Lu Menglin got up from the bed lightly,Quietly walked into the kitchen,I want to make a loving breakfast for Su Xuehen。

A happy life is actually that simple,Fall asleep with you,Get up with you!
Thinking of each other,Pay each other,That’s the taste of love!
It’s strange,Seems to have slept all night,The restlessness in the body really disappeared,Is it really so agile??
Lu Menglin is making breakfast,While developing the art of inward vision,Check your physical condition。
Don’t know how,He saw something unusual。
Side effects of Promise True Dragon Qi,It was originally because of killing intent and lust,But after a night of tossing,The restlessness is completely eliminated,But there seems to be a strange wave of power in the body。
This power does not belong to the light energy,It’s not the power of space energy and blood,Somewhat similar to mental power,But not all the same。
Even Lu Menglin’s internal vision,I can barely capture a trace of this strange power,If you don’t pay attention, you will ignore the past。
To the realm of Lu Menglin,It’s a head higher than the realm of a master of alchemy,For the energy and energy in the body,See through,Discover this new power,Not surprising。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Try to mobilize this strange power in the body with mental power,It’s a pity that this power only reaches the surface of the skin,Just dissipated。
Doesn’t seem to be a fighting force!Lu Menglin was thinking,The water in the kettle suddenly boiled,A sharp beep。
Su Xuehen was awakened,Walk to the kitchen door,The pretty face happened to face Lu Menglin, who raised his head.。
“Nothing,Nothing!It’s just boiling!please wait a moment,I got it right soon!”Lu Menglin knew he was fascinated again just now,Quickly explained。
Su Xuehen looked at Lu Menglin’s face intently,For a long while,This was surprised:“your face,Why is it so beautiful?Very different from last night!”
“Oh?What’s wrong with my face?”Lu Menglin turned around,Looked in the mirror,Did not find any abnormalities。

Rena passes by Qiangwei’s reminder,I found Xin Zhao with a wretched smile,Then it broke out,Go out with Xin Zhao。

The loud noise from outside,Several men shrank their necks subconsciously,Then Liu Chuang is more courageous“I said,Lord Xin will not be beaten to death, right!”
“calm down,Rest assured,Lena knows what to do!”Qiangwei smiled and explained to Liu Chuang。
Liu Chuang feels that he can never ignore these women anymore,It seems that except Rui Mengmeng is a good boy,The others are not qualified objects。
As for Ge Xiaolun,Xi Shi is in the eyes of the lover,I don’t know what I’m thinking when I watch Qiangwei there。
Ten minutes passed,Lena came back,Then everyone should continue to eat,Should drink,And Xin Zhao came over with difficulty after half an hour,Took a look at him,There is only one admiration among several men,have to say,Xin Zhao’s courage is too great。
Men have such a little bit of wretched thoughts,It’s just that some people will put it into practice,And some new clubs are hidden in their hearts。
The former is Xin Zhao,The latter is Ge Xiaolun。
After this excitement,Everyone is familiar with it,And Xin Zhao was successfully called Xinye by several men,Qilin then asked Qiangwei a question in a low voice。
“Will Xin Zhao spy on us at will??”
Although Xin Zhao is very reliable,But if people become wretched,,Then it’s not human。
Qiangwei talks and stops,And Lena patted her chest and said“Don’t worry,This guy is not interested in you,Rest assured!”
Qiangwei smiles,It really is,Xin Zhao can only dare to pit himself,But never had that expression。
And Qilin listened to this,Although relieved,But there is always a little unhappy。
Chapter Twenty Five Talk heart
Beer first,Then white wine,Except for Lena,Everyone got drunk successfully。
Look at this group of people lying on the table,Some fell on the ground,Even got under the table。
‘I left this group of people here,Still say to carry it back!’

Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Eight Loss of soldiers

“Forget it,Don’t do it。No need!”Qin Feng said at this moment。After speaking,He looked at Zhang Enci,“have to say,This is the worst strategy I have ever seen。”
At this moment, Zhang Enci was laughing.,“Haha,It doesn’t matter if the strategy is bad or not,As long as you get the bait。look,Isn’t it all right now??”
Liu Xing looks at Qin Feng,“Qin Feng,We really just got caught?”
“What’s the point if you resist and bring these people down?It turns into conclusive evidence,And become a national wanted criminal。Really unnecessary,okay,Just leave this to me。”Qin Feng appeased everyone。
Zhang Enci smiled,“Take it all!”
The Zhang family members stepped forward and handcuffed everyone。
of course,After being taken away by them,The men in the army did not take them to prison in accordance with formal means。On the contrary, they and others were taken blindfolded to the outskirts of the capital。
“Qin Feng,We really don’t resist?It’s going to die!”Liu Xing knew that Qin Feng was sitting next to him,So I can’t help but remind。
But even now it’s a bit late to say these things。After all, they were handcuffed and still covered their faces,I don’t have the ability to break free。
of course,Unless they have thief-like skills to unlock,Otherwise, everything is said for nothing。
But Qin Feng is still very calm,Didn’t even speak。
Others are a little anxious,But out of trust in Qin Feng, he didn’t speak。
“Qin Feng!”Still Liu Xing,After all, the relationship between him and Qin Feng is actually hard to clarify。
“rest assured,Wait, then!”
In the end Qin Feng said a few words,It’s useless for Liu Xing to worry。Because this evolved into the emperor’s no hurry。
For various reasons,Finally everyone stopped talking,Was sent to the suburbs。
It’s just that Zhang Enci and others didn’t follow,Only a team of dozens of uniformed personnel is required to execute the order。

“I don’t give up!”The tears from the chubby face came out。

“master,Please give me another chance,I will never give up!”
“Good!This is the Cui Keying I know!”
Qiao Tianyu patted Chubby’s face on the shoulder again,Then pick up the contact information of the university fund manager from the table。
“Keying,These 30 college funds,Is the last hope of our Zero Fund,Never allowed to fail again。”
Qiao Tianyu shook the piece of paper,Very firm eyes。
“I will give you three days,You run from house to house,See which one has the willingness to invest。”
“Ok,I know!”
The chubby face solemnly took the piece of paper,Make a poisonous oath to Qiao Tianyu,This time guarantee to complete the task!
After talking about the chubby face, he rushed out to work。
But the moment the little fat face left the room,The smile that had been hanging on Qiao Tianyu’s face suddenly solidified,There was a fierce murderous look in his eyes.
After arranging for the chubby face,Qiao Tianyu ran to the hotel reception immediately,Let them book a flight to New York,Then I took a taxi and rushed to the airport。
New York World Trade Center fourth floor,Lehman Jagged President Fuld’s office。
“Joe,It’s not easy to start your own business?”
Fuld saw Qiao Tianyu in the dust,I still don’t forget to dig Qiao Tianyu“Original intention”。
“Why don’t you come to Lehman’s hedge fund?,You don’t have to worry about funding,You just need to make money。”
“Haha,Mr. Fuld,It seems you know everything about me!”Qiao Tianyu took the coffee from Fuld,Drink it all。
“no way,You have recently emerged,Upset the order of the entire Wall Street,Everyone is watching for you、Study you!”Fuld shrugged,Said。

