for the first quarter of 201911.

8.5 billion, with annual value added2.

99%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

北京桑拿洗浴保健10,000 yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Comments: 1. Volume and price both rose, and gross profit dropped slightly: the company achieved product sales of 28 in 2018.

In 2006, it increased by 12 every year.

2%; meanwhile, the average selling price was 16,769 yuan / ton, an increase of 5 year-on-year.

66%; volume and price double-increased protection income increased by nearly 19%.

However, due to the rebound of upstream alloy prices, the main products of bar and wire products have led to a decrease in gross profit margins of 0.

53% and 2.

31pcts, so profit growth is slightly lower than revenue growth.

But overall, the company’s performance is still in its best period since listing, and the net profit distribution in 2018 increased by nearly 75% in the initial stage of listing.

2. Excellent financial data and high indicator rate: the company’s return on additional net assets in 2018 was 11.

53%, gross profit per ton of steel is RMB 2531 / ton, which is the best since listing; operating cash flow, income and profit margin, three expense ratios and other data have improved significantly; meanwhile, the asset-liability ratio is 21.

40% is at the lowest level in the industry.

According to the good profit and cash flow situation, the company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 10 to all shareholders for every 10 shares.

00 yuan, the index rate is close to 6%.

3. There is still room for stainless steel to tap the potential. Lithium battery contributes new profit points: In 2018, the “25-ton high-quality stainless steel and special alloy rod and wire project” was put into production, but the capacity is still digging for potential.

And through the restart of nuclear power, the change of oil to the ground, the upgrading of chemical equipment, etc., the industry prosperity of high-end special stainless steel materials in 2019 will continue to improve.

At the same time, the company has completed the layout of the lithium-ion materials industry chain, with an annual output of a battery-grade lithium carbonate project and a 120-ton / year high-efficiency beneficiation and comprehensive utilization project of lithium ore.

3. Investment suggestion: Ignore lithium battery business for the time being. It is expected that the company will realize net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



07 thousand yuan, EPS is 1.



69 yuan, the closing price on April 15 corresponding to PE is 13/11.


9X, maintain Buy rating on the company.

4. Risk warning: the risk of price fluctuations, downstream demand is less than expected.

Yili shares (600887) 2019 third quarter report review: calm operating rhythm expected performance rebound

Yili shares (600887) 2019 third quarter report review: calm operating rhythm expected performance rebound

19Q3 revenue and profit growth accelerated as scheduled.

The company grasped the business rhythm of the peak season 淡水桑拿网 in the third quarter, and its revenue and profit growth accelerated as scheduled.

In the first three quarters of 19, revenue was 686.

7.7 billion, +12 in ten years.

00%, net profit attributable to mother 56.

3.1 billion, previously +11.


19Q3 revenue 236.

0.6 billion, +10 in ten years.

4%, net profit attributable to mother 18.

50 billion, previously +15.


19Q3 achieved a gross profit margin of 36.

0%, ten years +0.

2pct, sales expense ratio 21.

9%, twice -2.

4pcts, management cost rate 5.

1%, ten years +1.

3pcts, financial expense ratio is 0.

4%, ten years +0.

6pct, net interest rate 7.

9%, ten years +0.

3 points.

In 19Q3, revenue increased steadily, and sharing continued to increase.

In the first three quarters of 19, quarterly revenue was +11.

98%, the sales volume / 深圳桑拿网 structure / unit price is expected to contribute a growth rate of 6% -7% // 4% / 1% -2%. In the first three quarters of the Golden Code, the growth rate of Amex maintained at 15%?
20%, small white milk double-digit growth, gold collar crown growth rate of 30%.

According to Nielsen, the growth rate of the Q3 industry has rebounded, leading the leader’s growth rate. Since May, Mengniu’s single-month revenue growth rate has been higher than the company’s.

The Q3 company’s room temperature dairy products grew more than expected, with the intensification of competition, the chain replaced slightly, room temperature / low temperature / baby powder separately 38.

3% / 15.

7% / 6.

4%, ten years +0.

6pct / -1.

5 pieces / +0.

1pct, ring than -0.

