5.7 earthquake in the northern part of the Philippines is obvious

Original title: The occurrence-level earthquake in the northern Philippines is obviously available on the Philippines Volcano and Seismology Institute (Phivolcs), local time at 1:00 on September 27, 2021, the country north latitude, east class, an event-level earthquake, The intensity is 3-4, the source is 74 kilometers, and the earthquake is located in the Northeast direction of Luke City (LOOC) in the northeastern direction of Southam.

When the earthquake occurred, the Philippine capital Da Manila area was obvious. Due to the early morning, many residents have just rest, live in the Chinese city, Pastei, BGC, Makati, and Quezon, have said that the social platform is waking up and feels strong, and then the Manila people have good night, continue rest. Real-time updated Phivolcs official website earthquake information chart shows that from 0:39 to 1:50, it is in the vicinity of Lukuka City, Siwin Province, Calatagan, Calatagan, and has occurred. 7 elections, where 1:40, Luke City recorded the aftershock. Phivolcs said this is a structural earthquake. It is expected that aftershocks will occur, causing certain damage. There is no casualty report. The Philippines is located in the Pacific volcanic earthquake zone and the earthquake is frequent.

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After legislative evaluation promotes judicial identification of high quality development

After legislation, evaluation promotion judicial identification of high-quality development issuance time: 2021-10-2714: 40 Wednesday Source: Yellow River News Net Leading Channel Yellow River News Network Legal Channel (Reporter Zhang Fan) October 19, Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Law Committee The Director Shi Shibin went to the Provincial Department of Justice to carry out the "Shanxi Provincial Judicial Appraisal Regulations" legislation and evaluation research.

The Provincial Department of Justice attaches great importance to the organization to convene a legislative assessment survey symposium, and the meeting was hosted by the Party Committee of the Provincial Justice Department and Deputy Director. At the symposium, the research team listened to the Provincial Justice Department and the Taiyuan Municipal Justice Bureau on the implementation of the implementation of the Shanxi Provincial Judicial Appraisal Regulations and some judicial appraisers implemented the "Shanxi Provincial Judicial Appraisal Regulations" report, and comrades The "Shanxi Provincial Judicial Appraisal Regulations" has exchanged discussions with relevant issues encountered in judicial appraisal access, judicial appraisal management, and work. Everyone consistently believes that the implementation of the Shanxi Judicial Appraisal Regulations is to strengthen the judicial identification of unified management, promote and protect the health and orderly development of our province’s judicial identification, and the resolution of contradictions, and maintain the construction of Ping An Shanxi play an important role. The door vitality emphasizes that after the development of legislative assessment research is a necessary link to fully understand the implementation of regulatory regulations, improve the system design, promote regulations and improve legislation. The research team will seriously summarize the implementation of the implementation of the "Shanxi Judicial Appraisal Regulations", further listening and combing the relevant opinions, objectively analyzing the problems, writing a good legislative assessment report, laying a good foundation for future security decision-making.

  Zeng Tao said that the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Law Committee visited the Provincial Department of Justice to carry out legislative assessment investigation, which is both a high attention to the implementation of the Shanxi Judicial Appraisal Regulations and the high concern of the development of the judicial appraisal industry. It is also the judicial identification of the Provincial Justice Department. Pay attention to and support.

In the future, we will continue to actively cooperate with the "Shanxi Provincial Judicial Appraisal Regulations" and evaluate the research and investigation, and promote high quality development in the province’s judicial appraisal industry.

Editor in charge: Xue Jinli.

Beijing 1500 volunteers service service will provide full process services in 74 posts

  The Shougang volunteer site is the next day, the reporter Liu Wei. Many volunteers who are in uniform costume are active in 74 posts and serve participants.

  The recruitment, organizational and management of the volunteers of this service trade will take the lead by the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee, and specialize in establishment of the World Executive Committee volunteer service group.

