Yoga massage

Yoga massage

First, the function and principle of massage 1. The recovery of oils and exercises The asana method can stimulate the sebaceous glands under the skin, causing them to secrete natural oils. These oils are the best nourishment for the skin. These oils can be massaged back into the skin.Nourishes the skin and keeps it soft.

  2. Body surface and nerve ending massage Massage can stimulate all the peripheral nerves distributed on the body surface and also stimulate the entire nervous system, so it can relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and balance life energy.

  3. Lymphatic massage The lymphatic system is an auxiliary system for backflow in the vascular and venous system, which can help return tissue fluid to the venous system. Lymph fluid is a clear liquid that transports nutrients in the tissue fluid throughout the body, nourishes the cell tissue, and maintains it.Good health, youth and vitality. At the same time, these lymph fluids flow between microvessels and cellular tissues, which can take away the metabolic waste of cells in the tissue fluid, necrotic cells and germs. When the lymph fluid flows through the lymph vessels and then through the lymph nodes, the lymph nodesCan filter bacteria and foreign bodies in the lymph fluid, so the lymph has the effect of cleaning the blood, producing antibodies, and enhancing immunity.

However, the circulatory system of lymph fluid and blood is different. It slowly flows through the lymphatic vessels under the relaxation pressure of the muscles. The increase of lymph fluid can increase 3 to 4 times when practicing asana, and massage can promote lymphThe flow of fluid enhances lymphatic function.

  4, pathological massage when the body’s circulatory system is not good, when the blood is not smooth, excessive toxins will accumulate between tissues and cells, especially parts far from the heart, making people feel tired, lazy, uncomfortable, and evensick.

The meridian of the whole body is closely related to the five internal organs and the six internal organs. Massage along the meridians and stimulates the related meridian points can promote the functions of the internal organs and make the physiological functions more active. At the same time, it can eliminate fatigue, eliminate toxins, and restore physical functions.

  2. Matters related to massage 1. First, rub your hands tightly to keep the palm warm and generate static electricity.

  2. Sequential massage from the head, skull, ears, upper limbs, upper body, back, abdomen, lower limbs, and soles of the feet.

  3. During the massage, when the hands are no longer warm, you need to rub the hands tightly together to keep the palms warm.

  4, the area where the lymph nodes are located, you need more and more solid massage, such as the surroundings, ears, arm sockets, rat’s palate, elbows, parts and soles.

  5. Massage in the direction of the meridians.

  6. After massage to the pain point or abnormal point, more massage is needed.

  7. After the massage, take a rest for at least two minutes to soothe the skin, muscles and nerves, and balance energy and qi and blood.

  Third, the actual exercise of massage, please learn directly from the yoga teacher.

Forcing children to grow as they wish is soft violence

Forcing children to grow as they wish is soft violence

From the age of 9, Xiao Yang (pseudonym), 19, was used to running away from home.

From an early age, his relationship with his mother was like water and fire, incompatible.

“In her eyes, I’m useless, and she makes me feel like I’m a debt owed. I have to live exactly as she planned to live with her.

“Xiao Yang is very distressed now. He said that his mother did give him a lot of material, but he couldn’t stand his mother’s attitude towards himself.

  ”Looking for a child” is a strong expectation of each child from his parents.

Psychologically speaking, many parents regard their children as their own “imaginary objects”, hoping to use their children’s hard work to achieve some of their “dreams”, their own setbacks, failures, shame, prosperity and decline, etc.Form a huge mountain of sustenance.

However, the child was “disobedient” because of heavy pressure and heavy pressure, unable to take the helm, so the parents even accused even more.

The mentality of love has practiced “forced” behavior, which will be fatal to children’s growth.

It may not only form a lingering shadow in the child’s young mind, but also cause psychological disorders.

  Psychological depression could not be resolved, and kindness could not be released. Xiao Yang used running away from home to fight against “revenge.”

Maybe it’s not terrible to run away from home, what’s terrible is “get used to it.”

You know, behind a certain habit, there is a kind of fatigue: emotion, or helplessness.

When the child’s inner corruption feels to a certain strength, when the inner flood is full and the heart dam collapses, it will inevitably be in danger like a “dam lake”.

At this time, the child’s “revenge” behavior became the common sadness of parents and children.

  From the Xiaoyang incident, we see the hidden worries in family education, and at the same time reflect the shortcomings of “exam management” under some quality education.

Well-known German sociologist U?

Baker first proposed the concept of risk society. This risk includes political, economic, social, and military, and it is divided into social risk and personal risk.

Parents teach their children as “personal property” for training. Once an individual’s will deviates from the rules of family education, it is very easy for an unpredictable “personal risk.”

And the cost of cracking “personal risk” will become extremely heavy: for children, youth is wasted and astray due to rebellion; social anxiety, adding instability factors, and expanding potential “social risks”.

  Forcing children to grow according to their own intentions is a typical type of domestic “soft” violence.

Giving children more encouragement, giving them more compliments, and using sincerity and probation to get rid of the entanglement in their hearts are issues that every parent should consider.

For the healthy growth of children, please do not let their “non-violence and non-cooperation” intensify. Please do not “force” children to be separated from the harmonious family wall.

Once so, we will see countless wandering at the door of the house, helpless and indifferent lonely figure.