Warm water is better than hot water

Warm water is better than hot water
Drinking hot water has been in China for thousands of years.”The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” has the record of “the soup liquid that cures the disease”, “Mencius” also has the expression “Drinking Soup in Winter”, and “Shu Wen Jie Zi” says “Soup, Heat”.The “soup” here is hot water.Wen Changlu, academic consultant of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, said that Chinese medicine advocates drinking hot water, especially in the cold winter.Water is the source of life and plays an important role in maintaining the physiological functions of the human body.However, it is cold and cold. If you often take cold water or cold drinks, it will easily lead to spleen and stomach dehydration and excessive humidity, which will affect the qi and blood operation. It will cause cold, cold hands, feet, and cold stomach.Cold physique.It is called hot water, which can balance the cold and cool nature of water, and initially reconcile the effects of yin and yang.In addition, warm drinking into the stomach can help the yang to develop, and it has the effect of warming the yang in the soil, which is beneficial to the rot of the stomach, and the spleen transports the valley to produce subtle nutrients, promote the digestion and absorption of the human body, blood circulation, metabolism, and so on.Wen Changlu said that people with debilitating constitution, spleen and stomach, kidney deficiency and impaired physiological functions, such as children, the elderly, women, etc., are suitable for drinking hot water.In addition to hot water, many warm foods can also be cold.For example, patients with colds and colds can drink hot water or hot ginger soup to speed up blood circulation, fight against viruses, and replenish water to help reduce fever and dispel wind and cold.Women with dysmenorrhea drink hot water, hot soup, hot brown sugar ginger tea, etc. during menstruation, which can relieve blood pain by promoting blood circulation.The promotion of drinking hot water does not mean that the hotter the water, the better. Some people like to drink hot water or freshly cooked porridge, soup, etc. These are all bad eating habits.Because 上海夜网论坛 too much diet or water can repeatedly stimulate the esophageal mucosa, causing chronic damage and inflammation.The World Health Organization’s International Cancer Research Agency has also proposed that excessive drinks may increase the risk of esophageal cancer, causing diets with temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius to be classified as carcinogen 2A.Proceeding, Wen Changlu suggests, available 35?45 seconds of water is best.Because the temperature of the human gastrointestinal tract is about 37.5?In 38 seconds, water close to the human body’s ambient temperature will make the initialization tract more comfortable.People who are afraid of cold can choose water with slightly higher temperature, but it is better not to exceed 50 tons.When it is called traditional Chinese medicine, most traditional Chinese medicine decoctions 杭州桑拿网 should also adopt the warm-serving method.Traditional Chinese medicine for the functions of removing wind and cold, warming and removing cold, or some traditional Chinese medicine decoctions such as tonics, promoting blood circulation and activating qi, etc., can use hot clothes to help medicine.Wen Changlu reminded that drinking hot water is beneficial to people with a debilitating constitution or a peaceful constitution, but it is usually a hot constitution that has symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, red eyes, fever, yellow urine, and dry stool.People, or people suffering from fever diseases, such as heat stroke, constipation, etc., are suitable for normal temperature water around 25 years old, so as not to aggravate symptoms.▲

China National Travel Service (601888) 2019 Performance Express Review Comments: Performance is slightly lower than expected and still optimistic about the potential of tax-free bonus release

China National Travel Service (601888) 2019 Performance Express Review Comments: Performance is slightly lower than expected and still optimistic about the potential of tax-free bonus release

Event: The company announced its 2019 performance report. In 2019, its operating income and net profit attributable to its mothers were 48 billion and 46, respectively.

500 million US dollars, an annual increase of 2.

14% and 50.

38%, net profit deduction to non-attributed 39.

400 million, an annual increase of 25.


  The revenue growth was basically in line with expectations, but the profit growth rate slightly exceeded expectations: the company’s revenue growth in 2019 increased to 2.

14%, excluding the impact of the initial travel agency’s performance, with a comparable caliber of 475 billion yuan, a long-term growth of 37%, mainly driven by the high growth of tax-exempt business, basically in line with our expectations.

The company realized net profit attributable to mother 46.

500 million yuan, net of non-attributed net profit of 39.

4 ppm (almost 7 ppm after-tax investment income from travel agencies), of which Q4 achieved return to the mother’s profit4.

5.4 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 17%, exceeding our expectations. We believe that mainly Q4 Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong airports are rapidly affected by external events. Increased discount promotions for Haitang Bay stores and additional costs brought by the opening of the Hexin Island projectExpenses and other factors.

