Another dark light is shot。

Du Wei side turned,Eyes shoot cold light,Sword waves。
Out of a black and white two-color black and white,A light column,Get up,Energy Yu Bao is coming。
The sound is like a real thunder.。
“It is a platform!”
Inside,Summer war is very bad,Pull big bow,A more fierce radillatte shot out。
NS3639chapter Planning and purpose
Summer standing in the rinse,Handheld big bow,Pull the bow string,Full moon,Eight side Tianzhiyuan。
Bow above the bow,Rune,Gloomy,It’s usually swimming。
A black light arrow is condensed。
“call out”A tremor,Another arrow is like Changhong,Direct Du Wei Heart。
“boom”Du Wei’s magnificent,This time it is ready,Hand in the hands of the iron sword,Sword,Flush,Airfish,Metal unique humming。
Both collided,I broke out the light of the sky,Extraordinary。
The sound is fried and the real light is fried.。
The ground suddenly fell,Native stone splash,A large crack spread。
Du Wei was shocked one step,The light in the eyes is more cold,There is no colder between the look.。
Staring at the milky white,It seems to penetrate the real look of summer.。
He stepped forward。
“Who is this person??
Such a strong war,Why do you hear unheard??”
“I am able to compete with Wu Shen,this,Where is this?!”
All people in the ban are shocked,Can’t stop horror。
Summer, the third time, kicking the bow,Gloomy,One arrow,Arrow black radiotened。
咻,Penetrate,Fly out。
This arrow is more powerful,Not only the earthquake, the golden concentrate,Also as if it is broken, it is within,From another from another。
That is like transient!Du Wei stopped footsteps,I don’t dare to have a thin enemy。
He slightly,Then the backhand is a sword.。
Sword,Mighty,Like the same game,Eight-party sports,The rays eventually become a thorn。
“boom”Both collided again,The fierce energy of the explosive energy is superimposed outward。
Du Wei’s eyes are more indifferent,Shaped,Like lightning generally recapitulate。
However, at this time,The look is suddenly changed。 All people outside the ban,Also spread。
“Bamboo”Connect two arrows simultaneously ejection from the junction,Break the cloud,Carrying the sound of the wind,Whistling。
Du Wei is trying to avoid flash,The body twisted into an incredible angle。
Avoid one of them,Dragonfly。
Longlong thunder sound,He returned again,Two legs are not in the ground,Pear out a long trace。
I have been hit,Is equivalent to not inch。
“Heaven……This is too strong.。”

Ho’s unable to swing hands,Sandably he leaves,Can’t see an angry。

Gao Bao,Gao Yang looks at the slow water,Muttering:“It’s just a young lang in the end.,If you know that you know private enmity,Said you a lesson。”
Back home,Gao Boyi has been thinking about a problem。
How do you know that he is monitoring Gao Zhan??
Is it a solitary life??
It is a high ocean surveillance.,Still Gao Zhan is monitored in a high ocean?
If it is the former,So high-quality emphasis on the construction of intelligence,Why did I be played for two years before??
if the latter one,Then you can only show that the high ocean has been very impressed by the two younger brothers.。Those people are monitoring Gao Zhan,Discovering another person in investigating the Skills in Gao Zhanfu,So causing the attention of the ocean。
“And that person is not a solitary life!”
Gao Bao,It seems to be outside the tiger,There is also an internal security organization in the high ocean hand.!Intelligence ability is not even more than tiger!
These things can only be said to be fine。
On the evening of the three sites from the three sites,Solitary life, one person visits,Quiet like a thief。
“Unfielder,Long Wang(Gao Zhan)Volume is here,You first take a look。”
The solo lonely industry put a delicate wooden box in front of Gao Biyi。
“You are this……”Gao Bo Yi doesn’t understand which life is playing.。
“Chang Guang Wang training in the government,It seems that I want to ask for myself.。People who have this idea you must not think of who。”
The solitary life is unique to continue:“Since you help me handle big trouble,I solve the lonely industry is not a person who is ungrateful.,Naturally, I understand。
Chang Guang Wang did not want to pack you one day.,He has been waiting for opportunities。He wrote your name on the grass.,Every day, it will take a tie。”
Someone in the lonely industry can not help,Gao Zhan is deeply,But some are really like a child。
Does he have a disease?!
Gao Baoyi nose is ignorant。He didn’t expect himself to have this treatment.,It was actually remembered in Gao Zhan.。
“Who is the person who gave Gao Zhan??”
“Changzhou Wangfu,Clerk!”
The military is a businessman who belongs to a palace.,Wang House owner appoints,Big moisture than participating in the military。
simply put,It is the dog’s legs around Wang.。
“Tiger Wei and another inner security forces,Both, there is a chess piece,You investigate Chang Guang Wang’s things,Not that I leaked to my Majesty。”
Sincerely said。
This has exposed a lot of problems。
For example, what did you say that the goyout is telling the high ocean?,For example, the solitary life knows that the high ocean is still ambushing another person.。
For example, Silairo’s Ash is almost unity.,Why is the Changshan King Gaozhi arrived in time?。
“Boish brother,I already have the plan to leave the city to Jinyang.,There is a saying that there is a saying that。The water of the city,Although you are intelligent,But double boxing difficulties,Someone, I suggest you accept him.。”
“who is it?”
“We have seen it that day.,Ancestral。He is I have seen the worst,Have him help with you around you,Any bad man is can’t hurt you.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS65chapter Attack and defense

