Jing Junhai checks and guidance in Changchun

  On April 28, Jing Junhai, the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, randomly visited Changchun’s large -scale Shang Chao, the "no epidemic community", the normalized nucleic acid detection point of the society, and the on -site inspection and guidance of the prevention and control of the epidemic and market supply.

He emphasized that the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control and the development of economic and social development should be thoroughly implemented. Orderly restore the order of production and life.

  With the gradual lifting of social control in Changchun, some supermarkets have begun to open.

Jing Junhai entered the Eurasian Supermarket Free City Store and had a cordial exchanges with the people who were buying shopping. Thank you for your adherence to your home during the resistance. I hope that everyone will continue to cooperate with the party committee and government work and work together to win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control.

He carefully checked the super -epidemic prevention work, inspected the supply and price of living necessities such as rice noodles, oil, meat, egg milk, etc., and asked the person in charge of the merchant to strictly implement the epidemic prevention process such as scanning code, temperature measurement, and further standardizing the protection measures of staff Calling the maximum reduction of risks. We must strive to ensure sufficient supply, adhere to integrity and law, maintain market price stability, and better meet the diverse needs of the masses. In the "No Epidemic Community" Jishun Kangcheng, Jing Junhai learned about the relevant control measures in detail, asked the residents who were walking in the community in detail, and told everyone to prevent epidemic prevention and not to relax. Keep a safe distance of 2 meters. The mobile detection point in the community is being sampled. Jing Junhai carefully watched the sampling operation, requiring the relevant departments to increase the training of sampling test personnel, and build a sampling testing team with exquisite business, rapid response, and solid style as soon as possible to ensure the smooth progress of normalized nucleic acid testing. At the intersection of Gay Street and Liberty Road, the two single -person mobile nucleic acid sample booths are being installed and commissioned. Jing Junhai enters the sampling pavilion, and has a detailed understanding of various functions, and emphasizes that mobile detection points are widely established nearby in public parking lots, factory workshops, residential communities, and large supermarkets. Active detection.

  During the inspection, Jing Junhai emphasized that at present, the active situation of the Changchun epidemic prevention and control situation is expanding, and the re -production, resumption of business, and re -classes are being progressing steadily and orderly. The majority of party members and cadres must not relax and grasp the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, be cautious and endless, and continue to maintain the existing mechanism and working status, further strengthen the control of key regional regional control, control of key places, and management of key populations. Prevent the epidemic from rebounding repeatedly.

It is necessary to continue to improve the normalized epidemic prevention and control mechanism, continue to grasp the controlled control measures, control and control measures, and guide the masses to actively participate in nucleic acid testing every three days. , Focus on strengthening the vaccination work of "one old and one small", and effectively build a protective immune barrier. It is necessary to focus on key parts such as railway stations, airports, highway passenger stations, high -speed toll stations, etc., fully prepare for antigen detection, nucleic acid sampling, and information registration, strictly implement the requirements for landing and inspection, and resolutely keep the external defense input mark.

It is necessary to focus on strengthening the construction of grass -roots party organizations, further enhance the conversion of flat warfare, emergency response capabilities, and create a strong fighting fortress.

  Zhang Zhijun and An Lijia participated in the inspection.

(Huang Lu) Editor in charge: Jiang Ruilin.

Thought of here,Wang Youcai walked quickly to Wang Youfa’s door,Twist,The door is unlocked,Opened naturally。