Watermelon peel boiled water to relieve hypertension

Watermelon peel boiled water to relieve hypertension

In summer, eating watermelon has the best function to relieve heat. Do n’t lose the watermelon peel when you eat watermelon. It is only a good product for relieving heat and quenching thirst and diuresis. It has health effects for those with hypertension, heart and kidney edema.

  Watermelon rind has a sweet taste and is cool in nature. It has the effect of clearing the heat of the summer and removing the upset. It can treat the short urine caused by the heat of the summer.

You can also leave the melon skin after eating the watermelon, cut the green clothes, and leave the white part of the fried meat for food.

You can also drink meat soup with fresh watermelon peel.

Hypertension, heart and kidney edema can be taken directly by boiling water.

Note that watermelon peels are cold, and people who are prone to diarrhea do not eat them.

  In addition to medical effects, watermelon peel is a good degreasing product, which is a good helper to keep your kitchen clean.

Research shows that looking older may not necessarily be in poor health

Research shows that looking older may not necessarily be in poor health

In the medical world, doctors often pre-look older people are more likely to have health problems.

However, a recent study in Canada shows that getting older doesn’t mean poor health. A person’s appearance may appear to be at least 10 years older than the actual age, and health problems may occur.

  A study by Huang Sichang, an associate professor at the University of Toronto, St. Michael’s Hospital, and colleagues showed that when a person looks 5 years older than the actual age, this is not useful for doctors to judge the person’s health.

However, when a person looks more than 10 years older than their actual age, there is a 99% chance that the person is in poor health.

  Researchers conducted a study of 126 patients aged 30 to 70 years.

These patients were photographed one by one and were investigated to see if they were in poor health.

Subsequently, 58 doctors reviewed the photos and called them “looking age” if they knew the patient’s actual age.

  ”Since the medical profession, people who are significantly older are more likely to have health problems that have previously failed the practical test.

We found that many people whose appearance matches their actual age are in poor health.

Doctors should keep in mind that even if a patient’s appearance matches their actual age, they cannot assume that they are in good health.

Qiu Ling Health Food Recipe

Qiu Ling Health Food Recipe

Children eat more than the normal digestive ability, they will have multiple digestive symptoms, such as anorexia, full stomach, thick tongue coating, sour smell in the mouth, called “injury.”

  Magical use of field snail to eliminate disease and disease is not only delicious, but also has the function of eliminating disease and disease.

  In the treatment of damp and hot jaundice, when the gastrointestinal function is not restored, the Tianluo can be cooked and soup. After the gastrointestinal function is restored, both soup and meat can be eaten. The effect is obvious.

  For treating otitis media, hemorrhoids can be washed, put snails into the shell, add borneol, turn into juice (called Bingluo powder), drip ears or ectoderm hemorrhoids, thus significant effects.

  The snail meat smashed moles can be used to treat various diseases, such as dysuria and abdominal distension. Two snails, half a spoon of salt, can be applied to the navel for smashing.

  Children’s Calcium Recipe 2 is a milk-flavored soft pancake with standard flour, soy flour, and milk in a ratio of 10: 1: 2.

After replacing the soy flour with cold water, heat and boil it fully, let it cool a little, then pour the refilled milk into the egg, mix it into the eggs, and mix thoroughly.

Pour the cool soy milk and egg juice into the flour, add an appropriate amount of fine salt and water, and mix thoroughly to make a paste.

Add some oil to the pan and spread the batter into a soft cake.

  Shrimp skin minced meat and vegetables porridge Wash the shrimp skin, lean meat, and green vegetables separately, and chop them.

Put the right amount of oil in the pot, stir-fry the minced meat, and then stir-fry the shrimp skin, green onion, and soy sauce. Add in the proper amount of water to boil, then add the rice or millet, cook until it is cooked, and then add the shredded pork and cook for a while.

  Pediatric “injury” diet The children who eat more than their normal digestive ability will experience a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms, such as anorexia, fullness in the upper abdomen, thick tongue coating, and acid odor in their”.

The therapeutic methods for wounded food are: 1. Wash potatoes (do not use germinated), cut into thin slices with skin, and put them on the pan with onion slices and carrot slices. Cook with high heat and add salt to taste, 3 times a dayTake a small bowl at a time and take it on an empty stomach.

  2. Sugar-fried hawthorn.

Take an appropriate amount of brown sugar (if there is heat in the body, you can see that the tip of the tongue is red, the tongue is thick and yellow, and those with dry mouth need to change to white sugar or rock sugar), fry the sugar and add pitted hawthorn, and then fry 5?
After 6 minutes, it smells sour and the sweetness ends.

Eat a small amount after each meal, or drink water.

  Different people eat fruits and autumn dry cough food therapy side 2 is dry in autumn, easy to suffer from colds and cause dry cough symptoms, introduces food treatment side prescription 2 for acute and chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pertussis and other dry symptomsThe patient is also quite suitable and can be replaced.

  Almond stewed Sydney: Take 10 grams of almonds, peel and break, peel 1 slice of Sydney, put it in the same bowl, add 20 grams of rock sugar, and boil in water, then put it in a pot, cover with stew for 1 hour, take it early,1 time each.

  Take 5 grams of white fungus stewed rock sugar, rinse and soak in cold water for 1 hour, shred, add 30 grams of rock sugar, stew, and eat before bed each night.

