Simple way to identify whether the elderly have a cancer personality

Simple way to identify whether the elderly have a “cancer personality”

American scholar Thomas called the unaccompanied habits of isolation, depression, and inferiority a “cancer personality,” and declared that 40% of cancers are caused by self-harm, such as introverted depression, intentional hidden inner anger, and disappointment.
Some scholars at the University of London divided the human personality into groups, and conducted a 20-year personality analysis and follow-up survey on 2,467 people. The results showed that personality is directly related to disease.
The results of the study indicate that people characterized by repression and denial behavior are susceptible to cancer.
Experts from a US university have conducted psychological tests and questionnaire surveys on 1,000 students. After more than 20 years of long-term observation, it was found that most of the patients who had cancer later had experienced emotional trauma during their teenage years and were always depressed.Unhappy, not willing to associate with others.
  There are also scholars in the United States who observe that there are more interesting things. In the war, the winner’s wound healed better than the loser’s wound and he recovered faster.
Because of happiness, good emotions stimulate and enhance the immune ability of the winner; while negative and depressed negative emotions reduce and suppress the immune function of the loser.
A person with a lonely personality does not care about anything on the surface. His heart is often indignant, cynical, and unwilling to confront people, openly and eloquently clarify his point of view, so that he is in a state of depression for a long time, and immune function is difficult.To play a normal role, the resistance to cancer is greatly reduced; if you are unfortunate, if you don’t get rid of it as soon as possible, you will be sad and depressed for a long time. This kind of bad emotion affects the immune system through the neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine hormones, and splits the immune cells.The rate of regeneration slows down and the total number decreases, causing the defense line in the human body to disintegrate rapidly, and the cancer cells will take advantage of it.
Medical experts believe that bad personality is a catalyst for cancer.
Cancer character carcinogenesis through three ways: one is to promote the growth of cancer cells; the second is to damage the body’s immunity; the third is to change the activity of the body’s enzyme system, and promote the transformation of other chemical carcinogens.
  Scientists summarized the characteristics of cancer personality as follows:
Often self-pity, used to self-restraint, suppress emotions, introverted personality;
Lack of self-confidence, feeling no hope for anything, conscious of everything can do nothing;
Can not stand the blow, can not get rid of the painful suffering when losing a partner or other relatives;
Fear of unconsciously exposing feelings, tending to defend and retreat;
Fear of believing in others and being bound by others, psychological contradictions, there is a sense of insecurity;
Afraid to be abandoned, afraid of no dependence;
Long-term mental stress; 8.
The body is running overloaded for a long time;
I always feel that I have nothing to do and nothing to rely on;
Low mood, even pessimistic disappointment.
  So, how do you tell if you are a cancer character?
Psychologists have a list of questions that can help you find out if your susceptibility to cancer is increasing.
Can you express it when you feel strong anger?
Do you do things as much as possible under any circumstances, no complaints?
Do you think you are a lovely person, a good person?
Do you feel that you have no value in many cases?
Do you often feel lonely, rejected and isolated by others?
Are you doing everything you want to do?
Are you satisfied with your social relationship?
Can you always play to your potential?
If you can only live for another half a year from now, will you continue what you are doing?
  7.If someone says that your illness is late, do you have some sense of relief?

  The ideal answer is: (1) yes; (2) no; (3) yes; (4) no; (5) yes; (6) yes; (7) no.

If your answer has more than two of the above answers, it means that you have the characteristics of a cancer personality.

  ”Character is fate”, if you can surpass the good words of optimism, optimism, selflessness, and open-mindedness, the character is definitely not surnamed “cancer”, and cancer is hard to get caught up with you.

In today’s society, various competitions are fierce and the psychological burden of people is correspondingly aggravated.

If people want to overcome cancer, they must first overcome themselves, cultivate their own sentiments, and improve their personalities.

“Sexual Haidengping Pingsha waves, the heart of the field is clean and dust-free.”

With a clear mind and peace of mind, you can better prevent cancer.

Let us start with our own character, cultivate a good character, and be a happy old man.