But even after I believe it,Li Feifei didn’t come forward immediately,But wait for Wei Ying and Su Xiaoli to come together。Anyway, it’s four people together,She doesn’t believe it,Xin Zhao still has such a big appetite,Can deal with four by one person。

Squeeze him dry!
After thinking about this,Li Feifei felt herself swell up suddenly,Isn’t it Xin Zhao?。
Just a mere Xin Zhao!
“Fifi,Azure,Why is it so good today,Waiting for us here!”Wei Ying and Su Xiaoli finally caught up,And then asked a little excitedly。
“Our sisters have deep affection,I’m waiting for you, it’s not normal!”Of course Li Feifei will not admit that she is afraid,So I want to get somebody together。
I heard Li Feifei’s self-deception,Wei Ying gave her a blank look“Sister Feifei,You don’t think I’m blind,I won’t see a person that big,If you are timid, just say timid,Can we still despise you?!”
Even if Wei Ying said that,Li Feifei won’t believe her nonsense。
She felt that if she said something,Needless to say anything else,Wei Ying will despise herself。
“All right,Su Xiaoli covers three sisters,Afraid of what he does alone,Besides, Lord Xin’s body hasn’t fully recovered yet,Are you still worried about what he can do to me?!”When saying this,Su Xiaoli is so airy,How proud。
Seeing Su Xiaoli’s confident look,Wei Ying believed a little bit in her heart。
“Also good,Let’s go up together,there is always a solution to a problem,Our four big beauties,I’m afraid Xin Zhao won’t be alone!”
“Not bad,Sisters together,Its profit,Today we will overthrow the old landlord Xin Zhao,Return to the world a bright universe!”
“Haha,Let’s cut the chicken head today,Burnt yellow paper,Yoshie Jinlan!”
“Down with the shameless old thief Xin Zhao,Restoring peace to the world!”
Qilin looked at the second team member who was sick there,Then silently prepare to swim over,Then she was grabbed by He Weilan’s arm on the second floor。
Gave it a little harder,Then Qilin found that she didn’t take it out,Just know,He Weilan is also afraid。
“You damn girl,Nothing to do with them,This is just great,I have to save you!”Although I have some complaints about He Weilan,,But Qilin doesn’t want to watch her best friend fall into the fire pit,Then leave it alone。
The second team and four women after cheering for themselves,At this time, I swam forward again,If you don’t look at them personally,,I really thought it was a million heroes who crossed the river。

This move is beneficial to the overall interests of the entire Golden Triangle region,Especially after the Ten Billion Club took over the forces of the Golden Triangle,It also advocates the use of duels to resolve conflicts,Avoid unnecessary wars。

of course,Those who are eligible to participate in the seed duel are the big warlords of the Golden Triangle and the surrounding big forces,Those who are not strong enough have long been swallowed so that there is no hair left,Naturally there is no chance to enjoy this treatment。
quickly,This primitive bloody duel scene,Aroused the animality of everyone present。
Chadu guessed his face flushed with excitement,Shouted at the opposite side:“Fifty million dollars!I paid 50 million dollars for this!The seed I guess will win!”
I heard that General Chatuchai was so generous,The audience thundered,Those people’s eyes are full of naked longing。
Liu Niu’er narrowed his eyes,The expression on his face looks a little weird,He seems to dislike hearing such cheers,Because in this city,He thinks he is the richest person。
“I am Liu Niu’er,Bet 80 million dollars!”Liu Niu’er raised his right arm,Shouted with a serious face。
“80 million dollars?”There was another commotion around the crowd,This number is amazing,As expected of Liu Niu’er,The richest person in the Golden Triangle。
I guess I heard Liu Niu’er’s offer,Haha laughed:“The money is amazing!Have to win!”
Liu Niu’er beckoned,His subordinates actually carried the box forward,Crash all of a sudden,Pour the large dollar bills in the box in front of everyone。
At once,Like cooking oil,Ignited the emotions of the audience。
It’s the same thing to ask for a price,It’s another matter to really pour the dollar bills in front of you!This scene is too exciting,Too shocking。
Chatuchi’s face suddenly sank,He won’t be as crazy as Liu Niu’er,Take 80 million dollars with me,But this way,The momentum seems to be suppressed by the opponent。
Thousands of people present all turned their attention to Chadukui,I want to see how this great warlord leader will respond。
Chatuches and laughs,Attract everyone’s attention with a burst of laughter,Then he glared,Tao:“I brought a dozen cars,Over a hundred people come。Whether it is weapons,Quality of personnel,All the best。If I lose,They all belong to you!”
This remark,The audience was in an uproar again。
To know,A hundred ordinary people is nothing,But one hundred well-armed elite soldiers in the Golden Triangle are no joke,All the belongings of many small and medium-sized forces may not have such strength!
“it is good!I bet you!”Liu Niu’er laughed loudly。
At this moment,Hong Tairan, who was sitting next to Chatuchai, stood up,Said with a smile:“Count me too!A small bet,Ten million dollars,Plus four green leaf dragon fruits。”

