Song Fang responded,So he called Wang Lijun。After the call,Song Fang was talking,Quarreled on the phone,And I’m very emotional。

After hanging up,Song Fang said crying:“This bastard said he won’t come”
“Will not,Just mention me and let him come,Believe he will come。Unless he doesn’t grow up”Xia Jian said very positively。
It didn’t take long as expected,Song Fang received a text message from Wang Lijun,Ask them the name of the hotel and the room number。
“Song Fang and Wang Youfa can go back to the room to sleep,No need for you here”Xia Jian thought about it and said。
First2407chapter Talked to my heart
It’s a little past midnight,But people who like nightlife,Seems to have just begun。Xia Jian stood in front of the glass window,Listening to the floating singing,Can’t help but take a breath。
In fact, his heart is also particularly suffering,Because Wang Lijun has already said on the phone that he will not come to the hotel。But he did,I just want to prove that his idea is correct。
Near two o’clock,Finally heard the sound of knocking on the door。Wang Youcai, who was asleep, rushed over,A little excited and opened the door。
I saw Wang Lijun standing at the door with a tired face,He asked a little awkwardly:“Does Xia Jian live here??”
“Correct!come in!”Wang Youcai said,He stretched out his hand and took Wang Lijun in,After all, everyone grew up in the same village。
Xia Jianyi saw Wang Lijun,And walked over quickly,He stretched out and smiled:“Brother Lijun is here?”Wang Lijun and Xia Jian’s family are not far away,Although they are a few years old,,But when everyone was young,Meeting in the village is quite affectionate。
Wang Lijun smiled at Xia Jian,Then sat down on the chair。Xia Jian quickly asked Wu Wu to pour a glass of water for Wang Lijun and bring it over。

“this,Ok。”Tang Shenghuo and Tang Shengshuo heard the words helpless,The two read the means of Lin Feng.,I don’t dare to repeate Lin Feng,There is a feeling that exceeds them control. 。

“Kidding,You pick some key to send back.,time is limited,Mr. Tolsmu, you also selected some。”Lin Feng smiled and said,I don’t know why,His heart has a feeling of sputum。
His eyes are slightly deeply watching Tobls。
Torchmaton understood the meaning of it,He is ready to extract some irrelevant information to the White Bear Empire。
“it is good!”
Tang Shenghuo,Tang Shengshui,Tolsmu three people panicked some information,Store ready to send。
“Are you finished??”Lin Feng asked。
“Finish。”Tang Shenghuo and Tang Shengshuo heard that he laughed and nodded.。
“Can be ready to send。”Torsmie also looked at Lin Feng。
“it is good,Let’s leave now!”Lin Feng talking between the body is more powerful.,This airflow directly enables everyone in the scene.,Including Krvo, including coma, has both box information。
And the figure of Lin Feng fell into the sky。
His figure directly rushed into space,On the ten seconds, Lin Feng has come to the Mars ground with everyone.1000There is a deep space of kilometers.。
Tai Chi wrapped in everyone in space。
Lin Feng looked at Tols Wood。
Tolsmu heard a little bit,I immediately took out a remote control.,He directly press the remote control,Suddenly there is a powerful energy atmosphere from Mars,This force destroys the earth,Overnight。
Even if they stand among this too space, I feel huge energy fluctuations.。
http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cnMars at this moment,The fire dragon mountain faucet suddenly rose a huge mushroom cloud,This mushroom cloud is beautiful,Carrying the power of destroying the earth,It’s like a light speed.,Square round500Different attacks are suffered from the range of kilometers。
The tragic call!
Whole earth shaking,Like a dramatic earthquake,Fire Dragon Mountain Longtou Mountain is in this nuclear explosion for virtual,Those biochemists are like being evaporated.,There are only some broken copper scrap scattered in the empty。
Even the strong people in nine heavens may not keep their life in front of this power.。
After ten seconds,A flat Taiji ball is in the empty,Standing in Lin Feng and others,Lin Feng looked at the fire dragon macarre,Face iron。
NS881chapter Unprecedented killing
“White Bear Empire!”
Lin Feng bite his teeth,http://www.soaptown.cnKilling straight nine days。
Fortunately, Sichuan Luo Sakura,Otherwise, Lin Feng is afraid that the two nets are directly evaporated in this nuclear explosion.,Even the soul is gone。
When he heard this news, he was angry.,Kill!
But when he saw the results of this nuclear explosion,His anger and killing breakout is more than 100 times,This is too embarrassed.。
Torsema looked at this scene couldn’t help but shake.,Tang Shenghuo and Tang Shengshuo were scared,Napington is a shortcoming,I don’t dare to pay attention to this scene.,The Nirvana is afraid that it will fly to the smoke.。
“Piendon,I saved you.?”Lin Feng carrys the cold road。