  Haitang Bay store continues to grow rapidly, short-term growth forecast for Beijing and Shanghai Airport stores: It is estimated that the company’s Haitang Bay store will achieve revenue of nearly 10.6 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase of 32%, of which Q4 will achieve a profit of 3.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 53%.Stimulated by the company’s increased discount promotions, it also caused the Q4 gross profit margin of Haitang Bay stores to be under pressure. For airport stores, it is estimated that Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou airport stores will achieve revenues of 152/95/19 budgets, an increase of 23 throughout the year.% / 16% / 121%, of which in the fourth quarter Beijing and Shanghai were affected by the high base and Hong Kong events, and the growth rate was only about 10% -15%.

  The tax-free bonus is still being released, and we expect the increase brought by the implementation of the New Deal in the city’s stores: The company is expected to maintain a steady growth rate in 2020. The main highlights include: 1) the stabilization of the exchange rate and the stabilization of the gross profit margin;The airport satellite hall is expected to gradually climb up and contribute incrementally; 3) Sea exemption and consolidation; 4) The new policy of the city’s stores is expected to be implemented, which will bring a tax-free incremental market for the medium and long term.

  Investment suggestion: We slightly reduce our profit forecast. It is estimated that the company’s EPS for 19-21 will be 2 respectively.

38, 2.

58 and 3.

04 yuan, corresponding to the latest PE is 3苏州夜网论坛8, 35, 30 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

  Risk Warning: The opening of tax exemption policy is less than expected; the prosperity of outbound tourism is inclined.

Hongcheng Water (600461) released a comment: benefit from water price adjustment 19 years performance increased by 40% -60% in ten years

Hongcheng Water (600461) released a comment: benefit from water price adjustment 19 years performance increased by 40% -60% in ten years

Expected performance growth of 40% -60%.

The company released the 2019 performance forecast, and expects to realize net profit attributable to mothers in 20194.


370,000 yuan, an annual increase of 40% to 60%.

The 杭州桑拿网 performance increase was mainly due to the increase of the company’s water price by 0 from November 1, 2018.

45 yuan / ton (up 28 from previous years.

5%) to increase revenue from water supply business, part of the second phase of sewage treatment and expansion and upgrading projects put into operation and increase in reported gas sales volume led to increased gas sales revenue.

The non-public offering was completed, and the scale of the sewage treatment business accelerated.

The company’s non-public offering was completed in November 2019, and the fundraising was 8.

94 billion is accelerating the standard expansion and construction, and it is expected to increase sewage treatment capacity by 10 per day.

As of the end of 18, the company’s sewage treatment capacity was 236.

Every day, the company is expected 杭州桑拿 to put into operation a sewage treatment capacity of 18 per day in 19 years, and will continue to win the bid for a sewage treatment project (July 19, Liaoning Project 2020 1).

5 daily / day scale, long-term 3 months / day, Jan. 20 pre-bid Nanchang 40 scale / day scale), the company’s sewage treatment scale accelerated expansion.

Shares were granted to 15 executives and core backbones to bind the interests of the company’s shareholders.

The company’s annual stock incentive plan for 2019 is 588.

50,000 shares have been granted, and the grant price is 3.

05 yuan / share.

Follow-up unlocking conditions are linked to performance evaluation targets: the average annual ROE in 2020-22 is not less than 9%, the compound revenue growth rate is not less than 10%, and not less than the 75th place value of the benchmark company, and the dividend is 2020-2022The proportion is not less than 40%, which highlights the company’s long-term incentive mechanism.

The trend of three-wheel drive of water supply + sewage + gas continues, maintaining the “buy” level.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

53, 0.

66 and 0.

79 yuan / share, corresponding to PE at the latest closing price of 11 respectively.

3, 9.

1, 7.

6 times.

The price increase of water supply has been completed to enhance the profitability of assets. The fixed increase will help the expansion and upgrading of sewage plants. The Three Gorges Group increased its holdings4.

9% look forward to follow-up business collaboration.

It is expected that the company’s performance in 2019-2021 will still maintain a compound growth rate of more than 20%. We give the company 12 times PE estimation in 2020, which corresponds to a reasonable value of 7.

91 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

risk warning.