Zong Xueqin cheers on,It seems to be fun to make things bigger。

Tu Cancan doesn’t understand,She knows nothing,I just can feel the two people in front of me seem to be discussing her。
“Take her down,After all, they are descendants of my butcher family!”The black-robed man frowned and said。
Zong Xueqin came over in an enchanting posture step by step,Bend over,I don’t care if my spring is seen by the black robe,Raise your hand to pinch Tu Cancan’s chin,Smile at the corner of the mouth。
“Your body is very attractive,But your family owner doesn’t seem interested,If so, keep it,We still have something to do,I won’t play with you。”
Tu Cancan did not speak,Or she doesn’t know what to say!
I thought I saw a real backer,But this respected family owner has the same attitude towards her and strangers。
Even with a lot of hatred。
She is alone,Or die here next moment,This is the question she is thinking now,I can’t face those eyes,As if to be sucked in。
This is a dim stone room,Tu Cancan doesn’t know how to choose,She can only wait here,Because I can feel the gap between myself and them。
There is no possibility of crossing。
“Xia Chenglong,where are you?”
Chapter seven hundred and forty one Goodbye acquaintance
The channel here is not much different from before,Xia Chenglong groped forward carefully,After all in this kind of place,Be careful at first。
Zong Xueqin is probably the one who took the woman away,What does the other party want?
Tu Cancan is still in the dim stone room,Nothing here,Everything is constantly passing by in ignorance and fear。
Door open,In a dizziness, Tu Cancan brought it to the hall where the sarcophagus was hanging.,I don’t know why I have no strength,Open your eyes in the faint,See the black robe man。
Tu Cancan still calls it cautiously,Not to make the other person sympathize,It’s just a natural respect for the superb position of Tujia。

With Lu Menglin’s rich practical experience,I just glanced at it and understood it。

Girl Li uses mental power to shock,Stagnant,and also
Is similar to the control skills in the game,Then Xiaojie turned into a leopard man,Seize the opportunity with high agility,Depends on World War I。
The tactical combination of these two kids can be said to be very exciting,Mainly because the cooperation between them is extremely tacit,Familiar with each other,In order to maximize the skills of both parties。
Eagle King’s speed is not lost to Xiaojie,It’s just that he was charged for zero and one second,He was defeated and died,I can only blame my teammates for being too weak。
Seeing the Eagle King die,The Dragon King is not at all moved,Still looks like an ancient well,He is so calm。
Xiaojie doesn’t seem to be enjoyable,After a short pause,And threw himself at the dragon king。
The girl Li focused her attention on the dragon king,Spirit power fluctuation triggers again,The same mental shock as before,Spread to the dragon king in an instant。
Dragon King’s face changed slightly,Seems to be the same as Eagle King,Controlled by mental shock。
And at this moment,The leopard man Xiaojie who works well with the girl Li has moved at high speed,Kill to the dragon king,One claw hit the dragon king’s throat。
With Xiaojie’s high agility and explosive power at the moment,As long as this claw strikes,Even if it’s just a little bit,The other party must die。
But it’s between this electric light and flint,Young girl Li suddenly looked surprised,Light lips,Seems to want to say something,But I just opened my lips,Did not make a sound。

Looked at this situation,It seems that Yu Shan is very angry?

