Tian Wa nodded and said to Liu Changgui:“Pick ten smarter,Young man who has loaded the car sleeps at night,Others work overtime,When will it finish,When to rest”

“Ok!I think that’s it,Let’s leave now!”Liu Changgui is also a secretary,It’s just a lot of ghosts。
What did he do,Wang Youcai found out but didn’t point it out,It’s a big deal for him。Liu Changgui came to understand later,Wang Youcai’s position in Chenzhuang,No one can shake。So he must see the situation clearly,Regroup。
Wang Youcai can’t sit still,And followed these two people to the field。
the next day,Five big trucks came all at once。Fortunately, Wang Youcai was prepared,More than a dozen young people installed the car step by step。
In order to add fast seats,Tian Wa and Liu Changgui each lead a team。Six people in front of each car,Everyone else ships goods,Help in front of the car,The scene is really lively。
One morning,Two cars are installed。In a hurry,Wang Youcai asked Wang Xiaomei and Liu Ying to deliver the rice to the field。These workers take turns eating。
Busy till eight o’clock in the evening,The last car left the Chenzhuang Scenic Tree Planting Base with its lights on。Not just workers,Even Wang Youcai is too tired to walk。
To reward the hard work of the workers,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to take out all the meat in the refrigerator,Burned several dishes。He drove hard to the town,Brought a few cases of beer back。
The workers saw that the boss was so generous,All the fatigue is gone。When the food is on the table,The whole yard is boiling。
Wang Youcai let go of being a boss,Sitting among the workers,Drink and eat food with them。These coolies,Actually it’s best to deal with。They are kind of cheap labor,Only the boss treats them slightly better,They will do their best to repay you。
The meal didn’t end until ten o’clock in the evening。When the workers heard that the next day would be a day off,They are boiling again。
Back to bed,When Wang Youcai fell,Fell asleep without taking off his clothes。When he opens his eyes again,It’s the next morning。
A beam of sunlight came in from under the curtain,Formed a bright light on the desk。Wang Youcai stretched his waist,Reached out and took a look at the phone,It’s already past eight o’clock。
But the whole yard,No sound。It seems everyone was really exhausted yesterday,Liu Ying, including the kitchen, doesn’t seem to get up。

Bai Li glanced at Xia Jian and said:“The strength of this Yang Ying cannot be underestimated,If she really has this intention,Then you are very close to success”

Guan Tingna still wants to go on,You can see Xia Jian’s eyes,So I shut up and didn’t speak。Because only Xia Jian is a man,And everyone has to go to work the next day,So I didn’t drink,And it ended earlier。
Back to hotel,Xia Jian didn’t want to move when he lay on the bed。Fortunately, Guan Tingna played the leading role this afternoon,Otherwise, if he is alone,Really busy with him。
Guan Tingna may also be exhausted,I returned to the hotel and never came out。Until the next morning,Xia Jian is still sleeping,Guan Tingna came over and knocked on his door。
Xia Jian quickly got up and opened the door。Guan Tingna is already dressed,She said to Xia Jian very seriously:“I went to Dongsheng Group,You can take care of yourself”
“It’s only seven o’clock,What are you doing so early??”Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“I gotta Feeling,Someone will come over today and continue to ask about yesterday。I’ll wait for them early,Better than asking Secretary Bai to call!”
“Row!then you go!Bring the contract,Almost you signed。As long as not below which line,You don’t need to call me,Just make your own opinion”Xia Jian gave Guan Tingna the most authority。
Guan Tingna listened,Happy to say:“Ok,I know what to do”
Watching Guan Tingna go away,Xia Jian felt so lucky。Fortunately, he got such a powerful character in his company。Seems to be able to help him at work,Maybe this is Guan Tingna。
Back to the room,Xia Jian brushed his teeth and washed his face。He can lie down for a while,But he feels a little wrong to do it。
As the boss of the company,He has to work harder than his subordinates,There is a reason why subordinates work and sleep by themselves。

A drop of black water ignores Li Ming’s road,The defensive spells only had time to make a ripple,Be penetrated。

