Rena passes by Qiangwei’s reminder,I found Xin Zhao with a wretched smile,Then it broke out,Go out with Xin Zhao。

The loud noise from outside,Several men shrank their necks subconsciously,Then Liu Chuang is more courageous“I said,Lord Xin will not be beaten to death, right!”
“calm down,Rest assured,Lena knows what to do!”Qiangwei smiled and explained to Liu Chuang。
Liu Chuang feels that he can never ignore these women anymore,It seems that except Rui Mengmeng is a good boy,The others are not qualified objects。
As for Ge Xiaolun,Xi Shi is in the eyes of the lover,I don’t know what I’m thinking when I watch Qiangwei there。
Ten minutes passed,Lena came back,Then everyone should continue to eat,Should drink,And Xin Zhao came over with difficulty after half an hour,Took a look at him,There is only one admiration among several men,have to say,Xin Zhao’s courage is too great。
Men have such a little bit of wretched thoughts,It’s just that some people will put it into practice,And some new clubs are hidden in their hearts。
The former is Xin Zhao,The latter is Ge Xiaolun。
After this excitement,Everyone is familiar with it,And Xin Zhao was successfully called Xinye by several men,Qilin then asked Qiangwei a question in a low voice。
“Will Xin Zhao spy on us at will??”
Although Xin Zhao is very reliable,But if people become wretched,,Then it’s not human。
Qiangwei talks and stops,And Lena patted her chest and said“Don’t worry,This guy is not interested in you,Rest assured!”
Qiangwei smiles,It really is,Xin Zhao can only dare to pit himself,But never had that expression。
And Qilin listened to this,Although relieved,But there is always a little unhappy。
Chapter Twenty Five Talk heart
Beer first,Then white wine,Except for Lena,Everyone got drunk successfully。
Look at this group of people lying on the table,Some fell on the ground,Even got under the table。
‘I left this group of people here,Still say to carry it back!’

Chapter Eighty Three Decisive battle

“What’s so great about A Jianglong?Just a dead man。Don’t be scared!We just have to kill Lu Menglin,These bugs will definitely disappear。”The black frame finally opened。
His real name is Ito Shizuko,Same as Shui Minano,Are all oriental,But he is not a talented awakener,But the martial arts master,The mind is a hundred times stronger than those with abilities。
“Yes!You all seem to have forgotten,You are just a support,It’s not your turn to be handsome。”Brolong also laughed。
Tu Ching heard the voices of these two people,Can’t help but shook his head,Smiled:“Leave it to me!”
“Do not,You are too weak!Are you still embarrassed??”Shizuko Ito frowned。
“Then you go?”Tu Ching is not angry,Instead smiled。
Shizuko Ito frowned deeper,He knows that Tu’s strength is unfathomable,I also know that my combat power is actually not as good as Tu Ching’s,That Lu Menglin can even repel Tu Ching,Go up by yourself,I’m afraid I can’t hold him。
not to mention,There are insects to help out,Such a weird situation,It will capsize if you don’t know much,Of course he would not take risks easily。
“Let me come!Just loose bones!”Brolong also shook his arm,Very energetic smile。
He said this,All the other apostles present changed their faces。
“No way!His Royal Highness Bro,You should not play easily!Before you play!”Ito Jingji quickly said。
Brolong also shrugged,Smiled:“What did you say?You are just my substitute。”
“but,If you play,The consumption is too big!”Shizuji Ito eagerly said。
“Will not!Just move your hands and feet casually。Don’t need to bless me。”Brolong also smiled。
“Let His Highness Bro come up!You can’t beat me again,That kid is not something extraordinary can handle。”Tu Chu said with a smile。
“nonsense!How could I not beat that kid!”Shizuji Ito。
“Then you go!What are you doing nonsense?”Tu Chu said with a smile。
The two are in dispute,Brolong has also walked out of the dirt wall,Walked towards Lu Menglin surrounded by insects。
“You look like this,Looks a lot like a villain。”Brolong also said politely。

