“Creak!”Wright’s bones are shaking,Even make a crashing sound。

The skin on Wright’s body surface is shiny,Covered on the epidermis,The whole body glows brightly。
About three minutes later,Pain gradually decreases,Wright stopped screaming。But at the same time,The increase in Wright’s body strength also slowed down。And at the same time,The seed in the hand seems to be slightly smaller,But it’s not obvious。
“The body strength seems to be far from reaching saturation,But the singular energy cannot be poured into the body at all。。。Seems to be lacking‘power’!But now I’m just but this is just the most superficial method,I believe I will study more,Maybe we can find a more effective way to absorb and refine。But even now,My physical strength has exploded and surpassed my fusion divine power。”
“But it seems。。Have to create moves suitable for the burst of physical strength!”Wright discovered,A trick suitable for the explosion of divine power,It’s not the same as a trick suitable for physical strength。
Divine power bursts with power,The mysterious agreement to the same kind of law is 100%。Supernatural power,Is a gift from this universe,Nature is in perfect harmony with the corresponding laws。
After all, the body relies on skeletal muscles to break out,The explosive force of this purely material muscle structure must be purely material force,The law of operation is very limited。
After all, you can’t expect to use muscle power to run the law of darkness‘Devour the mystery’,Or the law of flame‘Soul attack mysterious’。
of course,The power of the physical power burst itself is far greater than the divine power burst of the same level。
“There are two types of fusion laws that I currently specialize in.。First, I felt the rhythm of life last time,will【Vitality】【Round soft mysterious】Fusion。But this power is weaker。
My strongest law and mysterious fusion,Yes【Burst of fire】、【Roundness of water】with【Power of the earth】These three mysteries。And these three mysteries,Increase in strength,The explosive effect on the body muscles is relatively high。
But my own trick【Sunset mountain river】Mainly it is suitable to fuse divine power,Still have to think about the explosion of physical strength。
“The earth is bone,Flame as muscle,Water turns into blood。Combine each other’s explosive power。”Wright constantly adjusts his body,Try to use the physical strength with this【Earth, water and fire】Way to perform。
But soon,Wright shook his head,It’s not that simple to think about the application of this law。Now let’s go back and meet with Cecilia and the fire god clone,Then go to the Dark God plane。

“Causal cycle,Nirvana solipsism,Amitabha!”Tathagata’s eyes are full of shock,Compared with the Buddhism secret technique he created,This door《Causality》Really incredible。Fate

Sanqing Taoist、Sui Renshi、Hengmu Master。。。
The leaders of the Three Realms are immersed in these methods。
Li Ming smiled slightly,When he first came into contact with the perfect methods of endless territory,It’s also such immersion。
He doesn’t care about this time,Wait here slowly。
“It is estimated to be three to five hundred years,They can wake up from immersion。”
In the Black Blood Sea。
Two silhouettes cross,The pure white sand turned into chaos,And in the chaos,An Excalibur stands,The pitch black contains a hint of cool sword light shooting out,Abruptly wipe out the pure white god sand layer by layer。
but,The secret method that has been practiced,It can be conceived from the world of mixed holes in the body through mana,Comparing to entanglement and pitch black sword light。
And the position where the white sand and the pitch black sword qi intersect,Two figures collide。
A figure,Wearing black armor,I also have a mask on my face,Double-sided eight arms,Eight cold sword light,Dexterous chopping,Combine the secret sword energy to cut towards the opponent。
And the other side,Li Mingsheng’s robe fluttering,Same three heads and six arms,Hold an eternal soldier in your hand,Every time a sharp gun is pierced,It’s like chaos and two dynasties change,Block the sword,There is more room for suppression。
Li Ming did not expect,He entered the sea of black blood,The first opponent who can barely be evenly matched is also in the world。
Not Li Ming is complacent,But he knows deeply,The limit of the normal world is his level。
On Energy Basis,《Holy Book of Thousand Body》Practitioner,Chaos Beast,Ancient practitioner,And the top special life,Is the strongest basic level。And Li Ming’s secret technique《Wanjie mixed cave sand》,The power is amazing。
On the Road,The strongest way of fusion is already the strongest known under normal circumstances。Li Ming combines two,Already at this level。Generally speaking,The world realm that reaches this level has come to an end,Will soon step into Daojun。
Li Ming,That’s because we clearly know the existence of the ultimate way,So I continue to practice。
The world god of the dark kingdom opposite,Strength is only a difference。
On the Divine Body,Seems to be no less than Li Ming。
On Realm,He really wants to miss Li Ming,But at least realized the strongest kendo。

