Drink plenty of water after the fall, the body has 5 major benefits, want to be healthier, remember three no, four principles!

Drink plenty of water after the fall, the body has 5 major benefits, want to be healthier, remember “three no, four principles”!

“Autumn March, this is Rong Ping, the weather is urgent, the atmosphere is clear.

“Autumn high air, dry air, it is easy to cause dry nose, dry mouth, dry skin, and even sore throat and other symptoms due to lack of water.

Drink plenty of water after the fall, the body has 5 major benefits, want to be healthy, must drink plenty of water!

Benefit one: replenish body moisture, dry air in autumn, people are easy to get angry, hurt, drink plenty of water, help to replenish body water, as well as throat and lungs.

Benefit 2: Anti-cold autumn is also a season of high cold, and drinking more water can promote the body’s metabolism to accelerate, promote sweat, urine discharge, but also conducive to body temperature regulation, implanted bacteria in the body, virus discharge, have the role of preventing colds.

Every time you catch a cold, the doctor will say: Drink plenty of water!

Benefit 3: Desalination of pigmentation After a summer of “exposure”, many people have a lot of spots on their faces, affecting mood and appearance.

It is easy to get angry in the autumn, including liver fire. Drinking more water can both “fire” and fade the stain.

It is best to drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning to promote the discharge of feces, which is more conducive to beauty.

Benefit 4: After the stomach is cured, the ability to recombine and digest will be restored. In turn, people’s appetite will be transformed, and poor control will cause stomach problems.

Drink plenty of water, preferably warm water, drink before meals, have the effect of nourishing the stomach, and even prevent eating.

Benefit 5: Promote sleep from the inside out, feel warm, it is easy to fall asleep.

Take a hot bath before going to bed, or soak your feet with hot water, or drink a little warm water, you can fully warm the discomfort brought by Xijiang and promote sleep.

Drink plenty of water, the benefits are many, remember “three no”: 1, do not drink cold water in the autumn time gradually cool, drink cold water into the body mucosa suddenly cold, vasoconstriction, causing discomfort, and even diarrhea.

Drinking water temperature is preferably 10-30 °C.

2, do not drink sweet water “sweet water” more sugar, is a high sugar, high transfer of drinks, is not beneficial to the body, but also easily lead to obesity, causing chronic metabolic diseases.

It is best to drink boiled water, and put some honey, lemon slices, etc. in the fall.

3, do not drink too fast, too much into the body inside the water, will quickly change the blood, increase the burden on the heart; it is also easy to cause snoring or bloating.

Drinking water is best to sip, drink slowly, and drink more, which is more conducive to body absorption.

Drink plenty of water, the benefits are many, remember the “four principles”: 1, drinking water in the morning, to pass the metabolism of one night on an empty stomach, the body has lost a lot of water, and the food in the stomach has been emptied into the interior, thisWhen you brush your teeth and drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach, your body can quickly absorb water and achieve the effect of replacing blood.

Moreover, there is also the initial role of scouring, promoting fecal discharge, improving and alleviating constipation.

2, drink more fire, Runfei tea “autumn dry” is the characteristics of autumn, people are easy to get angry, then, drink some water to lower the fire, run lung tea, drop fire is a good choice.

1 fire: drink dandelion black tea dandelion, cold, return to the liver, stomach, there is heat and detoxification, to the role of fire and inflammation.

After fermentation, it is made into dandelion black tea, which greatly reduces its coldness and is more suitable for long-term health replacement.

Dandelion has a “natural fire grass” made, good at reducing liver fire, diarrhea stomach fire, on the mouth caused by fire, bad breath, mouth bitterness, as well as mouth ulcers, sore throat must have curative effect.

Dandelion, also known as “natural antibiotics”, has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect, which can inhibit and treat any antibiotics in the body, and has certain antibacterial effects against Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.

Drink 3-5 cups of dandelion black tea every day, which can reduce fire and reduce inflammation. It is one of the autumn generation teas.

2 Run lung: drink Luo Han Guo tea Luo Han Guo, return to the lung, large intestine, have lungs and cough, Shengjin quenching thirst, it is suitable for lung heat or lung dry cough, whooping cough or heat injury and thirst.

Modern research has found that Luo Han Guo contains a sweetener 300 times sweeter than sucrose. It does not produce transformation. It is suitable for diabetes, obesity and other people who should not eat sugar instead of beverages.

3, in the exercise bogey of fierce water after drinking water, the body temperature suddenly rises, a lot of sweat is discharged, then, should drink water properly, relieve the feeling of physical fatigue.

Water regulates the normal circulation of blood and tissue fluids, dissolves nutrients, supplies them to physical energy, disperses and transfers, regulates body temperature, and increases endurance.

Remember, avoid violent drinking during exercise, which will increase the burden on the heart, drink water during exercise, should be intermittent, small mouth.

It is best to drink some water before exercise.

4, do not thirsty but also take the initiative to drink water “autumn dry” consumption of Yinjin, will lead to dry skin, a lot of body fluid loss.

For young people, lack of water can lead to dry skin, dry throat, discomfort, dry mouth and other discomforts. However, for the elderly, body fluids are about 15% less than young people because of the dysfunction of various organs.Therefore, the elderly have poor heat balance and heat resistance.

If the water is not replenished in time, it is prone to physiological water shortage, and the viscosity of the blood increases, which will affect the normal circulation of the blood, and may easily induce cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction.

Remind the elderly, don’t wait for the thirsty to drink water, and always take the initiative to drink water to meet the body’s water needs.

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