Correction: Take eye drops, remove stealth

Correction: Take eye drops, remove stealth

For the sake of beauty and convenience, many people choose to wear contact lenses.

However, if you are using eye drops due to eye diseases, it is recommended not to wear contact lenses first.

  Contact lenses come in direct contact with eye drops and may absorb preservatives.

Most of the contact lenses on the market today are hydrogel components, whose skeleton structure absorbs water molecules, and the drug and preservative components of eye drops can be absorbed into the lens, changing the physical properties of the lens such as transmittance and ionicity.Affects the correction effect of the lens.

In addition, preservatives accumulate in the lenses, which can irritate the eyes for a long time and easily cause allergic reactions.

  The soft contact lens of hydrogel material has low oxygen permeability, and long-term wear can easily cause corneal epithelial edema.

Eye drops are often used when there is a disease in the eye. At this time, wearing contact lenses with hydrogel materials will increase the burden on the ocular surface, especially when suffering from epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (commonly known as “red eye disease”).Stop wearing contact lenses.

  Some eye drops, such as rifampicin eye drops, are brownish red in themselves, and the color of the transmission lens after use will affect the transmittance and refractive power.

  At present, there are well-matched special eye drops for contact lenses on the market, whose components have taken into account the physical properties of the lens material, the amount of flakes, etc., and can be used while wearing contact lenses.

People who are accustomed to wearing contact lenses, it is best to control the time of wearing hydrogel lens within 6-8 hours.

If you need to drop eye drops while using contact lenses due to special needs, it is recommended to order eye drops first, and then wear contact lenses after 15-20 minutes when the ocular surface drugs are basically absorbed, and you should not wear them for too long.

Tofu beauty method to make a tofu


Tofu beauty method to make a tofu

Guide: We know that tofu can be eaten, but we know that tofu can also be beauty.

Using tofu beauty may be more effective than the expensive cosmetics you use.

MMs, do you want to be a Snow White, stroll under the clear sky, and let others envy your white porcelain-like clean skin through the seven-color sunlight.

Maybe your appearance is a snowdrop picked from the Tianshan Mountains, bringing a fresh blue whirlwind, which is amazing and sighing.

  What a beautiful person, I also want to become such a beautiful person, and in continuous efforts.

JMS knows how hard I look at the mask meals I often make.

In fact, the effect is still quite significant, at least few acne on the body, at least a lot less blackheads, at least a lot of delicate skin.

The thick color of tofu is indispensable.

  The tofu concept is white and tender, the food is delicious and delicious, a variety of trace elements, vitamins, proteins and amino acids, etc., make the skin white and elastic.

Not only that, tofu is rich in soy isoflavones, a substance called estrogen that can delay skin aging, so soybeans are sometimes called plant placenta.

There is also an element called lecithin, which can prevent oxidation and prevent the skin from turning yellow.

Without these, the skin becomes rough, loose, and wrinkles appear prematurely.

Therefore, tofu is not only an appetizing, healthy and delicious food, but also a beauty food.

What are you waiting for, let’s have a transformation from Tofu Shih Tzu to Snow White.

  Cut the tofu into small pieces and soak it in hot water. After the tofu becomes hot, mash the tofu into a paste, apply it to the face, massage gently, and wash it with water after 15-20 minutes.

The whitening effect of this mask is very obvious, it can also exfoliate gently, and the hydration effect is also good.

You can also try it, and once you try it, you will feel very, very amazing results.

If you don’t believe JM, you can try it with your own hand first, and only use it on the back of one hand, and don’t wipe on the other.

After using it, check both hands and the truth will be revealed.

  There is also a tofu yeast mask, which is also absolutely classic, and you will love it just once.

Because it’s hard to keep tofu obediently on the body and not run away blindly, you still need some skill when applying this mask.

It is recommended for beginners to use northern tofu first, that is, tofu that looks less watery, because it is relatively dry and easier to grasp.

