Left-behind children on campus long for parental care

Left-behind children on campus long for parental care

Miao Miao’s mother has not been to school to see her for more than two months because of her busy business.

She still remembers the last time her mother came to visit her in a hurry and gave more than 2,000 yuan. She confessed that she should be eaten, eaten, and not enough to tell her that she would take the time to deliver it.

However, the company’s business was too busy, and the mother had too many things. It was impossible to see her daughter often like other mothers. After speaking, the mother left in less than 5 minutes.

  Several students in the lonely Miao Miao and dormitory on the campus were taken home by their parents for the weekend. What they held in their hands was not cold money, but warm affection. This feeling is what Miao Miao desires most.

From kindergarten to high school now, in the memory of Miao Miao, parents are always busy, they can not take care of themselves at all, so the kindergarten, primary school, and middle school that Miao Miao attended are boarding.

After more than 10 years of hard work, the more and more the market is doing, the more the business is getting more and more prosperous, but the two are parting ways, going their separate ways, and becoming more and more alienated from their daughter.

  After receiving the money handed over by the mother, Miao Miao felt a lonely attack. I don’t know when to send the money this time, but when I can look at the mother, let alone the father.

In the past year, she and her father have met twice, both in the car. The father just urged himself to get out of the car just after looking at himself, and he was in a hurry to meet important customers.

Miao Miao, like other children, would like to pounce into her parents’ arms and feel the feeling of being a good daughter. But before all this was done, the father’s car was gone.

  It felt like going to the teacher’s house for a weekend, and Miao Miao returned to the dormitory, and the life teacher was waiting at the door.

“Miaomiao, come home with me, how about I make pizza and pasta for you?

“These Miao Miao all like to eat very much. The key is that she likes the taste of home, the feeling of home, and the happiness of sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Somehow, the life teacher didn’t have time to respond, Miao Miao even caught her in her arms, called her mother, and looked at Miao Miao’s eyes, and she was in tears.

  Sitting in the living room of the teacher’s house, although it is not as large and spacious as the living room of his own home, there is no luxurious and comfortable sofa and rich and delicious fruits and food, but the feeling is different.

The teacher made pizza and pasta in the kitchen, watched TV outside, listened to music, and smashed sunflower seeds. Such a Sunday, she dreamed that way.

  Miao Miao’s parents, who lived in an unfortunate single-parent family, divorced while she was in high school, and Miao Miao was sentenced to her father.

My father was busy with business, first letting Miao Miao go to boarding school, and then turned her into a grandfather in Heilongjiang.

Grandpa immediately found a wife. Sensitive Miao Miao felt that the two elderly people were not cold or warm to her. After 3 months of patience, she returned to Zhengzhou from the remote Heilongjiang and found her biological mother, hoping to follow her mother to finish junior high school.

  The mother was also doing business, but also had no time to take care of her daughter, so she enrolled in a boarding class at school.

Come and visit the child when you have time, and leave enough money when you don’t have time to prevent the daughter from wearing and aggrieved. This has done her mother’s responsibility.

One weekend, her mother introduced her new boyfriend to her.

In this home, she always felt that she was superfluous. She couldn’t accept her mother’s sharing of the only weekend time with others, so she didn’t want to return to that strange home.

  Every weekend, Miao Miao always feels lonely. The library and stadium are her must-go places. In the library, many inspirational books cheer her up. She hopes that she will grow up quickly and become independent.

In guidance, she can vent her emotions and overcome the fear and loss caused by loneliness.

Finally, one day, Miao Miao suggested to the teacher that she didn’t want to read the book anymore, and she didn’t want to be a left-behind boy on campus.

  The most fearful thing is that loneliness does not want to go to school. Miao Miao said that mainly because of loneliness.

If everyone is like her, the key is that many classmates and families are sound. They will find a happy feeling by the end of the week. The parents pick up and go home. The family of three talks and laughs.beautiful.

“As soon as I saw other classmates talking with my parents, I felt sad when I laughed. I felt very lonely. I always felt pitiful. I would rather not talk to others. I would rather close myself.

Miao Miao told reporters her feelings.

She always feels that she is different from others, her family is not harmonious, and she has low self-esteem. She missed her parents ‘days. At that time, she had hallucinations, mistakenly regarded her teacher as her mother, and was unwilling to let go.Leaving yourself is like the little girl who sells matches in fairy tales, dare not let the matches go out.

  Reporter’s notes After interviewing Miao Miao, the reporter’s mood was heavy.

It is undeniable that the left-behind teenagers on campus generally show loneliness, strong inferiority, weak emotional self-control, depression, psychological problems such as weariness, and intense psychological pressure.

No matter how busy you are, take care of your children and guide them.

Parents must use more love to dissolve the loneliness of children left behind on campus.

This love does not mean material satisfaction, or care for children as a father or mother.

  If we strive to create a tolerant and caring life and learning environment for some children, some children will still be able to get along well with teachers and classmates.

Moreover, these children tend to be more self-reliant, more sensible and hardworking.

Emotional support from society and school is very beneficial to left-behind children.  Therefore, the parents of left-behind school children themselves must first introduce an idea.

That is, as long as you overcome difficulties and educate yourself, you can also create happiness.

Only by passing confidence and happiness, love and affection to your children, can you give your children a healthy mentality.

Conversely, depression and indifferent family diseases can lead children to be lonely, introverted, sensitive and suspicious, and increasingly dispersed.