It seems that the old man is cooking,Also advancing with the times。Sun Yuejuan knows that her son often runs south,Should like seafood。But in these seafood,She will be a shrimp,She still asks others for advice。I really pity the parents of the world!

Xia Jian ate a shrimp made by mother,Can’t help but give a thumbs up。Sun Yuejuan can get praise from her son,This heart is sweeter than drinking honey。
Every woman has a sixth sense,This Ma Yan is straightforward,What did she think of,Just say what。She glanced at Xia Jian’s eyes at this shrimp,Can’t help but ask:“Did you think of her in the south??Tell everyone!What exactly is going on?”
Ma Yan, this is to sprinkle salt on Xiajian’s wound。Chen Erniu,Quickly persuade:“Drinking,Why do you say these useless?”
“What is useless?A wound,If the contents are not cleaned up,Sooner or later it will be purulent,It’s better to open the wound,Clean the inside,In this case,Will the wound heal better”Ma Yan used a metaphor,Stick to your own statement。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Mayor Ma!You deserve to have gone to college,Here is an example,It sounds so reasonable。it is good!Everyone should tell stories,I’ll talk about Luo Yi”
Chen Erniu considers his brothers,He didn’t want to make Xia Jian sad。But Ma Yan is pressing every step,It’s all for this,He can only say with a wine glass:“Talk while drinking,Let’s eat!The same can’t be wrong”
Everyone laughed,They raised their glasses。Xia Jian really thought of Luo Yi just now,He couldn’t help feeling sad,But the man has tears and does not flick it lightly,He just concealed the past。
He thinks,I did it perfectly,But after all, he didn’t escape Xia Jian’s sharp eyes,Just talk!The right to speak out is a kind of release。
then,Xia Jian explained how he met Luo Yi,From beginning to end,Tell everyone in detail。The few people who listened had their eyes wide open,They are like listening to stories。
After a long time,Xia Sanhu sighed and said:“In real life,There is such a wonderful story,It’s just like the plot of a TV series”
To know,Xia Sanhu usually doesn’t speak much。He can tell his feelings,That explains what Xia Jian said,Really infected him。
When the two liquor bottles see the bottom,Sun Yuejuan no longer ask Xia Zecheng to bring them wine。at this time,The big clock in the spring evening rang twelve times,The new year is about to start again。
At this moment,Another deafening salute sounded in Xiping Village,The whole village is almost boiling。Xia Jian knows,This is the time for the whole village to go to the temple to grab the first incense。
“children!You guys also go to the incense,Bless a year of peace and happiness”Sun Yuejuan smiled,Said in her kind voice。
Xia Jian nodded,So I brought scented wax and meditation ticket,Lead these three people to the mountain temple in Xiping Village。Xia Jian doesn’t believe this,But since my old lady said so,He has to do it。In addition,If this matter is put before,He really dare not go。Now he is no official and lighthearted。
In the village,Children chasing,It seems this will be a sleepless night。Xia Jian also has this age,But all this is gone forever。
Almost every family in the village moved。There are adults,have children,All rushing up the hillside next to the village。All the way,Everyone is laughing,Hello。
For the convenience of those who burn incense,The head of the temple fair in the village,Installed electric lights on the side of the road,Thus,It’s much easier for everyone to go up the mountain。
Ma Yan followed Xia Jian,People who don’t know thought it was Xia Jian’s girlfriend who came back。But when everyone saw it was the head of Xiping Village,Everyone was surprised,Will laugh and say hello to Ma Yan。