You can also add some yeast powder to the tofu mask, because the yeast contains a substance called pair of basic propionic acid, which can improve the skin’s sun resistance and increase skin elasticity.

You can also add 1 drop of olive oil or half a spoon of honey.

Message from Editor: Tofu beauty method is welcomed by many MMs. Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. If you use it often, you can see that your skin becomes white and tender after one month.

Tofu mask can be said to be a cheap and good mask.

White-collar women must add 8 nutrition to get more done

White-collar women must add 8 nutrition to get more done

White-collar women have always been the focus of attention.

They are young and beautiful, and have a successful career, many people envy.

However, behind these auras, the huge work pressure has forced them to bid farewell to the regular life-three meals are not on time, and eating out of poor nutrition has become a hidden health hazard.

  Food and work are the same, “targeted” can “do more with less.”

It is necessary for white-collar women to solve the 8 major nutrition needs.

  Vitamin b6 Vitamin b6 is an essential substance for the human body’s trace and sugar metabolism. Women’s estrogen metabolism also requires vitamin b6, so it has a high incidence of certain gynecological diseases.

Many women will be pessimistic, irritable, and feel weak due to taking contraceptive pills. Supplementing 60 mg daily can relieve symptoms.

There are also some women with premenstrual tension syndrome, manifested as premenstrual eyelids, edema of hands and feet, insomnia, forgetfulness, and symptoms can be completely relieved after eating 50-100 mg of vitamin b6 daily.

The food in front end b6 includes tuna, lean steak, chicken breast, banana, peanut and so on.

  Folic acidFolic acid is a B vitamin widely found in green leafy vegetables. Because it was originally extracted from leaves, it is called “folic acid”.

Studies have found that folic acid is particularly important for pregnant women. If the lack of folic acid in the first 3 months of pregnancy can cause retinal neural tube developmental defects and cause deformities.

Therefore, white-collar women who are planning to become pregnant can start taking 400 micrograms of folic acid daily before pregnancy.

In addition to leafy green vegetables, there are carrots, egg yolks, apricots, pumpkins, beans, and whole wheat flour.

  Vitamin C Vitamin C’s main role is to improve immunity, prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, protect teeth and gums, etc.

In addition, insisting on taking vitamin C on time can also reduce melanin deposits in the skin, thereby reducing dark spots and freckles, and whitening the skin.

Foods rich in vitamin C include cauliflower, green pepper, orange, grape juice, tomatoes, etc. It can be said that in all vegetables and fruits, vitamin C content is excessive.

American experts believe that the optimal amount of vitamin C per person per day should be 200-300 mg, with a minimum excess of 60 mg. Half a cup of fresh orange juice can meet this minimum amount.

  Calcium-magnesium tablets Calcium-magnesium tablets claim to be the “element of life”, especially for women after 20 years of age.

This is because, since the age of 20, bone density has slowly decreased, and gradually accelerated after the age of 30, thus laying the root of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

In addition, calcium deficiency is also a major factor in women’s aging, so calcium supplementation is even more important for women.

Experts recommend that adult women take at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily.

If during pregnancy, lactation or menopause, it should be added to 1500 mg. The best sources are dairy products, beans, green vegetables, etc.

  Iron iron is the blood-forming element of the human body, and women have one more channel for iron discharge-menstruation, so the amount of iron supplementation should be greater than that of men.

The daily intake of iron is 15 mg, which can keep the complexion rosy.

The richest iron, and the best to absorb are pig liver, pig blood, duck blood, soy products, sesame, mushrooms, fungus, kelp, laver, longan, etc. also contain a lot of iron.

In addition, eating iron-fortified fortified soy sauce also has a good iron supplement effect.

  Zinc Zinc helps hair to maintain its original color, because it is the main component of hair shine, whether it is black, gold, brown or red, zinc can keep its bright and beautiful.

In addition, zinc also has irreplaceable advantages in promoting physical development, maintaining normal sexual function, and enhancing human disease resistance.