There are more than 1,500 volunteers who will serve in this session. There are more than 1,100 people from Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Central University for Nationalities, Beijing Foreign Language University, etc., some volunteers from Shijingshan Group Meeting and Shougang Group. Volunteers mainly serve the National Convention Center Exhibition Zone and Shougang Exhibition Area, including about 600 national conference centers, about 900 Shougang, and the centralized service time is September 2 to 7. Northern Youth Daily learned that during the service meeting, volunteer positions were divided into five major categories: guidance services, consulting services, conference services, document management and news promotion. The two exhibition areas set a special guide service post, digital zone Guide the service post, the order of the Winter Expo The service will be included in the general arrangement of Shijing Mountain City Volunteer Service into the Work Association volunteer, and set up 7 urban volunteer service stations in the subway station, popular commercial area, and surroundings, and organized more than 200 volunteers. Provide volunteer services such as route guidance, information consultation, emergency rescue, special people. In order to do a good job in the relevant volunteer service guarantee of the service, the volunteers are put into volunteers in volunteers in the best state, fully demonstrate the new era of the capital volunteer style, the volunteer service group is the volunteer unified fundament and supporting equipment. The volunteer clothing of this event is used along part of the party’s 100-year volunteer apparel design element, fully demonstrating and continuing young volunteers. The design will use volunteer blue as the main tone, placed the service trade fair in the left chest, and design the Chinese Youth Volunteer Sign to the Print Pattern to make a stitching, highlighting the contemporary youth volunteers as a good style of the new era of youth responsibility.

  At the same time, consider the actual needs such as volunteer epidemic prevention, rain, sunscreen, energy supplements, and feature masks, raincoats, pockets, ice sleeves, drinking water, emergency foods, etc. for volunteers.

In terms of volunteer management, the Volunteer Service Group forms an epidemic prevention and control and medical support group. It is responsible for coordinating the coordinated volunteer activity, and implements "point-to-point" closed-loop management in the event to the event site. During volunteer service, daily organization volunteers Perform nucleic acid detection and perform health monitoring in real time.

  The map / group municipal party committee pays attention to volunteer service polishing the "Golden Business Card", whether in the national conference center exhibition area or the Shougang exhibition area, this year’s service is always encountered, they have a vigorous face, belt I am answering every audience, they are the brightest landscape of the exhibition area, and their name is called volunteers. The 16-day 120,000 documents were opened on September 2, but the earliest arrival of volunteers began assisting staff participating in the early stage of production since August 17. They were students from the Capital Normal University.

  Among the first teacher’s volunteers, 30 students use 16 days to assist in the Shougang Automatic Production Center to complete the production of more than 120,000 documents. Tight time, task, volunteers are divided into 6 groups, assisting the units for decorgenation, packaging plastic, related chip information, secondary verification, label storage, etc.

At work, each volunteer has mastered the "skills" of at least three working groups to respond to the situation of post vacancy or insufficient personnel at any time. The first teacher Tao Bohan told the North Youth Daily, put the printing documents into the plastic card set and did not imagine it as simple. It is easy to cause skew to be skew and even unused.

In addition, volunteers need to carefully check the information, otherwise they cannot be associated with the system. From time from time, the chip in the document will also have a small problem, causing person information unrecognizable, which requires a plastic class to cut the documents, re-put into the chip, and plastic in the plastic jacket again, this process can be described as "It’s hard to be difficult."

  Shijingshan City Volunteers do "surrounding" service "you have been going forward, take a 10-minute walk, you can find the entrance of Shougangyuan.

"At 8 o’clock yesterday, volunteers from Shijingshan Group Committee came to Huaxia Bank P4 parking lot. Due to temporary traffic control, many viewers need more ways. At this time, the guidance of volunteers becomes particularly important. It is reported, During the service meeting, there were more than 200 volunteers in Shijingshan District, 7 "urban volunteer service sites" along the Shougang Park, the popular commercial area, and surroundings, providing route guidance, information consultation, emergency assistance, special people helping Waiting for volunteer service, forming a volunteer service circle, and fully protecting the service will go smoothly. "The Work Association volunteer service is an important training in the volunteer service of Shijingshan, 2022 Winter Olympics.

