“Comply with”

Five more magnetic cannons appeared behind him,Boom on the protective cover one after another,Qing Ling stared at the protective cover,A scent of sweat slid down the neck。
“No way,Can’t drag on any longer!”Murong Yuan hides behind the crowd,Very anxious,Look at the two people holding the protective shield,Walk towards there slowly。
The two are watching outside,Didn’t notice Murong Yuan who came quietly,Murong Yuan quickly smashed the switch of the protective cover,Turn it off。
“Murong。。。Master Murong!”The two heard the sound and hurriedly turned back,I saw that Murongyuan closed the protective cover,Exclaimed,I can’t even dream of Murong Yuan closing the protective cover。
The protective cover in front of everyone slowly dissipated,Qingling’s eyes widened,Look at the two,Seeing Murongyuan directly smashed the switch,Shocked。
The magnetic energy gun has no protective cover,Directly on the door and the wall,Gravel splash,Murong’s defense was completely broken。
“well,Everyone wears armor,Destroy Murong Family!”Yun Kongming naturally knew that Murongyuan did it,Directly direct everyone to rush into Mu Rong’s house。
“Everyone,Ready to fight!”Although Qingling is very angry about what Murongyuan has done,But quickly adjusted his thoughts,The Murong tribe rushes towards the enemy in armor。
The swords collided and gave a terrifying roar,This is a night of blood and fire!
“Hahahaha,go to hell!”Bad eaters join the battle group,Murong people are slaughtered bloodily,Luo Sheng’s hands are stained with blood,He just gave birth to someone。
Qingling led all the tribe to fight to the death,Blood was scattered all over the courtyard,The white armor on Qingling’s body is even more stained with blood,With a beautiful face,Like a white lotus stained with blood。
“Ugh,Isn’t it good to give up,Are you willing to die??”Yun Kongming watched the battle before him,Drinking tea leisurely,He really doesn’t understand why Murong’s family is so strong,Even if it’s a deadly battle!
“what!!1”The screams appeared in Yun Kongming’s ears,Originally didn’t care,But the more you listen, the more wrong,This voice。。。Seems to be coming from behind me!
Yun Kongming’s pupils shrink,Stood up suddenly and looked behind,A team appeared behind him,Unstoppable strangling his men。
The head is naturally Ye Fuming, holding the Euphorbia。
“Kill me!”Halberd,Pointing at Yun Kongming not far away,Words are extremely cold,The bloody soldiers behind him went straight to the battlefield,Have them join,Murong people’s pressure is much less。
Yun Kongming saw Fuming’s face,An anger comes from the heart,Cold growl“It’s you again,Ye Fuming!”