She is unwell,I feel more comfortable!
Regardless of her murderous eyes,I asked the servant to get the tableware for myself,Sit up。
Jerked his chopsticks on the dining table。
Yu Shan’s face is very ugly,Xiaoxue this thing,Incompetent bungler!
“Mother what’s wrong?”
Warm and warm naturally know what’s wrong with her, Just something that can stimulate her,I am happy to do it myself!
“what happened?How do you have the face to eat?Frightened mother not to say,You still don’t apologize?”Wen Yunyun, who was watching the show, had heard about it a long time ago。
Hear words,Warm and innocent blinking eyes,Said:“I don’t know?I don’t know my mother cares about me so much,I knew I would eat less。”
Looks so good。
Even Wen Guohao doesn’t like her daughter very much,But look at her so pitiful,Still playing round。
“It’s okay!Next time you are warm, pay attention,Don’t worry about your mother anymore!”
Nodded obediently。
See here,Yu Shanqi’s face flushed,I can’t say,I want to harm this daughter,I didn’t succeed, right??
Mute eats coptis,Can’t tell。

“Are you looking for me,Come,Come in。”George shouted,Eyes super foreground“Ding”Glanced。I’m probably doing it to the front desk,That she is her acquaintance,No registration。

Tian Lu successfully entered the Maggie Fashion Magazine,Follow George into his office。
George put down the papers he had been holding,Asked“Assistant Tian,Why are you free to get eyelashes today??”
“I have always wanted to come to you for a while,It’s always rare to meet the right time,Afraid to disturb you,Today is here to touch,Unexpectedly,Met you,I hope not to disturb you!”Tian Lu said with a smile。
“Did not bother,You are here to shine!”George uplifts others,Humbly back。
“how,Was it nice to work with President Lin last time??I heard Lin Xin say,You live up to their expectations,Nice job,Works well。”George narrowed his eyes and continued talking,Praise。
People,Who would not listen to good things。Listen to the language from George,Always make Tian Lu deeply impressed,Tian Lu was heartbroken after listening。
But she has to be humble“You and Mr. Lin praised it,I just did my job。”
“Xuchang should praise you well,So outstanding、So capable,Earn profits and good reputation for the company。”George continues to praise her。
“All recommended by you,It is rare to have such a good business cooperation without you。”Tian Lu never forgets to talk sweetly to George about the rhetoric on social occasions。
Hearing Tian Lu’s reminder,I think I really did a good job for her company。
George suddenly exclaimed,Like recognizing one’s own credit,He said“I admit this,I made a big contribution to match you up,Lin Xin has shown enough face,Do you know who her husband is?But nowadays movie star,It’s the evergreen tree in movie songs,Tu Yifan,but,Now I have directed a few films。”
Tian Lu was taken aback,Didn’t care much at first,Listen to his introduction,Too shocking,It turned out to be the famous acting star Tu Yifan。
I heard George continue to introduce“She didn’t even invite her husband,Her husband is very famous,Any platform,Tens of millions of income is ready。”
Tian Lu checked it on the browser,Seeing Tu Yifan got married with an outsider wife more than ten years ago,The wife outside the circle is Lin Xin,So low-key?This Lin Xin is Bi Lin Xin,the same person。
Tian Lu sighs inwardly, it’s incredible,Lin Xin obviously can let her husband promote her cake shop,Don’t worry about popularity and influence。
George seemed to see through her mind,Explained“Don’t understand?Lin Xin can rely on her husband’s reputation as a cake shop‘Platform’,Why have to use the traditional way,To promote it in a popular way?”
Tian Lu nodded repeatedly,Said“You are right,Tell the truth,I really have so many questions。”
“Lin Xin’s biggest feature,Is independence、On their own,And don’t borrow her husband’s light,Don’t block her husband,Her quality and her husband’s perspective,I really appreciate。”George looked admiring。
“Oh~,Turned out to be like this,It’s amazing,Too connotative,Is a relatively low-key strong woman,Ok,Is our role model。”Listen to his introduction,Tian Lu’s Understanding of Lin Xin、Understand unlimited appreciation,The power of an example rises in my heart。