3pct / -0.

5pct / + 0.

The structural upgrade eased the cost pressure, and the expense ratio decreased year-on-year at a high base.
In 19Q3, the company’s lowest gross profit margin was basically the same. Against the background of increasing raw milk costs, the company reduced the cost pressure by controlling milk sources, upgrading its product structure, highlighting the entire industry chain’s operating capabilities and strong scale effects, and the sales expense ratio at a high base decreased by -2.

4pcts, the increase in management expense ratio comes from salary, research and development expenses.

Selling expense ratio increased and interest rate increased by +0.

3 pct.

Q4 revenue is expected to continue to accelerate, and it is expected that the goal will be fulfilled.

Considering that the company maintains the initial US $ 90 billion revenue indicator unchanged, and Q4 is affected by the Spring Festival in advance, it is expected that Q4 revenue growth will increase sequentially, and the expense side is expected to continue the trend in the third quarter.

Looking forward to 20 years, the cost of raw milk is still in the uptrend. The company will continue to control the upstream and downstream resources of the industry chain to strengthen the structure to combat cost changes. The competitive situation will continue. The company ‘s goal of 100 billion will remain unchanged.To open the differences.

Core point of view: The company’s safety margins accumulate, performance is expected to rebound first, and the current allocation value is outstanding.

Considering the amortization of incentive expenses, we adjusted the company’s EPS forecast for 19-21 to 1.



46 (Originally predicted value 1.



46 yuan), the current corresponding PE is expected to be 23/22/15 times, adjust the 12-month target price to 35 yuan, corresponding to an estimated 30 times in 20 years, maintain the “strong push” rating.

Risk warning: industry competition is intensifying, and demand recovery is less than expected.

How to eat black hair?

How to eat black hair?

Postpartum and menopausal hair loss Postpartum hair loss mainly occurs after the baby is born, the estrogen production in the mother’s body begins to decrease; in addition, there should be no replacement for hair that should be reduced during pregnancy, but these hairs are often replaced within 2-7 months after delivery.

Menopausal hair loss is caused by stress and hormonal disorders. A reasonable diet can help prevent such hair loss.

  (1) Three meals a day should be balanced, and foods that can cause excessive oil production on the scalp should be fasted.

  (2) Frequently nourishing iron-rich foods such as soybeans, black beans, spinach, duck meat, eggs, belt fish, carp, peanuts, bananas, carrots, etc.

  Premature baldness is caused by malnutrition or indigestion, metabolic insufficiency, etc., which will cause nutritional disorders, make the hair thin and dry, hair roots atrophy, brittle and easy to fall, resulting in early baldness.

To prevent premature baldness, pay attention to regularly adding some iron, sulfur, vitamin A and high-quality protein necessary for hair growth.

  (1) Eat more plant protein.

Vegetable protein to ensure blood supply to hair follicles and prevent premature baldness.

Soy protein is the best food to prevent premature baldness in middle-aged and elderly people.

In addition, you can eat black beans.

Corn, etc.

  (2) Foods that eat vitamin E often, such as cabbage, fresh lettuce, black sesame and so on.

Because vitamin E can not only resist aging, but also improve the microcirculation of scalp hair follicles and promote hair growth.

  (3) Prevent the lack of bone glue.

Desirable bone (smashed) 0.

1 kg with 0 water.

5 kg, simmer for 1 to 2 hours to dissolve the bone glue in the thick juice, and it can be taken.

  (4) Reduce the intake of pure sugar (such as sucrose, beet sugar) and your aunt.

Should eat more vegetarian soy products, fresh vegetables, etc., and pay attention to iodine, calcium, iron-rich turtles, fresh milk and kelp.

  Fat baldness is related to androgens, heredity and age. Androgens are the main factors. It can stimulate the growth of sebaceous glands.

Patients with alopecia areata should pay attention to their diet: (1) Avoid irritating foods and smoking, and especially restrict greasy foods and sweets, such as peanuts and chocolate.

  (2) Eat more vegetables and fruits containing plant cellulose and vitamin A-rich leeks, carrots, amaranth, pumpkin, apricots.