Wu Hui has a smile that is more difficult than crying.,Louder:“I……I haven’t worked for a few months.,These years are not good.,The last unit salary has been dragging,I have to eat at home.,Children must go to school,A few days ago, my mother was alive.,I am really no way.,Can you ask Wang’s head?……Support me some pay?”

Quite a big master,Said that it is red,It seems that it is too pressure,It is also like an opening to seek people.。
Wang Flow is very understood,Human to middle age, he also experienced,There is a small under the old,The whole family is resistant to the body,Just pull it again,Also have a hard scide。
“no problem,Is it enough 5,000??”
Hands have cash,Wang Flow did not say,The number of money is taken directly to him.。
Starting company,I want to get together as soon as possible,The simplest and rude money,Throwing the sympathy Wu Hui,Single is the heart of his high work,This money is worth。
“Enough enough,Can not use so many。”Wu Hui’s money,I am wet in my eyes.。
Wang flows up:“Take you,Take more points after work.。”
Wu Hui mainly,Swallow:“do not worry,I must sell it.。”
Twenty-second chapter This little child has no observation observation.(Recommend)
Engineer recruited,Recruitment advertisement,Accounting also has people to apply。
The king has picked two and watching,A named He Xiu,Just ahead,Long is very awkward,Another called Ding Ruping,Age a little bigger,Thirty,People are very good。
Personnel,The assessment report is also released.,Submit to the business,Business license,Tax registration certificate,Organization code certificate,Opened bank basic households,A set of processes come down,Company is a registration completed。
The name is approval before“Hongxing home”,The king is a big shareholder and legal person.,Wang Zhixin is the second shareholder。
A good brother who grew up from a small piece of light,Anti-Japanese work on the site,Later, Wang traffic is a header,He gave him a supervision,Decades of sex,The king also didn’t pit him.。
Although the company is he is tube,Wang Zhixin is basically a running leg.,But the Wang Flow has not taken the business management to convert the shares.,But directly according to the proportion of capital.。
Five thousand bid margin,Couple with five thousand rewards,Launching a total of 10,000,Among them, there are half of each of them.,Two thousand people per person,Margin Wang Zhi newly took a thousand two,Three thousand seven,Derive37Shares,Wang Liu himself63,It was enough to be tired of him before, and he was tired.。
Company office,At the same time, the Housing Authority office has been tentatively developing qualifications.,Next, I will apply for four certificates.。
Among them, the land certificate is already there.,Land is the bidding of counties,Location and use have been clear,Land planning license has also been done in these days,Only project planning licenses and construction licenses have not been。
Wu Hui is expected to pay,Dry up and live,After the entry, I took people in the city of Chengnan.,Detailed exploration,A construction drawing is made compared with the design drawings.,Compose the approved document。
The whole process is useless,He is pondering if he wants to ask the progress,Wu Hui handed a full set of application materials to him.。
“Total Wang,Interview、Construction map、I have done it after declaration materials.。”
“So fast?”
Wang Liu is surprised to see him,Both the thin face,Obviously feeling and thin,Eyeline is deeply,Dark circles are obvious,People also temporad。
“I didn’t stay late these days.,Is your body else??”
Wu Hui smiled:“fine,I have been resting for so long.,It’s also dry.,You see if there is no problem.,I will take the construction bureau to approve.。”
Bachelor,Drawings these kings understand,However, the level is definitely not as good as Wu Hui, this high work is affirmative.,He feels no problem,It must be no problem.。
Sketchy,The king is delivered back to him.:“no problem,Go to the approve。”
Looking at Wu Hui, the back of a hurry,Wang traffic is dark,The real value given by these five thousand pieces.。
Three days later,Approved,Engineering planning license is also hands。
The Wang Flow has issued the time to do the safety supervision.、Quality Supervision,Construction license is also approved。
Hereed,All procedures and documents required for development have been fixed。
In fact, you don’t have to be so troublesome.,I can start it.,Unapprove、Batch batch、Even the house has been sold, and there is no batch.。
However, Wang Liu has just started,Lightweight in the county,If it is reported,Midway stopping work,The trouble is big.。
First project,Must be no longer。
“Qiu Wanliang,You can start the construction.。”Wang traffic is quite a bit of feelings。
Wang Zhixin also launched,An excited:“I have been busy for so long.,I can finally start.,I will call him this.。”
Qiu Wanliang is more excited,It is also a violent struggle to bid him.,In the end, he gave his teeth to decide to gamble.,I didn’t expect it to make him gamble.。