All the top executives of many companies are here,Even many people recognize it at a glance,Wang Teng is the employee who applied to their company before。

Many people have rejected Wang Teng with various reasons and excuses before.。
What’s so handsome,Make others feel unbalanced。
Grows too tall,Make other employees feel inferior, etc.。
But now,The person they rejected changed.,Became the owner of the luxurious Yujing office building,They have to come。
The gap between people,Why is it so big?
Wang Teng nodded,Look at the people around。
Chen Qianxue didn’t see it,And started to introduce。
“let me introduce,This Mr. Wang is the boss of our company,These are the representatives of other companies in our office building。”
Chen Qianxue introduced one by one,What boss Zhang,Boss Li,Boss Zhao or something。
Wang Teng didn’t remember anything,Anyway, what’s the use of saying so great?,Not as good as Wang Teng。
Wang Teng thinks it’s useless to know them,He doesn’t need to know anyone present。
Other people only need to know him Wang Teng,That’s it。
This feeling,I feel very enjoyable thinking about it。
Wang Teng beckoned to the air,Say hello。
But even so,These people,But one by one nodded and bowed to Wang Teng。

Wei Xiaobao in Beijing,I have never seen them three people.,This has an out of your eyes.!

Seventy-four chapters Stand up
Chu Deiren rushed to the next resident city,It is found that the Qing army has already kneelted,Although I still have a baby,But the arm has been bent to a weird angle……
Take the martial arts of Wang Yizhen,Random swing,Silk strap“Tianshan folder”Ingenious,One of the times,Holding the arm of the weapon,A volume、I have twisted together!
As for the roof shooting arrow,Also shaked a ribbon by her,We will sweep,Hundreds of soldiers are not allowed to be in the alley。
“Weidu,The thief is fierce!Let’s take it first.!”Zhang Kang’s appearance is also awkward。
I can’t think of the preferences of Weidu,Catch a girl,I have encountered so hard,more importantly……
Zhao Qixian said at this time:“This person should be the Taihao god of the Star……Next to it is the purple god、Tianshi Shen,Their relationship between them and the gorgeous relationship,Go down again,Nothing hope,and……Let’s have a strong,But here is too close to Shaolin、It’s too far from the capital.!”
They also seen the identity of Wang Yizhen,I understand that she is not only hard.……Backstage hard!
Originally Wei Xiaobao stared at the Aunt,Quite a little fascinating,I didn’t listen at all.。
But heard“Gantry”When three words,Still the spirit:“Gantry?Yes……The one of the Chu Tai years?”
“good。”Zhang Kangnian heard a nodded,After that, the small is not a small:“Who don’t know on the rivers and lakes,The relationship between the three gods and Chu Chu is not clear,Even rumors say,Two palace owners in the lobby……Cough。”
Wei Xiaobao is up to the cold sweat——This is to be too close to Shaolin?I am afraid that it is not far from Chu Deirers.!
Others don’t know,He knows,Chu Deirers also have to share with Shaolin accounts,Ten eight nine is near Lushan。
“withdraw、Quick brothers withdraw!Remember the beauty of the girl,wait for me……Hey,okay,Anyway, remember it first.。”What is Wei Xiaobao just say?,Suddenly remembered that I still have to pay out how long,I didn’t say it.。
“Do not worry!Brothers remember the other three,If the rivers and lakes appear in the future,Tied……”Zhang Kang’s year boasted。
Wei Xiaobao did not pay attention to Zhang Da Ge’s bragging,I still look at the Auntie,But I found a big brother around you.、Zhao Da Ge is quiet,Don’t mention the things of the soldiers,Seeing brothers continue to send……Results,I found that both people have standing,Zhang Kang’s year does even maintain a slight opening wants to speak。
Only,All reveal……
“Zhang Da Ge?”Wei Xiaobao is tight,I know that they are separated by people.,I am busy holding the head of the brain.。
“Chow、Chu Hexia?Are you old??”Wei Xiaobao asked。
“Don’t,To talk about the rivers and lakes,Dear officials want to put my rivers and lakes?”Chu Deirers are mixed with yin and yang,I never know where to appear。
Wei Xiaobao even did not find out,But finally understand“Be like a ghost”What means。
And the soldiers around him,At this time, there are still no movements.。
“Chu Daxia said!Zhang Da Ge this person……It is a good face,Blowing in front of the brothers?I really encountered Chu Da Ge、Meet three women,He respects respect,Where to dare?”Wei Xiaobao quickly slammed Chu Deirers。
Said that Wei Xiaobao also shouted:“Give me a hand!”
This is only a distinctive capital,Usually ordered,He,The amount of exhaustion of the shout is not enough.,But a few throats,Stop the Qing soldiers stop。
But see the situation of Weidu,How to see it is held,So a group of Qing soldiers around Chu Deirers and Wei Xiaobao,On the one side, I don’t dare to relax my demon.……
Wei Xiaobao saw the shackles:“What do you do、What do you do?Didn’t you see a big name??All the weapons gave me!”
He is not stupid,By the way, I also shouted the name of the Chu Deirers.。
Change others, I will really motise myrams.,Even if it is a Chu Deire……Although not afraid of the Qing court,But I don’t want to find trouble to my brother.。
What is the big thing?,In order to kill a few people、First wait,I am wanted when I arrived.、Big Brother will definitely go to a small emperor.,What is the little boring?,Can be removed,Not necessarily, the blind!
“it is good,This sound of heroes,Two first guards!”Chu Deirers said,Directly,Zhang Kang’s year behind、Zhao Qixian flew,Time to vomit blood、Dizzy。
Chu Dee people will look at them in two ways,This is because they start to grab the people——Two Han people,I don’t say it in the future.,I dare to borrow the situation of the Qing court.,Bully?
What’s more, I dare to say anything else??
Blowing is really bragging,But now I am not Wang Yizhen them.,Strengthening the people is also really strong。
Original Chu Deirers still don’t want to be too handful,but……Wei Xiaobao Self-intelligence,Report his name,That is not abolished——The Chu Deiren has broken the two people.。