Wang Youfa, who was lying on the bed, glanced at the angry Wang Youcai and roared:“Get out,This is my house”
Wang Youcai saw Wang Youfa like this,The anger in my heart came out fiercely,He dashed up,Grabbed Wang Youfa’s collar。Wang Youfa was a little scared,Dare not say a word。
First1938chapter Cheeky to plead
When Wang Youcai grew up in the village,Is a famous bastard。One is his thick-skinned,Not afraid of being ashamed of anything,Second, the heart is http://www.dongyoug.cn black。So wherever he goes,Villagers usually hide away。
So Wang Youfa knows his brother’s nature well,Annoyed him,He can do anything。
“You let go,Have something to say”Wang Youfa is afraid,Scared from the heart。Because he saw the flames burning in Wang Youcai’s eyes。
Wang Youcai slowly let go of his hand holding Wang Youfa’s collar,Shouted coldly:“You sit up for me!Look at you now,What’s the difference with a bereaved dog?”
“I have long been a bereaved dog,Is not it?Since the moment i went in,I don’t have this home in my heart”Wang Youfa said,Can’t help crying。A man,To this point,He was really sad to the extreme。
Wang Youcai finally understands,Wang Youfa is so noisy,I just want revenge,He wants to disturb the whole family。It’s just that his vent was on Song Fang。
“You are a bastard!What did you commit,If not for the second brother,Can you only be sentenced to two years?and also,You will come out so soon?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice,Gritted his teeth and cursed。
Wang Youfa shocked,He didn’t know that Wang Youcai was lying to him,Still say it’s true。
“After your accident,My dad asked someone to find someone from Wang Lao’s family,But their family lion spoke,Totally disregarding that we are a king。In order not http://www.jinmawl.cn to make you owe their favor,Dad let you in,But the second brother is not idle”
“Of course,This has something to do with me,But what can i do?Let me go in for you?But the law does not allow it。You suffered a little bit in it,But our past two years have not gone well”

Adjust the latest archeological results Shanxi Museum Third Exhibition Hall to change new face and welcome guests

People’s Daily Online, Taiyuan, April 1st (Duan Siqi) It is still a little warm in first spring, only to change the old appearance.

After the transformation and upgrading project, the Shanxi Museum’s "Civilization Cradle", "Summer Business Trace", and "Buddhist Wind Rhymes" exhibition halls are pre -launched today to welcome guests from all directions with a new look.

It is reported that the three exhibition halls have been newly adjusted in the exhibition equipment and exhibition hall scenes, and have absorbed the latest archeological results of nearly ten years.

Sanjin Civilization is proud of Huaxia.As the historical and cultural window of Shanxi Story, the Shanxi Museum has focused on creating a civilized cradle, summer business trace, Jin Guozhang, national melting furnace, Buddhist style, the hometown of the opera, the Jin Shang of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the civilian seal of the civilian, the civilian charm of the national melting industry, the national melting industry12 basic display, mountain elite, Han Modan Qing, Fangyuan World, and Porcelain Garden Yizhi, showing colorful and splendid Shanxi historical and culture.

“I live in this community by the road!just off work,I saw you coming when I was about to enter the community“Guan Tingna smiled and said to Xia Jian。