As for here,Lei Tianming saw everyone like this。

In fact, the heart of Lei Tianming,It is also very pleased。
“kindness,very good,In fact, you have said,I have already seen it.。”
“Since everyone now feels,This kind of thing will not have any problems at all,So let’s be fast!”
Look at Lei Tianming,anyway,Such a thing,It’s absolutely can’t be so much.。
Since now I have to solve this thing now.,So other things,In fact, it is not enough.。
Even I can prepare at this moment.,This is the key。
And just this,In fact, here,All of them,How can it be unclear?,Next step,What should I deal with these is the key?。
“Humph,These guys are obsessed with,Also want to compete with boss。”
“So,I will let them know,Regret two words,How to write!”
at this time,With the words of Lei Tianming,His face is even more proud of it.。
After all, now,Such a thing,In fact, from itself,Already completely posted here。
The more this,At this time, Lei Tianming,It is more excited。 “Ha ha,I have already hated it now.,Want to solve this thing right away。”
“I hope these guys,Don’t let me be too disappointed!”
See these,Thundermate at this time,It is more excited.。、
After all, now,In fact, Lei Tianming itself,That’s what is going on。
As for how to do it next step,That’s directly fighting.。
The first thousand three hundred and fourteen chapter Wang Sheng’s ambition
China Haihui Chamber of Commerce,Dangli knew the next task。
“Let me go to the people who deal with the sword?”
“Ha ha,This is of course good,And I look at me,By the way, the person who will give the War Temple will solve it.。”
“By the time,Who else,Is my opponent?”
When Wang Sheng said to this,Those hands around him,Also, the more you look, the more excited。
Such a thing,In fact, it has been fully placed.。
As for these things,What is going on next?。
These people’s hearts,Why don’t you understand??
slowly,When these people look at their eyes,no doubt,Treat these things,In fact, their hearts,It is quite quite clear.。
“Still the pair,If they are even more,How can it be our opponent??”
“Since we are going to get started now,So how can you let them go??”
“This is of course,I will take Shen Xuan together.,Then just fine.。”
This moment,With those people around,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
Such a thing,In fact, they look at them.,Already fully placed here。
And Wang Sheng,It is a leader,His face strands a smile。

With Xiao Yuan’s words,Xiao Yun, a big fearless, driving the carriage,Four Fu Yunyi,Seeing that I have to hit Fu Yunyi.,Xiao Yun, reverse the provocation of the provocation,Whip on the hand wave,Horses‘hiss’A,Even adding speed。

