Hu’s live broadcast,It’s one of the few male anchors they can keep watching,And the first recharge was also given to Brother Hu。

Compared to others,There are no ancestral treasures at home,Artisan,It’s easier to invite Brother Hu,They have no advantage,I didn’t expect Brother Hu to respond to them。
For a time,So excited。Nowadays,Some people call them to go to Internet cafes,They are not bird people,The other party said he would break up。
When you want to play games,One bite one brother,When I don’t want to play now,Shout silly.force。
Oh shit!Making friends carelessly。Unlucky,I met you two scams,Drop the chain at a critical moment,Knowing that today is the promotion match,It seems to be cool again。
“Afu,I don’t have much money,Do you bring enough?”Luo Bufan asked。
After all, Brother Hu is here,Why should I invite Brother Hu to eat??
Blessing glared:“Brother Hu will arrive,Little Luozi, call me Ah Fu again,I’m never ending with you。”
Afu is called,It sounds like the name of a dog。There are so many people in the Hu Ge live room,Do you want him to lose face??
“Fucking!So many requests,Call me little Luozi to try again,See if i won’t kill you。”Luo Bufan does not show weakness。
Little Luozi is called,He can’t remember who got it from him,It sounds like a eunuch。From studying,He dislikes this title。
but,Blessing and friendship with him for more than 20 years,Didn’t turn his face。
There are so many people in the Hu Ge live room,You still have a little Luozi,Are you looking for death??
Blessing to change the subject subconsciously:“Enough!Who is Hu?,You don’t know,You watched him live first。People who don’t care about material conditions。Didn’t Wumachuan also take him to eat breakfast at a street shop??
I have found everything,It’s also our specialty food shop,Not expensive。It’s okay to ask Brother Hu to eat them for these two or three days,diet、Leave the accommodation to me。
But you,Did you find the antique market??That’s where Brother Hu wants to go。”