Facing the suspicion of everyone,The wooden knife doesn’t explain,Dragging a big knife,Walked slowly towards the depths of the canyon。

“A hundred steps east from here,Have a hiding spot,You go over,May survive。”The wooden knife said without looking back。
“Wait a minute!”at this time,A clear voice came from behind。
Everyone is shocked,Qi Shu Shu looked back。
I saw that the person who spoke was not someone else,It’s the one that even the wooden knife handles,Alu who thinks he is a wise man。
Lu Menglin smiled and strode forward,Smiled at the wooden knife handle,Said:“Boss,You want to attack them yourself,Disrupt their plan,Forcing them to retreat early??”
This remark,The shoulder of the wooden knife shook slightly,Obviously it was said。
“This won’t work!They are crowded,Strong,I can’t be defenseless against you。You go sneak attack like this,I can only force them to join forces to kill you。After you die,Us people,Even if I can get out of the jungle,To Bairimen,And only those who have been liquidated。”Lu Menglin said loudly。
When everyone heard this,Subconsciously nodded。
The wooden knife also turned around,Looking at Lu Menglin with a surprised look。
He knows this man is smart,But I didn’t expect him to be so smart,Can actually see through my thoughts。
“Maybe you still have something to do,But at most it is nothing more than a dead fish and a broken net,Very unwise!”Lu Menglin chuckled。
The wooden knife stared at this little guy,Trying to see the reality of this person,But no matter how carefully he observes,I don’t think this person has hidden power,There can be a way to reverse things。
A little guy less than level 40,Whether it is as deep as the sea,Still have magic weapon,Is not enough to change the current passive situation。

In the clouds behind Xia Chenglong is a thousand dragons flying directly,The dragon head does not see the dragon tail,I don’t know the dragon head,Long Wei roars here。

This is the power he has after entering the questioning god realm,After being corroded by blood gas,Kill the domain directly to the top,Three kinds of artistic conception merge with each other。
The Dark Lord did not expect,The guy in front of me is so powerful,Strong enough to exceed my expectations。
He is the Dark Lord,An existence comparable to a martial artist in the concentrating state,Even if the millennia of suppression has made him lose his original pride,But you shouldn’t be bullied by a junior。
His throne is very much connected to his own power,After the throne radiated light, countless swords also appeared。
If you feel carefully,You will find that this magic sword actually has the taste of Wan Jianzong’s artistic conception。
Thousands of years,These tenacious lives are constantly eroding everything around,Ruins appear,This is the most vulnerable time of Wan Jianzong。
So although they don’t have something,But also got something,Especially when it comes to something worthy。
Then these swords don’t transform into dragons like Xia Chenglong,Standing quietly in the air after leaving the throne。
next moment,The black sword rain turned towards Long Yun,The black full streamer and the red full streamer collide with each other。
No sound,It’s because the two days of collision are far away from their bodies。
But at the moment after the collision,The earth is shaking,Layers of creases appear in the space,The Burial Sword Plain cannot support the collision of these two forces。
The collision of martial arts and martial arts,This is not what Xia Chenglong is best at。