  (3) Regular foods rich in vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid, such as potatoes, peas, oranges, broad beans, herrings, sunflower seeds, sesame and so on.

Vitamin B6 has the function of regulating fatty acids and abnormal synthesis speed, as well as stimulating hair regeneration.

Pantothenic acid can promote tissue regeneration, protein synthesis and recombinant growth.

  Those with more dandruff and itchy scalp should fast and crush, fried food, fermented food and dairy food, and eat apple, apricot, carrot and fresh vegetables regularly.

  (5) Shouwu, wolfberry, hawthorn, red dates, lotus seeds, sesame, small black beans and other foods are optionally used to form a therapeutic prescription.

Sleep well, let you sleep better 7 programs

Sleep well, let you sleep better 7 programs

I can’t sleep, sleep is not stable, sleep is not enough. Our relationship with sleep has never been as entangled as it is now. The latest figures show that at least 38% of people worldwide have insomnia, and more than 75% of Chinese say they have hadAt least one sleep disorder experience. How can I get a good night’s sleep?

Ask different people and get different answers.

The only thing that is the same is that busy, high-pressure urban professional women are experiencing deeper and deeper physical deficiencies in order to lose a good night’s sleep.

The research on sleep has emerged in an endless stream, from the time of sleep, the mechanism to the depth, the period, from the sound of related sleep, light to temperature, food. not to be used for my use, but in the end, sleep is first and foremost a very privateTime, a very personal thing.

Just like someone likes the smell of lavender on the pillow, and someone who leaves the buckwheat pillow made by the mother is destined to place the opposite side of the rotation.

Different people have different sleep requirements, and the person who knows the most is not yours.

  Sleep experts put forward seven pre-sleeping suggestions for “hypnosis”, let us take what we need and achieve a good sleep.

  1, two hours before going to bed, turn off the headlights for small lights experts believe that cultivating the body’s stimulating response to light can help to fall asleep smoothly.

For example, the morning light should be bright, and the night light should be dim, which helps to form a fixed biological clock.

Experts recommend that after 8:00 every night, whether or not you are going to sleep, you should change the bright headlights into nightlights to prepare for the environment.

  Extra gain: saving electricity and saving money, one stone and many birds.

  2, enjoy reading, for a good dream to sleep before bedtime reading is a memory of the student era, but it is also the most worthy of the bedtime ceremony.


In the student days, we have few memories that we can’t sleep. Many good habits don’t persist, such as reading before going to bed.

It’s time to pick up this habit and consciously develop it into your “prelude to sleep.”

Of course, you don’t have to choose a textbook for yourself. You are busy for a day. The best companionship before going to bed is a book like travel essays, which makes the mood of reading relax and enjoy, and does not require too much brainstorming.

Sleep experts say that all inspirational, business-class books that are prone to accelerating the adrenal gland are not suitable for entry into our bedtime reading books.

  Extra gain: More reading can naturally broaden your horizons and let us know about another possibility of life.

At least, it is good to talk more when chatting with colleagues and friends.

  3, drink a cup of hot soy milk, add the last nutritious meal study on the day, found that soy milk and milk do have hypnotic effect, for sensitive body, it is completely able to distinguish between drinking and not drinking.

  Extra gain: Milk and soy milk not only contain L-tryptophan, which helps sleep, but also strengthen bones and teeth.

It is so comfortable to let calcium supplementation complete in sleep.

  4, a person will stay for a while, turn the culture of daze into your sleep before you must do sleep experts believe that enjoying a really quiet time before going to bed is a good bedtime ceremony.

I can’t sleep because the mind and body haven’t said goodbye to the many tasks during the day. Staying alone will be a bedtime ritual that replaces the burden and makes the spirit empty.

  Extra gain: It is a power to enjoy being alone.

The survey shows that professionals who have a time alone are more happy.

Sleep experts say that for people, sleeping is itself a lonely journey.

  5, write BLOG, the running account records that the achievement of the day is not the kind of bulletin board-like BLOG that “the earth knows”, it is a log that is completely only for itself.