Come on the Fu Yunyi in the reins,Tightly stare at the carriage and your distance。
Horses under body,It seems to be aware of the upcoming danger,Anxiously,The next consciousness is returned to the roadside。Net out,Fu Yunyi,Fortunately。
A group of carriages continue to advance,The wheel is thin dust。
Even if you haven’t dirty Fu Yunyi?,But Fu Yunyi still feels shameless。
That moment,Fu Yunyi’s face,All-fluent,Extraordinary。
From 12 to now,Ten years,This is still the first time I don’t give him a face.。
What is the poor,Should not meet him?!
No, I haven’t eaten breakfast.?!Upper years for so many years,Didn’t have breakfast,Be definitely a lot,I have never seen anything uncomfortable.。But now take this reason to come out,It’s clear that you don’t look at him in your eyes.!
And that Xiao Yun,But a guard,A one of Xiao Yuan‘Loyal dog’,I dare to put him in my eyes.!
The palace‘Unspeakable’Also!He is not in this marriage,Have some things??!It turned out to recover his trust in him.。
He is in front of the emperor,It turned again into the one that can be,Not an irreplaceable emperor。Don’t he don’t want to think,Fu Yunqin is not because of him,It is now impossible to have marriage with Xiao Yuan.。This is undoubtedly, it turns into the power of Xiao Yuan into the royal power.。
In this time, Fu Yunyi still remembers,It is because he contributed to this marriage.,‘Fu Yunqin’Not only didn’t get what he is a little bit,gratitude。Even he repeatedly used,Light is arranged in person‘Fu Yunqin’Cremity of the name,I don’t know how many times happened.。
I still hope that it is treated as a chess piece.‘Fu Yunqin’Myself,Hey,and,Cannot be reversed‘manipulate’。
Probably a different experience in the childhood,Created Fu Yunyi now‘Only my alone’,Everything can be used freely,Abandoned personality。Just Liu Xinyi, who he himself is in the hoe,Maybe he doesn’t know,In the end‘Hearty’more,Still use more。
And Fu Yunyi will come out to stop the car,But I feel that he has now hard work.,It seems that the east flow,Everything returns to the original culprit,Yunqin。
So I want to wait for the relationship between Xiao Yuan and Yunqin.,After all, I said to Fu Yunyi.,He is not good,Someone else,Don’t think about it.!
only,Fu Yunyi, under the end, Xiao Yuan did not look at the emperor in the eyes.,There is also Yunqin, you don’t know.,Give him this name‘Royal brother’Face attitude。
I can’t see you.,Don’t see you!Also directly from him,Splashing a dust!This is for him,It’s a shameful humiliation!
Feeling that Fu Yunyi, who is insulting,I have been waiting for a long time in the door of the palace.,Only riding a horse alone。
Carriage,Yun Qin turned the Fu Yunyi behind the brain,Nothing, continue to eat Xiao Yuan prepared pastries。
Marriage is solved,Distance she is realized‘Fu Yunqin’Willing to get a step。
Recent time, Fu Yunyi should not come out‘Monster’,After all, after a marriage,The old emperor’s trust in Fu Yunyi,There will be a lot of,Fu Yunyi should make energy,Put it on the end of the old emperor trust。Accident counting other people,I should put it.。
The next is to give Xiao Yuan to treat legs.,By the way, collecting herbs.。And Xiao Yuan said the medicine village,She can finally find a chance to go.。All the way,Yunqin will move your next action,Full of。
Xiao House is not too far from the palace.,Time for less than two quarters,The carriage stopped in front of the Xiafu door。
Ming Shi, a Ming Uncle, waiting for the door of the house.,I immediately walked down the stairs with two little sisters.。
“Slave has seen the princess。”Ming Shu took the people。
Yunqin,“Being outside the palace,Not so many rules。”
“Eh,Eh!The people of Xiaofu called me a uncle.,If the princess is not disappointing,Also call me a uncle is。”
See Xiao Yuan also down.,Ming Shu:“Young master,The Sixth House has already packed up.。”
Xiao Yuan nodded,Ming Uncle commanded the small sister to get the baggage to Yunqin,A group entered the government,The six and hospitals who said in Ming Dynasty。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS28chapter You, you are.28
Go to the hospital,Yun Qin looked up,Plaque is new,Obvious,This yard seems to be renovated again。
“In fact, I have a good room.。Don’t clean up a yard separately。”

Yan Lai Delians are her looks greater,Cabbage, bitter, bitter,Just like a pig with a pig?

