12 pieces of Qing Dynasty artifact appeared in Guangzhou Panyu

  On October 29th, "Extended Museum Tour" – Panyu Wanda Marine Silk Road Treasures, in Guangzhou Panyu, Panyu. This treasure show is the theme of maritime Silk Road. The scene exhibits the cultural flames of the tomb fondrane, the clear copper fetal painting temperature pot, the clear black-painted gold character pattern, Qing Guangcai window character porcelain bottle, and 12 pieces of Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty Yangcheng Tongfang paintings. The event organizers introduced that Guangzhou Panyu has more than 2,000 years of cultural heritage. It is the county of the county in 214 BC. It is one of the important origins of Lingnan Culture and the starting point of "Maritime Silk Road", Lingnan Architecture, Lingnan Painting School, Cantone Opera Art Guangdong Music and other Guangfu culture and folk art are far from the folk art of folk art.

This event has built a better cultural and enjoyment platform to make the public have more relaxed and meaningful amateur life.

  The public can explore the development history of the sea Silk Road in the event, witness the bright culture and feel the prosperous contend from the Pearl River, the Pearl River, the Qing Dynasty.

The event also combined with the Panyu Museum to hold this treasure exhibition, so that more local citizens are close to the viewing and exposure to Haishi treasures from the Qing Dynasty.

(Nanfang Daily reporter / Liu Huaoyu Wu Weilong).