Everyone’s fate is written by himself。Worried about Tian Jin’s future,Family conditions are not rich,I resigned and don’t know what to rely on,Are you going to chew the old??

Tian Lu didn’t want to think about these troublesome things。
After all, she works personally、I can’t finish my heart in life,Let Tian Jin choose。
When Tian Lu received the notice from the industrial park studio,It’s already four days。Tian Lu under the leadership of Xu Chang,Meet with employees in the workplace,Said hello。
Came to the original editing room,The furnishings are completely new,Even the previous pots of green plants have been replaced with new ones,Clean and tidy everywhere。
Tian Lu thought,Seems to have taken care of it,This passion is worthy of her choosing this job。
I often laugh at others and don’t eat grass,This time it’s my turn to eat the grass,Only shrugged and smirked for a while。
Xu Chang walked over by himself,There was a smiling face as soon as he entered,Said to Tian Lu with a smile:“Welcome you,We decorate a new,Are you satisfied?”
Tian Lu replied with a smile:“Where did you say,How can you be dissatisfied,Thank you,Mr. Xu。”
Xuchang smiled:“Like this arrangement。correct,The personnel here are basically unchanged,Xu Fenxue, director of the writing department, is on this personnel change,Officially below,She has been admitted to a state agency in Yihai City,Served the iron rice bowl。The director of the writing department is Wu Xiaolan,She has worked in the writing department for a long time,It would be nice to take over from her,Where’s Sun Zhengyong?,Was poached by a media recently。”
It turns out that the change is great,Iron-fighted barracks。
“The writing department can recruit people,You can recommend it if you have something suitable,Headquarters filing。”Xuchang half joked。
Tian Lu thought,It’s the same about whoever takes over,As long as it can do things,Willing officer。Two at once,The writing department is very weak。
Tian Lu smiled:“You have to hire a leader,I have very little information on finding personnel。”
Recruit new people,Tian Lu can’t be the master,It’s a vain move。
Xu Chang shook his head slightly,Left with his hands behind,Inconclusive question,Said nothing。Haowang

It’s helpless to say,From“tay”MK650-8CThe first batch of data begins to be transferred,Time has passed for several years,However, it is limited by the domestic precision processing industry and material industry,COMAC“tay”650-8CEngine localization rate is still insufficient100%,Almost8%The materials and rough parts need to be from Rolls·Royce Imported,In accordance with current progress,After solving this、Also the hardest8%,Even if everything goes well, it almost still needs2Years or so。