Sometimes we don’t want to let ourselves rest from the heart, and feel that a lot of things haven’t been done yet. It’s not too sleepy to lie in a comfortable bed.

  It’s better to have a simple running account before going to bed every day. You don’t have to worry about writing, just to record the harvest of the next day, so that you can feel full of accomplishment before going to bed.

  Extra gain: Persistence is a good life record, and you will be grateful to have such a bedtime habit after many years.

  6, warm water bath, give the body a relaxation instruction bath is a kind of relaxation method.

Therefore, spas have been respected since ancient times and can bloom in a variety of cultural contexts.

When the nerves and the body are in a tight state, you can caress the exhaustion and troubles of the water through the love of the water. When the water drops on the skin, it is the ritual that your body “allows” yourself to begin the sleep preparation stage.

  Extra gain: If you are keen to “spend 30 minutes a day to apply a variety of lotions to your body”, then return to your skin in addition to aroma, there is a restful sleep.

Because this is similar to the process of self-massage, the body that has been taken care of by both hands is therefore more relaxed and natural.

  7. 30 minutes before going to sleep, playing fixed hypnotic music is a good way to help your body go to sleep.

Good sleep rituals also include playing fixed music (some Beethoven’s moonlight sonatas or other songs or music that has special meaning to you) before going to sleep, letting the body calm down and making the music a prelude to a smooth sleep.  Additional gains: Studies in the United States have found that long-term listening to music falling asleep can reduce the incidence of high blood pressure.

Scientists have done a five-year comparative survey. People who fall asleep in soft music sound better sleep and have a healthier heart than another group of people who sleep quietly.

  These bedtime habits are not good for sleep smoking: tobacco does make people temporarily enter another state like illusion, but that is caused by the brain’s instant hypoxia, which only makes you dizzy and can’t ensure sleep.

Moreover, the taste of tobacco is diffused in the air of the bedroom, which is a temporary rest at the expense of lung health, which is very unhealthy.

  Drinking: Drinking and falling asleep is also an unhealthy bedtime ritual.

Excessive intake of alcohol is a temporary and frequent hazard to health. For sleep alone, drowsiness caused by drinking is often at a shallower level, so many people still feel top-heavy after waking up.

  Of course, if you only drink a small glass of wine every day before going to bed, it will be helpful for your health and sleep.

  Level 1 exercise before going to bed: Excessive physical exertion is excessive for body materials and also helps with sleep quality.

However, exercise within three hours before going to sleep gradually causes the blood to boil and the body temperature rises, which will affect your sleep time.

  Experts say that speed sports are not suitable as your bedtime ritual, but they cannot deny the help of exercise for sleep quality.

The study found that people who exercised for more than 4 hours a week sleep 12 minutes faster than those who sit still, and sleep for an hour.

Therefore, it is very necessary to let yourself exercise, as long as you are not at bedtime.

  Is bedtime ritual the best self hypnosis?

  Sleep experts believe that the ability of LETTING GO varies from person to person. If you can’t put it down before going to sleep, it’s better to simply give up the will to sleep, and instead focus on the persistence of a healthy bedtime habit.

The positive psychological suggestion of the ceremony on women should not be underestimated.

Therefore, you may wish to establish an exclusive bedtime ritual to complete your love for the body during your enjoyment.

  Pick a sleepy habit in one of the more comfortable nights in January.

Because people are more likely to start building a new body torso when they are most relaxed.

Whether you choose to take a hot bath or listen to classical music, sticking to this week, your body will establish a primary recognition of the new sleep ritual.

For 20 days or so, you have your own sleep ritual.

  What can I do if I can’t sleep?

  Just let it be natural.

Experts say that if you find it difficult to fall asleep, don’t let yourself stay in bed.

Let yourself get out of bed and find something to do, wait until you are sleepy and go to bed no later.

Allow yourself to be awake if this is the natural choice of the body.

In short, don’t try to control everything, not to mention that sleep does not just listen to people, let it be natural.

Spleen and stomach is not good

Spleen and stomach is not good

People who are weak are stepping up tonics in winter, but the key to “not being supplemented” is the spleen and stomach.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Tonic is effective only if the spleen and stomach function are normal.

