Yoga massage

Yoga massage

First, the function and principle of massage 1. The recovery of oils and exercises The asana method can stimulate the sebaceous glands under the skin, causing them to secrete natural oils. These oils are the best nourishment for the skin. These oils can be massaged back into the skin.Nourishes the skin and keeps it soft.

  2. Body surface and nerve ending massage Massage can stimulate all the peripheral nerves distributed on the body surface and also stimulate the entire nervous system, so it can relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and balance life energy.

  3. Lymphatic massage The lymphatic system is an auxiliary system for backflow in the vascular and venous system, which can help return tissue fluid to the venous system. Lymph fluid is a clear liquid that transports nutrients in the tissue fluid throughout the body, nourishes the cell tissue, and maintains it.Good health, youth and vitality. At the same time, these lymph fluids flow between microvessels and cellular tissues, which can take away the metabolic waste of cells in the tissue fluid, necrotic cells and germs. When the lymph fluid flows through the lymph vessels and then through the lymph nodes, the lymph nodesCan filter bacteria and foreign bodies in the lymph fluid, so the lymph has the effect of cleaning the blood, producing antibodies, and enhancing immunity.

However, the circulatory system of lymph fluid and blood is different. It slowly flows through the lymphatic vessels under the relaxation pressure of the muscles. The increase of lymph fluid can increase 3 to 4 times when practicing asana, and massage can promote lymphThe flow of fluid enhances lymphatic function.

  4, pathological massage when the body’s circulatory system is not good, when the blood is not smooth, excessive toxins will accumulate between tissues and cells, especially parts far from the heart, making people feel tired, lazy, uncomfortable, and evensick.

The meridian of the whole body is closely related to the five internal organs and the six internal organs. Massage along the meridians and stimulates the related meridian points can promote the functions of the internal organs and make the physiological functions more active. At the same time, it can eliminate fatigue, eliminate toxins, and restore physical functions.

  2. Matters related to massage 1. First, rub your hands tightly to keep the palm warm and generate static electricity.

  2. Sequential massage from the head, skull, ears, upper limbs, upper body, back, abdomen, lower limbs, and soles of the feet.

  3. During the massage, when the hands are no longer warm, you need to rub the hands tightly together to keep the palms warm.

  4, the area where the lymph nodes are located, you need more and more solid massage, such as the surroundings, ears, arm sockets, rat’s palate, elbows, parts and soles.

  5. Massage in the direction of the meridians.

  6. After massage to the pain point or abnormal point, more massage is needed.

  7. After the massage, take a rest for at least two minutes to soothe the skin, muscles and nerves, and balance energy and qi and blood.

  Third, the actual exercise of massage, please learn directly from the yoga teacher.