Seafood, beans, apples, seeds, sesame, root vegetables are too much.

The supplement amount is 12 mg daily.

  Magnesium Magnesium is an essential element for maintaining human life activities. It has the magical function of regulating nerve and muscle activity and enhancing endurance.

In addition, magnesium is also a “buster” for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. It also helps prevent strokes, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.

Green beans, soybeans, mung beans, corn, flour, malt, mushrooms, fennel, spinach, cucumber, persimmon and other magnesium-containing oxides are often eaten and are good for women’s health.

The daily intake is 320 mg.

  Vitamin E Vitamin E can promote human metabolism, enhance body endurance, and improve immunity.

In addition, vitamin e is a highly effective antioxidant that protects biofilms from damage caused by excessive oxides, plays a role in improving skin blood circulation, enhancing skin cell vitality, and delaying aging.

Lack of it will lead to the dry skin, rough, excessive aging and other adverse consequences.

The vitamin e supply for adults is 15 mg / day.Vitamin E is mainly nut foods such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame and lean meats, milk, eggs, malt and so on.

  If you are not a mediocre person and want to realize your dreams by your own efforts, if you have no funds, no experience, no relationship and background, no conditions, etc., then now you have a chance.An opportunity that allows you to grow and succeed, can you take hold of it!

Successful people do not give up any chance of success around them. Who are you who can grasp your destiny and seize the opportunity?

How to maintain proper psychological distance when men and women interact?

How to maintain proper psychological distance when men and women interact?

Too serious makes people dare not approach, fearful; but not too frivolous.

The sense of humor is pleasing, and “two hundred and five” deliberately make a fool of himself and thinks humor is the opposite.

How to maintain proper psychological distance when men and women interact?

Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

  For psychological and physical reasons, when men and women are together, they will have a relaxed and pleasant feeling, which will make the opposite sex attract each other and form a good relationship.

However, there are still some things to pay special attention to when interacting with men and women.

  It’s common to socialize with men in social activities.

So, how to grasp the proportion in communication?

There is much to learn here.

The scale of the exchange between men and women must be well grasped.


Don’t be too intimate.

Excessive intimacy has never caused one to be too frivolous, to cause people’s resentment, and it is easy to cause serious misunderstandings. Even lovers who have established a relationship should not arbitrarily express their passion and premature intimacy.


Should not be too cold.

Because indifference will hurt the man’s self-esteem, and it will make people feel that you are arrogant and arrogant.


Don’t be overly restrained.

In the interaction with men, you should just talk and laugh, you need to shake hands, you need to shake hands, you need to shake hands side by side, and you are tired of life; on the contrary, being too casual is not good.You can only talk between the same sex, some jokes should not be played in the presence of the opposite sex, this should be paid attention to.


Don’t rap.

Officials show off that they are knowledgeable and wow, wow, keep talking, or arguing over arguments in argument, are not flattering; of course, do n’t be too silent, always keep quiet, or just “oh””Ah”, even if he smiles at this time, it is easy to make people disappointed.


Don’t be too serious.

Too serious makes people dare not approach, fearful; but not too frivolous.
The sense of humor is pleasing, and “two hundred and five” deliberately make a fool of himself and thinks humor is the opposite.

Step out of the 5 skincare mazes to double the beauty and see _1

Get out of the 5 skincare mazes and double the beauty

There are new tricks of skin care secrets circulating every day. You are also familiar with the beauty tricks of your sister’s private house, but are these so-called secret recipes really effective?

What makes you stray into the skin care maze?

Come today to take you out of the 5 mazes to make your skin more beautiful and visible.

  Skin care maze one: Steam smoked face is good for the skin. The transformation of steam is used to promote the blood circulation of the facial skin and to expel certain things in the pores. The effect of steam smoked face is here.

However, conversely, if you use steam to smoke your face for a long time, pore shrinkage will continue to cause pores to relax, and the skin will also easily lose moisture due to high temperature.