  Spleen deficiency is most common in the crowd, manifested by eating less bloating, less gas and lazy words, thin stools, limb burnout, pale skin, pale tongue, white fur, and weak pulses.

Such people can eat yam, lentils, coix seed, atractylodes and other stewed meat, as well as Shenlingbaizhu powder, ginseng Jianpi pills.

  Some people like to eat spicy and greasy foods for a long time, and heat and fire, manifested as burning stomach, often feeling fatigue, which is a manifestation of fire in the spleen and stomach.

This kind of person should clear the fire, can use bamboo leaves, Ophiopogon soaked in water, or drink Kuding tea, or eat a little Huanglian slice, or eat more bitter melon, cucumber and other vegetables.

  Elderly people and children have weak digestive ability. The stomach often accumulates food, so anorexia, fullness of the stomach, bad breath and odor will be caused. Therefore, digestion and stomach are needed.

The method is to take appetizers such as Chenpi, Hawthorn, Divine Comedy before meals, and then take Xiangsha Yangwei Pills after meals.

For better health, you can take Pingwei San or Baohe Pills appropriately.

Usually you can use fried rice, malt soaked in water to drink.

6 slimming teas that lazy people love most

6 slimming teas that lazy people love most

For those who are too lazy to exercise, gluttonous, but easy to gain weight, want to lose weight, may wish to learn to drink tea.

The right amount of herbal tea can help you increase your metabolic rate, at the same time resist antioxidants, prevent cancer and eliminate toxins (free radicals).

Drinking tea to lose weight is best for people who have a slow metabolic rate and don’t have time to exercise.

  Lemon tea Lemon tea has almost no body, and vitamin C supplementation is very effective in maintaining skin tension and elasticity.

Lemonade can quench thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively suppress improper diet, plus 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant.

  How to drink: Soak two dried lemon slices or freshly cut lemons in boiling water. Repeat the brewing process for a while.

When drinking water, according to personal taste, you can increase or decrease the amount of lemons, and you can add honey to taste.

  Pu’er tea Pu’er tea clears heat and dispels water, dissolves phlegm and digests food, warms the spleen and stomach, and has a good slimming effect.

A cup of Pu’er contains only about 4 calories of conversion, while drinking pure Pu’er is said to be the most effective and healthy.

The caffeine in Pu’er tea can help enhance the body’s ability to burn adults, while tea polyphenols are more effective in assisting the breakdown and digestion of assistants.

  How to drink: Take an appropriate amount of Pu’er tea and boil it with water. Drink one cup before each meal.

Do not drink tea during the menstrual period.

  Jasmine tea Jasmine’s aroma can calm the mood, remove bad breath, regulate endocrine, moisturize diabetes, and has a considerable effect on menstrual disorders.

Aroma can enhance the body’s ability to cope with complex environments, eliminate mental fatigue, and nervousness.

  How to drink: Take 4-6 capsules each time and brew with boiling water instead of boiling water.

  Efficacy: Shuganmingmu, moisturizing and beauty, detoxifying beauty.

It can also detoxify the body while replenishing water, and it has a good effect on weight loss and beauty.

  Cassia seed tea traditional Chinese medicine cassia seed has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, clearing liver and eyesight.

Regular consumption of cassia tea has special effects in treating hypertension.

15-20 grams of cassia seed infused with water on behalf of several times a day, can lower blood pressure, reduce lipids, and cure constipation.

  How to drink: Take an appropriate amount of cassia seeds and directly brew with boiling water. You can also add a few chrysanthemums or add a little honey.

  Lotus leaf tea China has regarded lotus leaf as a medicine for weight loss since ancient times.

Because the lotus root (藕) and leaves have simple diuretic and laxative effects.

There are some tips for slimming with lotus leaf tea to increase weight loss.

  How to drink: Take an appropriate amount of lotus leaf tea, brew with boiling water, and drink three or four times a day.

  Although drinking tea to lose weight is easy, life must also be controlled by diet, and try to reduce the intake of various high-conversion and low-nutrition junk food.