Xia Jian helplessly shook his head and said:“Today is really unlucky,Hit a car,I let the driver take a detour,I didn’t expect she was still angry,I got out of the car after a fight,I really don’t know how to leave“
“Can’t go now,I heard that there was some accident on this road,So it won’t work http://www.chenxiafu.cn for a while,Want to sit at my house,You will leave as soon as the road is clear“Guan Tingna said with a smile。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“forget it!I’ll walk by myself“
“Damn!Are you worrying too much,I live alone,it’s nothing。Besides, you go?How to go?Go up and sit down,This way,You can see it from our balcony“Guan Tingna said,Came over,Gently pulled Xia Jian。Xia Jian was too embarrassed to refuse,And followed Guan Tingna into her community。
Once in,Xia Jian discovered that this is a new community,The environment inside is particularly good,All high-rise buildings,People walking inside are like walking into a big forest。
“Hi!This seems to be the rich area,Most people may not be able to live!“Xia Jian while walking,Asked softly。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“Indeed,Everyone has money,One of the houses here really costs a lot http://www.zhpjc.cn of money。But i have no money,Was given to me by my parents“Guan Tingna laughed,A face of happiness。
“Oh!You are the rich second generation, right?!“Xia Jian casually said,He looked at Guan Tingna who was smiling,He thinks this woman is really attractive,But he really didn’t find out before。
Guan Tingna pressed her mouth to Xia Jian’s ear and said:“Not rich second generation,But the rich three generations。My grandpa was doing trading business in the United States,My parents are also in U.S.。I want to escape their surveillance,That’s why I ran back to China“
“is it?It’s really hidden!“Xia Jian was a little surprised and said,Follow Guan Tingna into the elevator。
Guan Na Ting lives on the 29th floor,But her family is not the tallest,Because Xia Jian saw that this elevator can reach up to the 42nd floor。It seems that this is a high-rise building。
Door open,Guan Tingna hurriedly found Xia Jian a pair of brand new slippers and brought it over,She smiled and said:“It will be more comfortable with slippers“Actually she doesn’t say,Xia Jian also needs to change his shoes,Because he found that the floor is really clean and spotless,Why is he embarrassed to run around in shoes。
The decoration inside the house can really be described as high-end,What is a rich man,It seems this should be considered。Xia Jian walks through the living room,Walked to the balcony,He suddenly felt a little dizzy,No wonder,This is the twenty-ninth floor。Look up,Not far from the road,Water blocked by the vehicle。
“stop looking,Won’t pass so fast,Come over for a cup of tea!“Guan Tingna whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian walked over,Sat on the sofa。Guan Tingna smiled and said to Xia Jian:“if you do not mind,I want to change clothes,This work clothes is too tired“
What Guan Tingna said,Xia Jian discovered,It really is。Guan Tingna’s sexy figure fully supports suitable work clothes,Others may look like it very much,Maybe the person wearing http://www.sdassd.cn clothes is not very comfortable。
“Nothing!You change!“Xia Jian said in one stroke。Actually he was thinking,up to you,I haven’t seen it before,As long as you don’t come out naked。
Xia Jian sits alone on a large comfortable sofa drinking coffee,Guan Tingna went to the room to change clothes,But she walked out soon。Put on a loose nightgown。Xia Jian took a look,I can’t bear to move my eyes。

How can candidates keep status before the college entrance examination? Pay attention to these three preparations

The principal of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School He Shiming’s status before the college entrance examination should be prepared to prepare for the WeChat public account for less than a week before the college entrance examination. As a senior candidate, it has been studying at home for more than a month. Maintain a good attitude? Expert’s point of view He Shiming, President of Fengtai No. 2 Middle School: Because of the epidemic, has been studying on the home online of the senior high school for a month. In the last week of the college entrance examination, candidates should cherish the time review and organize G.

First of all, the week before the exam, parents and candidates do a good job of personal protection and health monitoring. They must be familiar with the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements, and perform as required. Try not to go out, do not gather, measure the body temperature daily, and make records. Keep your contact smoothly, and insist on doing some suitable exercises at home every day. It is best to sweat every day to ensure that you sleep every day and not stay up late. Parents can negotiate with their children, formulate a weekly meal plan, pay attention to the lightness of the catering, maintain nutrition, it is best to change the patterns every day, and urge the children to take more rest and enter the examination room with the best physical condition.

Second, relax. The online review lasted for a while. Parents and candidates before the test will be more anxious. In addition, candidates have stared at the screen for too long, and they cannot meet with the teacher. They lack communication and have a certain impact on candidates’ physical and mental health.

In the last week before the exam, parents can chat with candidates, look at the news, care about state affairs, and relax.

It is important to adjust the biological clock during this period. During the day, you must practice simultaneously during the specific period of the college entrance examination to allow you to keep a good body and a positive state of thinking in the morning and afternoon in order to become a habit. Parents are particularly reminded that through the official platform, the official website of the Education Examination Institute, and the news released by the school, it is necessary to understand information such as prevention and control policies and examination prompts in a timely manner, including the changes in community prevention and control, test sites, and test rooms caused by the epidemic cause. Do a good job of preparations such as printing and admission certification and arrangement of safety travel during the examination. In addition, make a week of review plan. Candidates do their own masters no matter where they are facing, and never be satisfied with their eyes. They will not surrender yesterday and are desire for the future. The last week is very important. It is necessary to grasp the most precious time, make a week of review plan, systematically review the content learned, browse the overall knowledge framework, sort out various typical examination questions, compare and analyze the relevant review points and analyze the relevant review points Essence

Candidates can use the "Catalog Back Thinking", that is, to recall the content of the chapter according to the knowledge points. If they encounter blurring or impressions, they will immediately read the page to read it carefully, which is comprehensive and time -saving.