  How to carry out diet hygiene statistics for the elderly, premature death caused by long-term causes accounted for 63% of the potential loss of life in the country, which is mainly related to the lack of scientific nutritional metabolism and some bad eating habits.

  The Chinese Nutrition Association has formulated the guidelines for healthy diet of Chinese residents as the principles of healthy eating, that is: diverse foods, mainly cereals; eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes; eat milk, legume products; eat moderate amounts of fish, poultry,Eggs, lean meat, eat less fatty meat and emu oil; balance food intake and physical activity, maintain a suitable weight; eat light and less salt intake; limit alcohol consumption; eat clean, non-deteriorating food.

  Different people eat fruits, apples, sweet flavors, cool sex, and have antidiarrheal, laxative, digestive and other effects. Regular food transforms the skin into white and tender.

Insufficient gas, mental fatigue can make nourishing food.

However, patients with nephritis and diabetes should not eat more. Pears have the effects of cough relief, phlegm reduction, and lung moisturizing. People with cold and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more. Citrus can strengthen the spleen and appetite, warm the lungs and relieve cough, but it is easy to eat more.Fire, causing toothache and hemorrhoids, causing macular skin; pomegranate tastes astringent, warm, raw food has Shengjin fluid, and quenches irritability.

Insufficient fluid, dry mouth and dry throat, troubled people, complications, dietetic fruit; yuzu tastes sour, coldness, can promote hydration and quench thirst, and retention of stomach, help digestion, detoxification, pregnant women eat less, eat appetizers.

  Babies need a moderate amount of meat to eat iron from 5?
At the age of 7 months, iron needs for physical development.

Fearing that meat is difficult to digest, parents often seldom feed their infants with meat.

Although parents often also feed babies with paste-like baby foods containing meat every day, the real content of meat in these foods exceeds the amount recommended by child nutrition experts (20?
30 grams) to 20% to 30% less.

Studies have found that infants are more likely to consume iron from meat foods than plant foods, so the nature of meat must be highlighted.

  Food choices for patients with chronic gastritis should eat more high-protein foods and high-vitamin foods.

High-vitamin foods refer to dark-colored fresh vegetables and fruits, such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, eggplant, and red dates.

Is it best to eat 2 at each meal?
3 fresh hawthorns to stimulate gastric secretion.

  Pay attention to diet acid-base balance.

When gastric acid secretion is excessive, drink milk, soy milk, eat steamed bread or bread to neutralize gastric acid. When gastric acid secretion decreases, use concentrated broth, chicken broth, acid fruit or juice to stimulate gastric juice secretion and help digestion.  Atrophic gastritis should drink more yogurt, which has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa and is conducive to the treatment and recovery of gastritis.

  Networm vision health care recipes People who continuously surf the Internet and do network work generally have poor vision, and often have blurred vision, dry eyes, itchy eyes, even eye pain, and conjunctival congestion.

Introduce the networms to the number of dietary treatments for the health of the eyes: Due to concerns about the difficulty of digesting meat, parents usually rarely feed their infants with meat.

  1.15 grams of mulberry, 9 grams of white chrysanthemum, 1 spoon of sugar, decoction.
1 time daily.

  2.1 white fish (scaled and offal), 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, boiled for soup.

It is suitable for tears in liver and kidney yin deficiency and blurred vision.

  3.20 grams of Chinese wolfberry, taken once a day, half a month is a course of treatment.

  Ingenious tea water treatment for children with dental caries: Fluoride in tea water can prevent teeth from dephosphorizing and decalcifying in the acidic environment of the oral cavity, so gargle with tea can prevent dental caries.

  Seasickness and Seasickness: Use a small cup of warm tea beforehand, add 2?

Drink 3 ml of soy sauce.

  Inflammation and swelling of infants and young children’s skin can be boiled with tea when it is inflamed and swollen.

  People with high plasma levels and cardiovascular disease who drink 1 cup of tea a day can reduce plasma and protect their cardiovascular system.

  In addition, regular drinking tea has unexpected effects on those with loss of appetite, yellow urine, diarrhea, overwork, greasy discomfort after eating, and bleeding gums.

  Anticancer foods are the first choice of sweet potato medical workers. After surveying the hometown of centenarians in western Guangxi, they found that the long-lived elderly people here have a common characteristic: they are used to eating sweet potatoes daily, and even use them as staple food.

  Coincidentally, the National Cancer Research Center of Japan recently ranked sweet potatoes as the top 20 “cancer list” of anti-cancer vegetables.

Japanese doctors conducted a diet survey of 260,000 people and found that the sweet potato’s cancer suppression rate (98.

7%) is slightly higher than raw sweet potatoes (94.


The Philadelphia Hospital in the United States also extracted an active substance, sweet androstenone, from sweet potatoes, which can effectively inhibit the occurrence of colon cancer and breast cancer.

  Dietary therapy for chronic pharyngitis: 300 grams of sugared kelp, kelp, moderate sugar.

Wash the kelp, shred it, and remove it with boiling water. Marinate it with an appropriate amount of sugar for 3 days and serve.

  For honey tea, put a proper amount of tea leaves in gauze bags, put them in a cup, make tea with boiling water, mix with honey after cooling, gargle and swallow with this solution every half an hour, and use it for 3 days after the effect.