Hui Gang。

For Hui。
But in Chen Wenjin’s memory,This is the third time watching her sitting on a bench。
I haven’t waited for Hui to move,Chen Wenjin moved the position first,Thirty centimeters away from Hui。
A trace of astonishment flashed in Hui’s eyes。
Chen Wenjin looked at her and said:“Actually I have something to tell you today,I thought about it recently,We must concentrate all our attention on learning next semester,You must go to Pengzhong with your own strength,I also have to get the most worthy of my score,and so,We need to let go of our relationship,Let’s meet again when we are in Pengzhong。”
Same words,This is what Hui wants to say,Now Chen Wenjin is talking about。
Hui’s mood,A little messy。
Chapter Forty Two You don’t believe me but let me believe
That shouldn’t be Chen Wenjin’s lines……
Hui thought for a long time before figuring out how to communicate with Chen Wenjin,but,Chen Wenjin first said what she wanted to say!
and、And when I sat down just now,Chen Wenjin seems to move away with disgust,What does it mean to stay away from her intentionally??what does it mean?
“……what do you mean?Want to break up?”Hye is holding a complicated mood,I asked this sentence,Chen Wenjin asked her before。
Chen Wenjin almost laughed……Oh my god,Originally translocated,He said Hui’s lines first,Hye’s first reaction also thinks it means breaking up!Then what could she say vowedly,I should believe that their feelings can hold on for half a year!
Chen Wenjin took a sigh of relief……His mood is really bad。
He is disgusted‘Strictly discipline people,Be forgiving’the behavior of。
When people get along‘What you don’t want,Do not do to others’Isn’t it basic respect??
especially——He and Hui are lovers!
The results of it?

but,Although my heart is like Mingjing,But Chen Geng did not dismantle Richard·Carpenter’s thoughts。

No matter what the Carpenter brothers and sisters think,Regardless of whether the Carpenter brothers and sisters are true to China’s history、Cultural interest is to cure Karen·Carpenter lied about anorexia nervosa,But one thing is certain,As long as these brothers and sisters are not stupid,Then throughout the treatment period,They must contribute their strength to the China-US relationship——Speak more bluntly,It’s that these brothers and sisters must do their best to help Huaxia say something nice。
that’s enough!
As two public figures with great influence in the United States、Superstar,As long as the Carpenter brothers and sisters can do some positive work for the relationship between the two countries,Chen Geng is willing to do his best to promote this……There has never been anything to pay without asking for return,Want to get something,Always bring something out。
After these brothers and sisters have said good things to China for a year or two,Even Karen·Carpenter’s anorexia nervosa is completely healed,Can they change their minds?
Of course it is possible to change,But this will affect their public image,To put it bluntly, it affects their income,The siblings don’t look like idiots,So what is certain is,Wait for the doctors from the Health Bureau to help Karen·After Carpenter cured her anorexia nervosa,The two brothers and sisters have a relationship with China“Reversing”Very unlikely。
But now?……
“Just a good thing,”Chen Geng nodded,Pretending to not understand the meaning of the two brothers and sisters:“Now China and the United States have officially established diplomatic relations,If you want to travel to China、go sightseeing,It should be quite simple?Just go to the China Embassy in the United States to apply for a tourist visa。”
Mr. Fernandez seems unwilling to do this for himself……
Chen Geng’s reaction did not surprise the Carpenter brothers and sisters.,Even in Richard·Carpenter thinks that Chen Geng’s reaction could not be more normal.:Mr. Fernandez has no friendship with himself,Why do people help themselves??Is it just because my brother and sister are stars??
Do not make jokes!
The star status of my siblings,For ordinary people, it may be superior、The existence that needs to look up,But for a rich man like Mr. Fernandez,Actually it’s nothing。
just,Although I was mentally prepared for Chen Geng’s refusal,But it’s a star anyway,Richard·Carpenter still has a little extravagance in his heart,I thought if I gave a hint,Will the other party enthusiastically offer to help their siblings??Now it seems,I really think too much。
“Mr. Fernandez,very sorry,What I just said was not all true,”Sister Karen·Carpenter glance,Richard·Carpenter gritted his teeth,Finally told the truth,Pointing at Karen·Carpenter says:“After the last Chrysler reception,Karen told me about you,We went to the hospital to check,Everything about my sister is as you said,and so……”
“So you hope to go to China with me this time,Please help Miss Karen from those doctors in China who are in charge of health work for the main leaders of the country?”Chen Geng“Suddenly realized”Richard·Carpenter asked。
“Yes。”Richard·Carpenter nodded heavily,At the same time looking forward to Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,I invite you、I beg you to help my sister,She is not yet30year old……”
Speaking of which,Richard·Carpenter’s eyes are red。
Less than one30Year old woman,She is now,It should have been the most brilliant and beautiful age in her life,Like a flower just blooming,But this flower that just bloomed is about to die,Any normal person will feel sorry for it,Not to mention that this woman has a deep relationship with herself:She is her own sister、Best business partner,Richard·How can Carpenter not hurt?
Karen·Carpenter also feels。