“President Xia,Since this matter is so set,I have to hurry back tonight,Find the Chief of Zhangwang Village,Lease 50 mu of riverside land in their village“Zhao Hong suddenly said to Xia Jian。

Xia Jian thought about it:“also,Let Fang Fang send you back,Bring me some changes of clothes when you come tomorrow,I live in Pingdu these days,There is still a lot of work to be done here“
“President Xia will not invite everyone to dinner,Have been tired for a day”Mu Rong Sisi said with a bulging mouth。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I have a socializing in the evening,Solve the food by yourself,I’ll talk about it later when I have a chance”
As soon as the car arrived at Xiping Agricultural Trade Company,Xia Jian and Mu Rong Sisi got out of the car,Fang Fang said hello to Xia Jian,The car turned around,Disappeared into the traffic in an instant。
Suddenly Xia Jian’s phone vibrated,He took it out and took a look,See it was a text message from Zhao Hong,He couldn’t help but enjoy,This woman also knows how to play romance,Open the text message“You will be free if i go,Save some money tonight,No need to go to the hotel,Sleeping curtain Rong Sisi’s bed,Her bed is soft”
cut!This Zhao Hong,It seems that I am still brooding about what happened yesterday afternoon,Sometimes a woman’s mind is so small,Mu Rong Sisi secretly stretched out his head,I want to peek Xia Jian’s text messages。
“stop looking,You work hard,When I return to Pingdu next time,Bring you a cell phone”Xia Jian on a whim,I said this by the way。
Listen to it,I almost jumped up happy,She asked with a smile:“President Xia,The phones of Sister Zhao and Mayor Ouyang,Did you give it”
“who said it?”Xia Jian deliberately sank his face,This is called a guilty conscience,It’s just pretending to be momentum。
as expected,Mu Rong Sisi is not afraid of him,But said with a smile:“The two phones are exactly the same,It’s just a different color,Moreover,This phone has not yet been sold in Pingdu,And the time they use their mobile phones is also between before and after,You said it wasn’t what you gave?”
Mu Rong Sisi’s words,Surprised Xia Jian,How did she observe so carefully,It seems that I have to work harder in the future,Otherwise it’s not good to show your feet。
“Right?!You still invite me to have hot pot!”Mu Rong Sisi hit the snake with the stick。

“Hey!You still refuse to forgive me, are you?!”Xiao Xiao suddenly said something like this。