"The head of Shijingshan volunteer service told the North Youth Daily reporter, and volunteers conducted pre-job training and conducted on-site teaching by professional teachers.

It is reported that in order to do a good job of servicing, Shijingshan District integrates the volunteer service spirit of "Old Street" into the design of volunteer service, with professional and meticulous, warm and thoughtful, civilized volunteer service, rang "old neighborhood, New generation, no volunteer, not beautiful "slogan. The national conference center volunteers "security check" did not relax yesterday at 7:30, volunteers from Beijing Youth Political Academy Jiang Ziqi came to the National Convention Center early, his position was the gate of Daxie intersection.

Entering the National Conference Center Exhibition area, exhibitors need to scan their ID card and present the exhibitor or online booking tickets to enter.

At the time of 8 points, the exhibitors have arrived in succession, Jiang Ziqi assists security personnel, check out the exhibitor’s ID card and participation certificate, see the exhibitor to carry "big bag" exhibits, the general will "hand" to help Put, or help to scan your ID card, always remind everyone to rank in the "one-meter line", don’t get it, don’t gather. After the end of the morning, Jiang Ziqi’s scorpion already has a bit hoarse, the original white face is full of red scars, neck, and there are also black and white boundary lines, sweat wet clothes and back The skin is sticky together, and it is brought to the supe of the stars after drying.

Despite this, he is still very happy. Although he can feel the smile of exhibitors, "this is our volunteer service." Wen / Our reporter Liu Wei photography / reporter Cui Jun (Editor: Menheng, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

China Spoorwegbouw China Spoorweg 11th Bureau Group Sixth Engineering Co., Ltd. (Hanjiang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Culturele Tentoonstellingszaal

China Spoorweg 11th Bureau Group Sixth Engineering Co., Ltd Cultural Exhibition Hall ligt bij No. 2, Qilihe Road, Fancheng District, Fuyang City, Hubei Provincie, 60ste verjaardag van de oprichting van de eerste verdeling van de spoorwegsoldaten, zes bedrijven / Hanjiang Zware industrie De culturele tentoonstellingszaal is succesvol afgerond, officieel geopend op 26 oktober 2019. China Spoorweg 11th Bureau Group Sixth Engineering Co., Ltd. (Hanjiang Heavy Industry Co, Ltd) Culturele tentoonstellingszaal is op basis van de Rong Geschiedenis van de oorspronkelijke China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd ..

De culturele tentoonstellingszaal heeft een oppervlakte van 500 vierkante meter, waaronder ongeveer 200 vierkante meter tentoonstellingszalen en ongeveer 300 vierkante meter. De tentoonstellingshal is verdeeld in "The Railway Battle" "de historische evolutie" "Development Presitionements" "Golden Shining" "Care" is 6 gebieden. "Voorwoord en spoorwegvogelstijl" -gebied, met een groot aantal kostbare historische foto’s en oude voorwerpen, elektronische leeftijd-tijdperkassen, ondergedompelde schaduwen, die de constructie van de ijzeren divisie weerspiegelt in de bouw van het Eagle-gebouw, Guun Railway, en de Spoorweg, de alcoholische spoorlijn is moeilijk te worstelen, en de werk- en levenscènes van de vier partijen. "Historical Evolution" -gebied, introduceert het ontwikkelingsproces van het bedrijf met tijdas. Het gebied "Ontwikkelingsprestatie", toont de ontwikkeling van zes bedrijven / Hanjiang zware industrie 2007.

De zes bedrijfssecties zijn onderverdeeld in "High-speed Railway" "Metro-voertuig sectie" "elektromechanische installatie" "Nieuwe bedrijfsstructuur" 4, Hanjiang zware industrie verdeeld in "apparatuurproductie" "stalen structuur" 2. Via een groot aantal beeldvideo- en simulatie-ervaring, een reeks wetenschappelijke faciliteiten zoals hogesnelheidstreinboxbalken, grote zandtafels en emisservaringen, enz., Zijn de briljante prestaties van het repareren van kampen in meer dan 60 jaar getoond .