Black water drop,Met Li Ming’s body。
This black drop,It is the remnant erysipelas after refining the pill by the powerful man in the legend,The corrosive power contained is very strong,Even if the fairy is hit, there is a danger of death。
The ancestor Saito exchanged three drops from a god,One drop was used to assassinate the ancient Sanxian who was also at the million-year level,And one hit kills。
This time,Is the second drop。
According to Saito’s ancestor,Ordinary gods can hardly resist this drop of erysipelas black water。
however,The next scene stunned him。
“Zi Zi Zi~”The constant infiltration of the power of corruption and destruction,But it was constantly offset by the golden light on Li Ming’s body。
The body of pure Yang magic weapon level,How general。
The means to kill the gods,The threat to the fairy-level magic weapon is much lower,Not to mention the magic weapon to purify the Yang level。
The power of this drop of erysipelas black water is indeed not low,Three full breaths,Li Ming’s body surface is surrounded by the corrosive power contained in this drop of black water。
only,The golden light on the surface of the body is getting stronger,Suppressed the corrosive power of black water。
If Li Ming is emotional,The ancestor Saito is scared。
“How can this be?”

This time,Great wolf with open mouth,Staring at it for a long time,Li Tianchou never appeared again,Must have gone deep into it。

The aura in the cave is fierce,Comparable to the dantian furnace when Li Tianchou fully mobilized his true essence,The depth of the hole is more than a few,Li Tianchou looks focused,Adjust your body at any time to get into different convective air masses,Slow down,But soon I saw the dim light,And there was a faint buzzing noise。
Deep again for a long time,Li Tianchou finally saw the dazzling light group,Scorching hot,The light mass is spinning slowly,The buzzing sound comes from this rotating sound,Don’t know when,Li Tianchou’s heart beats suddenly,Then it fits with the sound,unnoticed,Can’t control。
Is this light ball the center of the small world?Doesn’t seem like,No lava tumbling,Li Tianchou smelled a familiar smell,Very fresh and pleasant,Gave him a cool feeling in the heat,He saw a simple earthen jar。
Yes,It’s the earthen jar containing congenital soil,Snatched by Pan Mang in the palace of Qingyang Jianzong,Fell into‘Instructor’In the hands of,Between him and‘Instructor’While talking,The other side’s great expression,Xiyang has given him back,Li Tianchou also sensed the crock in the gods,But after entering the small world,Lost the trace of the earthen jar,I didn’t expect it to appear here。
The earthen jar rotates around the light mass,Tumbling from time to time,Inadvertently peeling off the surface,There are even large pieces of the tank falling,Then fell into the light ball,What surprised Li Tianchou was,The crock turned out to be empty?Where did a pot of congenital soil go slowly??
The first thousand and sixty chapters Stargazing river
There are more magical things,The quaint earthen jar is constantly breaking and falling off in the burning fire below,But in the flip again,Recover soon,Then fall off again,It seems that this earthen jar can be repaired and resurrected repeatedly。
After each piece of can body falls,It will produce a dazzling light,Followed by big shares、Something like steam spills out,Soon with the wind up,Become transparent and void,That is extremely pure aura,After going out of the cave,Float to the whole small world。
Reiki is the essence of heaven and earth,Plays a vital role in nurturing everything,It’s also the foundation of the divine channel method,Most heavenly worlds have more or less aura,Powerful heavens often contain extremely abundant aura,Such world powerhouses emerge in endlessly,Even a mighty one who shines in the heavens,And the heavens with thin aura,It goes without saying that it means weak。
The current mortal world is an example,The aura is so thin that it is difficult to sense,So the spiritual world has fallen,It’s hard to breed powerful practitioners。
Can be seen from the background of the Qingyang Jianzong,It shows that the mortal world was originally a spiritually filled heaven,What caused it not only did not become strong,And become what it is now?The number of creatures is too large?Or the practitioners are over-extracting energy?Or some other emergency?
Whether it is the leader of Baiyun Taoist of Liuyun View,Or old man Dong,I think that Reiki is actually a kind of ecology in the world of mortals.,Or called another level,Traditional practitioners generally believe that there were many practitioners in ancient times,Unconstrained excessive extraction of aura,Destroy the ecology,This is the root cause。
But Li Tianzhen thinks it’s not that simple,Compared to the mighty heavens,Such as God Realm、Fairyland,Even the devil,The number of practitioners in the mortal world is far less than them even in the glorious period,But I haven’t heard of the diminishing aura of these heavens,Why is that?