  Take 1 egg in sesame oil soup, and moderate amount of sesame oil.

Beat the eggs into the cup, add sesame oil, stir well, and pour about 200 ml of boiling water. Drink slowly while hot, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

  For olive tea, take 2 olives and 1 g of green tea.

Cut olives into two halves, add them to the cup with green tea, pour in boiling water, and cover with stuffy for 5 minutes.

  Pregnant women should not eat more potatoes to germinate. Rotten potatoes contain a toxin called solanin, which has hemolytic effect after being absorbed into the blood. It can perform paralysis exercises, breathing centers, stimulate gastric mucosa, and eventually die due to paralysis of respiratory centers.
In addition, the structure of solanine is similar to that of human steroid hormones such as androgens, estrogen, and progesterone.

If pregnant women eat a lot of potatoes with high alkaloids for a long time, the accumulation in the body will produce teratogenic effects.

It has been speculated that there is a certain hereditary potential for alkaloid-sensitive pregnant women who ingest 44.

2?252 grams of potatoes may be deformed.

In addition, the alkaloids in potatoes cannot be reduced by conventional cooking methods such as water immersion, steaming, and boiling.

In view of this, pregnant women still prefer not to eat or eat less potatoes and their products.

  Elderly Huayan Food Therapy ① Soy sauce vinegar liver: Wash and slice the liver, simmer, stir fry the vegetarian oil, mix with soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, ginger.

Central retinitis, optic nerve atrophy are often eaten.

② Barley Chicken Head Soup: 30 grams of barley seed, 30 grams of privet seed, cook with 2 chicken heads.

It has obvious curative effect on eye diseases caused by liver blood deficiency and virtual fire rising.

③ Honggan Wan: Take 10 grams of safflower and chop it together with 250 grams of pork liver to make mud. Add 芡 to make steamed meatballs.
Bloodshot in the eyes of cataracts can play a role in dissolving in advance.

④ Chinese wolfberry eggs: 20 grams of Chinese wolfberries are mixed with 2 eggs and steamed.

This side is effective for dizziness and tears.

  The new mother’s food prolactin 7 method after delivery, insufficient breast milk often makes young mothers hurt their brains.

Introduce several effective dietary raw milk methods.

  3 eggs, 250 grams of fresh coriander, add water and cook until cooked, remove egg shells, soup, coriander and eggs, take 2?
  250 grams of lamb, 2 trotters.

Add green onion, ginger, and salt to stew, eat lamb, trotters, and drink soup.

Once a day, 3 consecutive times?
5 days.

  60 grams of peanut kernels, 30 grams of brown sugar, and 50 ml of rice wine. Cook the peanuts first, then add the brown sugar, fry the rice wine slightly, and eat the peanut soup.

  Peanut rice, soy beans 60 grams each, 2 trotters, stewed together, eat in the morning and evening, 3 consecutive days.

  Elderly people who are afraid of cold eat something in the cold winter. Some elderly people are especially afraid of cold because of insufficient body yang.

Adding some foods for qi and yang to the diet can effectively improve the phenomenon of chills and chills.

  Meat: Dog meat, mutton, beef, venison, mandarin meat, rooster meat, duck meat, quail meat, catfish meat, turtle meat, octopus meat, and grass carp meat have the best cold protection effect.

They produce a lot of traces, nourishing the kidneys and aphrodisiac, and warming to moderate temperatures.

  Iron-containing foods: such as animal blood, egg yolk, donkey meat, pork liver, beef kidney, sheep tongue, soybeans, sesame, yuba, black fungus and so on.

  Foods containing iodine: kelp, laver, shellfish, oysters, sardines, spinach, fish and shrimp.

  Neurasthenic Diet Conditioning Neurasthenia is long-term conditioning with medicated meals during treatment, with good results.

  1, 15 grams of jujube kernel, 30 grams of previous rice.

Add water to cook porridge and eat before bed.

  2, lotus seed powder 15?
20 grams, 100 grams previously.

A total of porridge is cooked and eaten twice daily.

  3, 30 grams of lily powder, 20 grams of rock sugar, previously 100 grams of rice.

Make porridge 2 times a day.

  4, bergamot tablets 6 grams, salvia 15 grams, 5 walnut kernels, 50 grams of sugar.

First bergamot, salvia decoction, slag, walnut kernel, white sugar smashed into mud, and then add it to the soup, and then cook it for 10 minutes with gentle heat, 2 times a day.

  5, 250 grams of lean pork, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of lilies.

Add it to the casserole, boil it, and season it once a day.

  6, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 8 jujubes, 2 eggs.

Put in a casserole and boil. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells and cook for a while, eat eggs and soup, once a day.

  7, 3 grams of ginseng, 30 grams of rock sugar, previously 100 grams of rice.

Ginseng is single-boiled, rock sugar, and previously rice porridge is cooked. Put the ginseng soup into the porridge, and cook for a while to eat, once a day.

10 countermeasures to help you overcome psychological stress

10 countermeasures to help you overcome psychological stress

Professor Zhao Guoqiu, member of the Executive Committee of the Mental Health Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and an expert member of the Psychological Counseling Expert Committee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Shenzhen Multi-functional Hall of Legal Affairs.How to face psychological pressure, how to think about the problem, how to face the society, how to set your own expectations, and other issues, for Shenzhen citizens to attend a church, “Healthy Psychology, Healthy Life-Psychological Stress and Coping Strategies”.