China Spoorweg 11e Bureau Group Six Company / Hanjiang Heavy Industry Culture Tentoonstellingszaal met het leren van onderwijs als hoofdfunctie, door de intellectuele, interactieve tentoonstellingen deelnemen aan de ervaren educatieve activiteiten, die kennis populteert, zodat bezoekers deelnemen aan persoonlijke deelname, verdiepen de spoorwegsoldaten Spiritueel begrip en gevoelens.

Zomer en kou, China Railway Elfth Bureau Group Six Company Hanjiang Heavy Industry Culture Exhibition Hall heeft meer dan 1 jaar ingenomen.

Sinds de opening is er meer dan 5.000 bezoekers in de hal.

De 41-jarige vrouw werd tante genoemd bij een 29-jarige klerk, speelde het …

Hoe iemand accuraat te bellen, soms een leren. Bijvoorbeeld, voor sommige jaren 80 is vrouwen, "tante" een beetje onaanvaardbaar.

Onlangs, wanneer Mevrouw Xing, een 41-jarige Xing, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, "Tante" werd genoemd door de klerk.

Mevrouw Xing is erg ongemakkelijk, en onmiddellijk hebben de twee kanten een ruzie, zelfs gespeeld op het politiebureau … deze dag ging Mevrouw Xing naar een verse supermarkt om gerechten te kopen, omdat de kassier schreeuwde heeft een "tante", en de twee kanten hebben een mondhoek. Mevrouw Xin zei dat na het horen van deze zin, tot de griffie zei: "Ik heb niet veel minder dan jij, je belt me ??niet tante.

"Maar de klerk zei:" Wat is er met mij gebeurd, ik ben tante genoemd.

"Mevrouw Xin zei dat ze gevoelig is voor de leeftijd, en de leeftijd van de andere klerk is 29 jaar oud, het is niet geschikt dan zichzelf. Xing Mevrouw Xing zei tot de media: in het proces van theorie is de klerk erg arm, dus zij nam ik de mobiele telefoon om op de klerk te wijzen om een ??paar woorden te zeggen.

De klerk loopt van de kassier naar haar heen, en ze houdt nog steeds haar haar vast.

Mevrouw Xing was alarm na te zijn geraakt, en toen werden de twee kanten naar het politiebureau gebracht en de klerk over na het betalen van Ms. Xing.

Maar de supermarktleider gaf de media een andere verklaring. De winkelmanager zei: het is de hand van mevrouw Xing, is ook haar eerste. Echter, de Storeman gaf ook toegegeven dat de dienst van de bediende niet goed was. Na het betalen van Ms. Xing, nam de klerk af, en nu kan ik er nu contact opnemen. Vervolgens heeft de winkelmanager zich verontschuldigd aan Mevrouw Xing, en Mevrouw Xing gaf ook de acceptatie uit.

Het lokale politiebureau zei tegen de media dat de mobiele telefoon van Mevr. Xing de klerk heeft ontmoet en de klerk was meer opgewonden. De twee partijen speelden. Vervolgens heeft de politie de twee kanten teruggebracht naar het politiebureau naar Mediate, en de twee partijen bereikten uiteindelijk een consistentie onder de bemiddeling van het politiebureau. Sommige netizens zeiden: "Call Aunt is welkom bij u", en sommige netibens zeiden dat "de grote zus gepast is".

Zeg je dat je gevoelig bent voor je leeftijd? Ik hoop dat wat anderen je bellen? Label:.

Academician experts praise Chongqing Technology Innovation

July 24th, China Academy of Sciences, on July 24th, in 2021, "Science China" Academician experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute of the Basic Medical Research Institute of the Chinese Medical Sciences, how to strengthen Technological innovation and other issues have accepted exclusive interview with Chongqing Daily reporters.