Scientists should not be poor……

Scientists also need money to let their wives and children live a good life……
Scientists should have the best scientific research conditions and scientific research facilities……
Scientists create value,But for what reason I can only watch the leaders eat and drink、Cars in and out、Live in a big house……
This situation is unreasonable,Must be corrected。
Chen Geng’s words,Let Lu Kairen listen to tears in his eyes!
before this,Do not,Don’t say before this,Even now,The mainstream idea of propaganda in the whole society is still peaceful and happy、It’s the difficult working conditions of a certain scientific researcherDAnd the country has created so much value,And he himself still has a salary of dozens of dollars,And a family of six or seven people in the tube building……
No one has spoken for those researchers who work hard under difficult conditions,Say they deserve more,That they are worthy of better working and living conditions,From the perspective of the overall social environment,It seems that scientific researchers must equate hardship,It doesn’t seem to be a high-quality scientific researcher anymore。
But the scientific researcher is also a flesh and blood、People who have their own ideas,A living person,I also hope that the living conditions of myself and my family are better,There is a big house with three bedrooms and one living room,Old man、Both the child and the couple have their own room;
Children want to eat cookies、If you want to eat a big white rabbit, eat a big white rabbit、If you want to eat braised pork, eat braised pork;
Wife wants to buy a dress, buy a dress,If you want to buy the latest down jacket, buy the latest down jacket;
As for myself,There is a microcomputer of my own in the office、There is a small motorcycle that can smoke suddenly,Let yourself no longer have to ride a bicycle to get off work after a hard day,Every month can get back a salary and bonus for the whole family to live happily……
Such thoughts、Such a luxury,Is it too much??
But before Mr. Chen Geng,No one has ever thought so much for people who are engaged in scientific research.、Considered……
A kind“The confidant dies”The feeling spread in Master Lu Kairen’s chest。
“I……I……”Master Lu Kairen violently wiped out tears,Said heavily:“Chairman,I can’t control other project teams,But weY12Project Team,Full support for your reform。”

“roll!”Chen Geng said nothing,Just kick over:“do you know,Throughout Silicon Valley,How many people envy you‘Happy troubles’,How many company bosses hate you for gritting their teeth?”

Chevat·Egarford hides flexibly,Hehe smiled:“Ok,No joke,I am really happy now……butboss,I found that recently,Everyone’s work efficiency seems to be getting lower。”
“Normal,There are a group of twenty-somethings in the company、Hormonal lad,I didn’t have so many beauties by my side before,Now suddenly there are so many beauties,I will definitely not put all my mind on work。”Chen Geng nodded,He also discovered this problem,But he didn’t say,After all, although I am the big boss,But according to myself before with Chevat·Agreement reached by Egarford and others,They are responsible for the daily management of the company。
Chevat·Egarford looked at Chen Geng sadly:“boss,Then what should I do?This will definitely not work,but I……”
Looking at Chevat·The look of Egarford,Chen Geng is sure,Chevat·Egarford is really not a suitable material for managers,Maybe before,Garrett2000It’s okay when it’s essentially a studio,But when the size of the company continues to grow,Need to be normalized、Rigorous,Chevat·Egarford is using the previous one“we are brothers”Studio style to manage the company,It won’t work,He is more suitable as a department head。
Chen Geng thought about it,Just said slowly:“The way is actually very simple,You can divide everyone into several groups,Assign tasks to each group,Only those who have completed the task can go to massage、Relax、surf,As long as they complete the task,It is their freedom to do anything the rest of the time,But if they delay work because of these things,Then be punished,caveat、Deduction of wages or even expulsion,All of these。
But Chevat,As the boss,It’s not nice,But I still have to say:I find that you are really not suitable as a manager of a company,You are more suitable as a working groupboss,You will work hard to fight for the benefits of your group,But if you are the manager of the company,In addition to breaking the company,I don’t think there is a second possibility。”
Beyond Chen Geng’s expectations,Chevat·Egarford did not refute his words,in contrast,He smiled wryly and nodded:“Do you think so too?”
Chen Geng shrugged,Spread hands,Did not speak,The meaning is obvious:Otherwise what do you think?
Now that it’s all about it,Chevat·Egarford no longer hesitated:“I noticed that too,I’m really not suitable for managing a larger company,If only a few people、Small company of a dozen people,Maybe not a problem,But for these brothers who started a business with me,Even if they do something excessive,I can’t do it……Maybe I’m really not suitable to be a manager。”
“In this case,Then I think we need to talk seriously,”Chen Geng’s expression also became serious:“Chevat,If you wish Garrett2000Bigger and bigger、The future is bright,Your brothers will become millionaires one by one、Multimillionaire,Never worry about money anymore,Either you learn to be a manager,Either I hire a professional manager to help me manage the company,And you are in charge of the technical aspects……You should understand,I will not let this situation continue to develop。”
“I know,I know……”
Chevat·Egaford kept nodding,Of course he understands this,Ok for two days a day,One month or two months may be okay,But for longer,Mr. Fernandez will definitely not do it:The one who suffers the most is him。
“I have no interest in management at all,”After a while,Chevat·Egarford finally spoke:“And I’m not cruel to everyone,and so……I am willing to quit Garrett2000General manager’s position,I suggest Mr. Fernandez that you hire a real professional manager to better manage and run the company。”