Therefore, the number of times for steaming the skin should not be too much.

  Skin care labyrinth two: Cleansing foams are good. Surfactants and foam additives are added to cleansing products to enhance cleanliness and optimize contact.

However, both of these additives cause some loss of the sebum film, which reduces the resistance of the sebum film to external stimuli, and one of the reasons why the skin is susceptible to sensitivity is also caused by this.

  Skin care maze three: The horny skin must go through years of skin learning. From our initial understanding of horny skin to “remove”, the cuticle has actually realized the benefits of hydration and moisture storage.

We know that the horny layer does not need to be replaced. The presence of the horny layer can help the skin store moisture. The average person’s horny layer can be removed once a month.

Continuous thinning of the stratum corneum is prone to problems such as red bloodshot and sensitive skin.

  Skin care maze 4: Medicine skin care products Medicine skin care products are used by people with skin problems?

In fact, it is not necessarily. Pharmaceutical skin care products do not contain pigments, additives and other chemical ingredients. If you want to pursue mild skin care, these skin care products can also be used.

  Skin care maze five: Skin texture will not change with age, endocrine adjustments, and environmental changes will affect the skin’s skin quality.

Greasy skin in spring and summer may be slightly calmer in autumn and winter.

Therefore, skin care products should not be used to the end, due to the need to change skin texture and seasonal changes.

This can really solve the skin’s needs for skin care and maintenance.

Spleen and stomach is not good

Spleen and stomach is not good

People who are weak are stepping up tonics in winter, but the key to “not being supplemented” is the spleen and stomach.

The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Tonic is effective only if the spleen and stomach function are normal.

  Spleen deficiency is most common in the crowd, manifested by eating less bloating, less gas and lazy words, thin stools, limb burnout, pale skin, pale tongue, white fur, and weak pulses.

Such people can eat yam, lentils, coix seed, atractylodes and other stewed meat, as well as Shenlingbaizhu powder, ginseng Jianpi pills.

  Some people like to eat spicy and greasy foods for a long time, and heat and fire, manifested as burning stomach, often feeling fatigue, which is a manifestation of fire in the spleen and stomach.

This kind of person should clear the fire, can use bamboo leaves, Ophiopogon soaked in water, or drink Kuding tea, or eat a little Huanglian slice, or eat more bitter melon, cucumber and other vegetables.

  Elderly people and children have weak digestive ability. The stomach often accumulates food, so anorexia, fullness of the stomach, bad breath and odor will be caused. Therefore, digestion and stomach are needed.

The method is to take appetizers such as Chenpi, Hawthorn, Divine Comedy before meals, and then take Xiangsha Yangwei Pills after meals.

For better health, you can take Pingwei San or Baohe Pills appropriately.

Usually you can use fried rice, malt soaked in water to drink.

Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent abnormal liver

Aerobic exercise can effectively prevent abnormal liver

There is no doubt that people who rarely participate in aerobic exercise are prone to obesity and can subsequently cause heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

But scientists have not been able to understand why. A new study published in The Journal of Physiology shows that aerobic metabolism is related to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is responsible for obesity-related diseases.The key is that aerobic exercise can repel NAFLD.

  NAFLD can accumulate abnormally in the liver of patients, and the trace concentrations in patients’ blood vessels are also high, which can increase the risk of obesity.

Researcher John Missouri State University?

Ford noted that a small number of liver diseases will be another symptom of metabolic disorders related to obesity and inactivity, and it will also cause type 2 diabetes.

  In order to test the relationship between oxidative metabolism and harmful livers, the Sford team selectively replaced recombinant mice, which resulted in different aerobic metabolism within the mice.

After breeding for 17 generations, mice with “poor aerobic metabolism” can run an average of 200 meters, while mice with “good aerobic metabolism” can run an average of 1500 meters.

  After 25 weeks of birth, these “poor aerobic capacity” mice showed obvious NAFLD symptoms: their mitochondria continued to degenerate, their ability to slightly consume was poor, and their aunts accumulated.