  Shen Yan said that technology innovation contains three completely different meanings: science, technology and innovation.

Science is to find that it is an objective existence of nature.

For scientific research, more important than "new" is the importance of scientific discovery. The important research results are before, there is no ancient people, and there are people, important scientific findings can promote the scientific research in this field. He said that technology is the invention of invention, the invention of technology is not for sale, but in order to overcome the defects of the original technologies, solve the problem that the original technology can not be solved. Technical is practical and applicable, emphasizing the value it produces. For example, developing a new drug, not only in the new medicine, but also in this new drug can not replace the existing medicine, the new drug will not occupy a sufficient market share in the market. Shen Yan said that science and technology are related.

The technology emphasizes its application value, scientific research emphasizes the research results to promote scientific development or social and economic development. New science finds that there is a possibility to promote new technologies, industries, or promote existing industrial upgrading. But science and technology are different, science is to understand nature, technology is something that creating nature. In his opinion, innovation recombines production factors to make it biggest.

Innovation is not the purpose, innovation is a way of way, the purpose is to promote development, not a decline. Shen Yan is very concerned about the development of Chongqing scientific innovation.

He said that the planning layout of the West (Chongqing) Science City is very good, the future development of the Science City depends on the construction of its talent team.

For talents, not only provide a good living environment, but also provide an environment that is suitable for its production of talents.

  As a scholar engaged in basic scientific research, Shen Yan also puts forward recommendations on how to encourage young people: on the one hand, from social orientation, social value, only society form a social atmosphere of respect for science, can Give young people correctly guide; on the other hand, the teacher’s role is also very important. Good teachers should inspire young people to explore unknown people and cultivate their love for scientific research.

(Our reporter said, Wang Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Contributing to the public health career in Chongqing.

China Concurrentiveness voor buitenlandse handel is een lijst met lijsten in de lijst

Originele titel: Buitenlandse handel "Black MA" wordt in de afgelopen dagen geoefend, de verslaggever liep de "China Tooth Valley" in de Xiyang High-Tech Zone, een ruime en heldere fabriek.

Bij de AIQI Technology Sports Factory wordt de ge?mporteerde 3D-afdrukapparatuur uitgevoerd en het onzichtbare apparaat van de uitgang gewoon offline.

  Onlangs heeft het tijdschrift "China Douane" 2020 concurrentievermogen uit Chinees buitenlandse handel uitgegeven, en de eerste plaats in de provincie van de provincie in de provincie van China, de eerste keer in de provincie China.In vergelijking met het totale bedrag van import en export van meer dan 700 miljard yuan, is het totale bedrag van minder dan 2 miljard yuan een "zwart paard".Wat is het "zwarte paard"?Springen uit de lijst is effectief en de verslaggever ging diep in het lokale industriepark, een bezoek aan de lokale overheid en ondernemingen, op zoek naar het geheim van buitenlandse handelsprestaties.

  Het sterke high-tech groeimomentum heeft een sterke hightech-industrie en buitenlandse gefinancierde ondernemingen. "Met de continue diepte van de nieuwe ronde van mijn land, komt de ontwikkeling van de stedelijke buitenlandse handel in de nieuwe fase van kwaliteit en tillen." De Lijst met bewaakte agentschappen heeft uitgelegd dat de ontwikkelingsmotivatie het potentieel aanzienlijk is verbeterd, en het is de belangrijkste factor bij het succes van de taak.

  De verslaggever heeft geleerd van het Ziyang Municipal Bureau of Statistics. In 2020 heeft het bedrijf een import en export van miljard yuan ge?mporteerd, en het groeipercentage is%.

Het totale bedrag van 100 miljoen yuan is niet alleen minder dan 100 miljoen yuan in Chengdu, maar ook minder dan de omliggende staten van Mianyang, Deyang, Meishan, maar% van de groeipercentage bevindt zich in de voorhoede van de provincie.