In the last week, the candidates sorted out the previous practice books and test papers, especially the first and second simulation test questions. They summarized the error, often wrong places, and frequent sources, so that they were in the chest. Text/Reporter Wu Wenjuan.

“Hand over things!”Lan Ling holds a gun in his hand,Her nerves are tense and she dare not careless,This person is young,But the only master she has ever seen,In the base like no one,She didn’t notice until the moment she left,Was outside the base,I don’t know what damage this person did or stole something inside,Amazingly fast,Running in the deserted mountains and ridges is like death,Disappeared in the blink of an eye。

Lan Ling wanted to return to the base to verify the situation after chasing it for a while,But suddenly I received a call from Gu Changfeng,Things are more urgent,Had to give up temporarily,Sent a message to the old colleague Dai Zhiqiang in the base,Then hurriedly took Zhou Ziyang to Heixiaziling。
I received a reply from Dai Zhiqiang halfway through,The base did lose important items,Emergency and investigation plans have been activated,Dai himself is also very anxious,Count on Lan Ling to provide clues,But Lan Ling was anxious to find someone,Unable to return halfway,Can only tell the approximate location of the suspect’s escape,Late at night,I can’t do anything else。
It was bright when I found Shen Yingjie,Lan Ling found the suspect again,Less than two hundred meters away from where Shen Yingjie hid,I don’t know what the purpose of this person is,To try to approach or to prepare to leave?Unable to judge from its weird behavior,So Lan Ling was so cruel that he couldn’t care about others and chased up,With Zhou Ziyang,I don’t think there will be a big danger,And the search team in the base has already been dispatched,Are all good soldiers,Have them in,Safety is not a problem。
Unexpectedly, this chase would chase more than ten miles,Went around in a big circle and returned to the mountain bag next to Heixiaziling,Lan Ling is already in her 50s,Although I still maintain a certain intensity of exercise every day,But the physical strength is still obviously unable to keep up,Fortunately, the masked man is not running。
The other party’s easy-going tolerance is not pretended,Lan Ling clearly sensed the strength of the opponent’s breath,A little bit in my heart,Didn’t you really run into the student who was once ineffective??Listen to Gu Changfeng,Zhang Zhiqiang has been severely infected by mutant creatures,With obvious characteristics of demonization,You can simulate others in your face,And the six relatives don’t recognize,very dangerous。
Actually Gu Changfeng didn’t follow the instructor’s set,Lan Ling, who is too divine, does not believe it,The term mutant creature is more appropriate,In fact, Lan Ling still doesn’t believe it,She already knows how Zhang Zhiqiang did evil all the way,Staying http://www.njspwl.cn at the base for half a day, I want to meet this evildoer for a while,How evil is it,If I have a chance, I really want to accept him。
I saw this person swaying around at the base today,Also stole important items,Surprised her,I can’t help but take it seriously,Don’t dare to contempt。
“I do not understand what you are saying?”Man talking urn sound urn,Pronunciation is also very blunt,Just like foreigners just learn Chinese,I’m awkward to hear。
“What did you just take in that factory?”
“You mean it?”The masked man stretched out his right hand,A beautiful white jade finger on the thumb,Shining in the morning glow,“This is my own thing,What’s wrong with getting it back?”
Lan Ling was shocked,The secret call is Zhang Zhiqiang, no doubt,Not just instructors,Gu Changfeng told her repeatedly,Li Tianzhen will definitely go to the base http://www.lvf-sale.cn to find his lost things,Zhang Zhiqiang who didn’t really die is the same,Even more urgent than Li Tianzhi,What he was looking for was a rather evil ring,It was the bloodthirsty and terrifying energy released by this ring that infected a group of people including Zhang Zhiqiang,Which led to the mummy series of cases。
These news were all told by Li Tianzhen to the instructor,Reported to Gu Changfeng by the instructor,Gu Changfeng has his own understanding,This is what happened when I arrived at Lan Ling,In fact, the whole incident did not differ much,It’s just another way of saying。
“Take the mask off,Don’t need to hide in front of me。”

