Pay attention to mental health

Pay attention to mental health

Tolerance is the regulating valve of psychological health. In social interaction, people suffer, are misunderstood, and aggrieved things always happen.

In the face of this, the wisest choice is to learn tolerance.

Tolerance is a good psychological quality.

It contains both understanding and forgiveness, but also shows strength and mind, strength and strength.

A person who does not tolerate and only knows others is often in a tense state of mind, which leads to nerve excitement, vasoconstriction, and increased blood pressure, which puts psychology and physiology into a vicious circle.

Learning to be tolerant will be stricter than self-discipline and tolerant to others, which is equivalent to putting a regulating valve on your own psychology.

  Goodness is a nutrient for mental health. If you have goodness in your heart, you will be happy with others, happy to help the poor, and you will always feel comforted; if you have goodness in your heart, you will be good with others, happy to be friendly, and always happyFeeling of the road; if you have a good heart, you will be bright and clear, happy to be open to others, and you will always feel relaxed.

In short, a person with a good heart will always maintain a calm mental state. This mental state can adjust the blood flow and nerve cell excitement to the optimal state, thereby improving the body’s disease resistance.

Therefore, kindness is an irreplaceable advanced nutrient for mental health.

  Optimism is a mental health regime. Optimism is a positive personality and mood.

It can inspire people’s vitality and potential, resolve contradictions, and overcome difficulties. Pessimism is a negative decadent character and mood. It makes people sad, troubled, and painful. They can do nothing in the face of difficulties and affect their physical health.

  Indifferent is an immune agent indifferent to mental health, that is, indifferent, do not pursue fame and fortune.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Zhidong’s health-preserving couplet said: “No need is peace of mind”; the well-known contemporary writer Bing Xin also believes that “everyone wants nothing but self-esteem.”

This shows that indifference is a lofty state and mentality, and it is the deep-seated positioning of the pursuit of life.

With an indifferent mentality, you will not follow the worldly chase and chase fame and fortune; you will not be overjoyed and lost in sorrow for things outside of you; you will not be full of anger and jealousy.

An indifferent mentality keeps people in a peaceful state and maintains an ordinary mind. All factors that harm human health will be repelled.

  Cultivate your mind and pay attention to the following points: Suspicious: Those who are suspicious always think that others are secretly calculating themselves, and they must beware of every word and deed, so they are restless and often suffer from insomnia.

  Quit jealousy: jealous of the achievements of others, regardless of how to chase after them, but hope that others will follow.

  Quit irritability: easy to lose temper, red face, thick red neck or noisy or noisy, even scolding, beating, destroying objects, and then get an inexplicable psychological satisfaction.

  Quit sorrow: Living in worry all day, full of sorrow and heart.

  Caution: Always be nervous, afraid to talk wrongly, afraid to do wrong, and afraid to offend people.

  Quit sorrow: In life, some unfortunate things often come to our eyes, without feeling sadness from it.

  Abstain from humiliation: I feel that I am not as good as everyone else, and seems to be three points short in front of others.

I don’t like to work with people.

  Caution: Self-righteousness, I’m the first in the world.

The people around him respected him, but he was smug.

Life is empty, no sustenance, and fun.