Maybe someone wants to ask,Rolls·Royce did it all、I tried my best to teach you,It’s been several years,Why don’t you?Are you not studying hard or are you stupid?
It’s not a question of whether it is stupid,There is always a gradual process of learning and mastering——Roll the skin、Making dumplings looks easy, right?It looks like nothing more than a very simple pinch、Just one,But you can ask those students who can make dumplings,They learned from the beginning to really learn how to make a beautiful dumpling,How long did it take?
Wang Xiaodong smiled and shook his head,Some things he can’t explain too much,After all, Chen Geng’s identity is still a bit sensitive,Turn off the topic and ask Chen Geng:“correct,What happened to the American boss who came with you?”
“You are talking about Mr. Robinson?”Chen Geng’s surprised way:“What’s up with him?”
Wang Xiaodong smiled:“It’s no big deal,During this time, many comrades are hiding from this Mr. Robinson。”
Because of Frank·Robinson’s persistent desire to open the China General Aviation market,Make some comrades really unbearable,But this Frank·Robinson is not only a very wealthy foreign guest,And still Chen Geng’s friend,Besides hiding,There’s really no good way everyone。
After knowing that Chen Geng was coming to fly west,,Frank·Robinson’s troublesome comrade,It’s not good to come directly to yourself,Just put the attention on Wang Xiaodong’s head:Comrade Xiaodong,Can you tell Mr. Chen Geng,Let Mr. Chen persuade his American friend to stop tossing,It is impossible for us to open the general aviation market and3000Airspace below meters。
What else can Chen Geng do??
Of course, only promise to go back and persuade Frank·Robinson。
It’s Wang Xiaodong,because this,Can’t help but be curious about the U.S. general aviation market:“Mr. Chen,I heard that many Americans have private jets,U.S. airspace is open to private individuals,Is it real?”
“America will3000The airspace below meters is classified as general aviation airspace,And open to all general aircraft,”Chen Geng shook his head,Said:“but,Although the United States will3000General aviation airspace below meters is opened,But not unconditional、Unlimited open,Such as medium、Airspace within a few kilometers of a large airport,In order to ensure the normal take-off and landing of civil aviation aircraft,Will not be open to general aviation,You need to apply in advance if you want to go in,of course,The application process is simple、The approval process is also very fast,Basically get in touch with the tower,Then the tower will give you a reply——All civil aircrafts in the United States are forced to install automatic responders when they leave the factory.,Just fly together,Even if it’s ultra-low altitude flight,Automatic answering machine will also start,And will automatically contact the nearby air traffic control agency,The registration code of your aircraft、course、Information such as speed automatically appears on the computer of the nearby air traffic control agency;
Another example is some sensitive military、Near political setting,There will also be a no-fly zone for general aviation,But in general,Most airspace in the United States is open to general aviation,As long as you are3000Flying at altitudes below meters,Basically, you can fly as you want。”
“this is necessary,The airspace near the airport and the military base must not be passed by casually,Otherwise, what if you are taken by a foreign spy on a plane??”Wang Xiaodong nodded frequently,Feel eye-opener,I look forward to what Chen Geng will say next。
“As for the private jet,”Chen Geng said:“According to the Federal Aviation Administration1985Statistics for the year,In the U.S,The number of people with a civil aviation pilot license is approximately65Around ten thousand,If you put a business license、Except for civil airline scheduled flight pilot licenses and student pilot licenses,The number of people with a private pilot license for a fixed-wing aircraft is approximately22Million,If you add a sports and leisure flight license、For rotorcraft and glider flight licenses,The total number of people should have28Million。
of course,Having a private jet license does not mean that you have a private jet,Count as a big company、Business jets owned by large groups,The number of private jets in the United States is about20Around ten thousand。”

“Qin Feng,Don’t be proud!What if you chase Brother Hui away?You trash,Which girl would like you?Didn’t get kicked into the garbage in the end?”

“not to mention,It won’t take long,The principal comes,You will become a bereaved dog!”
Zhang Lili is more confident as she speaks,Finally she even laughed。
What she said is the truth,It seems that the trajectory of Qin Feng’s fate,I was confirmed by her few words。
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Chapter six hundred and sixteen Is a dead end
Many classmates also nodded one after another,Looking at Qin Feng’s eyes again disdain,A dead trash,Not worthy of their intercourse!
“how,Can’t speak?Even if he was in the limelight,Trash can’t go against the sky after all!”
Saw Qin Feng sitting back in obscurity,The smile on Zhang Lili’s face is even stronger。
Many students also thought that Qin Feng was speechless,The mocking smiles on their faces have grown stronger。
But because Qin Feng is so powerful,These people are not blind,Dare to provoke Qin Feng。
In this weird silence,Suddenly came out,A clear voice:
“Is Qin Feng here??”
Everyone looked towards the door of the classroom,The men in the class can’t remove their eyes immediately。
Girl at the door with flowing hair,Simply tie a ponytail。Pink outside,Simple ripped wide-leg jeans。
But this doesn’t affect the girl’s charm,That quiet and elegant temperament like a lotus flower,Conquered all the boys in the class immediately。
Zhang Lili is like an ugly duckling in front of the girl。

