Police car open! Welcome to 1091 Hubei aid medical team members home!

Jimu Journalist Li Manying Correspondent Sun Miao Xu Yuanyuan Wang Liang Photography: Jimu reporter Wang Yongsheng at 5:21 pm on May 31st, 1091 aid medical team members in Hubei took the high -speed railway to Ping An and Triumph. After getting down the train, they carried their luggage in an orderly manner, "I am very happy to go home", "Back to Hubei, the feeling of long -lost!" The joy of the medical staff was overwhelming. It is understood that after receiving the transportation mission, the Wuhan Passenger Section of the China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Company attaches great importance to it, and specially selects the "Fengwu Chutian" demonstration team with excellent political quality and outstanding business skills. Before picking up the car, the flight attendant should be carefully checked in the flight attendant’s health code, the itinerary code, and the temperature testing of the body, and prepare a one -time mask, gloves, goggles, disinfection paper towels and other common epidemic prevention materials in advance. After getting in the car, the flight attendant carefully arranged the carriage, and made a good health and disinfection to provide medical staff with a healthy and safe ride environment.

During the trip, the train flight attendant provided the "four one" service to the medical staff who just got on the bus, namely: send a greeting, a cup of black tea, a snack, and a bottle of mineral water, so that the medical staff felt the warmth of the home in advance. The flight attendant also specially prepared a radio rhetoric for the medical team and paid tribute to the medical team. At the same time, the "Golden Phoenix" characteristic badge was given to each medical staff as a memorial, and the "Feng Wu Chutian" flight attendant’s blessings and respect for them were entrusted. After the train arrived in Wuhan, Hubei aid medical team members took a special trip to meet their bus. Outside Wuhan Station, several police cars waiting for them to open the road. Welcome to the return of white fighters.

According to statistics from the police cars, during the period of Shanghai, Hubei aid medical teams received a total of 13,571 patients, of which 1299 were under 14 years old, the youngest was 2 months old, 462 elderly people over 70 years old, and the largest 103 years old. The nucleic acid testing working group was divided into Shanghai Laboratory and Shanghai Lanwei Lab, and the total amount of nucleic acid detection was completed. In addition, medical team members used the rest time to participate in the Shanghai nucleic acid samples three times, and completed the nucleic acid samples of 10,000 residents. The 120 emergency group is responsible for nucleic acid specimens and material transfer, medical players’ guarantee, etc., with a total mileage of 10,000 kilometers. The Hubei Provincial Medical Team is the only medical team in the provincial and municipal supporting Shanghai medical teams that participates in Shanghai Medical treatment mission.

On May 31st, after 59 days of "epidemic", 1091 medical staff in Hubei Province aid Shanghai Medical Team successfully completed the task of war and took the special ranks to leave Shanghai. Shanghai Guardian patients with severe illnesses. Earlier, 276 people in the Chinese medicine team and nucleic acid testing team have successfully completed the task to return to Hubei.

The Hubei Province ’s intensive medical team will return to Han on June 10, and will also be the last severe medical team to leave Shanghai.


Wait until the bathroom faucet is turned off again,The gumble light is also extinguished,The sound of Nange label sounds in the room,Flush,Then I feel that there is a personal standing in front of you.,Bend and look at yourself,And the http://www.jxh08.cn waist is bent very low。
Because Nan Ge’s hair fell on his face。
With the shampoo。
then,He feels that his quilt is opened.,Nan Ge should be a grazing cat throwing out,A loud cat ringing in the room。
At this time, Zhou has awakened eight points.。
Nan Ge is lying next to him!
Zhou Zhiyuan recovered in clear!
Waiting for him open his eyes,Nan Ge has been lying down,And face him,I still hugged him.,His arm、The neck is full of her hair.,Can feel the hot iron in the thin clothes.,And the breathing is all the smell of her body.。
Zhou Zhizhi full body stiff,It is harder than zombies。
This is how people sleep?
Successful for half a day,He is so stiff low。
Nang Ge’s face is close to,Breathing is stable on his face,Well-faced。
You will fall asleep.!?
Zhou is http://www.fanhaodaquan.cn unpredictable。
This is destined to be a night of sleep quality.,Time is so slow slow,He also don’t know how he is asleep.。
It is a fascinating,The brain is running is not so beautiful.,Golden a little bit。He faintly remembered that he also reached out and hugged Nan Ge.,Also adjusted the posture to sleep more comfortable。
Nan Ge’s sleep gradually shocked,Plus keeping a posture too long,It’s not so quiet.,Many small movements。
Zhou Zhi is called by these little actions。
His dreams after awake。
Nan Ge always said that his temper is very soft.,But the body is very hard,And feel strange,Some inexplicable。
But Zhou has experienced。
Because Nan Ge’s body is very soft。
Especially when you fall asleep。
He is also inexplicably felt a little。
Touching the direction of the window。
A ray golden sun passes from the curtain gap,There is a bidding outside the outside.,Sound like electric vehicles。
Today is another good weather。
Suddenly spotted,He also lifted his upper body again,Look at the bed。
Foot side,The most angle of the bed,The group shrinks into a plush group,Sleeping,It looks weak and pitiful。If you don’t remember what she asked in the middle of the night last night,The heart of the vision will be smashed。
Chapter 359 Group
Nan Ge finally woke up。