By its natural death, the rat’s liver had been fibrotic (a precursor to cirrhosis).

  In contrast, “good aerobic metabolism” mice have very healthy livers throughout their lives.

In fact, no actual exercise was performed on the mice.

  This discovery provides for the first time a biochemical relationship between aerobic capacity and unfortunate liver.

Researchers therefore suggest that developing a suitable exercise plan and combining it with implementation may prevent NAFLD.

Psychological exploration: how terrible early love is

Psychological exploration: how terrible “early love” is

Liu Li is a beautiful and sweet girl. She is a senior in a famous high school.
When she came to the hospital for consultation, she was very impressed with her dress: she had short hair, a men’s casual sweatshirt, and the color of the jumpsuit and sneakers was “neutral”.You can’t see the colors and characteristics of a little girl.
 As soon as she started talking, she opened her eyes: “I want to consult an expert and want to solve a psychological problem that has puzzled me for several years.
How do you interact with the opposite sex?
Does high school student dating have a positive effect on learning, or is it as harmful and useless as teachers and parents say?
Are there any precedents for middle school students who both fall in love and are both admitted to college?
How to deal with early love can promote learning instead of affecting academic performance?
Can I take care of the boys in the class?
I listened to her can’t wait to ask questions. The specialist Ma Yan, Deputy Director of the Children’s and Children’s Ward of Wuhan Mental Health Center, guessed that her confusion was related to emotions, so she asked patiently: “Is there a boy you have with each other?”Feel good?
“I want to know, how terrible is it that I escaped the early love complex for more than two years?”
Why do you think so?
Isn’t first love beautiful?
“Isn’t it terrible?”
Liu Li said puzzledly. “When I was in the third grade, I had the same table. She was smart, beautiful, and had good grades. She fell in love with a guy in the class. As a result, their academic performance plummeted. They didn’t even have ordinary high school during the middle school entrance examinationPassed.
Later, my mother repeatedly said to me, “Don’t love early!
If you fall in love, even if you have a good learning foundation and no matter how clever your brain is, your academic performance will go downhill, let alone get into a good school!
So I listened to my mother and never interacted with boys. As a result, I was promoted to the best key high school with satisfactory results.
“Yes, it is not appropriate for middle school students to fall in love, but it is not necessary to have a correct understanding. What are you worried about now?
“Liu Liuli groaned for a long time, as if she had made up her mind, and slowly said,” I’m afraid of the boy’s gaze. ”
I didn’t dare to turn around in class, because I was worried about coming back into contact with a guy’s eyes.
In fact, I am not afraid of the eyes of the boys, but I am afraid that the boys like me, that they will pursue me, and that this may hinder their studies and ruin their future.
Therefore, in class, I didn’t even dare to turn around flexibly, for fear that the boys thought I would watch them, and then I would have trouble.
I never dress myself and always wear outdated clothes just to not attract the attention of boys.
But now, I feel like I’m too depressed and my studies have become boring.
The college entrance exam is about to start. The day before yesterday I received a dating note from the boy and asked me to go for a walk.
I really don’t know what to do.
“You want to accept the invitation and go out for a walk with him, don’t you?
“Liu Li hesitated for a while, and finally nodded:” But my mother said that dating with a boy is equal to early love equals abandonment of schoolwork, and this is also an example proved by lessons.
I dare not.
“  “早恋恐惧”比“早恋”更可怕  马筠主任介绍说,刘丽是一个单纯向上的好姑娘,妈妈的话让她一直背负着沉重的十字架,对男女同学之间的正常交往避之唯恐不及That’s why I’m so nervous.
She hadn’t been alone with any of the boys, let alone talking.
But now that the college entrance examination is imminent, she is highly anxious. Behind the anxiety is a fierce inner conflict.
The mother’s teachings made her think that the door to normal communication with the boys should be firmly closed, but the awareness of growth and development that began to awakened her desire to interact with the boys. Therefore, in this conflict, her learning efficiency declined and she became the mostFear things.
There is no doubt that Liu Li suffered from “early love phobia.”
  Director Ma emphasized that “early love phobia” is more scary than “early love”.
Liu Li was afraid of the eyes of the boys, afraid to talk to them, and received a note from the boys, which was even more disturbed. This fear has seriously affected her normal life and study.
How to desensitize her?The first should be a change of mind, and her parents play a key role in this.