The downhill leopard slapped Chen Xiu’s face,Keep calling,Chen Xiu still didn’t wake up,Grabbing his hand and measuring his pulse with five fingers, he exclaimed:”Brother’s pulse beats so fast,How to do!”

Everyone is looking towards Yixing。
Easy trip is also a panic,I don’t know how to deal with it。
”Leopard,2nd Brother, is this evil?!”A little brother suddenly said。
”Shit,how is this possible……”
Downhill Leopard is about to deny,Think again,Second brother is usually so strong,It’s okay to hit ten,How come I suddenly fainted?
Is it really an evil?
To know,Now everyone is robbing the tomb
451 Shot
Chen Xiu’s consumption was too great this time,Although I have eaten a chocolate,When the leopard put him down, his feet were still weak。
Tang Yuanyuan quickly handed him the few chocolates left in his pocket。
After Chen Xiu swallowed all these chocolates into his stomach,Physical strength is a little bit of recovery,The mysterious aura in the endoscope is still empty。
”Where’s the ivory mat,Did you bring it out together??”
Tang Yuanyuan blamed him:”You’re all like this,Still thinking about the ivory mat。What can be more important than life!”
Chen Xiu wants the ivory mat but wants to absorb the mysterious breath inside and replenish it into the body,Of course he can’t tell Tang Yuanyuan about this,Or she must pay back
452 The killer must be cruel to himself
How sharp Chen Xiu’s eyes,Just when Wu Zhen turned around and took out his gun, he already saw his intentions。
Now I jumped and dodged the bullet。

She watched Gu An’an’s circle of friends,Because of work needs,Before you go to work, are in a group,Circle,Her Jiusi Game,Are luxury in her hats。

but,Gu Anan high consumption,Gu family is also raising,After all, Gu Jia,As long as you operate,Not lack of money。
but,in other words,Luxurious life,It means inferiority,Gu Anan has never confident。
Luxury senior life,Put up the face and vanity。
Blue Xin,Move forward,For Gu Ai’an appeared in Gu Jia,In fact, there is no idea.,If she is kind,I don’t want to have a sister.。
pity“Blue,Do you not go to the designer exchange today today??”
Lu Haicheng asked。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,Say:“Aunt,Today she is very busy,I don’t recommend that I know other designers.,Everyone is very busy today.,Hurriedly see the side,Who can’t remember?,She said that after waiting for a long time.,Go to eat together,I will introduce it to me again.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Teacher Li thinks about thought。
Blue,I have a meeting in the evening.,That morning, we can go back.。”
Blue Xin nodded slightly,“Just,Kiki should also go to the hospital to remove the plaster.,They also have to start school.,I have to go back to prepare for the children.。”
Her heart has been remembering her daughter。
Kiki’s hands and feet can’t move,She is not around Kiki,The little girl is still sad.,But the girl is sensible.,Know what she wants to work,Not wrapped with her。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Laugh:“Blue,That day,Let’s send Qi Qi to the hospital.。
As for the four children to go to school, you don’t have to worry,I have already arranged.,you do not need to worry。”
Blue Xin looked back at him.,Essentials have been grateful,Have her help,She is really labor-saving。
Lu Hao is deeply awkward,“Blue,You have seen it with me.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“Human feelings!”
“But I am really。”
Lu Hao’s eyes look deep deeply。
Blue Xin is quite speechless,Just want to talk,I heard someone called her.。
Lin Dami stands at the corner of the other side,Looking at Blue Xin, loving。
Blue Xin micro slide,Not cold, not hot, called。
Lu Haocheng also looked at Lin Deman slightly,Lin Dami came over with two people,said laughingly:“Ah Cheng,You will go first.,I have some words and blue blue。”
“it is good!”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,That’s the most perfect masterpiece,A pair of blacks deeply looked at Blue Xin,Elegant pace。
Blue Xin looked at the mother and loving mother,Know,I am afraid that I have said Jiaqi’s things.。
NS623chapter:I have not considered this matter.
Anyway, this thing will face sooner or later.,It’s better to talk to your mother.。
Children can’t have fathers,She is a single mother,Experience this kind of thing,Kids can have Dad best,Dad has a lot of influence on children.。
Lin Deman laughed:“Blue,We went to the coffee shop next door,Mom gives you ice cream and coffee。”

