“Qin Feng,Don’t be proud!What if you chase Brother Hui away?You trash,Which girl would like you?Didn’t get kicked into the garbage in the end?”

“not to mention,It won’t take long,The principal comes,You will become a bereaved dog!”
Zhang Lili is more confident as she speaks,Finally she even laughed。
What she said is the truth,It seems that the trajectory of Qin Feng’s fate,I was confirmed by her few words。
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Chapter six hundred and sixteen Is a dead end
Many classmates also nodded one after another,Looking at Qin Feng’s eyes again disdain,A dead trash,Not worthy of their intercourse!
“how,Can’t speak?Even if he was in the limelight,Trash can’t go against the sky after all!”
Saw Qin Feng sitting back in obscurity,The smile on Zhang Lili’s face is even stronger。
Many students also thought that Qin Feng was speechless,The mocking smiles on their faces have grown stronger。
But because Qin Feng is so powerful,These people are not blind,Dare to provoke Qin Feng。
In this weird silence,Suddenly came out,A clear voice:
“Is Qin Feng here??”
Everyone looked towards the door of the classroom,The men in the class can’t remove their eyes immediately。
Girl at the door with flowing hair,Simply tie a ponytail。Pink outside,Simple ripped wide-leg jeans。
But this doesn’t affect the girl’s charm,That quiet and elegant temperament like a lotus flower,Conquered all the boys in the class immediately。
Zhang Lili is like an ugly duckling in front of the girl。