To increase pension income should give more policy enablement to pension investment

To increase pension income should give more policy enablement to pension investment

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  Original title: The right to give more policy enablement to pension investment Source: Daily Economic News Special commentator Tan Haojun 2020 Global Wealth Management Forum first quarter summit was held in Beijing a few days ago, supervision by the Ministry of Finance, subsidies, bancasThe person in charge of the department said that the three-tier pension insurance system reform will be further improved and the pension management institutions will promote the promotion of the proportion of high-yield assets such as equity.

  There is no doubt that pensions are a topic of temporary discussion and one of the issues that has attracted 杭州桑拿网 much attention.

A very important reason is that the contradiction between the income and expenditure of pensions is constantly expanding, the pressure on expenditure is increasing, and the phenomenon of non-payment is already occurring in some places.

  It is appropriate to say that in order to increase the source of income for pensions and better meet the needs of pension expenditures.

In the end, by expanding the area collection, improving the collection efficiency, and expanding the coverage of pension collection, etc., the pension has been better protected from an income perspective.

In particular, the state-owned capital allocation of pensions has achieved a relatively large breakthrough. A series of allocation measures have been introduced in various places, which have laid a feasible foundation for ensuring the reliability and stability of pension income.

  Fundamentally, as the demand for pensions is increasing, the requirements are also becoming higher and higher. In addition to the means of extended levy and current capital allocation, how to increase pension investment income and ensure that the value of pensions are preserved and increasedAspect.

After all, the scale of pensions is very large. If the return on investment is high, it can effectively increase pension income, insufficient pensions, and reduce the pension gap.

At the very least, it will ensure that pensions do not depreciate.

  At present, how to ensure the preservation and appreciation of pensions has always been relatively weak.

Until the future, the investment function of pensions will come into play, and the work of maintaining and increasing value will be improved.

Even so, from the perspective of pension investment, it is still obviously inadequate. It does not play a good role in maintaining and increasing value, and the investment income of pensions is still at a level.

Therefore, how to make better use of the investment function of pensions and improve the investment benefits of pensions is very important.

  There is no doubt that the statement of the regulators this time is indeed a positive signal for pension investment, and a signal that pension investment will be relaxed to a certain extent and supported to a certain extent.

If the three sectors can provide more lenient and convenient policies for pension investment, the door to investment can be opened little by little, the field of investment can be made wider, and the door to investment may be made one by one.This point will have a positive impact on improving the efficiency of pension investment.

  Following the gradual regulations, for pension investment, “the principle of long-term investment should be adhered to, appropriate risk exposure should be tolerated, the level of pension investment should be further increased, and equity assets and alternative assets should be allocated more.

Under normal circumstances, risks are often used to restrict pension investment. The method of expanding pension investment will likely change to some extent.

Risks still need to be controlled, but risk will no longer be used as an excuse for pension investment, but will be based on the actual situation, to moderately increase the risk tolerance of pensions, give more choices to pension investments, and better increase pension investments.Gains.

  On the whole, under the situation where the contradiction between pension income and expenditure is becoming increasingly prominent, it is very important how to give more investment to pension policy.

Without sufficient policy empowerment and a certain degree of risk tolerance, it is difficult to obtain higher returns on pension investment.