Deepening big data and entity economic convergence scene applications are key

  Wang Jinshan, the Chairman of the CPPCC and Chongqing Jinshan Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.: Deepening the use of big data and physical economic integration scene applications "How to use big data, this is very critical.

"Wang Jinshan said in an interview with a reporter that it is necessary to further deepen the integration of big data and physical economy.

In his opinion, it is necessary to use big data. The most important thing is to find big data application scenarios. "The Government Work Report is mentioned that the ‘Elemental number of RMB is built.

This is both new requirements and new opportunities. "Wang Jinshan said, Chongqing must grasp historic opportunities from networked, digitized, intelligent, actively lay out of intelligent industries, promote smart medical, smart vehicles, medical and industrial robots, wearable equipment, intelligent transportation and other industries, and seize future Development system high.

  He also mentioned in an interview that there is no application scenario, and the big data is "Data Island". "Jinshan Technology has done a lot of exploration in medical data in these years. It has established a ‘Kang Cat’ Internet Corporation, using Jinshan Technology’s existing medical big data, combines research and development with medical data.

"Wang Jinshan said that the use of large data technology is applied to the physical economy, service traditional industries, must establish a large data industry system for local industrial structure and characteristics by introduction or cultivation, focusing on building a large number of data application scenarios, such as medical care Informatization big data management platform, intelligent diagnostic platform, financial big data wealth management tool, traffic big data platform, etc., drive big data, and artificial intelligent industry to achieve leap-forward development.

  In the development of large data and physical economic integration, Wang Jinshan also has some ideas. First, strengthen the top design.

Wang Jinshan recommends that the relevant ministries will lead to the development of implementation opinions on promoting the deep integration of large data and entity economy, specifically guiding the promotion and policy guidance of large data and physical economic deep integration development; secondly, strengthening funds and talent support.

It is recommended to set up large data to promote special funds (funds) for high quality development of entity (funds), focusing on providing pilot demonstration entries, promoting large data and physical economic integration development. Increased major data, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, economic management and other professional talents, introduced; again, create a good development environment.

With special funds, tax concessions, investment financing and other diversification methods to increase fund support for large data and physical economic integration, play market resource allocation, guide social capital to participate in major project construction of entity economic enterprises, and enterprise technology transformation.

  In addition, Wang Jinshan also suggested that the opening data classification standard, data open technical specification and the construction of the data open interface implementation rules, and clarify the opening range of data. At the same time, encourage multi-party to promote data circulation sharing, the relevant departments can explore the decision of data, open to enterprises, research institutes, backbone enterprises, etc., can jointly establish big data circulation service platform, condense multi-party power, and help data Circulation.

(Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).