Strong burnt flavor,The eaves collapsed,Painted red beams and columns。

corner,The armor of the new city lord is melted,The skin sticks to the hot armor,He was already in pain but didn’t dare to make a whine,Just hope to escape。
He is also a good general on the battlefield,One enemy one hundred。Can face this extraordinary flame of dragon,The tough skin that has been tempered for a lifetime is still vulnerable,I can only hide under the ruins and the charred corpses of other people without any dignity like now。
“Ha ha,Ha ha……”suddenly,A laugh。
The laughter comes from the fox and charming woman in front of Luo Xiao, the dragon shepherd。
At this time, her face was burnt and festered,The whole body http://www.zgcydh.cn burned beyond recognition,
She is dying,But she is smiling now,Give out that painful but crazy low laugh。
“Why are you laughing!”Luo Xiao, the dragon shepherd, watched the painful and seizure fox-mei woman on the ground。
“I understand,Cough……I understand,Before you become a dragon shepherd,You are nothing but mud in the eyes of that woman,Her eyes won’t even stay on you at all,you……You try your best to get her favor,She is cold to you like a servant。”
“at last,You become a dragon shepherd……Cough,Cough,You come by dragon,Not what it used to be,I look forward to her seeing you with admiration……Hahahaha,She was ruined by me,The woman you admired day and night was thrown into the dungeon by me,All night with a dirty vagrant begging on the roadside!”
“The eyes you can’t forget,Your obsessed lips,You are so greedy that you are almost crazy,Hahaha,In the end it was all eaten by the humble beggar,The two of them messed around in the dungeon**Wake up later,I was the first one to visit,It’s a pity that you didn’t witness the scene with your own eyes!”
“unfortunately……Cough,unfortunately,I had prepared more than a dozen strong refugees for him,I plan to give her one every night,Let her savor the joys of the world,Unfortunately she ran away the next day……”
Humei woman explained this fact in pain。
She laughs sometimes,Sometimes http://www.aicq99.cn roar,Crazy like a real ghost。
Humei woman knows she can’t live,But she is not completely defeated。
At least she trampled on the dignity of the Valkyrie to the extreme,No matter how tall she is, she’s also lowly,No matter how she looks cold and clean, she is also dirty,No matter who she will be in the future,All her men will be upset about this,Spit on her,Hate her!
Luo Xiao,Is the first person to endure this torture,Whether he is a dragon shepherd,Or the greater Dragon Shepherd who will be immortal in the future,As long as he still remembers the Valkyrie,The grudge in this heart will continue to spread over time like wildfire、diffusion,Burned him crazy,Angry at her,Anger at everything!
“Ha ha ha ha……”Humei woman’s laughter is getting sharper,Getting crazy。
The muscles on the face of Luo Xiao, the dragon shepherd, are shaking,Gradually http://www.wei0511.cn began to twist,The tendons that flared up from the face even extended his neck!
“Go to death!!”Luo Xiao, the dragon shepherd, furiously said。

Courage to innovate and strive for first -class bravery mission to fight for an example to comprehensively build a socialist modernization Jiangxi Jian Gong and Establishment

  On the occasion of the "May 1st" International Labor Day, on April 29, Yi Lianhong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, visited Nanchang to condolences some advanced representatives and front -line workers. The labor model and advanced workers who made outstanding contributions in our province extended a lofty respect to the front -line workers and the majority of labor people who fought on various front lines in the province.

Yi Lianhong hopes that everyone will thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of the important speech of Jiangxi, focus on the goal requirements of "demonstration and courage", vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmanship, to innovate, strive for first -class, bear the mission, fight for the mission, strive When the appearance rate, it is established for the establishment of socialist modernization in Jiangxi.

