Zong Xueqin cheers on,It seems to be fun to make things bigger。

Tu Cancan doesn’t understand,She knows nothing,I just can feel the two people in front of me seem to be discussing her。
“Take her down,After all, they are descendants of my butcher family!”The black-robed man frowned and said。
Zong Xueqin came over in an enchanting posture step by step,Bend over,I don’t care if my spring is seen by the black robe,Raise your hand to pinch Tu Cancan’s chin,Smile at the corner of the mouth。
“Your body is very attractive,But your family owner doesn’t seem interested,If so, keep it,We still have something to do,I won’t play with you。”
Tu Cancan did not speak,Or she doesn’t know what to say!
I thought I saw a real backer,But this respected family owner has the same attitude towards her and strangers。
Even with a lot of hatred。
She is alone,Or die here next moment,This is the question she is thinking now,I can’t face those eyes,As if to be sucked in。
This is a dim stone room,Tu Cancan doesn’t know how to choose,She can only wait here,Because I can feel the gap between myself and them。
There is no possibility of crossing。
“Xia Chenglong,where are you?”
Chapter seven hundred and forty one Goodbye acquaintance
The channel here is not much different from before,Xia Chenglong groped forward carefully,After all in this kind of place,Be careful at first。
Zong Xueqin is probably the one who took the woman away,What does the other party want?
Tu Cancan is still in the dim stone room,Nothing here,Everything is constantly passing by in ignorance and fear。
Door open,In a dizziness, Tu Cancan brought it to the hall where the sarcophagus was hanging.,I don’t know why I have no strength,Open your eyes in the faint,See the black robe man。
Tu Cancan still calls it cautiously,Not to make the other person sympathize,It’s just a natural respect for the superb position of Tujia。