Van januari tot september Dit jaar heeft de totale import en uitvoer van de stad van miljard yuan vorig jaar overschreden en het groeimomentum is nog steeds sterk. "Dit jaar implementeren we buitenlandse handelsvermenigvuldigingsplannen, en het doel van de strijd is 3 miljard yuan.

"Volgens de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Ziyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, vanuit het perspectief van werkbevordering en sterke groei, wordt het lokale vertrouwen bereikt," met de snelle groei van high-tech industrie?n zoals orale medische, onze buitenlandse handel Structuur blijft optimaliseren, kwaliteitseffici?ntie gestage verbetering en ontwikkeling is vol.

"Vorig jaar behaalde 11 bedrijven" China’s vallei "import en export miljard yuan, goed voor% van de totale import en export in de stad.

Van januari tot augustus dit jaar heeft slechts één onderneming van de Wetenschaps- en technologiesportfabriek ge?mporteerd en MILLION YUAN, goedgekeurd voor 64% van de totale import en export van de stad, die duidelijk zal zijn. Bovendien is het volledig gebruikt om buitenlands kapitaal te gebruiken, industri?le upgrading te besturen en de industri?le agglomeratie te verbeteren, en is ook een effectieve manier om de vitaliteit buitenlandse handel in buitenlandse handel te meten.

"China Douane" uitgebracht "2020 China City Buitenlandse handel concurrentievermogen" toont aan dat de "gemiddelde import van buitenlandse investeringsapparatuur" in 2020 8,36 miljoen yuan is, en de indrukwekkende verwezenlijking van de indicator is vol, en het concurrentievermogen van de ontwikkeling behoort tot de lijst. Single 30 sterk. Volgens de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Ziyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, waren er 13 buitenlandse handelsbedrijven in de 50 daadwerkelijke uitgevouwen buitenlandse handelsbedrijven vorig jaar.

  Als het eerste commerci?le voertuigbedrijf in het buitenlands eigendom, heeft het moderne commerci?le voertuig (China) Co., Ltd., gelegen in Ziyang, toegenomen beleggings miljard US dollars vorig jaar, helpt om de tweede plaats in de provincie "Buitenlands te redden Directe investeringsschaal "in de provincie Chengdu.

Modern, AI Qi en andere buitenlandse bedrijven introduceerden nieuwe apparatuur, het exporteren van nieuwe producten, heeft een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid buitenlandse handel in China toegenomen.

  "Ongeveer 37 buitenlandse investeringsondernemingen in de stad hebben we uitgebreide ontdekking uitgevoerd en focussen op nieuwe investeringsstappen.

"De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over het Yanyian-overzeese Buitenlandse Zaken Bureau zei dat buitenlandse bedrijven zoals moderne bedrijfsvoertuigen de investering blijven verhogen en de ontwikkelkinetische energie nog steeds voortdurend aggregeert.

  Investeringsattractie, hoogwaardige platform en preferenti?le beleid blijven het "2020 China stad buitenlandse handel concurrentievermogen" laten zien ", toonde aan dat het ontwikkelingspotentieel van de buitenlandse handel in Zhuyang ook bijzonder prominent is.

Het potentieel is zowel van externe kansen als van interne opgraving.

  "Met de stedelijke economische cirkel in Chengdu versnelt het de constructie, ‘is een multi-support-strategie diepgaand en het potentieel van de buitenlandse handel wordt vrijgegeven.

"De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Ziyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduceerde dat het" Shuangcheng-economische Circle Construction Plan "net vrijgegeven, duidelijk wordt voorgesteld, de constructie van" helemaal "import en export commodity distributiecentrum, en de Yang is vooroordelen , "In de inzet van het provinciaal niveau, zal Zany zich concentreren op het bouwen van ‘Dual-Core Dual-Band Multi-Gallery’ in ‘Negantive Trade Industry Synergies’ en wordt een van de belangrijkste knooppunten. "Actief actief kansen grijpen.