  Professor Zhao analyzed that Shenzhen is an immigration city. Shenzhen people mainly leave their homeland and come to Shenzhen to work alone, but there is no safe haven for family members. Moreover, because life is easy, it is difficult to find a home for affection.

Under the combined effect of various external factors, some people have lost their balance and tranquility.

According to common sense, everyone should have at least three close friends in their lives, and these friends should meet three conditions: have a basically consistent worldview and variables; be able to talk about personal privacy together; when there are psychological difficulties, friends can talk to each other countless times.

In Shenzhen, a special immigration environment, there is great potential to find “if you have been friends for 20 years”.

Under the background that pressure cannot be relieved, Shenzheners are in a fiercely competitive and stress-breaking environment. These are the leaders of Shenzhen ‘s mental health problems.

At the same time, Shenzhen has a developed economy and is at the forefront of reform and opening up. It has suffered more cultural shocks than the mainland. The transition period has brought serious problems, so the mental health problem is even more serious than the mainland.

Coupled with the Shenzhen people’s exposure to a large number of Hong Kong, Macao and Western ideas, various cultural conflicts are obvious, their thinking is easily misled, and mental health problems are inevitable.

  How to clean up “psychological trash” so that people in the workplace have a healthy heart?

Professor Zhao proposed ten coping strategies.

  One of the coping strategies: self-test. Listed below are some of the more common methods for coping with stressful events. One is that your behavior characteristics are your common methods. Please mark them.

  1. I ignore my needs and just bury my head and work hard.

  2. I look for friends to communicate and get their support.

  3. I eat more than usual.

4. I do some form of physical exercise.

5. I am angry, and all the troubles around me are driven away.

  6. I take some time to relax, catch my breath, and do some exercise.

  7. I smoke a cigarette and drink those drinks that contain caffeine.

  8. I face the source of stress and do work to change it.

  9. I take back my feelings and stay away from the crowd to do my own thing.

  10. I changed my view of the problem in order to see it more thoroughly.

  11. I sleep longer than I really need.

12. I spend some time leaving my work environment.

  13. I go out for shopping and use shopping to make myself feel good.

  14. My friends and I were joking and used humorous methods to briefly overcome the difficult spirit.

  15. I drink more wine than usual.

  16. I am addicted to personal hobbies or interests, it makes me relax and feel good.

  17. I take medicine to relax myself or improve my sleep.

18. I keep myself on a healthy diet.

  19, I just ignore the problem and hope to pass quickly.

  20. I pray, think and enrich my spiritual life.

  21. I am worried about the problem and I am afraid to do anything that touches it.

  22, I focus on things that I can control and accept.

  More than a part of it, ratios with even numbers are some of the more constructive strategies, while the ones marked with odd numbers gradually tend to be less good strategies for coping with stress.

If you choose a combination of odd numbers, then you should consider whether you need to change your way of thinking and behavior.

You can try an even numbering strategy that has not been used in the past.

  Coping Strategy # 2: Change Lifestyle1. Determine a “relaxation order” to integrate into daily life.

Try to relax.  2. Do more to make you feel happy.

3. Don’t let pressure build up.

4, do work and rest.

5. Adhere to your rights at home and at work.

6. Avoid overwork or accept too many work tasks.

7. Don’t avoid things that make you scared.

  8. Learn to remember your achievements and progress and praise yourself.

  Coping Strategy # 3: Learn to Say “No”
When someone asks you to do something for them and put pressure on you, it ‘s often hard to say “No”.

Think about whether you can do or are willing to do what they ask you to do.

If you can’t or don’t want to do it, learn to effectively reject others’ requests.

  Coping Strategy # 4: Say what you think and express your opinion honestly, although it can be annoying or controversial.

If you are certain that someone else ‘s request is unreasonable, you have to say it.

When anger and frustration cannot be released, people will be depressed, silent, nagging, blaming or slandering behind them. Failure to express their opinions will lead to “negative-provocative” behavior, which is harmful to health because of depressed frustrationOr anger evil evil immune system causing harm.

  Coping Strategy No. 5: Constructive criticism tell your feelings, explain why others’ actions hurt you, or cause you inconvenience, and tell others how much you want them to change.

  Coping Strategy Six: Handle Conflict One and Avoid Disputes.

  Everyone has encountered conflicts with friends, family or colleagues on a certain issue.

Disputes can be stressful, but calm, restraint, self-confidence, and hard work can alleviate them.

  Second, handle conflicts.

  Choose your language carefully, be honest, confident, and decent.

  Third, stay neutral.

  One technique for dealing with conflicts is called “keep neutral”, which is to remove the “thorns” in the words and reorganize the content of the words.

For example, if someone says “I can’t get along with my boss,” you respond, “You want to discuss improving your relationship with your boss.

“Part 7 of the coping strategy: Self-motivate and acknowledge that you can learn from your mistakes and correct them next time.

Tell yourself: “I’ve done my best, and it’s good enough for me.

“”no one is perfect.

“Even if I fail from time to time, people will still like me.

“” Making mistakes does not mean failure in life.

“Part 8 of Coping Strategies: Learn to do three things 1. Learn to close.