  In addition, except for Puer tea, which is relatively mild, most teas are cold foods, and people with cold constitutions are not suitable.

10 countermeasures to help you overcome psychological stress

10 countermeasures to help you overcome psychological stress

Professor Zhao Guoqiu, member of the Executive Committee of the Mental Health Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and an expert member of the Psychological Counseling Expert Committee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Shenzhen Multi-functional Hall of Legal Affairs.How to face psychological pressure, how to think about the problem, how to face the society, how to set your own expectations, and other issues, for Shenzhen citizens to attend a church, “Healthy Psychology, Healthy Life-Psychological Stress and Coping Strategies”.

  Professor Zhao analyzed that Shenzhen is an immigration city. Shenzhen people mainly leave their homeland and come to Shenzhen to work alone, but there is no safe haven for family members. Moreover, because life is easy, it is difficult to find a home for affection.

Under the combined effect of various external factors, some people have lost their balance and tranquility.

According to common sense, everyone should have at least three close friends in their lives, and these friends should meet three conditions: have a basically consistent worldview and variables; be able to talk about personal privacy together; when there are psychological difficulties, friends can talk to each other countless times.

In Shenzhen, a special immigration environment, there is great potential to find “if you have been friends for 20 years”.

Under the background that pressure cannot be relieved, Shenzheners are in a fiercely competitive and stress-breaking environment. These are the leaders of Shenzhen ‘s mental health problems.

At the same time, Shenzhen has a developed economy and is at the forefront of reform and opening up. It has suffered more cultural shocks than the mainland. The transition period has brought serious problems, so the mental health problem is even more serious than the mainland.

Coupled with the Shenzhen people’s exposure to a large number of Hong Kong, Macao and Western ideas, various cultural conflicts are obvious, their thinking is easily misled, and mental health problems are inevitable.

  How to clean up “psychological trash” so that people in the workplace have a healthy heart?

Professor Zhao proposed ten coping strategies.

  One of the coping strategies: self-test. Listed below are some of the more common methods for coping with stressful events. One is that your behavior characteristics are your common methods. Please mark them.

  1. I ignore my needs and just bury my head and work hard.

  2. I look for friends to communicate and get their support.

  3. I eat more than usual.

4. I do some form of physical exercise.

5. I am angry, and all the troubles around me are driven away.

  6. I take some time to relax, catch my breath, and do some exercise.

  7. I smoke a cigarette and drink those drinks that contain caffeine.

  8. I face the source of stress and do work to change it.

  9. I take back my feelings and stay away from the crowd to do my own thing.

  10. I changed my view of the problem in order to see it more thoroughly.

  11. I sleep longer than I really need.

12. I spend some time leaving my work environment.

  13. I go out for shopping and use shopping to make myself feel good.

  14. My friends and I were joking and used humorous methods to briefly overcome the difficult spirit.

  15. I drink more wine than usual.

  16. I am addicted to personal hobbies or interests, it makes me relax and feel good.

  17. I take medicine to relax myself or improve my sleep.

18. I keep myself on a healthy diet.

  19, I just ignore the problem and hope to pass quickly.

  20. I pray, think and enrich my spiritual life.

  21. I am worried about the problem and I am afraid to do anything that touches it.

  22, I focus on things that I can control and accept.

  More than a part of it, ratios with even numbers are some of the more constructive strategies, while the ones marked with odd numbers gradually tend to be less good strategies for coping with stress.

If you choose a combination of odd numbers, then you should consider whether you need to change your way of thinking and behavior.

You can try an even numbering strategy that has not been used in the past.

  Coping Strategy # 2: Change Lifestyle1. Determine a “relaxation order” to integrate into daily life.

Try to relax.  2. Do more to make you feel happy.

3. Don’t let pressure build up.

4, do work and rest.

5. Adhere to your rights at home and at work.

6. Avoid overwork or accept too many work tasks.

7. Don’t avoid things that make you scared.

  8. Learn to remember your achievements and progress and praise yourself.

  Coping Strategy # 3: Learn to Say “No”
When someone asks you to do something for them and put pressure on you, it ‘s often hard to say “No”.