Yang Tiexin saw the child of the brother,Even busy self-exposure,Two in the same year were in the mountain customs.,Top 16 years ago, Wu Sanui put it off,Hiren,Yang Tiexin、Guo Xiaotian also understands martial arts,It is difficult to change the big potential,Disappears in the mess。

For many years,Yang Tiexin took the north of the north,I have already thought that my wife and brothers are already killed.,Just hope that the sky is glance,The blood of the teachings。
So many years,Yang Tiexin meets the woman has grown up,I thought of the idea of praising relatives.,And every one,Bright“Mu Yi”name,and“Contend”Flag,Is a shot of a hanging hanging,I hope that the wife will hear、See,Ability to recognize your identity,If it is the future generation of Guo Da Ge, it is a man.,Can be born with your own,The agreement of the two people。
However, if it has been more than a year,Muyi is also getting more and more acceptance,Suspected that it is already killed,At this time I thought about it.,Give your daughter to find people、Good german who has won the martial arts,I can also look……
How is a series of things today?,But in the heart of Yang Tiexin,How is a chaotic。
Wang Yi heard,This man is actually Yang Tiexin,Also quite rapid,One side will Guo Jing、Yang Tiexin,Brought back to the guest,On the side, people go to seek brothers,Just the Hill Machine into the sky,Not necessarily。
Chu Deirers know,King is a pub,Actually and I am still the same,Just three days before,Going yourself to Green Bamboo Lane,So I didn’t touch it.。
On the road, Guo Jing took several times to see Huang Rong,But but I still want to say,I saw the inn,Guo Jing finally couldn’t help but ask:“this……girl,Where is your clothes come??what!Some Tang Jun、only、only……”
Be right,Huang Rong’s skin is not changed。
“May I do a little gave me??”Huang Rong said。
“so it is!That……The little brother is now good now.?”Guo Jing didn’t hear anything,Just asked。
“it is good……Still not good?……”Huang Rong hangs Guo Jing,Seeing that he is really anxious.,Can’t help but smile。
However, when Yang Tiexin suddenly took Guo Jingdao:“Jing,I can see it today.,Yang Shu is dead.,I was agreed with you when I was.,If two are boys、Or girl,It is called them all the brothers.、sisters,If a man and a woman,It is considered married……”
Chapter 178 Do not go
“……Catheri this child,Although I adopted,But many years have no different from my father and women,After the uncle, the uncle will pay you to you.!”Yang Tie is holding Guo Jing’s hand。
Yang Tiexin is not looking at Guo Jing and women’s cavity,Deliberately interrupted,From the observation of Chu Deirers,He all the way,I am afraid that I have not observed too care.。
At this time, I want to pay my daughter to an old man.,After that, I have a good to go to the Pingxi Wangfu.,“she”Is it“she”、“he”Is it……
“Hey!You and him promised things,With him、What is the relationship with your daughter??”Mu Yizhen said straight and straightforward。
Originally, she is a bit of Huang Rong.“Also look at”,One is hope and yourself“Pity with the same disease”Good sister,Find an old man,Two……Also in some degree,Avoid Huang Rong eye,See some big pig hoops。
certainly,the most important is,Wooden is a rebellious child,I have also listened to her Master.,Since Master becomes a bride,I don’t listen to even if I even listen to the Qin red cotton.,How to see this set of Yang Tiexin?
Yang Tiehe is actually there is no meaning next to it.,Both people are really not suitable,He will not force,I don’t deliberately interrupt what it is.,I just heard that Mu Yiqu is so straightforward.“rebuke”,It is inevitable……
Twenty years ago,Central Plains、Guanzhong、Hebei is also Hanjia Jiangshan,Now“Former Song”,At that time, the Tideline of the Northern Similarity,Later, now,The royal side of the royal family is connected in the South.“Song”,When confronted in Huainan,The rise of Yunyuan accounts for the close、Hanzhong,Song Ting is in Sichuan、Xiangfan、Jing Nan、Huainan、Jiangnan,And the advantage of maritime,Shandong Peninsula。
Because of the ocean,Commodity economy is more developed,Song Ting in the south,The science trend is contained,Formed a situation in northern Hani。
Before Yang Hexin, it is a north.,Natural accepted levels are also higher,only……Human speaking,And also see that she is a woman.,Although Yang Tiexin is a swelling,But no episode。
Instead, Guo Jing said quickly.:“Uncle Yang,Minding is my sister in the future.,but……But the little niece has a marriage contract。”
Chu Deman discovered,Guo Jing this is coming out,Mu Jingci and Huang Rong looks all stiff。
Mu Jing Ci is a good guess——Just when I am being burned,A martial art,Human products,more importantly,Also have a blurred“engagement”Husband appears,This is in Mu Jingci’s values,Basically, you can name it for your child.……
No shoes、No father and son recognize,Wu Kang is only an ordinary debut in her heart.。
It can also be seen that Guo Jing has no eye in Mu Jing.,otherwise……The original Guo Jing can never file a marriage with Huang Rong.!
Guo Jing said at this time,It is inevitable that Mu Jing is abandoned——Southern in the south of learning is not too happy,However, Mu Jingci, who was smashed by Yang Tiexin,Most, I will be awkward.。