  That is, learn to close the two doors yesterday and tomorrow, and live a good life for each of today and every day.

  2. Learn to calculate.

  That is, learn to calculate your own happiness and calculate what you do right.

Calculate happiness. The more you calculate, the happier you are. The more you calculate, the more you can do.

  3. Learn to give up.

  I especially recommend a very good word in Chinese, which is “willing.”

Remember, it is “to give up” first and “to get” last.

Things in the world always have “sacrifice” to “get”, or “sacrifice” will “get”, and “will not give up at all” or “want to get everything” will be contrary to the wishes or nothing.

  Coping Strategies Nine: Learn to say three sentences 1, “Forget it!

“Means the best way to accept an unchangeable fact is to accept it.

  2. “It doesn’t matter!

“Even no matter what happens, even if it is a big thing, you must say to yourself,” It doesn’t matter! “Remember, a positive attitude is the first step to solving any problem and overcoming any difficulties.


“it will be pass away!

“No matter how heavy the rain is, and how many consecutive days it continues, you must be confident that the sky will clear, because the sky will not always be cloudy.

This is true in nature, so is life.

  The tenth coping strategy: Learn to “three happy”, “three unnecessary” and “three happy”, that is, helping others, being content, and enjoying themselves.

Furthermore, it is necessary to help others when they are good, to be content when they are ordinary, and to learn to be happy when they are in adversity.

  ”Three don’t”: First, don’t punish others for their mistakes.

  There are many people in real life who are not afraid of suffering or death, and no matter how heavy the burden is, they will not break him, and no matter how difficult they are, they will not scare him, but he cannot bear the grievances and wrongs.

In fact, grievances and injustices mean that others have made mistakes, and you haven’t made mistakes; while unbearable grievances and injustices are punished by others’ mistakes.

  Understand this principle, and if you encounter this situation again, the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off and not take it seriously.

  Second, don’t punish others for your mistakes.

  When you are subjected to justice or unfair trial, you are also treating others unjustly or unfairly.

In fact, when you hurt others, you will be hurt again.

  Third, don’t punish yourself for your mistakes.

  What is a good person?

We think that if he / she is given 10 things, he / she can do right 7?
8 pieces are good people.

Obviously, this sentence implies another layer of meaning that good people will do wrong things, and good people will make mistakes.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter at all that a good person has done something wrong. It doesn’t matter if you make a big mistake. You just need to find out the cause carefully, learn the lessons carefully, and change.

Mushroom is a recognized longevity dish

Mushroom is a recognized longevity dish

Dried shiitake mushrooms have a strong aroma and are suitable for cooking with meat.

Chicken is the easiest to taste.

Stew chicken with dried shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake mushrooms can freshen and deodorize chicken meat and taste the best.

Before cooking dried shiitake mushrooms, soak them in warm water at 30 ℃ -40 ℃ for 20 minutes.


hzh {display: none; }  蘑菇素来被誉为“长寿菜”,因为其富含蛋白质、多种维生素和矿物质,低脂肪、低热量,一直备受百姓青睐。However, there are more and more varieties of mushrooms on the market, and the best way to eat different mushrooms varies.

Here, I recommend the best way to eat several kinds of mushrooms, and teach you to make a table of nutritious and healthy mushroom banquet.

  Stewed meat with dried shiitake mushrooms and braised rape with fresh shiitake mushrooms.

The scent of shiitake mushrooms is refreshing, can improve stomach qi, and has anti-cancer effects.

Common mushrooms in the market are mainly dry and fresh.

  Dried shiitake mushrooms have a strong aroma and are suitable for cooking with meat.

Chicken is the easiest to taste.
Stew chicken with dried shiitake mushrooms. The shiitake mushrooms can freshen and deodorize chicken meat and taste the best.

Before cooking dried shiitake mushrooms, soak them in warm water at 30 ℃ -40 ℃ for 20 minutes.
Don’t pour the warm water that has been soaked in mushrooms. Add more flavor when you stew chicken.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms are less flavorful than dried shiitake mushrooms and have a refreshing taste. They are suitable for eating with vegetables.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms with rapeseed blend the fragrance and smoothness of shiitake mushrooms.

  Straw mushrooms are suitable for stir-fry.

Straw mushrooms can relieve heat and cool down, and nourish yin.

Straw mushrooms are best for frying to reduce the damage of vitamin C.

Before entering the pot, first make a cross-shaped knife edge on the mushroom cover of the fresh straw mushroom, then you can taste.

After that, slice the straw mushrooms and fry them in a wok for 10 minutes. Add salt, monosodium glutamate, and soy sauce to stir-fry, which can retain its inherent umami taste.

  Pleurotus ostreatus is suitable for vegetarian cooking and soup.

Pleurotus ostreatus can chase the wind and dispel cold, relax the muscles, and its texture is fresh and tender, suitable for stir-fry.

Just add a little onion, ginger, and salt to taste.

In addition, Pleurotus ostreatus can also be used as egg flower soup. After turning off the heat, add some minced garlic to taste, and the taste is more fresh.

  Enoki mushrooms are suitable for cold dressing.

Flammulina velutipes is delicious and has a wide range of amino acids, which can promote children’s intellectual development.

The most common method for Flammulina velutipes is cold dressing.

