I can’t sleep anymore,Wang Youcai sat up from the bed。He thought about it,Still can’t help getting out of bed。Opened the door and walked out gently。

In the sky at this time,A bright moon hangs high,Bright as day。The whole compound,Very quiet。Workers who have been busy for a day,I fell asleep long ago。
suddenly,Wang Youcai found a light on in the room where Mei Zi lived,A little excitement was inevitable in him。This woman pestered him to enter the mountain,When was she,I feel like she can do anything,But when you enter the mountain, you feel like you have changed。No way,What kind of stuff is she,He has to figure it out。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai tiptoed and walked straight to the room where Meizi was lit。What Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Meizi’s room door was hidden,Leave a thin gap。Of course not to look carefully,Can’t tell at all。It may be a little hot to sleep at night,She deliberately left it out for air。
The problem is that since the door is not closed,You shouldn’t have to turn on the lights,In this case,Most people can’t find it。But it’s hard to tell if you meet someone like Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai held his breath,Lie on the door and look inside。Gosh!This dead woman actually fell asleep。She wore a thin floral pajamas,Sleeping on the wooden bed。With her breath,The two peaks on her chest also moved up and down。
Mei Zi’s thin waist was exposed,Under the light,Her exposed skin looks white and translucent。Wang Youcai’s little heart jumped wildly。He can’t help it anymore,Gently opened the door and walked in。
He turned around,Close the door very lightly,Then I put a bolt from the inside。When he looks back,But unexpectedly found that Meizi was already sitting on the bed。
“What do you want to do?”Meizi lowered her voice,Asked coldly。
Wang Youcai smiled,Walked over,Sat down next to Meizi。He smiled and said:“What am i doing,Don’t you know?”Wang Youcai said,He put his arm around Meizi’s shoulder as soon as he reached out。
“Don’t fool around!Be careful i will yell”When Meizi said this,Cute little drum。
Wang Youcai looked at Meizi’s expression,His other hand is already on Meizi’s thigh,Keep touching upwards。His hands are moving,The big mouth is also posted。
“The louder you call,I’m getting more excited”Wang Youcai was panting,He pressed the plum on the bed。
This woman has no symbolic resistance at all,She wrapped Wang Youcai with both hands instead。Wang Youcai smiled triumphantly,Reach out and press on the wall,The room suddenly became dark。
Two as dry wood hit the fire,It burned in a short while。moment,The whole house is the gasp of mixed men and women,There are women who are seductive*sound。
This night is a restless night,Wang Youcai is too tired,Didn’t get up at dawn,Until the workers went to work,He sneaked out of Meizi’s room。
Although he is very careful,But I was still seen by Liu Ying。Liu Ying angrily dropped the kitchen knife in her hand,Caught up in two strides。
“Hey!Rice noodles are almost gone,I told you two days ago,Don’t take it seriously,Don’t blame me”Liu Ying shouted angrily Chao Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai stopped,Glancing at Liu Ying and said:“Took gunpowder in the morning,Can’t speak well?”Liu Yingbai glanced at Wang Youcai,Ran back to the kitchen。
Wang Youcai went back to the house and got dressed,Then go wash it up again,Then I walked towards the jeep parked on the edge of the yard。at this time,Plum rushed out of the kitchen,She yelled deliberately:“Boss Wang,Bring me on,I’m going to the city to do something?”

The van ran forward desperately,The second driver in the car can see that he is a veteran。The boss sitting on the side has been reminding her to stay steady。