Chen Geng,He thinks too simple。

“Why not do?”Chen Geng asked back:“Did we spend such a big price,Just to put on the shelf the things I learned hard from Lao Maozi、Did you brag with others when the brothers came to visit??”
Wang Dazhi was speechless:Although this situation is very common,But are you funny??
Wang Dazhi on the other end of the phone doesn’t speak,Chen Geng didn’t stop either,He went on to say:“Pharaoh,Look back and figure out how to do this,Discuss with the big guy tomorrow,I also find out about the situation,Let’s meet……Ok,So be it,Bye。”
“Boss, wait……”
Wang Dazhi’s words just reached his throat,Chen Geng hung up,Looking at the beeping phone,Wang Dazhi shook his head:What do you think this is?。
Nothing more!
Wang Dazhi has made up his mind,The first call I made was from Meng Haibo:The boss didn’t let me sleep well,You old guys don’t want to sleep well……
be honest,Regarding Chen Geng’s participation in next year’s Detroit mayor election,Many guys who intend to participate in next year’s election are desperate:Bastard!You are so rich,And haha with us to grab this seat,Is this interesting?
First1086chapter Group
Finished complaining,Little MacDonald asked:“What do i need to do?”
Chen Geng was not polite to him,Speak directly:“This order,Who has the final say?”

After all, their main goal is to guard the border with Siam.,Prevent members from being attacked by poison。In fact, as Cen Wen said,If you have time,It’s best to gather all the troops around,It’s better not to let any private armed forces have a chance。

In this way, their power can be considered solid in the true sense.。
It’s a pity they don’t have so much time,And the country may not agree。Now they are the vanguard weapon against poisonous generals,That’s why the government of Myanmar can only swallow。
Otherwise, Qin Feng’s change of the situation and even replacing the government has caused them to break out.。
After returning to the barracks,Qin Feng got in touch with Cen Wen directly。
After all he wants to take the initiative,Instead of passive defense。but
Because the air force cannot be used,So in fact, Qin Feng doesn’t have much advantage。
“Cen Wen,Did your newspaper organization find their camp??seriously,We should attack as soon as possible,This reduces the time for the other party to prepare。I can also hit them by surprise!”Qin Feng said。
“It’s useless if you are in a hurry。I have a good newspaper staff,But it’s not easy to penetrate。After all, they have to protect themselves,Besides, I didn’t pay much attention to Southeast Asia at the beginning,So I didn’t put too many dark moves here at the beginning,So the news is also a bit difficult for me。”
Cen Wen paused after speaking,“But I heard an interesting news recently。”
“what news?Chu Xiao is tracking and attacking Zhang Qiang。The latter can only run away without stopping,Even forced to enter a barracks where the Eighth War General is located。At that time, Zhang Qiang’s idea was to unite the Eighth World War to kill Chu Xiaokeng in the barracks.。Unexpectedly, Chu Xiao actually came to a wave of anti-killing,I took the military camp directly,Then even the eight generals could only escape。Zhang Qiang didn’t even have a chance to join forces with that one。”
“what?real or fake?Why I never heard of such a thing?”Qin Feng looked suspicious。
After all, Qin Fengke also trained a group of scouts,Also sent them into Siam,But they haven’t returned any useful information so far,Why can Cen Wen know so much?There seems to be details!