The financing environment has been tightened, the price adjustment progress after the upgrading of sewage has fallen short of expectations, the cost of gas has increased, and downstream demand has fallen short of expectations.

Dongfang Cable (603606): Ten-year sharpening of submarine cable leading into accelerated performance release period

Dongfang Cable (603606): Ten-year sharpening of submarine cable leading into accelerated performance release period

Event: The company released an annual report with revenue of 30 in 2018.

2 billion, an annual increase of 46.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

7.1 billion, an increase of 242 in ten years.


Operational analysis: Offshore wind power installed capacity exceeded expectations, existing submarine cable capacity funding instead of job hunting: CWEA disclosed new offshore wind power installed capacity in 20181.

65GW, gradually installed capacity reached 4.

44GW, increased installed capacity exceeded market expectations.

According to statistics from WoodMackenzie, a third-party consulting agency, in the last two months of 2018 alone, more than 32GW of offshore wind power projects (including “publicization before approval”) were approved.

Under construction in 2018, the total scale of offshore wind power projects that have been approved for construction and included in the pre-approval public announcement stage has reached 49.


In 2018, the approvals for offshore wind power in Guangdong and Jiangsu reached 9 respectively.

4GW, 7.

5GW, continue to lead.

It is known that as many as 15 projects were approved between November and December last year.

4GW, the highest approval, but the phenomenon also reflects the industry’s price for offshore wind power in 2019, but according to the latest approved project, it is 0.

On the basis of the benchmark of 85 yuan / kwh, the bidding price does not exceed 0.

05 yuan / kwh, the overall is relatively moderate, the overall profitability of offshore wind power operators is still relatively outstanding.

At present, the two major parts of 220kV based on the Shanghai cable car industry, Zhongtian Technology and Hengtong Optoelectronics, currently only have an annual capacity of about 1.2 billion. So far, no capacity expansion plan has been announced.The annual production capacity of about 4 billion can only meet about 2.

4GW demand, located in the supply and demand situation.

The company takes the lead in expanding production. It is expected that new capacity in Yangjiang will be released gradually in the second quarter of 2020, and the capacity of submarine cables will reach about 3 billion by the end of 2020.

Continued high performance and high certainty:杭州夜网 The company’s new submarine cables and laying orders for 2017-2018 were 13, respectively.

8 billion, 19.

600 million, as of the first quarter of this year, supplementary submarine cables and laying orders reached 9.

700 million, and the current production plan for orders in hand has been scheduled to 2020, and it is estimated that the new orders will exceed 55 billion in 2019-2020.

Under the bidding mechanism, it is expected that the decline in on-grid electricity prices may be accelerated by the decline in unit construction investment, but since the industry ‘s submarine cable throughput is still in a serious state of supply and demand, the overall submarine cable price decline space should be less than the speed of wind turbine prices, plus copperSuch as the upstream raw material bulk commodities are still in a downward trend in prices, the company’s submarine cable business gross profit margin will remain near 30%, and performance will maintain high growth.

Profit adjustment and investment suggestions: With offshore wind power approval and installed capacity exceeding expectations, submarine cable bidding has gradually increased, and the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 is 3.

1 billion (up 7%), 4.

3 billion (up 8%), 5.

400 million, compound performance growth of 47%, corresponding to three years of PE are 20x, 14x, 11x, target price of 15.

4 yuan, buy rating.

Risk reminder: Offshore wind power prices exceed expectations; there is uncertainty about offshore wind power technology advancement and cost reduction; upstream copper price changes; non-public issuance of funds raised by the project implementation progress is not up to expectations;

Chuantou Energy (600674): Steady growth of investment income and continued expansion of capital operations and participation in high-quality assets

Chuantou Energy (600674): Steady growth of investment income and continued expansion of capital operations and participation in high-quality assets

Event: The company released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income in 20188.

64 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

15%; net profit attributable to mother is 35.

70 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.


The company released the first quarter report of 2019, and achieved operating income in the first quarter of 20192.

21 ppm, an increase of ten years.

58%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 7.

40 ‰, a decrease of 10 per year.