Think about whether you can do or are willing to do what they ask you to do.

If you can’t or don’t want to do it, learn to effectively reject others’ requests.

  Coping Strategy # 4: Say what you think and express your opinion honestly, although it can be annoying or controversial.

If you are certain that someone else ‘s request is unreasonable, you have to say it.

When anger and frustration cannot be released, people will be depressed, silent, nagging, blaming or slandering behind them. Failure to express their opinions will lead to “negative-provocative” behavior, which is harmful to health because of depressed frustrationOr anger evil evil immune system causing harm.

  Coping Strategy No. 5: Constructive criticism tell your feelings, explain why others’ actions hurt you, or cause you inconvenience, and tell others how much you want them to change.

  Coping Strategy Six: Handle Conflict One and Avoid Disputes.

  Everyone has encountered conflicts with friends, family or colleagues on a certain issue.

Disputes can be stressful, but calm, restraint, self-confidence, and hard work can alleviate them.

  Second, handle conflicts.

  Choose your language carefully, be honest, confident, and decent.

  Third, stay neutral.

  One technique for dealing with conflicts is called “keep neutral”, which is to remove the “thorns” in the words and reorganize the content of the words.

For example, if someone says “I can’t get along with my boss,” you respond, “You want to discuss improving your relationship with your boss.

“Part 7 of the coping strategy: Self-motivate and acknowledge that you can learn from your mistakes and correct them next time.

Tell yourself: “I’ve done my best, and it’s good enough for me.

“”no one is perfect.

“Even if I fail from time to time, people will still like me.

“” Making mistakes does not mean failure in life.

“Part 8 of Coping Strategies: Learn to do three things 1. Learn to close.

  That is, learn to close the two doors yesterday and tomorrow, and live a good life for each of today and every day.

  2. Learn to calculate.

  That is, learn to calculate your own happiness and calculate what you do right.

Calculate happiness. The more you calculate, the happier you are. The more you calculate, the more you can do.

  3. Learn to give up.

  I especially recommend a very good word in Chinese, which is “willing.”

Remember, it is “to give up” first and “to get” last.

Things in the world always have “sacrifice” to “get”, or “sacrifice” will “get”, and “will not give up at all” or “want to get everything” will be contrary to the wishes or nothing.

  Coping Strategies Nine: Learn to say three sentences 1, “Forget it!

“Means the best way to accept an unchangeable fact is to accept it.

  2. “It doesn’t matter!

“Even no matter what happens, even if it is a big thing, you must say to yourself,” It doesn’t matter! “Remember, a positive attitude is the first step to solving any problem and overcoming any difficulties.


“it will be pass away!

“No matter how heavy the rain is, and how many consecutive days it continues, you must be confident that the sky will clear, because the sky will not always be cloudy.

This is true in nature, so is life.

  The tenth coping strategy: Learn to “three happy”, “three unnecessary” and “three happy”, that is, helping others, being content, and enjoying themselves.

Furthermore, it is necessary to help others when they are good, to be content when they are ordinary, and to learn to be happy when they are in adversity.

  ”Three don’t”: First, don’t punish others for their mistakes.

  There are many people in real life who are not afraid of suffering or death, and no matter how heavy the burden is, they will not break him, and no matter how difficult they are, they will not scare him, but he cannot bear the grievances and wrongs.

In fact, grievances and injustices mean that others have made mistakes, and you haven’t made mistakes; while unbearable grievances and injustices are punished by others’ mistakes.

  Understand this principle, and if you encounter this situation again, the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off and not take it seriously.

  Second, don’t punish others for your mistakes.

  When you are subjected to justice or unfair trial, you are also treating others unjustly or unfairly.

In fact, when you hurt others, you will be hurt again.

  Third, don’t punish yourself for your mistakes.

  What is a good person?

We think that if he / she is given 10 things, he / she can do right 7?
8 pieces are good people.

Obviously, this sentence implies another layer of meaning that good people will do wrong things, and good people will make mistakes.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter at all that a good person has done something wrong. It doesn’t matter if you make a big mistake. You just need to find out the cause carefully, learn the lessons carefully, and change.