The director who hopes to find a way on the contract is speechless,A moment later,He angrily said:“I think it is necessary to revise and improve the previous contract content.。”

Ignore this unwilling director,Ralph·Robbins continued:“Gentlemen,Although for Rawls·Royce,Collins·Mr. McKenney’s departure is indeed a great loss.,But actually we don’t need to be so nervous,We might as well think about it in reverse,Fortunately, Collins·Mr. McKenney is not going to our old rival Pratt·Whitney and General Electric……”
really,Heard Ralph·Robbins’s words,The expressions on the faces of the directors look much better:From this perspective,Sir Robbins is right,Although Collins·McKenney’s departure for Rawls·A huge loss for Royce,But fortunately,Collins·McKenney didn’t go to Rawls·Royce’s competitors。
See the reaction,Ralph·Robbins knows the fire is almost there,He has a slight meal,Then he said confidently:“And gentlemen,We have to understand,Rolls·Royce is Rawls·Royce,Never rely on someone,But our deep foundation and technical accumulation,Collins·Mr. McKenney’s departure will certainly bring us some losses.,But have we resigned over the years few experts?
But Rawls·Royce or Rolls·Royce,Rolls·Royce is Rolls·Royce,We are still one of the strongest companies in the world aeroengine field,We never do anything because of someone coming or leaving。”
“Yes!That’s it!”
“Jazz,well said!”
Ralph·Robbins’ words made the faces of the gentlemen of the British Empire who look bigger than the sky look better.:Yes,You collins·McKenney is indeed a little capable,But so what?Without you Zhang Butcher,Do I want to eat piggy?
Don’t even think about it!
But this way,Fernandez·When Chen cooperated,But be careful,This guy is not a good thing……
Just when the directors gave Chen Geng a label in their hearts,Ralph·Robbins spoke again,As soon as he speaks,It attracted the attention of the directors:“And gentlemen,I think Mr. McKenney’s resignation,It’s actually a good opportunity for us to make a fortune from Mr. Fernandez。
Why do you say that?
Because everyone knows the gap between the level of Huaxia people in aviation engines and ours,Also know that a successful aero engine has multiple departments、Countless designers and engineers have worked hard for many years,If the Huaxia people think that they can dig out a technical expert to make a good aviation engine……

Gao Yu’s face is even blushing,He has to admit,It seems that he really doesn’t have any desperate thoughts,Has always been relying on these relationships。

After those teachers saw these things,Whether you like it or not,Won’t give him a low score。
this moment,Qin Feng felt it too,I understand the man in front of me a bit。
This is also a hard man。
Just even so,It’s impossible for Qin Feng to let Gao Yu in。
Please God is easy to send God is difficult,Once some things are not handled properly,It might be a tragedy of my own company。
“I know wrong。”Gao Yu also lowered his head and dare not say anything。
“Mary next door,I remind you one last word,You will be boss Qin Feng’s driver from now on,If within these four years,You don’t listen to him,How did he hit you,That’s his business。”
I said a nasty sentence,If he kills you,I’m not a son like you。
Gao Hao’s words are naturally meant to be heard,If anyone is serious,That’s the brain damage。
Tiger poison does not eat seeds。
Gao Hao loves his son so much,This is just for Qin Feng to accept people。
“Cough,High leadership,seriously,My company has some common locations,No salary or benefits
low,You don’t need to make him work hard like this?”