89%, in line with Shen Wanwanyuan’s expectations.

Key points for investment: In 2018, Sichuan’s overall water supply was superior, and the company’s participation in the majority of generating units increased significantly.

Benefiting from the better water supply in Sichuan Province and the recovery of power demand since 2018, the company’s holding units achieved power generation of 32 in 2018.

7.8 billion kWh, an increase of 11 per year.


The Yalong River Hydropower, which the company holds a 48% stake in, achieved 741 in 2018.

1.3 billion kilowatt-hours, an increase of 2 in ten years.

At 37%, the combined on-grid electricity price of the Yalong River Hydropower in 2018 increased by an average of 5.

02%, Yalong River Hydropower is expected to contribute 34% of investment income.

9.3 billion.

In the fourth quarter, the company received a 2017 dividend of 0% from Guodian Daduhe Company, which holds 10% of its shares.

US $ 8.1 billion, the two sides jointly helped the company’s investment income increase in 20185.


Since the beginning of 2019, the incoming water in the Yalong River has continued to improve. In the first quarter, the power generation of the Yalong River has further increased.

40%, but due to the on-grid price dropped by -14 on average.

At 14%, Yalongjiang’s profitability improved, and the company’s overall investment income for the first quarter decreased by 13.


Started capital operation and invested in high-quality assets, and the company’s internal value was recognized by Yangtze Power.

In 2018, the company increased its capital to Guodian Daduhe Co., which holds 10% of its shares1.

064 megabytes, which is divided into the measurement method of the equity of Daduhe Company, is changed from the financial assets that can be sold to the equity method of accounting.

According to the accounting standards, the financial assets that can be sold can only calculate the investment income when dividends are paid. Daduhe Company gradually paid dividends to the fourth quarter in 2018, which resulted in the replacement of the company’s statement profits in the first three quarters and changes to the equity method to generate timely results.

The company increased its investment in Three Gorges New Energy in 20188.

5.0 billion, with direct and indirect holdings of 2.

025% equity, Three Gorges New Energy currently owns 1009 wind power photovoltaic installations.

650,000 kilowatts is expected to bring considerable investment returns to the company.

Yangtze Power continued to increase the company’s shares in 2018 and early 2019, and currently holds 10% of its shares, making it the company’s second largest 杭州桑拿 shareholder.

The continuous appreciation of Yangtze Power has shown good prospects for the company’s future development and recognition of the long-term investment value.

When the development of the middle reaches of the Yalong River was underway, supporting the delivery of extra-high voltage lines, the peak of production was ushered in during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

The company and SDIC Power jointly develop hydropower resources in the Yalong River Basin. The entire basin can develop about 30 million kilowatts. At present, Yangfanggou in the middle reaches of the Yalong River and two estuary hydropower generators (total 4.5 million kilowatts) have been approved for construction.Production will start in 2021-2023.The company issued a public issuance plan for convertible bonds in May 2018. It plans to raise funds of no more than 4 billion U.S. dollars to increase the capital of Yalong River Hydropower (the shareholding ratio remains the same) for the construction of Yangfanggou Hydropower Station. The current issuance is progressing in an orderly manner.

In 2018, the Yalong River midstream DC UHV transmission project was included in the list of key transmission and transformation project documents accelerated by the National Energy Administration, and subsequent construction was gradually accelerated.

The project adopts ± 800 kV DC and is located in Jiangxi, supporting Nanchang-Wuhan and Nanchang-Changsha UHV AC projects, with a transmission capacity of 8 million kilowatts.

At present, Jiangxi Province is one of the provinces with the largest supply and demand of hypertension power. The gap in power generation and consumption continues to expand, which is conducive to guaranteeing the hydropower consumption of Yazhong units in the future.

Earnings forecast and rating: Considering the increase and reduction of 3 units and the change in the accounting treatment method of Guodian Daduhe Company, we raised the company’s 2019-2020 net profit attributable to mothers, respectively.

88, 37.

2.5 billion (34 before adjustment).

24, 34.