Unconsciously,Whitening east,It looks like it’s almost dawn。But the van didn’t mean to stop。These two or three hours of running wildly,Should have run a long way。
Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling a little anxious,It stands to reason that the police should take action,Why hasn’t there been any movement?。His thumb may be swollen,More and more pain。
“what happened?It’s not quiet now?”
The woman sitting next to Xia Jian reached out and patted his cheek twice and said。
Xia Jian pretended to be timid and said:“Can you relax,My feet are swollen,I can’t stand the pain”
“shut up,Bear the pain,Don’t do too much”
The old fourth turned around,Said to Xia Jian fiercely。The car is dark,Xia Jian can’t see this guy’s face,But Xia Jian can feel,This guy must be very ugly。There should be knife marks on the face,Or an eye or something。
Xia Jian secretly cursed this black-hearted bastard。Who did you say he provoked,Don’t you just drive to the provincial capital??Why did you catch him?。
The third child is a woman after all,Women may be natural softhearted。She said to the fourth:“Relax him”
Although the fourth child is unhappy,,But he still turned on the flashlight,Turned around and opened the iron handcuffs on Xia Jian’s feet,And then locked it again gently。
“how about it?Can you please?You cry again,Be careful i chop off your foot”
The fourth child shouted at Xia Jian in the dark。
Xia Jian said quickly:“Ok,it’s better now。sorry to bother you,I don’t dare to cry anymore”
Xia Jian pretended to be very timid,He wants these people to know,He is a stupid, timid and useless little man。Only in this way,He can numb these guys,Looking for opportunities to escape。


He Rongsheng stood up in shock first,Then I sat back,Said with a smile:“It’s just a waste of one hand,By Chen Xiu,Don’t say it’s a hand of old Li’s son,Just scrapped Lao Li’s hand,What can he do!”
“Although we know Chen Xiu’s methods,But Lao Li doesn’t know,It is said that his eldest son is looking for Chen Xiu everywhere。”
“Does Lao Li still want to find Chen Xiu for revenge??”He Rongsheng laughed and said:“Then let Old Li touch the nail by himself,We don’t need to mix this muddy water。”
Guo Yingdong said:“Asheng,Don’t you think this is our icing on the cake?”
“What do you mean?”
He Rongsheng said puzzledly:“By Chen Xiu’s method,He can’t help us。What does this have to do with us?”
“Lao Li can’t deal with Chen Xiu。
but,Now that we know,Can’t help but show,Friendship always accumulates slowly,Otherwise it will gradually fade over time!
If we negotiate with Lao Li at this time,Let him retreat,Save Chen Xiu’s troubles,Wouldn’t it be that Chen Xiu owes us one more favor?。”
He Rongsheng pondered for a moment,Slowly nodded and said:“You make sense,I’ll take a trip to Hong Kong Island with you。”
VIP room in Victoria Hospital。

So in a hurry,He quickly drank a cup of tea。

“Lee brother,You can’t drink this second cup.,So as soon as possible,You have not talked about it.,I am afraid I have already squatted on the table.。”
Ye Shuangzhou opened,Everyone is also attached to it.。
“Hey-hey,Leaf big brother,My first cup of wine is a feeling of feelings.,I must have slowly drinking with you this second cup.,After all, the long night,We have many things to talk slowly to solve it.!Li Hui Feng, this way,Everyone knows the topic.。
Ye Shuangzhou knows,At this time, Li Hui said to himself.,This is, I want to let myself watch an attitude.。
But thinking about Li Hui’s cooperation,Table An attitude can still be done。
“Lee brother,What do you say?,I guarantee your support for your support you.。”
“Hey-hey,Originally, I want to find a one.,Then negotiate it,But I thought about it.,Everyone is not too familiar with each other.,And I have a cooperation with everyone.,One one is looking for it, I don’t believe everyone feels.。”
“So this time I will find everyone together.,Then discuss some things。”
“First of all,The first thing,I am ready to set up a new company.,Then put Yang Big Brother,Golden brother and the business of Feng Ge three people have made new companies.,Is this three big brothers meaningful??”
When Li Hui said this, he looked at Yang Li and Jin Xijie and Feng himself.。
Yang Li’s thing about Li Hui Feng,No half a bit of hesitation。
“I have no meaning,This is your,What do you want to do?。”
Jin Xijie saw Yang Li’s statement,Rapida is also standing:“My life is your saving,You don’t have to tell me this thing.,I don’t have a little meaning。”
Feng Youke see two states,It is also a laugh:“I also understand it.,No support for Li Boss,My industry is the life of bankruptcy.,And Li Boss also gave us R & D funds.,So I don’t make sense,However, the previous shares I hope that we will understand each other.。”
Li Hui Feng knows that Feng’s worries。
I immediately laughed:“How much is Feng Dawei’s industry??”
“Forehead,If you take the two million,I am afraid nothing money。”
For your own situation,Feng is still very self-known。
“Hey-hey,Then I can say Yang Da Ge,Golden Boss and plus your merger,This new company has a million industrial value,Do you believe it?”
“Um,I am still a letter.。”
Feng self-funded this valuation of Li Hui,He is still recognized。
“After all of your three industries merge,Yang Da Ge is the earliest with me,I give 4% shares,Feng Big Brother with the gold boss is 3% dividend,how?”
Li Hui said this time,Already prepared by Feng Bing refused。
He feels that the other party refuses to have no big deal.,After all, he has done the worst plan.。
“Lee Boss,You have given me too much this.,I”Hearing four percent shares,Yang Tie is also moving。
“Hey-hey,Yang Da Ge,These are all you deserved.,Who makes you the earliest time to my time?!”
Jin Xijie’s condition for Li Hui Feng,Naturally there is no meaning。
“I don’t want this.,After all, let’s continue to expand.,The money earned in the future will definitely be more and more,So I feel that three% will be said to be one million.,10 million even more。”
“After all, this is 3%,300,000 dividends in one year,We will continue to do bigger,Think about it。”

