Evincent doesn’t care either,Smile gently。

“It’s normal to be afraid of people like me,After all, I am in the eyes of others,Should be an out-and-out lunatic。”
Evincent continues to comfort Higgins。
“But I am not,I just want to perform an operation on this world。”
Evincent looked at Higgins sincerely and said:“This world has been diseased for too long,Why do rich people always come from those surnames?And why they can play the world,Some people have to crawl under their feet diligently,Let it trample?”
Higgins looks at Evincent,Opened his mouth,Still can’t make a sound。
Evincent still doesn’t care if Higgins speaks,He just talks to himself。
“It’s not difficult to see that you are a hard worker,But it is not difficult to see,Your talents and ambitions cannot be fully released!You can do much better than now,But that James suppresses you everywhere。”
Ivincent patted Higgins heavily on the shoulder,Squat down,Keep your eyes on Higgins。
“This may already be the norm in this world,You are working hard,You work hard to do everything well,But on the road to success,There is still no free ride you can take。All achievements will always belong to others,You are responsible for all accidents,It’s not fair,Even if you are already sitting in the manager’s office,Sat in your chair,But you still can’t change too much。Help me,Let us change the world together…”
Evincent looked at Higgins questioningly,And stretched out his hand to him。
Higgins stared at Ivincent for a long time,Finally put his hand in his hand。
Chapter Five Hundred and Five speech