In augustus 2019 werd Zanyang een van de eerste batch co?peratieve hervormingen in het zelfhandelsgebied van Sichuan. In oktober 2020 werd Qianyang een van de vijf piloten in Sichuan Provincial Open Rule of Law Demonstration Area. In de Xiyang high-tech zone is het gebonden logistieke centrum (B) ook in de bouw en is gepland om vóór juni volgend jaar te worden gebouwd.

  "In de bouw van buitenlandse handelsplatform is de hoeveelheid alleen in Chengdu in de hoeveelheid en categorie?n, rangschikking in de voorhoede van de provincie.

"De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over het Municipal Bureau of Commerce Duyang, zei dat deze hoogwaardige buitenlandse handelsplatforms hulp bieden aan de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de buitenlandse handel van Ziyang. In de" China Dai-vallei ", lokaal afhankelijk van de eerste partij van het platform Voordelen in het SICHUAN Vrijheidstestgebied, proefprovinciale en gemeentelijke goedkeuringsrechten, laat de goedkeuringstijd van de medische apparatuur aanzienlijk toe. "Een goedkeuring met drie soorten medische hulpmiddelen is vaak meer dan twee jaar, en in ons is binnen 1 jaar, het kan meer concurrerend brengen voordeel voor bedrijven. Verbeter de aantrekkingskracht van het platform. "Inleiding tot de betreffende persoon die de leiding heeft over het Ziyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Bovendien, afhankelijk van de National Foreign Trancing Transformation en Upgrading Demonstration Base (Lemon) -platform, heeft eventuele Lemon Buitenlandse handel ook verbeterd, 6 Huishoudelijke Lemon-bedrijven hebben het zelf gehad -Operende exportkwalificaties, 4 huishoudens realiseren de zelfbediende exportprestaties.

Volgens de verantwoordelijke persoon over Sichuan Huatong Lemon Co., Ltd. Beleidsgeleiding bij het aanmoedigen van buitenlandse handel, en Yang wordt ook continu voltooid. Lokale aandringen op "Ziyang Corporate Silk Road"–serie-activiteiten, haal het echte goud en zilver om lokale ondernemingen te ondersteunen om deel te nemen aan de online tentoonstelling en actief de overzeese markt te openen. "In 2020 hebben de ondernemingen die exportprestaties in Qianyang hebben verkregen 50, en 16 groeien tot 16 in voorgaande jaren.

"Inleiding tot de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Municipal Bureau of Commerce Duyang, zoals de zakelijke omgeving en buitenlandse handelsdiensten blijven optimaliseren, is het enthousiasme van ondernemingen volledig gestimuleerd en de stichting is gemaakt aan de voortdurende groei van buitenlandse handel.

(Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter WU Worches) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Pingdingshan City, 80, the young man returned home to start a business, the nursery, the ecological

Twig, fertilization, watering … The new year, Pingdingshan City Zhanhe District, Cao Zhen Township, Yinwang Village, Yibai, Base, a busy scene in the Base of Planting Professional Cooperatives.

"Boss Wang Jinyuan dares, dare to do, everyone will help him work, earn more than 2,000 pieces in a month, do not delay their housework activities and crops, can also take care of the elderly and children." Village Tao Rong face Smile. The kingjin circle born in 1980 is the Silver King Village of the earth, and he returned to the hometown. Wang Jinyuan is a small family, and it has been working in a nursery in the field after dropping out of school.

Because the parents are getting bigger and bigger, they are unable to make a few acres of land. In the Spring Festival in 2004, Wang Jinyuan returned to the rural hometown, decided to play special, using a few acres of contract, planting green seedlings. Because he did not understand the market investigation, he blindly planted a batch of popmar seedlings, the result was not sold, and finally she had to eradicate.

When you eat a long, he learned to turn around the market. After adequate investigation, it began planting Japanese cherry blossoms, red leaf heather and other hot-selling varieties.

In 2014, he established a professional cooperative for Pingdingshan City, Zhanhe District, Zhanhe District, and 85 acres.