If it is not Douglas, they are soaked,Lita is still do not know this event now.。
Rita told yourself calm,The mission of the bishop is the first,Other first placement。
“Let it go!”Qi Ya shouted。
Site is blocked,Qi Yana and Lita stand in the center of the field。
“Start up?”La Tower reminded。
next moment,The two battles fight together,Don’t see Chiangana’s female martial arts level isb,But I have already hadaLevel strength。
not to mention,Today’s Qi Yana is very good.,facesLevel female Wushen,It’s not a short time.。
But Rita is finallysLevel female Wushen,Well-in-Wars is not exaggerated。
And when I was taking the Qiaa,More factors including pointers。
After the two have played dozens of rounds,Qi Ya’s state has begun to decline。
Lita puts up the trial of the trial,Two steps after retreating,Elegant:“So far,Thanks a lot,Qi Yana classmates。”
Qi Yana gasped,“This lady,call……Miss this lady stops,I can continue!”
Lower heart is flat and said:“Your face,Can be filled with fatigue words,rest well,Next……There is also a classmate.。”
Second half,Rita looked at Hanjiang,Sight is like substantial,Hanjiang face hurt。
Han Jiang took a platform to support Qiana,“There is also an exam in the afternoon.,Continue to play down will affect the rear score。”
Qi Yana looked at the face of Lita.,But the fact is the fact,She is not unreasonable。
Now I am playing now.,It doesn’t mean it in the future.!
Qi Yana,Han Jiang is arching of Lita,Say:“Please enlighten me。”
“Oh?”Litta sinks the training hoist in Hanjiang hand,“You are this……Shenzhou custom?”
Han Jiang haha laughed,Recently fascinated martial arts breath,I don’t conscious, I want to learn.。
“So……let’s start。”
Rita’s voice is very soft,Obviously,But it feels like this afternoon tea is ready for you.。
Han Jiang and Lita two people live,Approach,The sound of the weapon collision in the hand is endless。
Lita is unintentionally hurting Hanjiang,But the lesson,Must have。
“good,The female martial arts struggle is very clever,But here appear to haul。”
Rita faint voice sounded in the Hanjiang ear,Next, his calf fire spicy pain。
Han Jiang back a step,I feel that Lita is returned.,Obviously, I just gave point to Qiana.,It’s not so fierce.。
Next,The two have been fighting together again.,Han River closed this is the heart of the test。
Feel the improvement of Han Jiang’s speed and strength,Lita is surprised.。
From the current performance of Hanjiang,He is more than a generalaLevel female Wushen is stronger than。
Two years,Is it a monster??
In the beginning, Qi Lai Lair is alive.,Later, after an encounter,Survey to a point where people are difficult to look up。
Also fight dozens of rounds,Jiang Yang took the initiative to return one step:“Miss La Tower is worthy ofsLevel female Wushen,I will accept the heart of others in the past.,Start with today’s workout,FK U。”
After Han Jiang, after the first,Rita wants to play China Hanjiang,It has become a bit difficult。
despite this,Han Jiang now has a hirp pain in the body。
He found that Lita still wants to greet it on his face.,There have been three times a few times.,Lita seems to start truth,Hurry quickly。
He doesn’t want to be like the group of people.,Pig head turning into a fat ear。

But facing the police,He dare not presumptuous,he knows,There is no good fruit to confront the police,They can find a question and take you away。Off for one hour,That 23 hours is also off,So Wang Youcai understands the power of it。So he got dressed,And followed the two policemen downstairs。