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Sky window slowly opened。

The group looks back,Curious staring at the http://www.rkhvk.cn sunroof,I saw the moon that gradually exposed on my head.,And the sky,So her bright eyes also reflected the star.。
“Week, you will see it.!Moon!”
“There is still a lot of stars 喔!”
“Tet this evening, we will sleep on it.?”
“The sleeping car will halt……”
“If you don’t move, you will not halt.。”Zhou touched the forehead of the touched,“And this car is better than our car.,Walking so far,Does the group do not have a halo??”
“That’s because the group is very powerful.!”The group raised the pride of the Baba。
“It turned out to be like this。”
“Dizziness is not just sleeping??”The sound of 槐 序 序,“Just a little bit,Don’t live in the middle of the night.,The fierce monsters here can be much very,There is a snake,Be careful in the middle of the night, there is a monster to http://www.dsyhome.cn catch you away.,Drill a snake and come in a bite。”
“Group、The group is not afraid of adults!”
“You’re back?”
“came back。”
槐 拉 拉 副 副,Sitting on the seat,Direct view。
Zhou Zhi is already lying down,Still wrapped up the quilt,Quilt is very thick,Give him a little warm,Then he somewhat expects to sit in front of the front,Ask:“Where have you been?”
“Go to find the place where I used to fight with the monster,By the way, I went to visit the land snake here.。”
“did you find it?”
“found it。”
“Also now?”
“A big pit,Now become a small pit,At that time, I also made a lot of duck eggs that were made as treasures.,It has become more bad now.。”The 序 is very calm,“Then I went to find the monster who lived here now.,No one knows me,They are all moved,Shundo packed two。”
“This way.……”
“Do you fall http://www.yhbjzhoucheng.cn asleep??”
“a little bit。”
“Why do you have to open the sunroem??”
“Look at the stars。”
“I can’t open it yet.,It is a glass?,You can open this curtain.。”
“Above,Through the glass, a lot of dark little stars can see it.。”Zhou I think this is not very good.,Should not stick,Or is super highly high light transmittance。
“Then you sleep.,I will give you a fetch.。”
“Don’t you sleep??”
“I don’t want to sleep too much.。”
“Are you thinking about the original thing??”
“Your current problem is as much as I originally。”
Zhou stayed for a while,Staring at the sky at the sky,Listen to the wind,I feel that I am not sleeping.。
Only a group of people in the car,She is in a curious asking for the 槐 序 序,What did you say?,But the order is not like a week away.、Like her childish chat,Therefore, the group rapidly rampled around around.,Drilling is not awkward in the nest.。
“What have you done before??”Zhou Zhi。
“what?”槐 quickly。

Can the three -child mother still have themselves?

  "Three children" and "women" are all hot words at the two sessions this year.

When these two hot words encounter one, women in the "three children" family are a group worthy of attention.After giving birth to multiple children, caught the house of housework, can my mother still have her own career and life?Women have the right to have their own life representatives of the National People’s Congress and researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. This year, it brought "suggestions on improving the supporting system to promote the implementation of the" three children "policies."It is mentioned that the main factors affecting the implementation of the "three children" policies are: the changes in young people’s marriage and childbirth, the higher proportion of the two employees’ families, the fierce competition in the workplace, and the high cost of children, including high living costs, including house prices.Zhang Zhao’an admits that due to the incomplete infant care system, many parents of children are difficult to balance the relationship between families and work.In real society, most women will be more or less affected after giving birth, and even have to start from scratch.

Therefore, in view of the current employment situation and the reality of competition in the workplace, some women dare not adventure again, and some families have paid forward to fertility two children and three children. The full -time consultant room of Peking University Student Mental Health Education and Consultation Center has long been committed to the research of many children’s families. She pointed out that women must first believe that while raising multiple children, they have the right, worthy, and can have their own life. "Women’s beliefs at the cognitive level are important, which is equivalent to a role positioning. With a clear and clear positioning, we can then talk about methods.