  Director Ma Yan suggested that Liu Li should communicate more with her mother when she returned home, so that the mother understands that the views inculcated on her daughter have caused changing psychological pressure on the child. The mother should slowly change her wrong view of the exchange between boys and girls.Society is advancing. The exchange between boys and girls is actually quite simple and normal. Men and women can often talk about each other, but it is complicated by their parents’ imagination.

If middle school students fall in love with learning, which is more terrible than the damage to mental health caused by “early love phobia”?

In fact, the harm caused by completely prohibiting the exchange of students of the opposite sex is more harmful than the harm caused by early love!

  Peers need psychological comfort from a large number of psychological consultation cases. It can be understood that most middle school students do not want to overlap early love. The key is that boys and girls who do not want early love also need heterosexual intercourse. In the practice of heterosexual intercourse, they onlyCan know what to do to avoid early love.

These are two aspects of a problem. The important thing is to grasp the appropriateness. As long as you are “sentimental, only courteous,” normal exchanges between male and female students are beneficial to human health.

Many parents are afraid that their children will fall in love early and guard against death, but they often fail to get good results. The problem lies in the lack of openness of the mind and the lack of healthy concepts. The final victim is the child they are least willing to hurt.

  Director Ma Yi gave Liu Li a psychotherapy prescription: he chatted with the boys twice a week, more than 20 minutes at a time.

Facts have proved that the contact between boys and girls is not terrible. In addition to early love, there is also a sincere friendship between boys and girls.

Psychological comfort among peers is most effective.

After adjustment, Liu Li has overcome her worry.

She said: “It turns out that boys are not terrible. They are like my older brother and younger brother. They can see my weaknesses clearly. They have given me a lot of help and inspiration in my studies and life.Together, I feel safe and happy.

Finally I was able to let go of my burden and learn with ease.

Six ways to get rid of acne, let the acne mark run out_1

Six ways to get rid of acne

The most troublesome thing for MM in summer is the stubborn acne marks, which is that they make MM puff a layer after layer, it is that they make MM face the “thousand-layer face” every day!

What about stubborn acne marks?

Don’t just sit back and worry, if you want to be beautiful, act quickly. Look at the beauty editors who have personally experienced the 6 killers of acne marks. Try it out.

  Killer 1: Pearl powder + protein killer 1: Pearl powder + protein killer 锏: Take a raw egg protein and mix it with 10 grams of pearl powder, apply it evenly on the face, avoiding eyes and lips.

Apply as thick as possible, or it will dry out quickly and wash off in 15-20 minutes.

  Usage time: Placed twice a week: Pearl powder and egg white have the effect of calming and whitening the skin. When the mask is mixed together, the skin will become smoother and the acne marks will gradually change.light.

  Killer 2: Seaweed Mask Killer 2: Seaweed Mask Killer 搅拌: Stir the pure water and 20 grams of seaweed particles vigorously until the particles expand and fit; apply the mask evenly after cleaning, and remove it after about ten minutes;Finally, cleanse with pure water, and then apply cream.

  Usage time: once every two days. This seaweed mask is best blended with warm water to help the seaweed swell.

  Killer 3: Aspirin replaces Killer 3: Aspirin replaces KillerWait 25 minutes and rinse off.

  Usage time: 1 to 2 times a week. Arrangement: In order to prevent allergies, you can try to see if you are suitable behind the ears before using.

Pay attention to moisturizing after using aspirin mask, use moisturizing skin care products to achieve better skin effect.