Before mixing, it is best to cook for more than 6 minutes to avoid food poisoning.

  Tea tree mushroom and Pleurotus eryngii are suitable for frying.

The fresh tea tree mushrooms are delicious and can be sauteed with beans.

Pleurotus eryngii is rich and tender. Some “Tricolor Pleurotus eryngii” fried with Dutch beans and ham sausage are classic dishes.

  Tricholoma is best for soups.

Tricholoma is lighter in taste, and the soup is fresher when cooked with fresh bean sprouts.

  Need to remind, cut the mushrooms as small as possible when cooking, because its cellulose is not easy to digest.

Low energy exercise for middle-aged and elderly people

Low energy exercise for middle-aged and elderly people

When middle-aged and elderly people participate in physical exercise, because each person’s physique is very different, the working and living environment is different, so the movement of middle-aged and older people will also vary from person to person.

The physical fitness of the elderly has generally declined, often “there is more than enough power.”

Sports can work out, but it can also hurt.

To participate in sports, you must master scientific methods, both to understand the nature of sports and to suit your own abilities.

  In general, it is advisable to exercise for 30 minutes each time.

In the four seasons of the year, the summer is hot, the exercise schedule is shorter; the winter is cold, and each exercise time should be longer.

Middle-aged and elderly people are best to go to the high-rise forests, walk in the fresh air, jog, play, do exercises, practice, dance swords, punch, dance, sing, etc.

  Middle-aged and elderly people should be gradual, not eager to seek success and blind exercise.

Before taking part in physical exercise, it is best to do a comprehensive physical examination, step on your physical condition and arrange your exercise program and exercise intensity.

The middle-aged and elderly people must be persistent, and should not be rushed to the top.

It is not advisable to choose too many projects, even if there is only one or two, as long as they persist for a long time, they will benefit endlessly.

The elderly can not be too vigorous and overworked.

Should try to avoid a large number of muscle groups in the body at the same time fast movement, to prevent breathing too fast, a lot of perspiration.

Because excessive plasma movement can lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, digestive system, and urine system, and due to excessive ventilation of the lungs, the body is not fully oxidized, causing tissue hypoxia, which is good for health and may even cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

In addition, due to frail age, muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and other elderly people often can not withstand overload exercise.

Excessive force or excessive force can cause joint, muscle damage and accidental injury.

  ”Low-energy sports” suitable for the elderly participate in low-energy sports, which can effectively improve health and prolong life.

Studies have shown that people who participate in low-energy exercise for a long time have a lower mortality rate than those who do not participate in any exercise or occasional exercise.

5 times, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced by about 35%.

  The four major benefits of low energy exercise for people: (1) can delay the decline of physiological function caused by age, which is beneficial to prevent premature aging of the body.

  (2) can accelerate the body’s metabolism, improve cardiopulmonary function, reduce additional blood circulation disorders, and effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  (3) It can stimulate the body’s immune system, so that the natural killer cells, T cells, lymphocytes and macrophages in the immune system are significantly enhanced, thus resisting the resistance to viruses, cell infection and inhibiting the function of mutant cells in vivo.

  (4) It can make people feel happy, energetic, emotionally high, relieve psychological pressure and increase the taste of life.

  Low-energy sports can be carried out anytime and anywhere, can be group activities, can also be individual activities, can be quiet activities, can also be active in music accompaniment, such as walking, jogging, ballroom dancing, mass aerobics and so on.

The heart rate of low energy exercise should be controlled at 100-130 beats / min.

  In addition, the technical content of the exercise program picked up can not be too high, once the elderly without the sports foundation, as long as there is fitness meaning, they can enter the role immediately.

It should be loose during the exercise time, either in the piecemeal time after the meal, or in the morning and evening. The time can be long and short, and flexible.

  Dancing, which is good for physical health and dance is a kind of cultural and recreational activities that combine dance and music, which is beneficial to the physical health of the elderly. It is also a convenient physical exercise.

Older people can dance ballroom dancing, age disco, dance in a cheerful, melodious music melody, transform people to feel happy and happy, especially dancing disco, graceful, relaxed, lively and unrestrained, as ifBack to the youth.

In a cheerful atmosphere, you can also eliminate the fatigue and psychological tension of the brain, making the whole body feel relaxed and coordinated.

Dancing is a kind of general exercise. It is exercised through various organ systems to enhance the body’s metabolism, speed up the heartbeat and breathing, and the heart outputs more blood to the whole body; it can increase appetite, promote recovery and peristalsis, improve digestion and absorption capacity;Increased complications, strong muscles, strong gait; there are certain possibilities for coronary heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthrosis, obesity, constipation, etc.

But the rhythm of dancing should not be too fast, such as palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc., should sit down and rest.

  Walking, adhering to the highest rate of walking helps to maintain good health.

Experts point out that walking 6 kilometers a day can not only help people lose one pound a week, but also make bones and muscles healthier and stronger.

  Walking is the highest rate of adherence in all fitness activities and the risk of injury is low.

A foreign study shows that women who started walking programs as early as 10-15 years ago have a small chance of suffering from heart disease.

  Ordinary walking and fitness walks are different, and slow walking muscles are less powerful.

