The three forces move towards the center from three directions,If there is no problem, they have no meaning to guard against。

but……Just when they came to the center of the river,A huge force suddenly appeared in the water,Shot before they are ready。
Above the water and disappearing is only between seconds,Therefore, the large troops on the shore or watching from a distance are in a state of daze.。
Able to avoid detection by professionals,The existence that can swallow these warriors in one bite,That is……
unimaginable,There is actually a sixth-level spirit beast here!
While everyone is watching,Their prediction has become a reality。
Because the guy in the river has emerged,Terrible existence that is rarely seen on weekdays appears in three directions at the same time。
this is……Kuihe Green Python!
He is smaller than the guy Xia Chenglong saw in the fight with the big octopus,But now that this is also the existence of the fifth level peak。
The fifth level peak is equivalent to the peak of human beings entering the holy realm,As a beast,Their combat power is even stronger than humans。
“The first one is exposed!”Xia Chenglong couldn’t help but said。
“What should we do now?”
“Keep up with the big forces!”