Autumn hands and feet peeling off is too annoying, teach you a little trick, easy to help you trouble


Autumn hands and feet peeling off is too annoying, teach you a little coup, easy to help you trouble

[Autumn hands and feet peeling is too annoying, teach you a little coup, easy to help you trouble]Autumn is a dry season, many people will appear skin and foot peeling phenomenon, in general, peeling is not needed for treatment, a week or two canSelf-healing.

However, in some cases, it is more serious, which will affect life, especially the lady who loves beauty. How to show the person with a good hand is a good indication of self-respect.

For the more delicate skin, every headache in the early autumn, because the palm of the hand will peel off this season.

Moreover, they are much more peeling than the average person: the skin of the palm is almost replaced.

In severe cases, the tender meat inside is exposed, and if you accidentally touch it, you will lick the blood.

Because of this situation, in the unit affecting work, at home can not do any housework.

The home became messy, not like it, and the friends came to the door and felt very embarrassed.

Here, I will introduce you to a recipe for peeling off the skin. After a week of testing, you will be able to relieve your troubles.

Usually, we only know that garlic has the effect of seasoning and sterilization. As everyone knows, in the United States, garlic ranks first in health care before ginseng and ginkgo.

Garlic is cracked in the foot and the skin of the hands and feet is peeled off. The secretion of the palm gland in the palm is relieved and the treatment effect is repeated.

The specific method is: according to the size of the wound area of the affected area, the appropriate amount of garlic is mashed into mud and applied to the peeling place.

Then wear disposable gloves.

On the back of the hand, several small holes can be cut with scissors to facilitate ventilation and perspiration.

Change the garlic once a day.

Those with mild symptoms can be cured every week.

Afterwards, apply hand cream or plain oil to reduce the use of the affected area within a few days.

It should be noted that if the patient’s skin is allergic to the skin and is allergic to garlic, then this method can be supplemented.

Moreover, when using this side, the palm of the hand can not have bloodshot, otherwise it is very prone to infection.