The 14th "Yongwang Cup" national interpreter finals ended in the North Er Er Erchart (Han) in the overseas big election

  On October 23, the 14th "Yongwang" multilingual national interpreting contest was successfully held in Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute.

The DPRK (Han) language school finals will be held on the afternoon of the day, and the 6 finalists expanded online.

In the end, Wang Yar, Wang Yar, who came from Shanghai, Shanghai won the champion. Cheng Wei, deputy president of Beijing Second Foreign Language University, said in the closing ceremony, under the premise of preventing the prevention and control, the multilingual national interpreting competition has become an excellent case for large-scale student competitions in the online convergence model. In the fourteenth year, the contest has always adhered to the development of national translation education efforts and cultivating talents to the country’s external communication, from the line to the line, the line is connected to the line, the scale is continuously expanded, the level and influence of the competition is constantly increasing. . Wang Gangyi, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China Translation Association, expressed its affirmation on the competition, and praised the competition to continuously cultivate in fourteen years, excavating many young talents, and made an excellent contribution to China’s translation cause and foreign exchange.

  The "Yongwang Cup" National Multilingual Interpretation Competition is jointly hosted by the China Translation Association and Beijing Second Foreign Languages ??College, and the North Erwai European College is organized, including Japanese, French, German, Russian, DPRK (Han), Spanish, Arabic seven languages, 8 projects.

The competitions are all in the competition, and the finals, the finals, the finals.

In mid-September, 194 players from 92 colleges and abroad participated in the online premises of the competition; after the expert review, 114 players from 43 colleges and universities participated in the competition and finals.

  The list of winners (Han) Language Biography Group: First-level Shanghai Foreign Language University Wang Ya Ru Second-class Award Yanbian University Jin Qiqing, Beijing Second Foreign Language College 亓 亓 三 奖 对 对 经济 经济 大学 大学 大学,,,, Korean Central University Li Yachi, Lu Ying, Jilin University.