4.3 billion), plus a forecast of 37 in 2021.

610,000 yuan, currently corresponding to PE 11, 11, 11 times sustainable.

Yalongjiang’s performance is stable and its growth potential has been achieved in the medium and long term. Profits have continued to improve, maintaining a “Buy” rating.

Yoga breathing slimming method lets you sneak into the new year

Yoga breathing slimming method lets you sneak into the new year

What is the difference between the abdominal breathing that I usually hear and the real yoga breathing method?

In the new year, practice yoga breathing and vomit the old, give the body a breathing SPA.

  The Chinese New Year holiday is about to die. Although it is reluctant, it is time to re-assemble and meet the challenges of the new year with a new look.

The old saying goes: “A good start is half the battle.

“At this critical moment at the beginning of the year, if you can get your body cleaned from the inside out, refreshing and refreshing, then it would be better.”

Yoga breathing can help you effectively vomit old and new, and sweep away the body’s toxins.

What should I do?

  I believe many people have heard of abdominal breathing.

This is a common breathing method for singers and teachers.

This breathing method can inhale more air and increase lung capacity.

But the benefits of abdominal breathing are not limited to this.

  Human breathing can be divided into two types: chest breathing and abdominal breathing.

Most people, especially girls, are chest breathing.

Chest breathing is a shallow breathing that uses only the upper half of the lungs, but exercises to the middle and lower lungs.

More importantly, chest breathing can not fully meet the oxygen requirements of the body organs, affecting the body’s metabolism, and reducing the resistance.

  Abdominal breathing is a deep breathing that allows the entire lungs to be exercised, delays the deterioration of the lungs, and promotes urethral peristalsis and prevents constipation.

For girls, the most attractive effect of abdominal breathing is that it can exercise the abdominal muscles and eliminate the accumulation of the waist!

Therefore, many people use the abdominal breathing method directly as a yoga breathing method.

In fact, yoga breathing is a combination of multiple breathing exercises, abdominal breathing is only a kind of yoga breathing.

Yoga breathing method can effectively exercise the body through the switching of different breathing methods, so that the body can discharge toxins and rejuvenate from the inside out.

  Yoga breathing exercises can be chosen before going to bed or in the morning, when lying on the bed, the best effect.

  Preliminary: Abdominal breathing on the back, hands on the abdomen, slowly inhaling with the nose, while relaxing the abdomen, feeling that the air is inhaled into the lower abdomen through the trachea, the hand can feel the expansion of the abdomen until it can no longer inhale.

At this point, slowly contract the abdominal muscles, gently exhale, and feel that the air is completely expelled from the lungs.

Repeat this way, breathing about 4 times per minute.

  The second step: chest breathing, sitting cross-legged, straight spine, hands on the ribs, slowly inhaling with the nose, hands feel the ribs expand and expand and lift up, gently exhale, feel the ribs move down, and gather inward.
  Step 3: Completely breathe and continue to sit cross-legged, one hand on the abdomen, the other hand on the ribs, slowly inhale, feel the abdomen slowly bulging, imagine the air inhalation, first sink into the lower half of the lungs, then slow downSlow down until it fills the entire lungs.

Breath slowly, first relax the upper part of the chest, then relax the lower part of the chest and the abdomen, and finally slowly contract the abdominal muscles to completely remove the gas.

  The fourth step: clean the meridian cross-legged sitting, the left hand knee, the right middle finger, the index finger to the eyebrows, the thumb and ring finger respectively placed on the nose, the thumb presses the right nostril, only the left nostril is deep, slowly 5 timesYoga completely breathe, at this time properly close your eyes, correct the movement of the body in the body, evenly and gently breathe the breath, after the completion, the thumb is released, the ring finger presses the left nostril, and the right nostril is slowly carried out 5The yoga is completely breathing.

Repeat 5-10 rounds.

  It takes about 30 minutes to complete these four steps.

When you are done, you will feel your brain refreshed and your mind will be clear.

Keep exercising and the abdominal muscles will become firmer.