Note: Don’t overdo your baby!

Note: Don’t overdo your baby!

Today, many parents have many misunderstandings about supplementing their children’s calcium, such as excessive calcium supplementation, repeated calcium supplementation, and large amounts of vitamin D.

These practices completely affect the appetite of children, and even babies only a few months old will suffer from constipation.

Pediatric experts point out that the baby must be appropriate amount of calcium, it is best not to easily give children special calcium.

  Some parents know that vitamin D can help calcium absorption, so they often supplement their children with vitamin D.

In fact, vitamin D is not a nutritional product. After overdose, it accumulates in children for a long time, which can cause symptoms such as decreased appetite, nausea and weight loss, and the possibility of developing blood calcium and urine calcium may also increase. Kidney, brain, heart, and lungOther organs may also be abnormally calcified.

  Experts point out that anorexia and constipation occur in a large number of babies today, which are related to excessive calcium supplementation.

Other parents mistakenly believe that calcium supplementation will accelerate bone healing.

In fact, in addition to menopausal women and the elderly, under normal circumstances, children with fractures are not deficient in calcium, so no additional calcium is needed.

If necessary, parents can scientifically choose products such as gold hoop L calcium lactate.