He is always a rule in this one.,Otherwise, this street he can’t step on it.。

Since my own younger brother is hurt,Then there will always have a former due consequence,If it is bullied,He will retrieve the venue 100%.。
“Four masters,The actress you are optimistic before coming back.,And also with a little boyfriend。”
This exit,The ink men directly stopped the hands of the paraness.。
and then?”
Although this action is just a moment,However, it is a clear feeling that people present.,The analogy of the opponent is constantly agglomerating。
The injured man is even atmospheric.。
“Then I want to say hello to her.,At the same time, I want to give the four things before.,Then I was hurt.。”
The sunglasses are slowly put down the mahjong in their hands.,Then turn over。
“Have,I am mostly my mouth is not clean.,But he is seriously injured.。”
When I said this,The injured man completely exported。
After all, everything he has done is for the four masters in front of him.。
And at this time, the four things are just just a reason.,A reason that can collect each other。
“it is good,Since there is reason,Then I can’t let you eat in a loss.,How many of you will give him him with Li Yuying,I think, please don’t teach you.?”
Say that the ink man is gentle,But the Sen Cool in that tone is to let people can’t help but fill the cold.。
“Know that I am not going to go?
Remember to bring the knife,Have him still feel at me。”
Chapter 1,19
I heard the command of the four.,Youth directly took someone to turn away。
“Don’t need you this time.,You first go to the bag,Try to come back quickly。”
Although this is a simple discourse,But let you have a warm feeling in your heart.。
“Thank you,Thank you。”
Youth said,On the side of it。
Li Hui has just left Li Cuihua from the barbecue stall.,It was blocked by people.。
It is the young youth who took the lead in the past.,Li Hui is also laughing.。
Also want to try?”
“Forehead,no,This time is our boss to see you.。”
Knife listening to youth,Just a brow,But there is no hand,After all, he also dismissed in this case.。
Especially the other party also has a woman。
“breeze,do not go,We hurry。”
Li Cuihua listened to the other’s boss,She suddenly thought about what.。
Although she understands the man,But after the first side saw it, she made a good nightmare.。
If it is not a good sister in the crew to give her a trick,Then she went to find someone with dog blood.,She is probably being finally controlled by the other party.。
From then on,She basically rarely appears here.。
Even if you appear, you will have a good sister.。

This is a very good thing,But the problem is coming soon。These girls called in the past,They asked for money from home,What kind of training。