He hired professional and technical personnel to plant colorful trees such as American Red Maple, Chicken Plut, Japanese Red Dance Ji Hongfeng, provided 45 jobs for this village and surrounding villagers, and achieved continuous income of villagers. Today, nursery has more than 10 varieties such as chicken claw maple, US Hongfeng, and the seedlings are sold to many provinces. Precious trees US Red Maple single price is around 8,000 yuan, more than 200 people can be sold each year.

Nursery has more than 600 million yuan per year. After the success of Wang Jinyuan, many people came to seek their work, he always helped.

Under the help of Wang Jinwei, six peasant seedlings cooperatives were established around, and more than 100 people embarked on ecological way. "Wang Jinyuan drives the farmers in a village, helps farmers to get rich, is the model of rural revitalization. Cao Zhan Township will take the peasant work to return home business platform, attract more migrant workers to return home, lead villagers Rich, the country is beautiful. "Cao Zhen Township Party Committee Secretary Chu Hui Feng said. (Pingdingshan City Zhanhe District Committee Propaganda Department News Group Li Yongping) (Editor: Chang Liyuan, Xu Chi).

2020 Excellent Jin Yunxiao Media Studio Awards Awards

Wang Jida, a media center representative of Baodi District, speaking, 2020 Excellent Tianjin Media Studio Selection Activities has received 122 works from 69 studios since January 2021.

After first review and scope, 26 pieces were achieved in three awards for the annual excellent vast work prize annual network IP awards.

Observing the studio, Haihe Tusen Studio, Memory Tianjin Studio, Radio Studio, Laughing Rock Video Studio, Pilot Creation Studio, etc. 6 studios have received an annual excellent studio award.

Mirror View Nankai Studio, Binhai Fusion Product Creation Studio has received the annual Best District Rongdang Studio Award. Xu Xi Cheng Studio, Vi Li Tank Studio, Southern Opening Studio, See the South Opening Studio, Meeting Studio, Baoyu Fusion Studio, Xiqing Fusion Studio, Yun Shangjin Nancheng Media Studio, etc. 8 studios Excellent Zone Media Studio Award. 4 district committees such as Binhai New District, Heping District, South Open Area, Beichen District have received the Best Organization Award of the annual area. 6 district committees such as Hebei District, Xiqing District, Jinnan District, Wuqing District, Baodi District, Jinghai District were received by the annual area of ??the Media Excellent Organization.

Shanxi Province 2022 Higher Education Self-study Examination Approval Guide

Development, further standardize the exemption curriculum management work of the Higher Education Self-study Examination, according to the "Interim Regulations" and the Secondary Examination of Higher Education Self-study Examination in the State Council and the relevant provisions of the National Higher Education Self-study Examination Committee, the scope of exemption courses: Where to participate in our province Candidates for self-study exams in higher education, in accordance with these provisions, all of them can be exempt from the corresponding courses.

The basic concepts) "and" Introduction to the Basic Principles of Marxism () ";" and "Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis ()". ) "," Higher Mathematics (Working) () "," Higher Mathematics (COMPUT) () "," Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (2) () "," Linear Algebra () "," Rehabilitation Functions and Integral Transform () "," Probability Theory and Mathematics Authority () "and" Linear Algebra (Economic Class) () ";" English (2) () "," Second Foreign Language (Japanese) () " , "Second Foreign Language (French) ()";) "and" Management System Computer Application (Included) (,) ";,)";) ". The national admitted academic qualifications and college graduates apply for the same level or low level of self-study exams in our province, and can have the same public political class, public infrastructure, name, and requirements for public political classes that have been learned and obtained. Other courses. The national admitted by the national education sequence, the specialty, the establishment of the students, the completion students, and the students apply for the self-study exams of our province, and they can have the same public political classes that have been learned and have a qualified achievement and the professional level. Public basic class state recognizes the academic qualifications and college graduates, and apply for the specialist of the self-study examination of our province, in addition to the pre-testing courses, in addition to the above requirements, exempt from the original professional. Public basic course.