Suddenly heard the words of Songshimin,Song Ting is also a sense of warm feelings.,After all, Songmin people treat her with the younger brother.。

But see such a strict,Strict people are flowing down tears,A woman is even more reluctant to say。
“dad,I am fine.,Don’t let me lose face?,I am finished with the task assigned above.。”
Li Hui has been following the Song Ting,It is also a bit awkward to see this scene.。
After the Songshimin talked with Song Ting Ting,Song Ting also called Li with the wind.。
“Xiao Li,Come over。”
“Hey-hey,sister in law,What is your command??
I have given you the task.,It is Jiang Yan, I don’t know if it is here.。”
I heard that Li Hui is called the nephew as his father.,Song Ting’s face is also a big red。
“This will talk about it again.,I will introduce you to,This is my father,Songminmin。”
Li Huiyi listens to the introduction,It is also very polite to the Songshimin slightly:“Song Shu Uncle。”
“Haha, you are Xiao Li,I heard many people before talking about you.,good,good。”
I listened to Songshimin.,Li Hui is also a glimpse,But immediately he reacted,Because the county party secretary in the county seems to be called Song Shimin。
This moment he even has a bold idea.。
This will not be a person?
More,He feels that it is possible。
“Hey-hey,Song Shu, don’t listen to others.,Generally, it is exaggerated.。”
“Hahaha, your kid is still modest.,Row,Have time to go to me sit,I also want to hear how you plan your village.,What is in it,I still have to stay.。”
Songshimin also feels that he will have a good influence here.,After all, Song Ting is his own daughter.。
See your daughter is good,Happy to him。
Looking at the back of Songmin,Li Hui Feng also quickly found Song Ting。
“sister in law,I feel that Jiangyu should not go far.,After all, Dahu is found here.,Then explain that the other party is likely to be near this.。”
This analysis of Li Hui Feng,Let Song Ting feel very reasonable。
“Um,Then what do you say to find him??
After all, the hole has been fried.,And he should not do things that you will burn yourself.?”
Li Hui said this,Directly call the big white,Then let the white continue to find Jiang Yifang。
White is still in place,There is no meaning to leave.。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng frowned。
“Big white,What you mean is still here??”
Big white listened this,Nodded。
this moment,Li Hui Feng and Song Ting are stunned.。
What is the following?,They are known,It is important to say that someone is not possible.,After all, it has been completely collapsed by the bomb.,Even if someone,Can’t be a living person。
What’s more, Li Ping has also identified some。
“Big white,are you sure?
Can this matter can’t be a joke?。”
Dahuai heard this,I look like a pair you look down.,Going directly to Li Hui’s excavated place once again planed it again.。

“This is Apple?”