  Provincial leaders Liang Gui, Shi Wenbin, and Liu Qiang attended the relevant visiting activities. Yi Lianhong came to the Provincial Electric Power Company and kindly visited the national model of labor Zhou Haiping and the provincial labor model Hu Guosheng, Yu Yangdong and Huang Jun. Yi Lianhong said that in the first quarter of this year, the whole province should work hard and overcome difficulties, promoting the overall stable and stable economic operation of the province, and achieved a strong start. Dedication. I hope that you will take the responsibility of accelerating Jiangxi’s high -quality leapfrog development, dare to win, work hard, and build new skills based on your own position.

At the Provincial Power Regulatory Center, Yi Lianhong learned in detail the construction and development of the province’s power grid, supply and demand protection, and operation dispatch through large screens.

He pointed out that electricity is a barometer and display for local economic and social development, and it is also an important factor guarantee. At present, Jiangxi’s development is in a critical period of accumulation, climbing overlap, and transformation and upgrading.

It is hoped that the provincial power company will implement the carbon peak carbon neutralization requirements, strengthen the construction of cross -regional grids and support power supply, accelerate the construction of the project to improve the level of power supply, vigorously introduce development of clean energy with strategic thinking, and make every effort Supply guarantee work provides support guarantee for Jiangxi’s high -quality leapfrog development. In the provincial tumor hospital, Yi Lianhong visited Wen Rong, the winner of the Pry May 1st Labor Medal. In the emergency epidemic in Shangrao and Nanchang, Wen Rong took the initiative to ask for help, go forward, fight against the front line, and contribute to win the battle against the epidemic.

Yi Lianhong said that since the epidemic in the new crown pneumonia, the majority of medical workers in our province have resolutely responded to the Party Central Committee’s call. White clothes are A and retrograde. The fearless spirit has made a significant contribution to winning the prevention and control of the epidemic, and fully demonstrates the lofty spirit of the doctor’s benevolence and great love.

Seeing the clinical skills training center where Wen Rong is located has won the collective honor of the "Workers Pioneer", Yi Lianhong asked the majority of medical workers to always adhere to the concept of "people first, life first", inherit the fine tradition, promote the professional spirit, advocate medical ethics, advocate medical ethics, advocate medical ethics, advocate medical ethics, advocate medical ethics, advocate medical ethics, and advocate medical ethics. Study medical skills, uphold medical style, and bear the heavy responsibility, and resolutely protect the lives of the people’s lives and health.

  Yao Yingjuan, a researcher at the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been studying at the first line for decades, adhered to the first -tier research, and has won 5 national invention patents, the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, and won the May 1 Labor Medal of Jiangxi Province.

Yi Lianhong visited Yao Yingjuan and his scientific research team, encouraged them to stand on a new starting point, and then touched, innovated, and climbed.

Yi Lianhong said that Jiangxi is a large agricultural province and a province of agricultural resources.

We must stand at the strategic height of ensuring the supply of national food safety and important agricultural product safety, strengthen the protection and development and utilization of germplasm resources, strengthen technical centralized research, and strive to achieve independent and self -reliance, self -reliance, self -reliance, and self -control of the seed industry. "Full of Chinese food" made Jiangxi contribution. Yi Lianhong also made a special trip to Hongling Garden community in Honggu Beach to visit and condolences to the first -line community workers and volunteers.

He said affectionately that since the outbreak of Nanchang, the majority of community workers and volunteers have always adhered to the front line, fighting at the forefront, duty, and holding their posts. Building a copper wall and iron wall that resisted the epidemic, paid great efforts to effectively cut off the spread of the epidemic spread, and to build an epidemic to prevent the people’s defense line, and became a beautiful scenery. Yi Lianhong pointed out that community workers are facing thousands of households, thousands of households, and difficulties. I hope that everyone will continue to do practical things, do good things, and solve difficult things for the masses, and use hard work and selfless dedication to the warmth and happiness of residents in the jurisdiction. (Reporter Wei Xing) (Responsible editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Yan) Share more people see it.

Li Ming and other five people kept moving along the path in the lush forest of the Sky Elephant Sect。

Unexpected,Li Ming http://www.090fudao.cn felt a hint of uncertainty。
Li Ming stopped,Take out the Fuxi stick array directly,Under a simple yin and yang gossip array。
And coordinated with Li Ming’s actions,The other four Sanxian also stopped。
“You feel it too!”
“Monasticism for nearly a million years,I still have a hunch。”
Five great scattered immortals swept the surrounding area with powerful spiritual consciousness,But still feel nothing。
Li Ming’s heart moved,No longer assisting spiritual consciousness,It’s just a burst of energy。
Compared to divine consciousness,My heart is much more mysterious,This sweep,But found a clue。
About 100 meters away from the side of the five immortals,There is a black shadow condensation。
Li Ming waved his hand,Control a flying sword of a fairy rank,Like moonlight passing by,Cut through。
Face this attack,The shadow is not afraid,http://www.hrbfdmy.cnSpit out a storm。
Yes,It’s a storm。
The violent red wind is like a ruin,Completely destroy the surrounding trees and the forbidden formation。
Li Ming’s face changed drastically。
Li Ming’s hand formation changed,Formation turned into forbidden wind,Keep the storm down,At the same time, it spit out an invisible kamikaze,Hit with the red storm。

