“Hey!You still refuse to forgive me, are you?!”Xiao Xiao suddenly said something like this。

Xia Jian was taken aback,He didn’t understand what Xiao Xiao meant。He thought for a while and said:“There is something wrong with your question,There is no right or wrong between us,So why forgive”
“Don’t pretend。I leave the venture group,There are difficulties that cannot be said。it’s good now,But you just shouldn’t go back to the venture group,I have to fuck your township chief。do you know?You won’t come to work in the group,Is there much pressure in my heart??”Xiao Xiao said emotionally。
On Xiao Xiao,Xia Jianke has never seen her like this before。It seems that there is a celebrity who said well,A woman who looks very strong,In fact, my heart is very fragile。Does Xiao Xiao belong to this type of woman??
Xia Jian looked out the car window,Took a breath and said:“you think too much。I will not return to the Venture Group,Because my heart is in Pingyang Town。My parents gave me birth in Xiping Township,It’s like taking my roots”
“No matter where i go,It’s still my hometown。You know the hardships of my parents,I just want people to live a happy life。This sounds a bit official,But I really think so”
“If I want to go into business,In addition to entrepreneurial groups,Many places i can go。North Granville Group、And Hu Huiru’s Dongsheng Group,The conditions they offer are even higher than those of entrepreneurial groups。So you don’t have to think like this,I really don’t want to be in business,Want to do something for my hometown,Nothing more”
Xia Jian took the words in his heart,Tell Xiao Xiao,His purpose is to make Xiao Xiao no longer burdened。The past has become yesterday,He really doesn’t want to go back anymore。
Xiao Xiao didn’t speak anymore,But turned on the music in the car。A sad love song is floating in the car,It makes people feel a little sad。
Zhao Hong’s departure,Gave Xia Jian a fatal blow。He never thought about it now,Who will he go down with。Not bad,There are too many women around him,Too much to make him choose。
The car stopped slowly。Xiao Xiao turned off the music in the car,Sighed and said:“To the place,Why am I not interested anymore”
“Since it’s here,Time to go down,Otherwise you are dishonest to me。Obviously invite me to dinner,But to the place,You are not interested,Does this make everyone laugh at me?”Xia Jian said,Opened the door。
Xiao Xiaobai glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Your mouth is getting stronger,Looks like I have to guard against you in the future”Two talking and laughing,Got out of the car together。
It’s a Hunan restaurant of the Tujia people,The name is very long anyway,Xia Jianchu was too lazy to remember。So he followed Xiao Xiao directly to the second floor。
The second floor is a very large hall。From tables and chairs to all decorations in the house,All have a strong national flavor。Even the clothes the waiter wore,Also national costume。
Not many people eat in the hall。Xiao Xiao and Xia Jian,I found a seat near the window and sat down。
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