In the lobby on the first floor,Many people point to them。Wang Youcai takes a look,Suo Xing took Xu Lihong’s hand,It feels like a couple。This makes the two policemen angry,My face has changed。
At the police station,I didn’t wait for Wang Youcai’s request,Chen Chunlin has come by himself,He sat on the chair in front of Wang Youcai and smiled:“Boss Wang!I didn’t expect us to meet so soon?”
“Director Chen!I heard from your subordinates that you asked them to catch me?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and asked。
Chen Chunlin laughed and said:“Someone called the police,You said I am the director of the police station,Can this matter??But I have to remind you,Cowhide man,You must take care of your lower body,Otherwise, it will happen sooner or later”
“Less nonsense,Catch us for?Which sin did we commit?”Wang Youcai said coldly。
Chen Chunlin laughed and said:“Boss Wang,you*,There are so many women sleeping under you,It’s a pity you shouldn’t take this woman to the hotel,Since you are not married,Then we have the right to check”
“Correct!You have this right,But what is the result of the inspection??”Wang Youcai asked with a smile。
Chen Chunlin said with a straight face:“The result is that you can exclude selling.kinky.visit a prostitute.Prostitution,But you are cheating in marriage,Moral corruption,We have notified your family”
“Chen Chunlin!You have kind,I can tell you,You better clip your tail,Be careful if you step on me,You’re dead”Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Said viciously。
Chen Chunlin looked back at the door of the interrogation room,Also lowered his voice and said:“Don’t always think about talking about it,Except you want to play with me。Let’s reshuffle the cards,Start over,You have to be careful”
Chen Chunlin said,Roar to Xu Lihong:“Your heart is gone。You can’t,Waiting for your wife to pick you up!”Chen Chunlin pointed at Wang Youcai and said。
Things have reached this point,Wang Youcai is not afraid anymore,He whispered to Xu Lihong:“You hurry up!Go out and notify Tian Wa,Best not to let my wife come”
Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,Ni Xiaoli has walked in under the leadership of a policeman,When she saw Xu Lihong,So he raised his hand and slapped it。This slap hit Xu Lihong’s face,Very loud。
Xu Lihong didn’t say a word,Turn around and walk away。Ni Xiaoli smiled at Wang Youcai:“Go, boss Wang!Your old Wang family’s face is almost lost by you”
Wang Youcai stood up,Walk towards the door。Chen Chunlin laughed and said:“Boss Wang!Look how nice your wife is,Go home and live it well!Stop doing this kind of moral corruption”
Wang Youcai was so angry that he almost broke his teeth,But this is their place,What’s more, Ni Xiaoli is still following him。So he could only break his teeth and swallow in his stomach。
When leaving the police station,It’s dark。Tian Wa ran over from the dark place,He said with a smiley face:“sister in law!The car is parked across the road“
“Get out!I won’t go with you“Ni Xiaoli scolded,Stopped a car on the side of the road and drove away。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“go!Go back to the mountains“

“Mayor Xia!I’m here for you,You promised me to solve the matter that day。But why haven’t there been any movements in these days??and also,I come to you,Your people asked me to find the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection。I can put the ugly words first,I’m not looking for anyone,I’m looking for you”When He Wang said this,Excited by the complex,A little out of breath。