"There is also a point of view in the society." The previous generation of mothers gave birth to so many children, and they did not live well. "Fang Chao pointed out that the previous generation was not really without this problem, but that they did not feel that they lost themselves. "The family model of the previous generation or earlier was mostly in the male lead and the female owner. Women dedicated themselves in their families and agreed with this role. But today’s women have the demands of self -development, and in reality, girls have not inferior to boys from school. "Be a better mother, the premise is to be a better self.

Fang Chao feels that women should not want to be a "perfect mother" and be a "good enough" mother.

"’Perfect Mom’ is the needs of a mother, not the needs of children. Children in many children’s families, in more complicated relationships, can learn more cooperation, more competition, and deal with their emotions. Mom You can relax and believe in your child’s potential.

"Fang Chao’s friends had 3 children. On one occasion, she took the children alone on the street.

Some people say, "Oh my god, isn’t you dangerous to cross the road with 3 children?" The mother said disdain. "Do you think my child can even cross the road?" A family sometimes looks like a company room. Super said that the time and energy to raise multiple children must be greater than only one child, and some of them belong to "force majeure", but a family sometimes looks like a company, which needs to be managed, and some links have room for optimization. Moreover, all family members must participate in the "project" of raising children together. In Fang Chao’s home, a family meeting will be held every week to participate in all members.

The content of the meeting includes what everyone has done in the past week, what is the mood, what progress, what difficulties, whether it is necessary to help, they will also mention opinions, criticize and criticize themselves. The Internet Q & A community knows that there is a question on the Internet, "What is the daily life of people with Sanwa in the family?" It is not difficult to see that the questioner actually has various "chicken flying dog jump" presets. Under this question, the answer of the netizen Carrie seems unique: the housework is no longer meticulous, and the machine can be used with machines.

For lunch, a child changes the pattern every day, and the three children come to each person a sandwich every day. What, one is not enough, then two. The refrigerator must be large, and I want to add a freezer, which is always full. No one is noisy, and she only entangle her mother and annoyed; 3 children are noisy every day, and their heads are painful; but 3 babies can hold their relatives, and 3 babies say to me. Mom wishes you a one tonight. How beautiful this is a dream! The netizen "Kelly Chicken" has 3 children, 2 years old, 3 years, and 5 years old.

She drew a schedule from 6 am to 10 o’clock in the evening, accurate to half an hour. The time management ability was like professional managers.

She said: "Parents of many children family must have superb disciplinary skills, otherwise the adults are tired and the children are suffering." These answers have spitting, methods, and more love. Fang Chao said: "Parents are like leaders. They can formulate the goals of the family and let all family members work in one direction; they can ask questions, analyze, solve problems, and let their children realize self -management under management and constraints.

"Dad’s awareness of responsibility is very important to raise children, especially for the first three years to involve a lot of time and energy. Although there may be the help of the elderly on both sides, Fang Chao does not agree with" raising "from a professional perspective.

"Parents’ characters and functions are irreplaceable by the previous generation.

When the opinions are inconsistent, listen to your parents.

"It is by no means a woman who is a woman. It is the choice and decision of both husbands and wives. Since you choose more children, you must find a way to face it together.

At this time, the awareness and ability of the husband, the father, the dad seemed particularly important. Fang Chao pointed out that when gender characters and gender division of labor have greater elasticity. Only when both husband and wife agree, the family’s system and structure can become more flexible. "Raising children must be involved in father, including housework and family management.

"Fang Chao said," The child is fighting, and the father needs to mediate; the mother is depressed, and the father needs to support and accompany him.

"Zhang Zhao’an suggested that for families with more children, you can appropriately extend the time of maternity leave and the man’s accompanying holiday; you can also implement the elastic maternity leave system, and the husband’s accompanying leave and his wife’s maternity leave and maternity leave will be added. How to allocate time between individuals and families, enterprises and society should also reduce the burden of childcare economy for young people and solve their worries. From the corporate level, Zhang Zhansan suggested to promote the professional friendly selection policy of the three -child mother. Employment preferential policies will give certain tax and fees to companies that recruit three -child mothers; encourage companies to accept the three -child mother’s childcare or flexible working system during their childcare, and encourage full -time mothers to accept fragmented work during the parenting stage.