It is precisely because I understand this layer,Macomb·Hughes scolded fiercely。
Chen Geng shrugged:“This way,Here comes the problem,entireMD-12The total investment needs to be similar45To50Billion dollars,McDonnell Douglas estimates that he won’t be able to make a few money,They just come up with technology,How much is Lockheed prepared to spend to participateMD-12this project?20100 million?still is25100 million?”
Macomb·Hughes pursed his mouth tightly,Ugly face。
also25Billion dollars,Macomb·Hughes didn’t tell Chen Geng,This time Lockheed is ready to take the most8100 million dollars to participateMD-12project,this one8One hundred million U.S. dollars,It is already the most money Lockheed can get,No matter how much1000Don’t even think about ten thousand dollars。
Facing the ugly face of Kom·Hughes,Chen Geng sighed,Spread your hands out:“So you see。”
“and so,you thinkMD-12No chance of success?”Macomb·Hughes took a deep breath,Confirm to Chen Geng。
“this is notMD-12Is there any possible success,Is it possible to spend so much money?。”
Macomb·Hughes became silent,Yes,Mr. Fernandez is right,this is notMD-12Can you succeed?,For McDonnell Douglas,They don’t lack the skills to build big airplanes,What they lack is funding,Even during this period of time, their life has been much better,But now the entire aviation industry still has little confidence in McDonnell Douglas,Although several companies have started to contact McDonnell Douglas about purchasingMD-12The problem,But so far,Didn’t even sign a contract of intent,But the more so,Everyone is becoming less optimisticMD-12Can be born smoothly。
And for those airlines,sinceMD-12Flight routes Boeing747Can also fly,Then why do we have to purchaseMD-12、Instead of already having20Years of history、More reliable and has developed to the second generation of Boeing747What?
Macomb·Hughes is really unwilling,After a while of silence,He finally couldn’t help saying:“Is there no other way??”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”
“any solution?”Macomb·Hughes quickly asked。
“Throw money。”
Macomb·Hughes called a speechless:I also know that spending money can solve the problem,Isn’t the problem not money?

Yunxiang was still thinking,How should I explain。

But now this time,Some things are also inappropriate。
Sister Zhou is also dumbfounded,Jiang Yunyun asked incredulously:“This gentleman,Did you not tell your boss,The first-line star Yunyun is going to act here?”
Seeing the appearance of Jiang Yunyun,Yunxiang is unwilling to hit her,Yunxiang was even suspicious,Will Qin Feng know the name Jiang Yunyun??
Because many times,Yunxiang never saw Qin Feng watch TV。
It’s just that some things shouldn’t be said so much,So Yunxiang can only do this evil person。
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Chapter nine hundred and seventy one Be sure
“I already said this,But he hesitated,Because the progress here really can’t be delayed,So I also suggest not to do this。”
“Oh,This is what you suggested,I wonder if we can talk about it?”Sister Zhou said hesitantly,There is some disgust in her heart。
Because sister Zhou suddenly thought,This should be Yunxiang’s way of wanting money。
Otherwise,Why did such a thing happen??But everyone is smart,No need to speak so clearly。
This is not,Sister Zhou also looked at each other expectantly。
Yunxiang knew that Zhou Jie had misunderstood,He said with a bitter smile:“Sorry,this place,Really can’t delay,You can also visit other villages。”

As soon as I saw this Vietnamese gang boss came,Zhou Jielun was so scared that his feet were almost weak,Although he has never seen the real face of King Bang,But I often hear people describe his appearance,This kind of bigwig,You know it as soon as you see the momentum,No need to know。

“Boss King!”
“Boom King!”
“Boom King!”The surrounding Vietnamese gang took the initiative to say hello,I’m afraid of showing the slightest disrespect to the boss。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Six Kill game
Bakuwang brought the backbone of the Vietnamese gang,I strode to Lu Menglin and Zhou Jielun。
Everyone looks like a hook,Sweeping around the two unscrupulously。
“Ha ha,I said who is so bold,Dare to call me down,It turns out that Master Lu is here。You take the initiative to come,Did you make it clear to bully us and help Vietnam??”Burst king brows lightly lock,Shouted at the two。
“what?”Hear the words of the king,The first reaction of Jie Zhou was that he had auditory hallucinations,How else can I understand every word,But they don’t seem to understand them at all.?
and,What is Master Lu’s name??Shouldn’t it be boss Lu??
At this moment,Lu Menglin shrugged,Smile,Said calmly:“I do not know you,I’m here to buy news,Not here to bully,So don’t be nervous。”
His tone,It’s like a kindergarten teacher is encouraging children,Don’t be afraid,do not worry,I am an adult,Promise not to bully you。
Zhou Jielun was dumbfounded after listening,He looked at the surnamed Lu,Look at those ruthless people,I feel like the calendar is wrong today,Shouldn’t go out at all。
“Where’s the money?”Bakuwang gloomy face,Whispered。
Lu Menglin gently stretched out his hand,Open the suitcase,Inside are stacks of Hong Kong dollar bills,At least a million。
See this box of banknotes,The Vietnamese gangs around are looking straight。
Zhou Jielun suddenly got numb scalp,Scream in my heart,Does the Vietnamese gang want to eat black??