Xia Jian was taken aback,He didn’t understand what Xiao Xiao meant。He thought for a while and said:“There is something wrong with your question,There is no right or wrong between us,So why forgive”
“Don’t pretend。I leave the venture group,There are difficulties that cannot be said。it’s good now,But you just shouldn’t go back to the venture group,I have to fuck your township chief。do you know?You won’t come to work in the group,Is there much pressure in my heart??”Xiao Xiao said emotionally。
On Xiao Xiao,Xia Jianke has never seen her like this before。It seems that there is a celebrity who said well,A woman who looks very strong,In fact, my heart is very fragile。Does Xiao Xiao belong to this type of woman??
Xia Jian looked out the car window,Took a breath and said:“you think too much。I will not return to the Venture Group,Because my heart is in Pingyang Town。My parents gave me birth in Xiping Township,It’s like taking my roots”
“No matter where i go,It’s still my hometown。You know the hardships of my parents,I just want people to live a happy life。This sounds a bit official,But I really think so”
“If I want to go into business,In addition to entrepreneurial groups,Many places i can go。North Granville Group、And Hu Huiru’s Dongsheng Group,The conditions they offer are even higher than those of entrepreneurial groups。So you don’t have to think like this,I really don’t want to be in business,Want to do something for my hometown,Nothing more”
Xia Jian took the words in his heart,Tell Xiao Xiao,His purpose is to make Xiao Xiao no longer burdened。The past has become yesterday,He really doesn’t want to go back anymore。
Xiao Xiao didn’t speak anymore,But turned on the music in the car。A sad love song is floating in the car,It makes people feel a little sad。
Zhao Hong’s departure,Gave Xia Jian a fatal blow。He never thought about it now,Who will he go down with。Not bad,There are too many women around him,Too much to make him choose。
The car stopped slowly。Xiao Xiao turned off the music in the car,Sighed and said:“To the place,Why am I not interested anymore”
“Since it’s here,Time to go down,Otherwise you are dishonest to me。Obviously invite me to dinner,But to the place,You are not interested,Does this make everyone laugh at me?”Xia Jian said,Opened the door。
Xiao Xiaobai glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Your mouth is getting stronger,Looks like I have to guard against you in the future”Two talking and laughing,Got out of the car together。
It’s a Hunan restaurant of the Tujia people,The name is very long anyway,Xia Jianchu was too lazy to remember。So he followed Xiao Xiao directly to the second floor。
The second floor is a very large hall。From tables and chairs to all decorations in the house,All have a strong national flavor。Even the clothes the waiter wore,Also national costume。
Not many people eat in the hall。Xiao Xiao and Xia Jian,I found a seat near the window and sat down。
First1894chapter Rashly

Poor parents in the world,It seems that Sun Yuejuan has been watching them。She is afraid that Zhou Li and Xia Jian will stay together for a long time,Something will happen。

Zhou Li is away,Xia Jian quickly turned off the light and went to bed。But lying on the bed,He is not sleepy at all。Tossing and rolling on the bed,It’s probably midnight when you fall asleep。
Xia Jian, who was awakened by the knock on the door, stood up,He looked at the phone beside the bed,Found it was seven o’clock,He finished washing as fast as possible。Then rushed into the living room,Grabbed two buns and ran away。
At this moment Heiwa walked in,He moved Xia Jian’s luggage into the car。Sun Yuejuan stood at the gate,I’ve been watching Xia Jian’s car go far before returning to the house。
The Heiwa who drove the car suddenly asked Xia Jian:“President Xia!When i just came,I saw a Bentley driving away at the gate,That is your friend’s car?Too rich”
“You may have heard of this person,She is Zhou Li, the original sales director of Venture Group。Come back this time,Really rich,Shocking”When Xia Jian said this,,Eyes floating out of the car window。
Winter morning,Unusually cold。Xia Jian looked at the thin ice on the glass,Can’t help but say to Heiwa:“Turn on the heating and air conditioning!”
“Bear with me for a few minutes,Fire temperature comes up,I will turn on the heating”Heiwa said,Ha ha smile。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore。These people who followed them,Really good,Think about the company’s interests everywhere。
Heiwa is an old driver,The car drove fast and smoothly,Unknowingly, the car has stopped in front of the terminal。Heiwa smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You wait for me here,I’ll come up to see you off after I parked the car”
“Hurry back!I have to send my luggage?I don’t even think about it”Xia Jian declined the black baby,Dragged the luggage and walked in quickly。This is winter,If it’s summer,He didn’t want to bring a piece of clothing。
Xia Jian dragging the suitcase,When going through security,I accidentally saw a familiar figure,Haven’t waited for her to react,That person was also startled,So he rushed to him in two steps。
“President Xia!Really you!also goGZ?”It’s not someone else,It’s the little witch Lu Wanting。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“You goGZplay?Still have something?”Xia Jian looked at this woman,Found she has matured a lot。
Lu Wanting glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I have to deal with a little thing,Really didn’t expect,Can meet you here,It seems we are still destined”
The two talked and laughed and entered the waiting room together,Then I found a seat and sat down。Lu Wanting is the same as Xia Jian,Also dragged a small suitcase,The two smiled at each other,Their personalities are indeed too similar。
Lu Wanting sat next to Xia Jian like a child。She asked with a smile:“Are you still an official in your Pingdu city??”It seems his thing,Lu Wanting has no idea。
Xia Jian sighed,So he told Lu Wanting briefly about his affairs。I didn’t expect Lu Wanting to listen,Hehe smiled and said:“It’s ok,We can’t do it。Back to Bucheon,You are so capable,It’s not difficult to do one thing well”
“Tell me about your situation?Haven’t seen you for a long time”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Lu Wanting sighed and said:“Our company andGZA company here did a business,It’s a bit of money,But what I didn’t expect was that the boss of this company was a rogue,He’s playing lazy and won’t give us money,I’m asking him for money this time”
“how many?Will it be difficult。Use the law if it doesn’t work。If you need help,Despite opening。I am now in Bucheon,It’s more convenient to do these things”Xia Jian said solemnly。