  From the social level, all kinds of supporting facilities should keep up in time, especially the improvement of infant care services and education systems.

Zhang Zhao’an suggested that through the reconstruction and expansion of kindergartens, increase the proportion of public kindergartens, vigorously encourage and support employers and social forces, participate in the establishment of nursery service institutions, vigorously improve the entry rate, and solve the "boss difficult" problem of "who will bring children" Essence

“Woke up,How long did i sleep?”

“Thirteen days?”The teenager was surprised,No wonder the bones all over my body are like falling apart,This is the longest sleep in his memory,Many weird dreams are entangled and dizzy,Like drunk,Still dizzy and unable to get up。
“correct,Did that big golden bird treat you just now??”Wu Feng’er suddenly thought of Golden Crow,Its arrival finally wakes up the sleepy teenager,There must be a causal connection,But she won’t find out any secrets of the boy,I’m just worried about whether the terrifying bird hurt the boy。
“Golden bird?”Juvenile froze,Then I thought of the scene when I returned to the Lieyang Temple in my dream just now,I just can’t enter at the gate,He couldn’t http://www.cilve.cn remember why he got to the gate of Tiangong,Scratching your head,But it happened that the golden crow flew out,Claiming to be the top nine,Commissioned by the ancient gods,Help him recover from injury,And took back the golden bead that the ancient god gave him。
This scene is just part of many dreams,If it wasn’t for Wu Feng’er mentioned,I’m afraid it will take a long time for a teenager to think of it,Hurriedly searched around in the world of God hidden,Pale immediately,The big beads of sweat rolled down from the forehead,Jinzhu really disappeared,It was Lieyang Real Fire who was taken away together,A dream lost his only thing that could deter the coalition forces。
“Palace Lord,You are so?”Wu Feng’er is not right,Anxious,The other two guards couldn’t understand their conversation,I’m waiting to quit quietly,Hearing this and stopped,Watching the teenager’s changes very http://www.i-messages.cn vigilantly,Besides being in a hurry,Also helpless。
“and many more,and many more。”The look of the teenager suddenly fell,Then dull again,Divine consciousness once again enters the world of God hidden,In a hurry just now,No time to take a closer look,It seems that the golden crow has entered his god hidden world,The always sensitive Five Elements Temple seems to have no warning。
One thousand two hundred and ten chapters Belden
The Temple of the Five Elements has undergone major changes,Light from volume,More than a lap bigger than before,And the whole building is more majestic and three-dimensional,Even the patterns and mottled marks on the outer wall are all visible,The hall seems to be recovering its old glory and vicissitudes。
This is not the most important,Seems to be for the arrival of the boy,The Temple of Five Elements began to rotate slowly in the dark space,Colorful glow suddenly blooms,Guanghua is getting brighter,The boy finally discovered the dim red among the colorful colors,Bright and dazzling now,Make the whole Xiaguang aura completely different from before,Full of vitality and tension,There is still a suffocation。
A heart move,Divine consciousness has entered the temple,The ancient hall is as empty as ever,It’s just that the torches on the left and right walls have been lit one after another,And there is a noticeable difference on the left wall,It’s no longer the same ball,But there is a big group of bright red http://www.diexz.cn pictures。
It’s like a big bucket of red paint splashing on the wall,Messy horror,The visual impact is very strong,This is how ordinary people feel。
But a boy can see the outline of the earth and the sky from it at a glance,Can even see the mountains on the ground、The look of the meadow and the town,But all these were swallowed one by one in the fire。
This is a typical doomsday picture,There are shouts of extreme pain everywhere in the ears of the teenagers and**sound,With everything falling apart in the burning、collapse,Fly ash annihilation,The teenager was shocked,Secretly, is this the scorching sun and the sky??