“I don’t give up!”The tears from the chubby face came out。

“master,Please give me another chance,I will never give up!”
“Good!This is the Cui Keying I know!”
Qiao Tianyu patted Chubby’s face on the shoulder again,Then pick up the contact information of the university fund manager from the table。
“Keying,These 30 college funds,Is the last hope of our Zero Fund,Never allowed to fail again。”
Qiao Tianyu shook the piece of paper,Very firm eyes。
“I will give you three days,You run from house to house,See which one has the willingness to invest。”
“Ok,I know!”
The chubby face solemnly took the piece of paper,Make a poisonous oath to Qiao Tianyu,This time guarantee to complete the task!
After talking about the chubby face, he rushed out to work。
But the moment the little fat face left the room,The smile that had been hanging on Qiao Tianyu’s face suddenly solidified,There was a fierce murderous look in his eyes.
After arranging for the chubby face,Qiao Tianyu ran to the hotel reception immediately,Let them book a flight to New York,Then I took a taxi and rushed to the airport。
New York World Trade Center fourth floor,Lehman Jagged President Fuld’s office。
“Joe,It’s not easy to start your own business?”
Fuld saw Qiao Tianyu in the dust,I still don’t forget to dig Qiao Tianyu“Original intention”。
“Why don’t you come to Lehman’s hedge fund?,You don’t have to worry about funding,You just need to make money。”
“Haha,Mr. Fuld,It seems you know everything about me!”Qiao Tianyu took the coffee from Fuld,Drink it all。
“no way,You have recently emerged,Upset the order of the entire Wall Street,Everyone is watching for you、Study you!”Fuld shrugged,Said。

Manuscript of comic book,Has created an auction record of tens of millions,A sensation。

Move forward,Is a small stall selling stones,Various colors“cobblestone”,Like a gem,Put on a cloth,There is a card standing beside it,It says:Ten yuan a piece,Pick up!
Xiaoli stopped,perhaps,Girls will look more at this shiny thing。
“girl,You are holding this piece of Yuhua Stone,pretty good。”Recommended by the stall owner。
Xiaoli don’t understand,Look at Populus。
Populus had to speak:“It’s Yuhuashi,But such an ordinary Yuhua Stone is worthless,Other people’s is ten dollars。To you boss,Can only be sold by grain??”
Yuhua stone is made of quartz、A precious gemstone formed by mixing chalcedony and flint or opal,Yuhua Agate。
Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties,Literati,Xiaoao Haze,Reached its peak during the Tang and Song Dynasties,There are countless stories about stone appreciation in Ya History,The magical Yuhua Stone has become a treasure in the stone。
After all,This is also an ornamental stone,But usually not very valuable,Only a very few boutiques will be collected。
Brothers from Nanjing spoke in the live broadcast room,It means that Brother Hu is right!In the neighborhood near them,Regardless of big or small hands,You can take one for ten or twenty dollars。
In their Nanjing,Yuhua Stone is a specialty,Blow hard,But few boutiques。
in fact,Appreciation of Yuhua Stone,Pursuing“artistic conception”,The so-called outside scene,Picture outside the picture,implication,Regardless of poetry、Pictorial、look、The rhyme is contained in the artistic conception,This requires collectors to have a relatively high cultural taste。