Xiao Fan heard what Wang Mingyang said,Nodded with satisfaction。

The Lin Group needs such a powerful helper too much。
at this time,Wang Mingyang couldn’t help but praise his IQ,Since Xiao Fan’s surname is Xiao,But what he allowed himself to protect was the Lin Group,It seems that this sister-in-law is from the Lin Group。
The restaurant manager and the front desk lady looked at the scene in front of them,I can’t believe it all turned out to be true。
Although they don’t know the real identity and strength behind their boss,But only with this Mingzhu Western Restaurant,It is no longer comparable to ordinary enterprises。
What’s more, this restaurant is only one of their owners’ properties。
Now the two people are more curious about the identities of Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner。
What a distinguished identity these two people are,Turns out all the properties that their boss gave up。
right now,These two people regretted their ignorance even more。
but,In addition to regret,These two people are more worried。
Because they don’t know that Wang Mingyang will deal with them next。
Although Wang Mingyang has said before,Make them unable to gain a foothold in the cloud market,But that was before Wang Mingyang learned all the truth。
But now he has clearly understood what the two of them did,And it seems to be more angry。
really do not know,How far will Wang Mingyang’s anger be?。
Two people are like two lambs to be slaughtered right now,Trembling,But powerless。
Xiao Fan pointed at two people on the ground,To Wang Mingyang:“Two of them,What do you plan to do?”
Wang Mingyang’s face changed immediately,Just said:“Of course it was processed directly!”
The restaurant manager and the front desk lady heard that Wang Mingyang wanted to deal with them directly,Just dumbfounded,I can’t even cry for mercy。
Xiao Fan shook his head,To Wang Mingyang:“Although the two of them made a lot of mistakes today,But fortunately, the person I met today is me,If it’s other more powerful people,I believe you can’t hold it。”