A few mouthfuls of apples,Xu Jiafu feels that the whole person is not happy.,Walking is not swaying,The key is that he feels that the body is much easier.,As if you are young。
“Is apple?,Grandfather,You won’t even have apple.?”
“Cognition is awareness,Only where the apples I have had such effects?,Xiao Li,The apples of your orchard are like this.?”
Xu Laifu is something dare not.,If Li Hui’s apple is like this,A thousand one,How much is Li with the wind??
“Hey-hey,Basically,Waiting for me tomorrow, I will send you some good to send some good.。”
“Xiao Li,Uncle is not this,Uncle wants to tell you that wealth is not exposed,One thousand pieces of this thing you told me.,Don’t Zhang Yang again.,Otherwise,That is insufficient。”
Say,Xu Laifu doesn’t have to support Li with the wind.,Directly biting a few big mouth apples,Finally, even the appleacity eats.。
This scene is in Li Hui’s eyes,He wants to stop being too late.,When it is not possible,Anyway, black。
And Xu Laifu is also this idea,Anyway, black,His faster,Li Hui should not find it.。
“uncle,I am not waiting for you to be a loved ones.?
Otherwise I can I say??
I don’t know this.,You are the first to know。”
Your parents don’t know what you have such apples.?”
This time Xu Lai is a little unexpected.。
“Yup,My parents don’t know,However, I have prepared a few days to sell again and tell them the second old.。”
Xu Lu Fu listened to this time and moved.。
“A good boy,Yingying’s thing,My old man is very agreeable.,As long as you are good,I will feel it’s worth it.。”
“Hey-hey,uncle,How do you mention this?,Ying Ying has not come back yet?,The most important thing is that I feel that you should take a look tomorrow.?”
I listened to Li Hui, filed Xu Tianci,Xu Laifu is not angry。
“not going,Today,The kid is really embarrassed,But people also said,Although he is unaware,But many things have been involved with Zhao.,Previous things need to be tried,The stinky kid is hone inside.,In order to avoid it, give me a born.。”
Although Xu Lai Fu is so saying,However, Li Hui Feng is clearly seen in the eyes of the opponent’s eyes.,Not help。
“uncle,I feel that God has become better.,Waiting for the change of Tianzu Brother to come to our village, I will ask you.,See if you can make Tianzhi express,I will come back early.。”
“He knows the people inside?
Can speak?”
Xu Laifu listened to Li Hui, so he immediately came again.。
And this scene is to make Li Hui’s exclamation,Parents in the world,Think of yourself because a woman makes your parents,He is not a bit blame。
“can,Su Dafu seems to have a good relationship with the Song police officer.,If Tianzhi brother didn’t do bad things,I want to come out soon.。”
“no,no,Although this kid is very bad,But I am also looking at people every day.,But the thing that steals chicken touches the dog.,However, things that are hurt are never done.。”
Xu Laifu listened to the opportunity to let Xu Tian gave it,Immediately said that the previous understanding is coming out.。
Chapter 186, Li Cuihua Temptation
Li Hui Hui sent Xu Jiafu home to comfort it.,Quickly return to the orchard。
On the evening,Three women chatting is very happy,After Li Hui is added,Li Cuihua is even more bold。
It’s good, I finally said that there is something like it.,Escape in the orchard。
Looking at the emperor,Three women are giggling, laughing。
Even 腼腆 Qin Su Ya,Also I didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually is so afraid of women.。
But thinking of with Li Hui’s scene during the day.,Her heart is a sweet,After all, Li took the wind to do those things, but I didn’t want to be with Li Cuihua.,This is still full of joy in Qin Su Ya.。
And Xu Ruzhen is as if it finds the new mainland.,I want that day, Li Hui’s crazy,Let’s take a look at Li Hui’s way of urging the situation.,Judging two people。
It is possible to say that there may be Li Cuihua.。

Sun Yuejuan took a look at this person,Asked softly:“What are you looking for Xia Jian for?He drank too much last night,Still sleeping right now”