Buy children’s products in advance for homework

  The reporter learned from the Municipal Consumer Association yesterday that the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a tips for consumption tips for bubble machines, children’s anti -blue glasses, bedrooms, children’s kitchen suits, and student schoolbag products. The consumer association reminds parents that they must take good care of them when purchasing children’s products.

  The bubble machine is a hot -selling automatic bubble toy in recent years.

Consumers should pay attention to choosing products with national compulsory CCC logo when buying and using, and pay attention to check whether the product logo information is complete. According to the application age range marked by toys, choose products suitable for children’s age. Generally, it is not recommended to buy children under 3 years old.

The volume of sound toys should not be too large to avoid damage to children’s hearing.

  Recently, children’s anti -blue light glasses are favored by consumers. When buying and using, consumers should pay attention to the main role of anti -Blu -ray glasses. To a certain extent, the harmful blue light causes damage to the sensor of the bottom of the retina on the bottom of the eye, but it cannot fundamentally prevent myopia.

Children wearing anti -blue light glasses should be used under the guidance of an ophthalmologist or a doctor. The high -resistance of the color of the color of the color is the anti -blue -light lens that can cause color bias and exacerbate visual fatigue. If it is recommended to choose a colorless anti -blue light glasses product, it is not the more suitable the lens with the lower blue light transmission ratio. Children’s eyes are still in the development stage, and long -term wearing anti -blue light glasses may affect eye development. The Municipal Consumers Association specially reminds citizens to pay attention to the purchase of common sense and use common sense when purchasing and using the bedding, children’s kitchen suits, student schoolbags and other related products. , Smell the smell, read the instructions, strictly follow the instructions of the use manual.

Their hands,I don’t know when I have a lot of bottles.,Don’t hesitate to drink。

Almost instant,The two have issued a weird humming.。
The clothes on them have broken,Creating a broken strip,But all the two have a set of black tight clothes。
Tight-fitting skin surface,You can clearly see a dark blue bib.,It’s like living, usually。
A dramatic 噼噼 骨 骨 骨,The body of these two is hidden with a fierce beast.,Send a painful exciting。
Their body is booming from half of the speed visible to the naked eye.,Muscle http://www.jinmawl.cn tie,Eye redness,The entire head is deformed,Mouth long……As if a crocodile seemed a monster,Still twisted。
The fierce breath is filled。
“I go,This is not a failure,They are experimental products!”
Summer is a crude。
Because he is very clear,So-called gene solution,Not just chemical,Some crazy science geeks,Will use certain ferocious animals to do test。
This two people are obviously this situation.。
“call out咻 咻咻……咻。”
The more than a dozen bodyguards that are obviously not the first time they meet this situation.,They did not panic,Quick pull out pistol,Do not hesitate。
It’s shocking.,These two guys that become monsters,high speed,Originally left a disabled,Easy to avoid。
Summer is also moving。
Bamboo,It’s already one of them.。
He is originally with these people more than ten meters away,The middle is not only bodyguards,There are six black people rushing.,But these people only see a distorted residue,Can’t stop。
A sword light shines,Cross Swordification makes a poisonous snake,Bump,Self-abdomen。
This guy that turns a monster,Foot with two meters five six heights,Immediately send a scream,Blood splash。
His blood is not red,But black blood。
But people are more shocking is,A sword into the abdomen,This guy not only has no death,It is like an ancient beast,Has become a fist,Sweep,Found,Fist,The air actually rang 呜呜 呜如 般 音般。
Summer eyes flash,Stomach,Cross swords are also pulled out from the other abdomen。
The monsters are obviously irritated.,A pair of bloodthirsty scorpion locks the summer,Like a fierce beast,The terrible power of the earth is shaking,Footboard is constantly broken。
at the same time,Another guy becomes a monster,Big http://www.dsyaolu.cn mouth opened,Roaring, rushing to Gu Haizhong’s direction。
More than ten bodyguards fire,Bullets are interlaced in a dense fire network,When two people turned into,The bodyguards finally worked with Gu Haizhong。
but,They still can’t rush out of the gazebo。

Participate in some universities in Chongqing City held a symposium on party intellectuals work.