Therefore, the effect is extremely small. To improve health, the walking pace must be larger than usual, fast and lasting.Experts suggest that to achieve the goal of walking fitness, you need to walk 90-120 steps per minute, walk 40-50 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week, the arm tries to swing, the length of the step is equivalent to 45% of the length -50%.

  Although there are benefits to walking, it should not be excessive, otherwise the effect will be reversed.

  In short, the elderly should exercise without any mental burden, so that the process of activities is completely a process of fitness, and it is a process of purifying the mind and eliminating mental stress.

5 teas that are best for spring drink and health

5 teas that are best for spring drink and health

At the time of recovery of all things, you should choose the appropriate tonic method to nurse your body. It does not hinder the choice of tea, because the tea contains catechol, which has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and can also remove free radicals.

  Is it better to drink some tea in the spring?

  1, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing liver and eyesight and liver and liver, especially suitable for spring attacks, but also has the effect of detoxification fitness and evacuation of wind and heat, can promote blood circulation, beauty and moisturize the skin, butTry not to drink chrysanthemum tea for people with cold hands and feet.

  2, rose tea rose has the effect of dispersing liver and qi and promoting blood circulation, but also balance endocrine, effectively regulate the liver and insulin tract, and eliminate the fatigue of the body in time.

In addition, it can relieve vascular diseases, have beauty and beauty, and improve the symptoms of dry skin and dark spots.

  3, jasmine tea can eliminate the cold in the body, but also can refresh the spirit, calm the mood, eliminate the stomach upset.

Auxiliary treatment of female reproductive function and physiological functions, and beauty and beauty, relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

  4, Lily tea when there is memory loss, insomnia and more dreams, dizziness, headache can choose lily tea, has the effect of nourishing the body, Chinese medicine believes that lily tea can calm the nerves, as long as it can relieve the anxiety of anxiety.

  5, honeysuckle tea spring wind is relatively large, easy to be exogenous wind evil, this time choose honeysuckle tea can prevent spring upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis and gonococcal flu, as well as adjuvant treatment of periodontitis and enteritis.

  Things to pay attention to when drinking tea in the spring 1. Pay attention to the time of drinking tea. There is also a certain emphasis on drinking tea. You should choose the time to drink tea correctly. Try not to drink too much tea at night, which is not conducive to sleep, and even makes the liver fire becomeexuberant.
Pay attention to diet when drinking tea. Some people eat greasy food and then drink tea. This is wrong, and it is easy to cause gallstones or kidney stones.

  2, according to the physical quality of the choice of tea, each person’s physique is not the same, according to their own physical fitness to choose the right tea, do not blindly, only drink the tea can achieve health effects, if the body is sunnyChoose white tea or green tea. If the body is cold, you should choose flower tea or black tea.

  Warm reminder that the spring tea that has just been listed must not be in a hurry. Because the tea leaves are not harvested for one month, the substances inside have not been completely oxidized, which may cause abdominal distension and diarrhea, and the stomach is not full of active alkaloids.Caffeine is easy to cause nerve excitement.

Change character from eating

Change character from eating

Dr. Chauss, an American psychologist, mentioned Jerry, a quirky boy in his book “Diet-Crime-Improper”

He has been active and difficult to discipline since he was a child. He was disciplined when he was 9 years old, and was summoned by a court for crimes at the age of 11.

Later, experts suggested that Jerry’s personality improved markedly after controlling for sugar.

For other special personality traits, according to expert research, as long as the nutritional composition of food is properly adjusted, its personality can be changed to a considerable extent.

  Personality deformity: This kind of people often suffer from calcium deficiency for a long time. They should eat more foods containing calcium and phosphorus oxides, such as soybeans, milk, amaranth, fried pumpkin seeds, kelp, fungus, seaweed, field snails, orange, River crab, shrimp and so on.

  Endless people: This kind of people have vitamin B in their brains, so they are choked all day, and need to eat more whole grains, or milk and honey, which will often have good results.

  Irritable person: This kind of people are often deprived of calcium and vitamin B, and when they encounter unpleasant things, they are very excited and even thunder.

Should reduce salt and sugar intake.

You can eat more milk and seafood containing calcium.

  Fearers: mainly vitamins A, B, and C, you should eat more peppers, dried bamboo shoots, dried fish, etc.

Of course, it may also be because of eating too much acidic food, you should eat more fruits and vegetables.

  Afraid of communicators: Most of these people are neurotic and apathetic, so it is advisable to mix honey and fruit juice instead of a small amount of wine.

  Indecision: Establish a meat-centric diet and eat fruits and vegetables at the same time.

  Negative Dependent: This kind of person usually lacks courage and courage when encountering problems.

Should be properly restrained sweets, eat plenty of foods rich in calcium and vitamin B1.

  Do something with a tiger’s head: This person usually lacks vitamin A and vitamin C. They should eat more pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck liver, cow and goat milk, chicken and duck eggs, river crabs, field snails and other foods, and eat vitamin C pepper, Red dates, kiwi, hawthorn, orange, bitter gourd, rapeseed, cowpea, etc.

  Stubborn: Reduce meat food, but eat more fish and try to eat it raw; vegetables are mainly green and yellow, and eat less salt.

  Worried: Eat more calcium and vitamin B foods, and eat more animal protein.

  Those who are afraid of depression: May eat more lemons, lettuce, potatoes, bran bread and oats.

  Why not try changing your personality with food!