Sun Yuejuan’s voice just fell,Xiao Chenchen, who was playing in the yard, suddenly looked up at the man。This man also has his eyes glowing,Staring fixedly at Xiao Chenchen’s eyes without moving。
“Uncle Liu!How did you come?Where is my mother?”Xiao Chenchen suddenly put down the toy in her hand,Ran over like flying。
The plastic bag held by the middle-aged man fell to the floor with a snap,He opened his arms,Ran over to meet Xiao Chenchen。The little guy plunged into this man’s arms all at once。Looks very intimate,This made Sun Yuejuan’s face change drastically。
“who are you?”Xia Zecheng rushed over angrily。
Middle-aged man hugging Xiao Chenchen,Happy look。He smiled at Xia Zecheng and said:“uncle!Can you let me talk inside the house?“Xiao Chenchen embraced the man’s neck with both hands,I’m afraid he will run away。
Xia Zecheng glanced at Sun Yuejuan,Said to this man coldly:“come in!But I tell you,You better be honest,Don’t play tricks in front of children,Otherwise you don’t want to get out of Xiping Village“
The man bent over and lifted the plastic bag that fell on the floor,Embracing Xiaochenchen and walking into Xia Jian’s main room。
Sun Yuejuan’s little heart beats wildly,She quickly pushed open the door of Xia Jian,Shouted:“Getting up soon,Something big happened at home“
Xia Jian in his sleep stood up,He shouted:“What’s the matter?“
Zhao Hong was also quarreled,She sat on the bed dazedly,Staring blankly。She seemed to have heard Sun Yuejuan say something in her sleep?You said this year passed,Why is it so uneven。
“A man came to Chenchen,They seem to be very familiar“That’s it for Sun Yuejuan,I’m a little choked。Can hear,Sun Yuejuan is afraid of losing Chenchen。
Xia Jian said nothing,Jump out of bed,Ran to the hall with a pair of slippers。Inside the house,The middle-aged man is playing with Xiao Chenchen,I feel two people are very familiar。
“who are you?“Xia Jian gave a cold drink。
The middle-aged man stood up suddenly,He stretched out his right hand,Smiled slightly:“My name is Liu Yiming,Speaking of Zhou Li, you should be clear,She has an extraordinary relationship with me,And this morning…“
“shut up!“Xia Jian interrupted Liu Yiming。Let Dad Xia Zecheng take Xiao Chenchen out。But when the little guy saw this Liu Yiming,A little bit reluctant to go out。
Xia Jian saw this scene,I couldn’t help but shrink。It seems that the relationship between Liu Yiming and Xiao Chenchen is not simple。It’s not going to be peaceful this year,Zhao Hong who rushed in later,I hugged Xia Jian’s arm nervously。
Xia Jian felt that Dad took Xiao Chenchen away,Then I asked Liu Yiming:“What are you doing in our house?Say quickly,Let’s leave!“

With the bell ringing,Lu Yi followed several members of the Flower Team,Entered the battle room,He was sitting at the position of Erma Pingchuan just now,You don’t even have to log in again,But the price is——He has to endure the special smell left by Feng Xichuan’s vomit。