Liziwan Village was originally a poor village,The family is too poor to let the children go out to work,This is fine,Not only did the money fail,Instead, he started asking for money。
Because these girls didn’t get the money,I soon lost contact with my family。The people in the village panic,To ask Li Hulin for someone。
villager,Many relatives,Came a lot。Of course, Li Hulin’s family also has neighbors,They saw that everyone came to Li Hulin,So I ran over to help,So many people gathered in the yard at once。
Xia Jian basically understood,He stood up and said:“Everyone go back!Since this matter is known to me,I will take care of。But with so many people here, it won’t make any difference,More chaotic”
What Xia Jian said,Several elderly people in the village also came out to shout,The villagers slowly dispersed。The compound gradually became empty。In the end, only four or five elderly people in the village who spoke importantly were left,They just come up with ideas,Help solve the problem。
“I ask you,How old is your sister this year?What level of education?Where to work?”Xia Jian asked Li Hulin softly。
Li Hulin took a breath and said:“My sister’s name is Li Fengzhu,Already twenty-five years old this year,I went to work as soon as I graduated from junior high school,always thereGXGL,It stands to reason that she is obedient,Send money home every year,Unexpectedly, she did such a thing”When Li Hulin said this,,The seven-foot man is about to cry。
Xia Jian put together what Li Hulin said just now and thought about it:“Your girl might be dragged to engage in MLM,Only this kind of work,To pull people in,And also ask the family for money”
“MLM?Everyone says my sister is a personal trafficker,Called the girls in the village and sold them”Li Hulin said with a sad face。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“This is a rumor!Don’t make people in the village believe。Before there is no conclusion,Don’t let the villagers talk nonsense,Otherwise I will call the police at the police station to arrest people”
These words of Xia Jian are not only spoken by Hong Li Hulin,I also told a few other people。He just wanted to stop such nonsense rumors,Otherwise, I haven’t found out what happened yet,The village was in chaos first。
“Mayor Xia!You have a lot of knowledge,Must help me with this,Otherwise, Li Hulin can’t stay in this village”When Li Hulin said this,,Almost begging。
Xia Jian thought about it:“This matter is still inconclusive,So it’s not good to call the police,We can only find out what happened by ourselves,Then make plans“
“Someone in our village has been to the Public Security Bureau,What they said is almost the same as what you said。So I can only ask you about this,You must help me,To help the people of Liziwan Village。Everyone is a girl in her twenties,Once something happens,What do you say?“Li Hulin was talking,On one side he held the corner of Xia Jian’s clothes,I’m afraid he will run away。
Just at this time,A man in his fifties ran in panting,He asked Li Hulin as soon as he entered the gate:“Hulin Brothers,Your Fengzhu called my Chunling,He said there is a good job suitable for Chunling in our family。Chunling immediately agreed,Said he was leaving tonight,But i don’t worry,So I came to ask you,Is this reliable??”
“what?You said Fengzhu called your Chunling again?”Li Hulin,Could not help but cried out。

“Erye Dry Witch!”Li Ming was a little surprised:“This is at least a domain owner!”

“This is the big power team that the monkey Chachadilla said?”Thor was also surprised。
“The identity of the domain owner leading the team is public,Dielyas,Is one of the four major organizations of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire【Three Axe Mountain】Important member of。”
“The team in front of you,It’s the team sent by San Axe Mountain。Look at each other’s more than 300 people,At least more than fifty people are their constant star elites。However, it would be great to have one or two cosmic powers out of this group of elites。”
“Such a low probability?”
“Not low,How good do you think these constant star elites can get,Just like you, I got the serious training of my Lord Babata。”The voice of Babata passed through the minds of Li Ming。
“Babata,What is the situation of the four major organizations of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire??”Thor curiously asked,This time even
“This is information about the power distribution of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire,I sent it to your auxiliary light brain,See for yourself,Lest you suffer。”The voice of Babata sounded in the sea of knowledge,Suddenly Li Ming and others’ arm guards appeared on the screen,A lot of text data。
Take a closer look,Li Ming knows a little bit about these things about the Black Dragon Mountain Empire。
The foundation of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire,Just‘Black dragon mountain’‘Ice Sea God Kingdom’Two holy places。Official strongest force!
While folk,Are the four major organizations:Three Axe Mountain、Baihulou、Black Cloud Club、North Dragon City。
Power spread over thousands of galaxies,Every organization has a group of strong leaders!On Power,Definitely not to be underestimated,And the background of the four major organizations,All involve some high-powered super powers in the dry witch universe,So the four major organizations,Maybe not as tight as the two holy places。
Arguable strength,Except for immortality, it’s almost the same。
“These big forces in the universe,Really behemoth!”Hong couldn’t help but exclaim。
“Who do you want to compare,If compared with the peak period of our Meteorite line,,The two sacred places and the four organizations plus one is not an opponent。If it is related to the advanced civilizations of the universe and even the five major forces,That’s ants。”