Xia Jian saw that there were so many people at the door,Said loudly:“Listen up everyone,We have a Discipline Inspection Commission in our town,Responsible by the Commission for Discipline Inspection Lu Shu。If there is any violation of discipline in your village,Just go to Secretary Lu”
Xia Jian was talking,Opened his own office。This He Wang relied on the old to sell the old,He didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,I squeezed into Xia Jian’s office first。
Niu Li’s face changed with anger,When he was about to say a few words。Xia Jian smiled and said:“I agreed to his business,Then take the other people to Secretary Lu!”
Baowang,Happy face。Xia Jian asked him to sit down,Then he closed the door and said:“Old man,I still need to investigate your matter。You know,Busy building roads these days,And something happened in Shangxiagou Village,I can be said to be very busy these two days”
“Mayor Xia!You are caught by someone else’s trap。Which Ding Guisheng was originally sick?,Even if he doesn’t drill under the excavator,He won’t live long。But he drilled like this,He left a sum of money for his son。I heard that you gave a lot”He Wang lowered his voice and said。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He asked quietly:“What does the old man say?,You can’t talk nonsense”
“Hi!I’m this http://www.fuekang.cnold,What’s the nonsense。Ding Guisheng’s daughter-in-law and He Shuicheng are distant cousins。I heard from the villagers,Just before Ding Guisheng died,He went to the construction site to talk to He Shuicheng,Then the He family took our people from Hejia Village back to the village,Ding Guisheng died soon”When He Wang said this,Bright eyes,It’s not like a 60 or 70 year old man at all。
Xia Jian’s heart moved,But he still said calmly on the surface:“People are relatives,Can a few words explain that He Shuicheng killed Ding Guisheng??You can’t just arrange it just because you have a holiday with him,This is illegal“
“Humph!Don’t scare me here,My old man is not scared,This is not what I said alone,They say that Ding Guisheng’s death was the idea given by He Shuicheng“He Wang sneered and said。
Xia Jian has nothing to say,It seems that He Wang is not talking nonsense,This thing has a lot to do。But it’s all hearsay,It’s still a bit difficult to convict He Shuicheng。
Xia Jian walked back and forth in the office twice,Then said to He Wang:“Old man,Since I promised you about your family,I will check it out,Give you a fair answer。As for whether He Shuicheng violated discipline in Hejiaping Village,,I will refer this to the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,Let him investigate this thoroughly“
“it is good!As long as you can solve my family’s affairs,As for him and the village,My old man doesn’t want to bother。I lived this age,To fight for a breath“He Wangyi said this,Emotions start to get excited again。
Xia Jian poured a glass of water for the old man,Changed the subject and asked:“Now you can fix it, Is it easier to get to town??“
“Much better than before,But Murakami has fewer vehicles,It’s not easy to come here,It would be even better if the shuttle bus could be put on“He Wang drank the water Xia Jian poured him,Said with a smile。
Xia Jian accompanied the old man to say a lot of good things,It finally got him away。He Wang just stepped out of Xia Jian’s office,Secretary Wang rushed in。
“I told Secretary Lu to investigate this matter,Don’t worry about it。You have a lot of things right now,How can you care about these messy things?”Secretary Wang complained to Xia Jian。

Her appearance is not particularly beautiful,There is a special temperament。

And her mood is between,There are fewer pride and superior feelings.。
“Mr. Xia。”
She is going straight,Open the door to see the mountain inquiry。
Summer stunned,Some shock under heart。
He changed a look,The other party shouted the identity。
“Miss,You recognize the wrong person.?”
“My name is Edina。”
Women’s voice with a veteran,Examined eyesight,“Mr. Joyce let me pick you up.。”
It is the person who is old to let himself come to the church.。
Summer once again。
But this time no deny,There is no doubt woman’s identity,“Trouble。”
Eita is not express,Unable to guess what they want,Follow-up,“But Mr. Joys is not available now.,She let me take you more familiar with this city。”
Summer stunned,Then I smiled and nodded.,Thanks again。
Next,The two still stroll along the street,But Eita serves as a guide。
She didn’t take a summer to visit the monument,But swim in all major blocks。
At the same time, there will be some local customs and some relevant secrets.。
These,It is currently required in the summer.。
Especially a few big families in the church,And the background behind them,Reliable forces,ITN is not kept in the summer.。
not only that。
She also took the area of those families in the summer.,Far away。
“That is the family。”
Edna pointed to a quaint manor in front of the front,Refers to the right side,“There is a century garden,Every time I have a provincial capital with the family,Will be held in Century Gardens。”
Toned,She slowed down,Look straight to the summer,“Dark Parliament Monica,Imprisoned in the family。”
Summer face change,When you are gloomy,Followed by frown,Looking at Eitan,Deep。
“I can know these,Naturally, Mr. Joyce let me convey to you.。”
“How do I know that Mr. Joyce knows that I am coming to Monica??