“Comply with”

Five more magnetic cannons appeared behind him,Boom on the protective cover one after another,Qing Ling stared at the protective cover,A scent of sweat slid down the neck。
“No way,Can’t drag on any longer!”Murong Yuan hides behind the crowd,Very anxious,Look at the two people holding the protective shield,Walk towards there slowly。
The two are watching outside,Didn’t notice Murong Yuan who came quietly,Murong Yuan quickly smashed the switch of the protective cover,Turn it off。
“Murong。。。Master Murong!”The two heard the sound and hurriedly turned back,I saw that Murongyuan closed the protective cover,Exclaimed,I can’t even dream of Murong Yuan closing the protective cover。
The protective cover in front of everyone slowly dissipated,Qingling’s eyes widened,Look at the two,Seeing Murongyuan directly smashed the switch,Shocked。
The magnetic energy gun has no protective cover,Directly on the door and the wall,Gravel splash,Murong’s defense was completely broken。
“well,Everyone wears armor,Destroy Murong Family!”Yun Kongming naturally knew that Murongyuan did it,Directly direct everyone to rush into Mu Rong’s house。
“Everyone,Ready to fight!”Although Qingling is very angry about what Murongyuan has done,But quickly adjusted his thoughts,The Murong tribe rushes towards the enemy in armor。
The swords collided and gave a terrifying roar,This is a night of blood and fire!
“Hahahaha,go to hell!”Bad eaters join the battle group,Murong people are slaughtered bloodily,Luo Sheng’s hands are stained with blood,He just gave birth to someone。
Qingling led all the tribe to fight to the death,Blood was scattered all over the courtyard,The white armor on Qingling’s body is even more stained with blood,With a beautiful face,Like a white lotus stained with blood。
“Ugh,Isn’t it good to give up,Are you willing to die??”Yun Kongming watched the battle before him,Drinking tea leisurely,He really doesn’t understand why Murong’s family is so strong,Even if it’s a deadly battle!
“what!!1”The screams appeared in Yun Kongming’s ears,Originally didn’t care,But the more you listen, the more wrong,This voice。。。Seems to be coming from behind me!
Yun Kongming’s pupils shrink,Stood up suddenly and looked behind,A team appeared behind him,Unstoppable strangling his men。
The head is naturally Ye Fuming, holding the Euphorbia。
“Kill me!”Halberd,Pointing at Yun Kongming not far away,Words are extremely cold,The bloody soldiers behind him went straight to the battlefield,Have them join,Murong people’s pressure is much less。
Yun Kongming saw Fuming’s face,An anger comes from the heart,Cold growl“It’s you again,Ye Fuming!”