“Sir, you said I was just an ordinary person before waiting,It’s rare to have such a big chance,Find a confidante,Swept away,Disregard the heroes,This is what I should do。”

“But the reality is,Go to a strange world,No one can speak the truth,Do everything possible to become stronger,play hard,In the end, the strength has not improved much, let alone,I can’t be tempted when I meet a woman I like。”
“Isn’t this torturing the traversers??All fellow,I can’t do anything,I can only stay in the tavern with nothing to do every day,Then watched the fellows leave,I pray that those old villages will come back again,Ugh。”
After Li Qing heard King Jing’s question,,Said helplessly,Never experienced parting,Lovesick people,Won’t understand the feelings of those who travel through them,He’s okay,Just stay in the tavern of the heavens every day,Doing nothing。
As for the fellow travellers,Are risking their lives to go to other worlds,I can’t come back if I’m not careful,therefore,Some fellows have changed a lot,Just as it should be。
“Because this world is the weak,Respect the strong。”
After Sedum heard Li Qing, the lord of the tavern in front of him, said that he could not go to the technological plane,Although a little disappointed,But didn’t care too much,With emotion,Is their way of killing visitors from other worlds wrong??No,Because behind them is the whole world。
Are those from other worlds doing the wrong thing??nor,Because they just want to be stronger,Or,Those foreign visitors are also innocent,But the biggest mistake is,They have different positions,In the tavern,He will not kill these foreign visitors。
Because it’s not necessary,He is not a lunatic who kills countless,It’s not guilty to kill those visitors from other worlds for no reason,But if Sedum returns to his world,,Encountered visitors from another world,He won’t show mercy,I can only blame them for coming to the wrong world。
Sedum will not let go of visitors from other worlds who may cause the destruction of the entire world to enter his world because of a moment of soft heart.,He cannot bet,He won’t bet on the world he is in。
“grown ups,Yesterday I saw a fellow who is arguably the most weird among the fellow travellers。”
“The fellow traveled to the Great Qin Empire before,guess what?At that time Qin Shihuang Yingzheng had just destroyed the six countries,Then the fellow stood at the gate of Xianyang City and asked to see Emperor Yingzheng,Say something important to report。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Six Son of the Plane
“Because this guy said so swearly,The guard at the gate of Xianyang City could not make a decision for a while,Can only be reported level by level,The last incident directly alarmed the first emperor Yingzheng。”
“In the main hall,This fellow drew a map of the world directly from memory,Then tell the first emperor Yingzheng,He comes from the future,Are descendants of the first emperor,I want to help our ancestors truly dominate the world。”
“Although this fellow paints a bit sloppy,But I can barely see,Then Emperor Shi Yingzheng did not believe,As a result, the fellow memorized the genealogy,They are really descendants of the first emperor Yingzheng。”

Xia Chenglong appeared,Protect Yingzi behind。

“Aaron,They bully!”Yingzi cried aggrievedly,Trembling voice,It seems to be really bad。
“I rely on!”
Yuan Hua’s eyes widened,This is too good to be installed!
They just had some war of words just now,It’s like what they did to him?
“how,The bones are itching again?”Xia Chenglong looked at each other calmly,There was a cold murder in the voice。
“you,What do you want?”
Yuan Hua, who was frightened, asked subconsciously。
I found something wrong just after asking,He’s here for trouble,And this time I brought the family guard,Why are so many people afraid of a kid?
“Aaron, right,I underestimated you last time,Made me suffer so much,I want to find it back today。”
With Yuan Hua’s words,The guards around leaned forward,Surround Xia Chenglong and Yingzi Tuan Tuan。
More than twenty,Strength is about the body,From this point of view,The Tujia’s power is indeed very powerful。
Even a vassal family,Can take it out casually。
But he will be afraid?