Scratching head massage to promote qi and blood flow

Scratching head massage to promote qi and blood flow

The head is the nerve center of the human body, and the command center requires careful conditioning.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian, the Sanyang meridians of the twelve canons of the human body converge on the head and follow the forehead, part, and apex of the head and face, so there is a saying that “the head is the meeting of the Zhuyang”.

Appropriate massage on the head can lift yang qi, promote the flow of qi and blood, and thus clear the brain and refresh, and strengthen the body.

  Scratching massage is a simple one of the self-regulation of the head, which is to massage the scalp with ten-finger thread surface and nails.

During the massage, grab the hair from the forehead, from front to back, through the top of the head to the back of the hairline; from back to front, cycle to replace.

Keep your eyes closed and rested during the massage to relax your body.

It can be done for 5-10 minutes every day, which can eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, regulate qi and blood, and improve the nutrition and skin secretion of local scalp.

When grabbing your head, stay a little longer at some acupuncture points on your head, and work harder to get proper stimulation of the acupuncture points.

For example: the front Shenting acupoint, that is, the midline of the head enters the front hairline 0.

5 inches; the top Baihui acupoint is equivalent to the intersection of the midline of the head and the line connecting the tips of the two ears; the corners on both sides go straight to the hairline at the tip of the ear;, The two large ribs outside the depression.

In addition, there is a “finger comb” in massage.

It means bending your hands into claws, inserting them into the front hairline, and combing your fingers from back to back.