Jiang Yan guessed that Qin Feng might have something like this,But how can I not admit it?,Once admitted,No trouble in the future

Endless,This is something no one can change。
Qin Feng said casually:“If i have this thing,I will sell it to your boss,correct,How much can your boss pay,Let me buy it?”
“Fifty million。”That person said without thinking:“If you can take it out,We must be rewarded。”
“If any,I will definitely inform you。”Qin Feng said with a smile on his face,But his heart has already given this person an attribute,That’s why I can’t trade anymore。
As for how these people found him,Qin Feng is also very aware of the so-called auction,That is not reliable at all。
That’s when he didn’t want to rely too much on other people’s funds,This is what will sell something,But now it seems,This is also causing some trouble for myself。
But Qin Feng also knew,These people can’t help him,This is nothing。
That person also saw Qin Feng’s thoughts,He quickly said:“Mr. Qin Feng,If you are willing,We must thank you for this。”
“Ok,We will definitely care。”Qin Feng also said sincerely,But he pointed to the front and said:“I will go ahead and have a look,Is there hundreds of years of ginseng,I won’t delay you。”
immediately,Qin Feng and Jiang Yan also walked forward,That person is also a little worried,Because he saw Qin Feng’s attitude。
It’s just that Qin Feng is also rich and powerful for the time being,Where can I do it?
What can be done is to find someone to put some pressure on Qin Feng,But now who can I find to put pressure on Qin Feng?

Jiang Yan walked out two steps and stopped and said,Qin Feng couldn’t help being speechless as he listened to this strange request,But he is not stupid,After all, Tianfeng massage requires physical contact,Qin Feng has been working in the company for so long,Of course there are a lot of female anchors。

But today Jiang Yan refused to use Tianfeng massage。
“Roger that,Xiao Yanyan, don’t worry,I must not use Tianfeng massage!”
In the end, Qin Feng must not use four words to emphasize the tone,Jiang Yan suddenly rolled his eyes,Wait until Jiang Yan is completely away,Qin Feng immediately ran to Bai Shiling’s live broadcast room。
At this moment in Bai Shiling’s live broadcast room,The pink kawaii headphones droop on Bai Shiling’s neck,The computer screen now shows the end of the live broadcast。
“Damn,Linger, what’s wrong with you?”
Qin Feng suddenly became an actor,Of course he knows what happened to Bai Shiling,I drank a lot last night,People must be uncomfortable today。
Sure enough, Bai Shiling rolled her eyes,Sit up straight from the sofa chair and looked at Qin Feng and said。
“headache,Only you can cure。”
Qin Feng felt that he was being teased but couldn’t grasp the evidence,But Bai Shiling’s big watery eyes were full of different emotions and looked at herself,Qin Feng couldn’t help feeling blush。
“Then let me treat our gold medal female anchor,Come and lie in my arms……Pooh,Come and lie in bed。”
Qin Feng suddenly said without seriousness,Bai Shiling’s face is full of smiles。
Waiting for Bai Shiling to lie on the bed in the live broadcast room,Qin Feng stood in front of Bai Shiling’s head,Looking at Bai Shiling’s slightly swollen temples,Qin Feng doesn’t want to finish things as soon as possible,After all, there are not many opportunities to wait。
“Dear No. 1 anchor Bai Shiling,I’m your health doctor Qin Feng,I will give you a massage next。”
After Qin Feng finished speaking, he stretched out his hand,Bai Shiling was shocked immediately,Bai Shiling couldn’t help but glared at Qin Feng’s unpretentious appearance。
Tianfeng massage begins,Qin Feng began to massage Bai Shiling’s head,The refreshing warm feeling instantly spread from Bai Shiling’s head to the soles of her feet,The entire anchor company estimates that no one will resist Qin Feng’s unusually comfortable massage。
“Linger,When do you say you give yourself to me”
Qin Feng massaged Bai Shiling’s head,Talk casually,Bai Shiling suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Qin Feng,There are different emotions in the eyes。
“Are you serious。”
Although Bai Shiling is a little surprised at this moment,But there is still a