[Font:] On May 13th, a symposium on the work of part -time intellectual work of some universities in Chongqing was held. Li Jing, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. She emphasized that the municipal party committee and municipal government attach great importance to the work of outside party party intellectuals. All universities must thoroughly implement the spirit of relevant central documents, further strengthen the ideological and political leadership of foreign intellectuals outside universities, and guide colleges and universities outside party intellectuals in political stance and political direction , Political principles and political roads have always been consistent with the Communist Party of China, continuously enhanced the "four consciousnesses", firmly "four self -confidences", achieve "two maintenance", and promote the work of universities’ outside party intellectuals to a new level.

Li Jing pointed out that the number of non -intellectuals outside universities, high levels, and large effects. It is an indispensable force for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It plays an irreplaceable role in the implementation of science and education and talents.

Li Jing emphasized that the united front of the party’s outside party intellectuals is an important part of the work of the united front of the new era. Doing a good job in the united front of the party’s outside party intellectuals will help consolidate the party’s class foundation and governance foundation, and help to realize China The great rejuvenation of the nation rejuvenates the Chinese dream. The united front departments at all levels should strengthen work forces and work guarantee, focus on solving the "last mile" problem of united front work of universities outside the party, and provide a platform for the party outsiders to participate in politics, perform their duties, and provide a stage.

It is necessary to further improve the organizational systems and operating mechanisms such as grass -roots organizations, the Confederations Association, etc., standardize the development procedures of the organization, strengthen daily communication and friendship, and truly make colleges and universities a platform for universities outside the party to condense ideological consensus and play an advantage. At the meeting, the heads of 17 colleges and universities exchanged speeches around the work of foreign intellectuals outside the university. (Supply of the United Front Work Department of the Chongqing Municipal Committee).

The reason why it attracts beauty is,Just in the picture,Focus on a brown tea flashes。

“Is it”Meiqin can’t help but breathe,Lift your hand,Into the picture directly,Next moment,Her blood is like being frozen,Directly。
In the picture,Tea hair is weak to the ground,Irritable,Not far from his,A http://www.zgyjlmw.cn smile of a smile with a smile,Just step forward to the girl。
Is it possible to invade Meiqin’s body?,Staring on the screen with dying,The pretty face has become a miserable white color.。
no, do not want!
White hair is not smelling,Still laughing and walking to the girl,then,High raise arms——
“do not want!”Meiqin legs a soft,Directly on the ground,Screaming。
Save her who will save her!
Is there really god in this world??
Heart is clear!
In the case of a young girl,next moment,A white hand flashed from the void,then,Black figure appears,Directly in front of the devil!
No sound in the monitoring,But this moment,I saw this sound in the hearts of everyone who saw this scene.。
A large amount of white ice crack,White fog is covered with the entire alley,then,White fog slowly http://www.ozmilk.cn spread,Exposed a few people in it。
A drip of Yinhong liquid,Slow down from the black man’s fingertips。
After the soft sugar, I will get home in the morning.!Conan resumes updates from the day after tomorrow,Between supernas guns continue,over!
(This chapter is over)
NS195chapter I will let you know you wrong.
The miracle in this world,Always finished by people。
Meiqin is looking at the screen,That a fresh red blood,Pressed her eyes,Let her body of her whole people shook slightly。
Why will there be some injury??
Why do you want the experiment that you want to end??
Why is it so weak??
Unconsciously,The girl is half a feminine on the ground.,But this is not fear,Instead, the strength is suppressed to a certain degree of depression,Quiet before the outbreak。
Darkness emerges from her side,Along with a thrilling beautiful light blue arc,Girl slowly lifted his head。
There is no angry in amber scorpion.,Original vitality can’t recruit whit,Instead, it is a thick gray.,That is the color of the destruction。
“Destroy。”Girl slowly raises his head,Whispering,“No matter what,It’s all destroyed.,so”
“Before destroying everything,I won’t look back.!”
Alpened with violent,As the anger of the sky is general,A blue arc representing the destroyed blue arc,Waiting the entire building!
A few kilometers away from the Institute。
“Ah, ah.,Who is this crazy??”Feel the slight shock of the ground,Franda looks at the ruins in front of,头 头 头 舌 头,“Mae?”
“But this is nothing to do with me.!”Franid turns,Looking at the institute that has already collapsed,The eyes flashed a fanatic look,“Since the task that Kaya is handed over to me, it will complete it.!”
“he he he he he~~~”Franda smiled,Flames come from her eyes,“I haven’t been so happy for a long time, I will give it to me.——Explode!”
Along with a teenage,Countless dolls fall from the sky,next moment,The research institute was shrouded with a strong flame with a strong explosion.。