  Killer 4: Red wine and honey mask. Killer 4: Add 2 or 3 spoons of honey to a small glass of red wine to make it dense. Then apply evenly on one piece. After drying, rinse with warm water.
  Usage time: placed once every other day: The wine acid in red wine is fruit acid, which can promote keratin metabolism, lighten the pigment, and make the skin whiter and smoother.

Honey has moisturizing and nourishing functions.

People who are allergic to alcohol should pay attention.

  Hitman 5: Mung Bean White Loquat Mask Killer 将: Mix 3 teaspoons of mung bean flour with 2 teaspoons of white loquat powder, and mix with cheese or honey.

Leave it on the face for about 15 minutes and then wash with water.

  Usage time: 2 to 3 times a week. Replacement: This mask has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and cleansing functions. It is most suitable for skin with excessive oil secretion.

  Killer 6: Pearl powder + yogurt killer 锏: Use a few drops of leftover yogurt, mix with a small amount of pearl powder and mix well, then apply on the place with acne marks, you can apply a mask and rotate directly, wash it off the next day.

  Usage time: You can use Xiaobian every day to replace: Do not put too much pearl powder when making the mask, otherwise it will easily block the pores.

Low-fat or non-fat in yoghurt, so as not to produce trace grains due to excessive nutrients.

Thickness and reasonable nutrition for the elderly

Thickness and reasonable nutrition for the elderly

With the improvement of living standards, people’s health consciousness is also getting stronger and stronger. The preference for coarse grains and less for fine grains has become a contemporary trend of health care.

  Coarse grains are simple to process and contain many nutrients that are not found in fine grains. Food fibers penetrate and cause B vitamins and minerals.

Many coarse grains also have medicinal value: American scientists have found that oat bran can lower blood lipids and blood sugar, which is beneficial to diabetes.

A survey by Harbin Medical University also showed that buckwheat is more beneficial for diabetes.

And corn can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, which is beneficial to detoxification in the body, thereby reducing the chance of colon cancer.

In addition, it can effectively prevent hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, gallstones, etc.

Therefore, eating more coarse grains is a good choice for the elderly who are prone to obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and constipation.

  However, in the long-term, the elderly eat too much coarse grains, which is also bad for their health.

This is because the elderly have their own special characteristics when strengthening nutrition.

In the elderly, its metabolic rate decreases, its physiological function declines, and its ability to regulate and adapt to the digestive system also declines.

These physiological changes cause corresponding changes in the nutritional needs of the elderly.

Therefore, the elderly still need to exercise restraint in eating coarse grains.

  First of all, coarse grains contain higher dietary fiber, which is beneficial to relieve senile constipation.

However, if you eat too much high-fiber food for a long time, the long-term high protein supplementation will be blocked, the slight supplementation will be greatly reduced, and the lack of trace elements will affect the heart, bones and other organ functions, as well as the hematopoietic function. Anemia will occur, which will reduce the body’s immunityforce.

  At present, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s guidelines for fiber foods recommend that daily diet should contain 30?
50g fiber.

Generally speaking, for every 100g of food, bran contains 18g of fiber and soy contains 11.

9 grams, buckwheat contains 6.

5 grams, cornmeal contains 2.

1 gram, Xiaomi contains 1.

3 grams.

Food mixes 6 coarse grains and 4 fine grains.

  From a nutritional point of view, corn, millet, soybeans, etc. alone are not as good as mixing them in a certain proportion for high nutritional value, because mixing can make proteins play a complementary role.

The Laba porridge, Babao porridge, rice millet porridge, buckwheat noodles, white noodles, bean noodles, white noodles, etc. that we often eat in our daily life are very scientific coarse and fine grains mixed with food.

  In addition, you should supplement minerals in time while eating coarse grains.

The higher phytic acid content in buckwheat, oats, and corn can hinder the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, and affect the metabolism level of internal minerals. Therefore, the elderly should increase the absorption of these minerals when eating coarse grains.