“mouse、Keyboards are good,unfortunately,The smell is too big……”Lu Yi said。
“Master,You bear it,Invite you to dinner after the game!”Zhang Song responded。
“Not needed,No appetite。”Lu Yi refused mercilessly。
“Newcomer——I’m Li Ge Xiao,Although I don’t welcome you……But I still appreciate you being in danger、The quality of facing difficulties……”Guo Yinzhe looked at Lu Yi and said。
“Guo Xiao!What are you talking about?!”
Cao Anna naturally understands that Guo Yinzhe’s arrival because of Lu Yi,And there is a sense of crisis,But for“Guardian”,Must teach him。
“It’s nothing,A while the game starts,Everyone just clashed with me,Fight fatigue with the opponent……Maybe there is hope of winning?”Guo Yinzhedao。
“You don’t care about me,How did you fight with Captain Feng before?,Just hit。”Lu Yi said lightly。
“You don’t really think you are‘Ermapingchuan’Bar?There is an extra stranger,Can it be the same?!”Guo Yinzhe knocked over the vinegar bottle rarely,Don’t trust Lu Yi’s ability。
Lu Yi no longer explains,But brought black headphones,Click on the operation setting option in the game,Observing Feng Xichuan’s habits in the preparation system one by one,Including mouse sensitivity、Mirror opening offset value、Command response speed and action skill group shortcut keys, etc.。
The three guests in the commentary were discussing the new support of Team Flower,I can’t believe that a team has found a reporter from the sidelines.,The thing that asked him to compete actually happened!The most incredible is,The so-called reporter,Missing sauce happened to know,It was the one who drove her to the stadium after hitting her by bike this morning.“Lu Yi”Boys。
Missing sauce saw Lu Yi on the court,The wound on her slender and white leg started to hurt。Not only that,Everyone has to pay for a broken car5Bucks,The heart that misses the poor fortune is also aching……
“Audience friends,Just received the message,Team Huacao’s new aid will replace their captain Erma Pingchuan,Participate in the third game,And he will use Erma Pingchuan account to play the game……”Missing sauce looked at the note handed over by the referee and said。
“Team Huacao is really a team of grassroots players,Except for the female players、Sponsor……Even the reporters on the sidelines……”Haruno Sakura joked。
“I know the strength of Erma Pingchuan,Although it’s worse than me,But at any rate it was beforeMOBAContestants in the National Service King Competition,You can’t just find someone to replace it!Today so far,The biggest joke I see is to let a reporter go to the game!How disrespectful this is to e-sports?!”Sakata-kun has a poisonous tongue again。
at this time,Put a pair of strong hands on Lu Yi’s shoulder,Lu Yi turned his head and looked,Not someone else,It is Feng Xichuan who bid farewell to the rest of the third game。Feng Xichuan turns round arms,Squeezed Lu Yi’s shoulders with both hands,Pharaoh,Strength,At first glance it looks like you have learned and practiced。
“Newcomer,take it easy……Play well,Even if you lose,I won’t blame you!”
Lu Yi made a gesture on his chest“No ploblem!”Gesture,Feng Xichuan felt relieved after seeing it。

Unexpectedly, Wang Lin snorted coldly:“Duplicity,Who believes in fools“

“Hey!Talk business,What happened this time,Don’t let the media report,You have to do it yourself。Because the main criminal who tied us ran away,This guy knows nothing about me,If the media reports,It’s tantamount to self-report“Xia Jian changed the topic,Said anxiously。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Ok,I’ll do it right away”Wang Lin finished,Immediately got up and left。Talking about work,She has always been so serious。
Xia Jian lived in the courtyard for two days,Physical strength has been restored。In these two days,Many people came to see him,Xia Jian was embarrassed。Even Old Xiao and Aunt Ding are here。
Of course,Someone cares about him this is a very good thing,What’s afraid is that he has something to do。During this time,Fang Fang and Xi Zhen ran into his ward for most of the day,Until the nurse rushes,These two women left reluctantly。
On the night of discharge,Xia Jian went to Wang Lin’s house by hitting the iron,Wang Lin said not to let Xia Jian go,But she was still very happy。Not only burned a table of good dishes,Also opened a good French wine。
Two people listening to music,Drinking red wine,Saying happy words,The atmosphere is extremely harmonious。Xia Jian asked softly:“What’s wrong with you recently?Why are you ignoring me”
Wang Lin has changed into a soft silk pajamas,She snuggled up next to Xia Jian,As meek as a kitten。She gently lifted her lips,Said softly:“I have an opinion on you,That’s why”
“have opinions?What opinion?Why don’t you tell”Xia Jian asked softly。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“Which Lu Wanting are you so close to?,Makes me feel upset。Think about it,Let me meet you guys twice in a row,What do you say makes me think“
“You misunderstood,The first time she asked me,The second time there was a fellow,Someone named Liu Cuilian came to me to do something,I find it inconvenient to meet her in the group,Asked Heiwa to book a cafe for me,Unexpectedly, Lu Wanting happened to pass our group,Go to the group to see,I had to tell her the truth,She came to the teahouse“Xia Jian patiently explained to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin glanced affectionately at Xia Jian and said:“I’m too capricious,Actually, I shouldn’t interfere with your things。You are a good man,There is nothing wrong with having more beauties around,dont you agree?“
Xia Jian looked at Wang Lin like this,He didn’t know what kind of medicine this woman was selling in the gourd。He can’t control so much anyway。He slammed Wang Lin into his arms,Both hands reached under her pajamas。