But Shu De seems to still be movable.。

Her mouth smiles:“he’s returned home,Lost our two young girls in this respiratory ward,More dangerous,Eating a night, I will not be late.……”
Zhou Ye has hung,Staying at this scene。
This……Son of a bitch!
Do I really owe you in my life??
I don’t eat a night.,You are dangerous……
It’s hard to come, I didn’t come.,You have to eat a night, you have to call a bodyguard.!
Zhou Yewu helplessly pinch his little finger。
It seems that I want to go home to play a beautiful king glory.,This dream is already shattered.。
Half an hour later,Takeaway little brother sent hot barbecue pushes。
Moonlight high。
Zhou Ye also was pressed on the chair,Push。
She has always looked at Zhou Ye.,I am afraid that this beautiful teenager will slip away.。
See this scene……
Take the small brother put down the takeaway,Run away immediately。
Xu Lu just wanted to shout“thanks”,I have found that I have already eaten it.!
“Are you not hungry??It seems that I am calling this night.。”
“Gill?Eating can be civilized?”
Xu De is laughing at Zhou Yewu’s eating,Then, regardless of the direct grabbing of Wang Ye, the fried string。
Zhou Niwu eats,One side:“I have all helped you overtime for a long time.,What happened to eat something??Do you want to be so norful?。”
human nature?
Somer’s mouth is full of bad laughs。
He has just finished this sentence.……Shu Lu has won another skewer roast in Zhou Niwu.!
“childish。”Zhou Ye is indifferent。
Such a sister is simply a kindergarten graduated.。
Bullying yourself all day,Now I don’t even have a good night.。
Zhou Ante antelope seems to be ignored.。
She looked slightly two people,No smile on your face。
Zhou Ye has no intention,It seems that this scene,He relieved:“antelope,You also eat,I have been eaten by the deer sister.。”
Weighing“Um”A sentence,Face this is just a little better.。
No matter,I don’t like being ignored.。
Silence, sometimes I just don’t know what to say.。

Go watch the Lansys cooking surface,Because there is no special noodle,Francis just cooks noodles to seven yards,fish out,Boiled water,Sprinkle salt,ginger,sugar,Minced garlic,Pepper oil,Chili oil,Onion,Carrot wire sequentially。

Stir vigorously,Mix the noodles uniform。
Take out two bowls,Pick the face,Put on the table。have to say,Noodles are really good,Although the flexibility is general but this is not a special cylindrical fine。Seasoning,The erythrics of garlic are blended with spicy taste masks,Sweet and then hot,Plus a little slight paralysis,Various tastes are very strong,Soon will dissipate。
This is so,Wen Di is still a spicy。
Put your apple juice,Wen Di is not politely drinking,In a short while the half basin noodles are eliminated。
Maybe because it is very comfortable to eat,Weidi simply closed his eyes to sleep。
It’s really no way,I don’t know what to do tomorrow.。
Francis is helplessly looking at this leisure guy。
never mind,Still put this guy on the bed.。
Francis looks at the face of the like,The skin is not like,Long eyelashes cover the star man in your eyes。The whole person is soft,It’s very easy to hose it.,No bedroom to Wendi,Francis still puts him in your own bed。
Debon,Tap,Take a hat,It is a familiar operation。
Barbatys lying in bed, I can’t afford it frown。
This guy,Actually a gentleman?!
Feel the people who have been hugged,Weidi continues to keep the side sleeping posture,only,The guy seems to be hugged from front.!(?Д?)?
Two people are so sleepy…………
Nothing happened!
Really didn’t happen anything!
(PS:Here,Currency is not subject to the game,The area of each country will increase,This book will not describe the fighting scene,After all, it is difficult to write.,And is a daily article,The protagonist is a semi-invincible state。
Skills highest level 13(Not much in the game),Lv13Equivalent toMax。
in addition,Because the author is a name,Words in text,Zhong Bo(Clock and two words),燊 燊 都 都 是 强 强 强 强 强 强 强。There will be a call behind“Value”Harp,Be taken(Teeth)。Cough!Basically, everyone guess.!(This gathering time,Role。
The poem is actually called“Rain poem”of,But I think about it later.,Word poems are more fit,Change into a poem,Meaning“Person with poems”。
The name of Frances is taken from French。Meaning:“free,Unconscious。”(I don’t know if it is,After all, so many words,And free name is basically female name,Male names found in Baidu library。
In addition, the protagonist is called。
Meaning:reborn。指 is generally“Musical instrument”Not the most favorite instrument of the protagonist。
In addition, I just take the title.。
Author high school students,Writing is not good,Forgive。
After all, it is the original God Weidi.,Quantity。
I used to look at the abyss mage and Shrem,I feel that no one dares to write2600Year ago,Some disappointment。
Now finally。
the next day,Francis wakes up and often,But there is more waste of the wind next to it.。
It’s still not bright,Even chickens are falling asleep。
Ignite the three oil lamps in the kitchen,Start making breakfast。As a waste poet who does not sing a poem,Francis is doing noodles。
After all, this thing will not be specially tangled.,Especially the mixture of pepper oil,In fact, most people can do this level.。
Then there is only……