How high is your baby’s pillow?

How high is your baby’s pillow?

The newborn’s spine is straight, so when lying down, the back and back of the head are on the same plane, which will not cause muscle tension and lead to pillow fall. In addition, the newborn’s head is large, almost as wide as shoulders, and lying on its sideNaturally, newborns do not need pillows.

If the head is raised, it will easily cause head and neck bending, affecting the newborn’s breathing and swallowing, and even accidents may occur.

To prevent spitting, the baby’s upper body can be slightly raised by 1 cm.

  When the baby grows to 3?
At 4 months, the implanted spine began to bend forward. At this time, a one-centimeter-high pillow can be pillowed while sleeping.

Grow to seven?
When CO2 begins to learn to sit, the baby’s chest and spine begin to bend backwards, and the shoulders develop and widen. At this time, the child should pillow about 3 cm high when sleeping.

Too high and too low are not conducive to sleep and normal body development, often pillows high pillows are easy to form humpback.

  In the folks, the pillows that are hard on newborns (often made of sorghum rice) and high in pillows have affected the development of the newborn’s spine.

For the normal development of children, according to the physiological characteristics and developmental characteristics of newborns, do not give newborn pillows pillows.

  If your baby’s pillow is too high or too low, it will affect breathing patency and initial blood circulation, and affect the quality of sleep and mental state during the day.

  So how high is your baby’s pillow?

  It depends on your baby’s age and physical characteristics.

In a baby, the spine is almost straight, the head is relatively elongated, and it is almost as wide as the shoulders. When lying down, the back of the head and the side are on the same plane, so there is no need to use a pillow. You can also use adult towels to be folded into fourWhen used as a pillow.

  When the baby will look up in 3 months, the cervical curve of the spine’s neck will appear, and the development of the main spindle body will be transferred, and the shoulder will gradually widen.

At this time, in order to make you fit during sleep, you should start using pillows.

  Baby pillows are about 3-4 cm high, while children are 6-9 cm high.

  Your baby’s pillow needs to be soft.

If it is too hard, it will cause lentils-like deformities, which will rub off a circle of hair on the pillow and cause baldness. Parents often mistakenly believe that the baby has rickets. Too soft and large pillows will cause suffocation in young infants.danger.

  Wash your baby’s pillow often.

When the child sleeps, sometimes he sweats, and sometimes he cries and sheds tears, leaving a lot of sweat stains or dirt on the pillow.

Therefore, it is necessary to wash the pillows frequently for children. It is better to change the two pillow cores once a year to keep the pillows clean, dry and free of odors, so as not to cause some allergic diseases and skin diseases.